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Public opinion about the election process, and the state of election integrity, varies greatly.

Among Democrats, many believe the 2016 election was stolen, largely because of Russian interference. Hillary Clinton is on record saying the election was illegitimate and that the election was stolen from her.

However, these same Democrats believe the election of 2020 was perfectly clean, and that any suggestion the election results were rigged constitutes “the big lie”, and is a call to insurrection. MAGA people, President Biden just suggested, are the most radical movement in recent American history. Republicans are “white nationalists”, “domestic terrorists”, and other horrible things worse than the Klan.

That is an interesting view for a President who claimed he would bring Americans together. These charges are enough to incite violence against Republicans.

For Democrats, any efforts at improving election integrity are just “suppressing the vote”, and are suggested only because of racial and ethnic bias.

For Republicans, it seems different than for the Democrats. For Democrats, if they win, the election is honest. If they lose, the election was rigged. That is pretty clear-cut.

Republicans are a bit more confused as they don’t seem to quite have the partisan standard to cling to. They seem willing to be cheated and still love the election process.

Some feel the election was “stolen”, while others feel more likely it was legally “bought”. Some Republicans feel nothing bad happened. Republicans can’t seem to decide what happened and what they want to do about it.

Others take an even more nuanced view. The fraud did take place, but not on a scale that would alter the outcome of the election. This begs the question as to how much fraud should ever be tolerated.

Others, such as Maricopa County Recorder Richer seem to believe that the election was just fine, even though he was not in a position to see that it was. He came into office with the tide of the disputed election. Meanwhile, Republican Maricopa County Commissioners take umbrage at any suggestion they failed in their jobs, even though they were in charge of the questionable election.

Establishment Republicans don’t think fraud took place, are embarrassed by the suggestion, and want to move on.  For them, such discussions distract from the real weakness of Republicans, their message to the voters.  Writers such as the Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan reflect this diffident view.  Sure, there was some cheating, but Republicans need to be dignified, take the screwing, and move on in the tradition of the sainted Richard Nixon of the 1960 campaign.

Some have called this spineless reaction “principled loserdom.” That seems descriptive.

MAGA people feel elections make little difference if the process is rigged and dogmatically seek evidence to confirm their opinions the election was stolen.  They want new laws to improve what they believe was a system manipulated by Democrats under the cover of the Covid crisis. They have made significant progress in some states in tightening up laws and regulations.

Large corporate media sides with the Democrats and establishment Republicans.  Despite some significant revelations, the press is not interested in investigating the 2020 election nor the elaborate scheme by Democrats to frame Donald Trump with Democrat paid-for Russian disinformation.

Then along comes the Salem Media Group, an organization called True the Vote, and documentary film producer and podcaster Dinesh D’Souza.

It begins with a spirited discussion, among a few of their most popular radio talk show hosts including Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, Eric Metaxas, Sabastian Gorka, and D’Souza.

Then, after all the evidence is put forward, the group revisits their opinion of the election process.

The consensus at the beginning was that if Republicans are going to make a “big charge”, such as the election is stolen, they need “big evidence”. And to date, most felt it has not been produced. We need more than isolated cases of cheating in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona. We need more than elected officials stretching the law to make the changes that made the fraud possible, and more than the almost half a billion dollars in Zuckerberg money.  With the courts largely running from the whole subject, circumstantial evidence has been produced but nothing that one could call “big evidence.”

The rest of the film basically is producing the “big evidence” using entirely novel electronic approaches of cellphone spacial evidence and video from security cameras, that are commonly used in intelligence and police work but have never been applied before to election results.

We will not give away the plot.

Everyone citizen, Republican or Democrat should see this film.

This film opens up the debate again, along totally new lines of inquiry.

We will give you a hint as to the ending. After seeing the evidence, Dennis Prager, among the most skeptical of the talk show hosts says, “I want to fight this with every fiber of my being.”

Another hint: the situation in Arizona was pretty bad.

We urge you in the strongest terms to go see the film at the theatre or call it up online as it will be available soon.

Be sure to view the video also on this site from Dinesh D’Souza.

You need to see this film and make sure that your friends and family see it as well.


Are you concerned about election integrity? What informed United States citizen isn’t? Did the 2020 national election raise many questions about election integrity? Are you concerned about the current cycle of primaries and then the general election in November? No doubt the answer for The Prickly Pear readers is YES.

Click below for a message from Tony Sanchez, the RNC Arizona Election Integrity Director to sign up for the opportunity to become an official Poll Observer for the 8/2 AZ Primary and the 11/8 General Election in your county of residence. We need many, many good citizens to do this – get involved now and help make the difference for clean and honest elections.

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