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Biden’s Radical 30 X 30 Plan Will Ensure That This Land Will No Longer Be Your Land

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

Moving rapidly to transition the United States away from fossil fuels in the name of combatting climate change, the Biden administration is employing a mix of executive authority and legislative action to force the transformation. While much attention is focused on which climate-related provisions ultimately make it into the administration’s massive infrastructure bill, a little-noticed White […]

Maglev Dream Encounters Green Nightmare

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

For environmentalists tossing and turning at night in despair over the fate of their climate-ravaged planet, the prospect of a sleek, high-tech, clean-energy train that could zip along the Northeast Corridor at breathtaking speeds should be a dream come true. Instead, developers of a futuristic maglev (magnetic levitation) train that will someday take passengers from […]