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‘Shocking Discovery:’ Biden Knows Drug Cartels Control, Profit From Illegal Immigration, DHS Memo Shows

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Border patrol agents are preparing for “a possible increase in migrant activity due to an increase in large group activity” as a result of Biden administration immigration policies, an internal Department of Homeland Security document released by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody says. It specifically sites suspending the Migrant Protection Protocols, otherwise known as the […]

FGA Sues Over White House Plan Directing Federal Agencies To Engage in Voting Activities

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Editors’ Note: Americans must not accept this underhanded and unconstitutional manipulation of our voting system and our voting rights. This Executive Order put forth by President Biden (does he even know what he signed as an executive order?) has the fingerprints of none other than Susan Rice – an Obama operative and a classic master […]

20 AGs Demand Mayorkas Disband Disinformation Board, Threaten Legal Action

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Twenty attorneys general are demanding that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas “immediately disband” the agency’s newly created Disinformation Governance Board and “cease all efforts to police Americans’ protected speech.” In a letter dated May 5, they argue the board is unconstitutional, illegal, and un-American. If Mayorkas doesn’t shut it down, the AGs say […]

Law Enforcement: Border Patrol Agents Have Lost Operational Control, Awareness at Border

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Agents estimate 1 million people evaded capture and are already in U.S. illegally with no way of knowing who they are.   While Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claims the southern border is secure and he has a plan in place for increased surges, those in law enforcement say the opposite is true. […]

U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Arguments in Lawsuit Seeking Reinstatement of Remain in Mexico Policy

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Editors’ Note (Restated from 4/25): The following article is an excellent description of the southern border crisis, an open border threatening all citizens and the national security of the United States. The statement is often made that the Biden administration doesn’t have an effective policy to address this crisis. Our national headlines should be shouting […]

It’s Not Just Inflation: Consumers Are Paying More Through Shrinkflation

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Americans are seeing the real costs of inflation in their daily lives as they pay record-high gas prices, significantly increased grocery costs, and suffer sticker shock at restaurants, hair salons, and other places. Restaurants are charging more, with some posting notices on their doors. Increased prices, they say, are necessary to stay open simply to […]

AGs Sue Biden Administration Over DOJ’s Call to Investigate Protesting Parents

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The lawsuit claims AG Garland has provided no evidence of spikes in threats against school personnel by American parents Fourteen Republican attorneys general, led by Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, have sued the Biden administration for not responding to a Freedom of Information request related to the Department of Justice calling for surveillance of parents […]

25 Republican Governors Call on Biden to Prioritize U.S. Oil and Gas Production

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From oil rich North Dakota, U.S. senators introduce energy independence legislation North Dakota can produce enough crude oil to offset dependence on Russian imports, but the Biden administration is prohibiting it from doing so, the state’s governor and U.S. senators argue. North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and 24 Republican governors have called on President Joe […]

AGs Take Measures to Protect Americans Who Donated to Canadian Freedom Convoy

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Several Republican attorneys general have taken action against two crowdfunding sites in an effort to protect Americans who donated to the Canadian Freedom Convoy, a group of truckers and pro-liberty Canadians peacefully protesting against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other restrictions imposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, which has never been […]

Investigators: Human Trafficking Across U.S. Borders Result in Murders, Other Atrocities

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Investigations into human smuggling stemming from illegal immigration reveal that not everyone makes it safely to the U.S. Open border policies that incentivize foreign cartels’ estimated $100 million in weekly human smuggling operations across the southern border are illegal and inhumane, attorneys general who’ve recently sued the Biden administration argue. While they maintain the administration […]