America, Please Beware: A Toxic Theory of Race Relations in Our Schools

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Most Americans were not aware when a toxic theory of race relations deeply embedded itself into our culture, especially our schools.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) sounds like sophisticated academic reasoning, but it is not rooted in any science nor subjected to disciplined analysis. It is based on the assumption that white people are born with a belief in their own superiority and with fixed prejudice against other races. It can never be eliminated because it is ‘inborn’.


Racism is defined as the mindset of judging people on the basis of their race. It is profoundly racist to believe that any person’s beliefs can be reliably determined based only on their skin color.

CRT represents the exact opposite of the vision proclaimed by generations of American civil rights leaders, culminating in Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech. King’s dream was of an America where races live together amicably, where color blindness was a shared goal and where race really didn’t matter that much.

To the CRT crowd, race infuses every aspect of life. It determines our character and behavior. If all white people are bigoted, then the nation they founded and its institutions must also be racist, so the notion of ‘institutional’ or ‘systemic’ racism naturally follows.


Critical Race Theory thus becomes the public ideological foundation of Black Lives Matter (despite their true Marxist identity and goals) and others wishing to foment hatred toward America. CRT also places the rest of us on a cruel hamster wheel. If we really are unable to forgo our innate racism, why even try? What good are attempts at interracial friendship and mutual acts of kindness? And if you object to being deemed automatically racist, that only provides further proof of your bigotry.

But does systemic racism really explain, for example, higher black incarceration rates? Blacks comprise 13% of America’s population, yet committed 53% of the murders in 2018, 54% of robberies and 34% of armed robberies, which would logically result in higher arrest and incarceration rates.

Asians, by contrast, comprise 5.6% of the population but commit to just 1.3% of the murders, 1.4% of the robberies and 2.1% of armed robberies. Is this proof that police have a pro-Asian bias and ignore Asian criminality?


Or is it more likely because across the races, there is a direct correlation between having a father in the home and crime rates. Take note of this ominous statistic – there’s a greater than 70% unwed pregnancy rate among blacks? Even more ominous, the Marxist founders of BLM advocate eliminating the nuclear family throughout society.

Still, almost unbelievably, CRT has become mainstream academic dogma in our universities. Although proponents avoid publicity, many parents are now discovering that even elementary school children are being introduced to the basics of CRT.

They’re serious. One national organization insists that “stopping the systemic dehumanization” requires “flooding our children with counter messages… until there is no racial inequality in incarceration and no brutality from the police and others.”

Educators in Chicago are provided with a “say their name” tool kit where Angela Davis, an unrepentant terrorist, admonishes that “in a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist.” In other words, kids, no room for discussion or nuance. You are either all in for BLM/CRT or you are the enemy of decency.

Major corporations, hoping to avoid racial shaming, are supportive. In the name of ‘diversity training’, white employees are told they should “struggle to own their racism“ and “invest in race-based growth“ .’Safe spaces’ are created where humiliated whites sit in mandated silence while black employees explain “the discomfort of their racism“ and “what it means to be black”. If they become too emotional or too mean, whites are not allowed to protest.

It’s chilling to think how far we’ve come from the days when racial hostility was in decline, when in response to our racist past, Americans were determined to do better and to bring us together. Critical Race Theory drives us apart and precludes the very initiatives that would support progress for black citizens.

Make no mistake, this is not an accident. CRT is not meant to improve the lot of blacks but to stoke the resentments that will enable the Marxist takeover of the American Republic that BLM and their radical allies fervently seek.

America, please beware.


Thomas C. Patterson, MD is a retired Emergency Medicine physician, Arizona state Senator and Arizona Senate Majority Leader in the ’90s. He is a former Chairman, Goldwater Institute.


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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