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Fallout for Tucson: The Perfect Storm of the Supreme Court Decision

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At a minimum, it will lead to boycotts against my home state of Arizona and hometown of Tucson.   You aren’t interested in my opinion of the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling or whether I’m pro-life or pro-choice. Likewise, I’m not interested in telling you. But both of us should be interested in the fact that […]

Celebrating LGBTQ+ and Other Playacting

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The phoniness of free riders who benefit from the heavy lifting of earlier generations. Long before the word “gay” came into popular use, long before the word “pride” was modified by the word “gay,” and long before gay marriage was sanctioned, two gay guys, Ken and Gerry, were good friends of my working-class parents.  Lifelong […]

A Black Conservative vs. a White Marxist on Education

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You decide which of the two is right.  Roland Fryer, a professor of economics at Harvard and a self-identified conservative, believes that student achievement can be boosted by giving K-12 students short-term monetary rewards for showing up on time, paying attention in class, and completing homework. Fredrik deBoer, a professor with a PhD from Purdue […]

DEI at NAU: Making a Mockery of Diversity with Diversity

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

Northern Arizona University joins the diversity bandwagon of group-think instead of scholarship.   As a defensive measure, I’m prefacing this commentary on diversity with the fact that throughout my career I was at the vanguard of equal rights, affirmative action, diversity, racial sensitivity training, and racial encounter groups, during an era when the battles were […]

Arlington, VA Versus Tucson, AZ: Social Class Trumps Racial Diversity

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This is why Boeing and Amazon picked Arlington, Virginia, instead of a city like Tucson for their headquarters. Boeing recently announced that it will be moving its headquarters from Chicago to Arlington, Virginia. This follows Amazon’s decision of a year or so ago to establish its second headquarters in Arlington. Neither of these two corporate […]

Costs of a Hysterectomy in 1944 versus Now

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My wife recently rummaged through family keepsakes and found bills for an emergency hysterectomy that her grandmother had in 1944, at St. Francis Hospital in Olean, NY, in the northwestern part of the state. She was transported 20 miles by ambulance from her rural home outside of Bradford, PA. Below, in rounded numbers, is what […]

Why Big Media Is so Unoriginal and Shallow

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Media consolidation and interlocking directorships are the reasons.   If you want to know why Big Media on the left and right is so unoriginal and shallow, a couple of left-leaning sources have the answer. The sources also explain why the residents of most cities and towns across the country no longer have locally-owned news […]

Has the American Culture Hit Bottom?

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It’s difficult to see it getting any lower than the Brazilian Butt Lift This might not be news to many Americans, but being an oddball disconnected from the pop culture and trends du jour, it was news to me—and shocking and distressing news at that. I’m speaking of the Brazilian Butt Lift and other medical procedures […]

Equity in Tucson through Marijuana Licenses

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes

Maybe someone has to be on drugs to understand the connection. Some sort of mental impairment must be keeping me from understanding a news story about social equity and marijuana dispensary licenses in Tucson and the rest of Arizona. I don’t consume drugs and have about one drink a week, so it’s probably due to […]