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Maricopa County Auditors Seek Ballot Envelope Images, Splunk Logs After Discovering Discrepancies

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Teams conducting a forensic audit in Arizona’s largest county said on July 15 that they want more items to complete their review, which has turned up several major discrepancies. The auditors, led by Florida-based Cyber Ninjas, want ballot envelope images, router images, splunk logs, hard drives that contain information about the 2020 election in Maricopa County, and details […]

Dershowitz: Maxine Waters’ Tactics Similar to Those Used by Ku Klux Klan

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) was clearly trying to influence the jury in the Derek Chauvin trial when she traveled to Minnesota and said Chauvin should be found guilty, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz charged on Tuesday. “Her message was clearly intended to get to the jury—‘If you will acquit or if you find the charge less than murder, […]

Arizona Senate Chairman to Subpoena Audit of Dominion Machines, Software

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This article is published in The Epoch Times on December 15, 2020 An Arizona Senate chairman on Monday announced he will order through a subpoena in the state’s largest county to audit their voting machines and software. Maricopa County officials told legislators during a six-hour public hearing that they wanted to conduct an audit, but […]