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If Hospitals Are Overwhelmed, Maybe They Should Stop Threatening to Fire Staff

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As if COVID hysteria hasn’t been bad enough, President Biden took it to the next level last month. In a troubling press conference, Biden announced vaccine mandates for private companies that employ 100 or more people—making sure to emphasize that this is not about “freedom or personal choice.” But this wasn’t the first time we’d […]

Surprise, Surprise! The Higley School District Scandal Has Been Largely Ignored by the Media

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Sometimes, it’s not just what the media says. It’s what they don’t say. Last week, the Arizona Auditor General concluded its financial investigation into Higley Unified School District (HUSD). And the findings of the report are mind blowing. The Auditor General found that HUSD’s former superintendent Dr. Denise Birdwell, may have conspired with employees of […]

Biden Administration Wants to Silence People They Don’t Agree With

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“We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.” Those were the words of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki last week, and they should send chills up and down your spine. It’s bad enough that we already have Big Tech playing speech police on a daily basis. Now, the federal government is flagging “problematic […]

Arizona Corporation Commission Won’t Give Up on Its Green New Deal Dream

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Some ideas need to be put to sleep. Maybe someone should tell that to the Arizona Corporation Commission. About a year ago, the commission quietly released its plan to impose California-style energy mandates in our state. While following in California’s footsteps for just about anything seems like a bad idea, that certainly rings true when […]

Free Enterprise Club Announces 2021 Legislative Scorecards

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The Arizona Free Enterprise Club today released its Legislative Scorecard for the 2021 first session of the 55th Legislature. In preparing the scorecard, the Club conducted a thorough review of over 25 bills, key legislative action and votes taken by lawmakers this session with an emphasis on the Club’s supported or opposed bills as well as issues […]

Arizona Republicans Deliver Historic Tax Cuts

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After raking in cash from taxpayers amounting to a staggering $4 billion surplus, Governor Ducey and Republican legislators have delivered big with a historic tax cut this year. At full implementation, the cuts enshrined in SB1827, SB1828, and SB1783 will total $1.8 billion, and this couldn’t have come at a better time. While Arizona families […]

It’s Time for Arizona to Join Other States in Banning Critical Race Theory

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The indoctrination needs to stop. And thankfully, many parents are fed up. For quite some time, activists have been trying to force Critical Race Theory or similar programs into government and especially our schools. This movement combines Marxist theories of class conflict within the lens of race. It teaches that some races have been “minoritized” […]

HR1 Would Be a Disaster for Elections and the First Amendment

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Since 2019, Democrats have been pushing legislation called House Resolution 1 (HR1). And after gaining control of Congress, they passed the 800-page bill (which they probably read cover to cover) in the House this past March. Cleverly dubbed the “For the People Act,” HR1 is currently being debated in the Senate. And while it claims […]

Is Critical Race Theory Coming to a Public School Near You?

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They’re at it again. You would think that public school districts would learn their lesson at some point. After all, many of them turned their backs on students and parents in the wake of COVID-19. And now, those school districts are paying the price. But apparently, they’re too committed to their agenda. Some school districts […]

The City of Phoenix Is Pushing Back on Tax Cuts so It Can Keep Fleecing Taxpayers

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The Arizona state General Fund is flooded with revenue. Latest projections show the state with $1.2 billion in ongoing revenue and a cash balance upwards of $6.5 billion in FY2024. This is by far the largest budget surplus in state history and doesn’t even include the $1 Billion stashed away in the rainy day fund. […]