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The Skunk at the Grand Old Party (GOP)

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

Editors’ Note: Several fault lines have been present in the Republican Party and some new ones are forming. They have become wide enough that both sides are blaming each other for the poor performance during the recent mid-term elections. And, each has a point. The most obvious is the rift between the party establishment and […]

SCOTUS Should End Racial Categories

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

For justification, the Supreme Court of the United States should look at the discriminatory consequences of a 1922 Supreme Court ruling that attempted to define “white.”    The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on the constitutionality of racial preferences in college admissions. The case was brought on behalf of Asians but applies to all “races.” The […]

White and Woke Supremacy

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

The forgotten white supremacists whose descendants pretend to be woke and virtuous.    Below are vile, racist comments spoken by white supremacists about minorities. The supremacists and minorities will be identified after the comments. These races have “crooked faces, coarse mouths, bad noses, heavy jaws, and low foreheads.” They “lack the conveniences for thinking” and are […]

Hispanic Brilliance and Blather

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

A self-identified Hispanic reveals the speciousness of today’s racial/ethnic labels but then falls into the same trap.   A reader of the Wall Street Journal with the surname of Flores had me cheering enthusiastically over part of what he wrote in the Reader Comments of the online edition of the newspaper. He initially showed greater […]

Racial Alchemy

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes

Editors’ Note: Lest anyone think we don’t have a problem today, just look at the recent remarks of the rap singer Kayne West. Or for that matter, the University of California at Berkeley and its antisemitic agenda. Or, Harvard and its admission discrimination against Asians. Culturally, we see a new regime of discrimination coming from […]

BOOK REVIEW: Easy Money and Hard Economic Times

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes

Editors’ Note: As the article below indicates, a new magisterial history of interest rates and central banking has been published. The author, Edward Chancellor wrote a previous book just before the last great financial crash called Devil Take the Hindmost, which was extremely timely if not prescient. This new book is extremely critical of current […]

Carbon Lifestyles of the Rich, Famous and Hypocritical

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

If global warming is truly an existential threat, then the nation’s elites are a threat and should be dealt with accordingly.   Of all the varieties of hypocrites, carbon hypocrites are among the worse, because they harm poor people the most. You’ve heard about the two-faced archetypes: Uber-wealthy and powerful, they say that global warming is […]

Students Can’t Read but Know Their Pronouns and Genders

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

Test Scores are abysmal for Amber, Chase, Juanita, and Jamal, but their woke scores are off the charts.   You’ve no doubt heard about the abysmal reading and math scores of America’s youth. Meanwhile, teachers are learning how to teach students all of the politically-correct genders and pronouns.   In San Francisco, for example, teacher training […]

Stupid Wealthy People

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

Bellevue, Washington, is predominately wealthy, educated (in years of schooling), white, and Asian.  As with similar wealthy and educated enclaves in America, it embraces ludicrous woke dogma and allows it to be taught to children in the local school district. That makes the residents stupid. One resident is an exception.  She wrote the following letter […]

Which History and Whose History is the True History?

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

True history certainly isn’t the cherry-picked history told by the intelligentsia at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.   The Wall Street Journal recently published a letter to the editor by Kenneth Weine, the chief communications officer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Judging by what Mr. Weine wrote, his job title could […]