Arizona Gov. Ducey to China: ‘Lots of opportunities’ to exploit ‘our defense industry, mining and ores’

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The video is shocking. As Americans only begin to wake up to the reality of just how severely compromised their political leaders are by a communist superpower, Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey’s alarmingly frank language resounds like thunderclaps.

“We just had a great meeting with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce just now. And, very exciting, lots of opportunities, including public-private partnerships. I’ve mentioned semiconducters, electronics, aerospace, our defense industry, mining and ores that we do…. So I think from the franchise business to the aerospace and defense business, we would like to do more business with China, with Chinese business people.”


That is Ducey speaking directly to the Chinese state-run media organ China Daily in July 2017. There is no nice way to spin this. An American governor is captured on video offering up this country’s sensitive military technology and natural resources to a communist foreign nation.

China Daily posted the astonishing interview clip onto YouTube titled “Arizona Governor Discusses Chinese Investments.” The interview was conducted at a China General Chamber of Commerce Welcome Luncheon Forum held during the 2017 National Governors Association meetings in Providence, Rhode Island.

Ducey drew the ire of President Donald Trump when he certified his state’s fraud-riddled election results on Nov. 30. The governor may be no friend of the president, but he is most assuredly considered a pal by China. Ducey has been listed as a “friendly” in a Chinese think tank’s ranking of all 50 governors’ attitudes toward China.


In a Feb. 8 speech, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that China is actively seeking to cultivate U.S. governors and other local officials for the benefit of the regime. He specifically mentioned the National Governors Association by name:

“Last year, I received an invitation to an event that promised to be, quote, ‘an occasion for exclusive deal-making.’ It said, quote, ‘the opportunities for mutually beneficial economic development between China and our individual states [are] tremendous,’ end of quote.

“Deal-making sounds like it might have come from President Trump, but the invitation was actually from a former governor.


“I was being invited to the U.S.-China Governors’ Collaboration Summit.

“It was an event co-hosted by the National Governors Association and something called the Chinese People’s Association For Friendship and Foreign Countries. Sounds pretty harmless.

“What the invitation did not say is that the group – the group I just mentioned – is the public face of the Chinese Communist Party’s official foreign influence agency, the United Front Work Department.”

The China Daily clip reveals that Pompeo might as well have been calling Ducey out personally.

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