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WSJ Shoots Itself in Right Foot

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

As a classical liberal, or, in today’s parlance, a libertarian, I wasn’t in sync with Rush Limbaugh’s brand of conservatism but admired his intelligence, courage, wit, and good nature. I also didn’t see him a right-winger, unlike America’s conservative newspaper, the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ labeled Limbaugh as a right-winger in the headline of […]

Abraham Lincoln on Election Fraud

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

Lincoln blamed his loss to Douglas on immigrants, vote tampering, and flexible voter registration laws. I’m not an election denier who believes that Biden stole the election, but am enough of a history buff to know that voter fraud has been commonplace throughout American history. To that point, halfway down this page is a fascinating […]

Biblical Conditions of Pima County Roads

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

According to the Bible, the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years.  Likewise, homeowners on a suburban street in Pima County, in metro Tucson, have been wandering in the desert for 40 years why their street hasn’t been repaved. To the last point, below is a complaint sent by an unidentified citizen to Pima […]

Glossary of Racial Euphemisms

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

Below are ubiquitous words parroted by the media, academia, industry, and government that doesn’t mean what you might think they mean.  Following each word is its true meaning. Race:  A social construct that has no basis in genetics but has been used historically to divide people for political purposes and is used today for the […]

Reflections on Christmas 2020 and 1968

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

Whether they were atheist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Confucian, or anything else, one of the most moving experiences of humanity was the message of the Apollo 8 astronauts on Christmas Eve, 1968, as they left lunar orbit and headed for the blue and white planet of Earth, which stood out in the blackness of space. […]

Hunter and Joe, Plutocrats and Hypocrites Extraordinaire

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s hard to believe, but they even surpass Republicrats and Republicrites in phoniness and laughing at the hoi polloi. The Wall Street journal recently ran a 2,420 word essay that details the sordid international dealings of Joe Biden’s son Hunter and Joe’s brother, James Biden. Unfortunately, the article is 2,420 words too long for the tweet […]

Fifty-Five Years of Denial about Black Lives

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

Daniel Patrick Moynihan was right in 1965 about the black underclass but continues to be ignored or maligned. Daniel Patrick Moynihan was “woke” about the injustices suffered by African Americans before most of today’s “wokes” were born. He was also right about the root cause of the permanency of the black underclass. Strangely, however, instead […]

Diversity’s Huge Double Standard: Why Walloons aren’t counted as a minority in diversity initiatives

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

Nasdaq recently announced that it was going to require companies listed on its stock exchange to have a set number of racial minorities, women, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals on their boards of directors. Parroting the official government lingua on race, Nasdaq’s quotas for minorities were in reference to African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanic […]

U of A Faculty & Staff Arrested: FBI agents and U.S. Marshals took them away in handcuffs for a scheme to defraud taxpayers of $435 billion.

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

TUCSON – As part of a nationwide federal sting operation named “Bring Social Justice”, deans and top administrators from the Tucson-based University of Arizona were arrested at their homes last night and taken away in handcuffs by FBI agents and U.S. Marshals for what could be the biggest fraud in U.S. history. The operation also […]