Arizona to Spend $76.5 million in EV Charging Stations on Highways

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Editors’ Note: The following article amply shows the power of Federal subsidies to bend even a conservative state like Arizona to do the bidding of the Federal Government. It is up to private companies to provide the infrastructure to produce and distribute fuel for gasoline-powered cars, but Federal dollars and Arizona state agencies will provide for “free” the infrastructure to power electric vehicles. Why is that? If it is such a wonderful technology and there are so many people desperate to buy electric cars, would not a smart businessman figure out a way to make a profit serving that market? Why is it necessary to confiscate tax dollars from the vast majority of owners of gasoline-powered cars to subsidize the preferences of those who want electric cars? You know the answer: the Democrat’s Green New Deal. But why does Arizona want to go along with that? Because the money is there and what agency does not want to spend it. Who can resist “free money” and the ability to expand bureaucratic turf in the process (remember Obamacare Medicaid expansion)? We are not even talking about the science which shows electric cars when viewed in the entire chain of production and fueling, are no cleaner or better for the environment than gasoline cars. We are talking about the power of one political party to force its will on the rest of us, and the states, by using our money to bribe ourselves. It is destructive to federalism and an affront to science. And it is just another example of the government substituting its judgment for the voluntary decisions made by those in the free marketplace. It is top-down, command and control decision making, rather than letting market forces determine the most efficient transportation methods through trial and error, and the best technology for people to use for transportation. You can bet that since government agencies don’t have to make a profit or loss, or be accountable to shareholders, the electric car infrastructure will not be as efficient as that built and maintained by private industry. Obviously, the decision is not “free” as it arbitrarily makes capital investments using government money, which is our money, not theirs. Who will pay for all the increased electricity use and the expansion of that capacity? These are questions not likely to be asked because the attractiveness of  Federal subsidies with money confiscated or printed out of thin air cannot be resisted. Even, it would seem, in Arizona.

The state is set to receive $76.5 million in federal dollars through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program over the next five years. This will allow the department to establish publicly accessible EV charging stations along Arizona’s federal interstate highways. 


“The first step of the plan will focus on deploying EV fast chargers along Arizona’s currently designated alternative fuel corridors – the interstate system – to reduce range anxiety and encourage vehicle purchasers to consider EVs as a viable alternative to gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles,” ADOT said in its release.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Arizona has 924 EV charging stations. As of June 2021, DOE said Arizona had 28,770 registered EVs.

ADOT says that it hired AECOM Consultants to get input from the public and industry leaders about this topic – like the electric vehicle industry and utility companies.


ADOT says that it will seek comments and suggestions on its plan starting in August. This will include, among other things, surveys as well as online and in-person public meetings.

More information on ADOT’s plan is available at



This article was published by The Center Square and is reproduced with permission.


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