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WHO Says LGBTQ/Sex Ed Starts…At Birth?!?!

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The World Health Organization (WHO), which is beholden to and enamored of the genocidal Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and whose horrendous advice triggered the destructive COVID-19 measures such as masking and lockdowns, has more awful advice for you. According to the WHO, “sexuality education starts from birth.” It’s never too early to teach your infant […]

Great Reset: WEF Demands Fewer Private Cars, Increase in Public Transport

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The insidious World Economic Forum (WEF) of the “Great Reset” is now pushing cities, countries, and companies around the world to adopt a new “scorecard” to encourage the expansion of supposedly “green” energy and public transportation, and fewer private cars. You will own nothing, you will ride public transport, and you have no say in […]

‘Like a Cancer’: CCP Requires Party Cells in All Foreign Companies in China

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You mean companies that operate in China have to sell out their ethics to be in the country? Who knew? All the way back in 1993, the mass murdering Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was already requiring all foreign companies operating in China to have an internal CCP cell. And no, the law hasn’t changed. The […]

Corrupt Officials Meet at Soros-Tied, Zuckerberg-Funded Election Summit

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“National Elections Officials Gathering For Secret Zuckerberg Funded, Soros Tied US Election Summit At ‘International Spy Museum’.” That’s the headline of an exclusive report from investigative journalist Laura Loomer. Getting set for the next steal, it seems. Loomer tweeted that she encountered and challenged public officials implicated in the 2020 presidential election fraud, including Maricopa […]

Children’s Hospital Trained Schools to Help Young Kids Be Transgender

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The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) apparently wants to CHOP off more kids’ body parts. The Daily Caller did an exclusive report on how CHOP was training teachers to help elementary school kids and even kindergartners “transition” to the opposite sex. CHOP was previously caught referring “kids as young as 14 years old for cross-sex […]

Lawsuit Against True the Vote Dropped as Election Fraud Evidence Published

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Konnech, Inc. dropped its lawsuit against the brave whistleblowers of True the Vote this week. That came only a day after True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, whose research provided the bombshell evidence for 2000 Mules, launched a website with key evidence relevant to their case, Open.Ink. True the Vote said Konnech knew […]

Musk to Build New Chinese Factory, Despite CCP Crimes and Abuses

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Twitter Inc. has apparently changed its name to the highly unimaginative X Corp., but that, in my opinion, isn’t the most important news this week related to Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk. Musk is once again selling out his supposed pro-free speech humanitarian principles for profit. If a country’s government is committing genocide and […]

Globalist Harari: World Will Divide into ‘Elite’ and a ‘Useless Class’

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“Historian” Yuval Noah Harari, big ally of World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Klaus Schwab, said in a clip that has again resurfaced that the world is moving toward having an “elite” of “superhumans” and a “a new massive useless class.” It’s the ultra utilitarian mindset—if you don’t meet our arbitrary standards of benefiting us, you have […]

Untold Stories: Heroes to Remember on Vietnam Veterans’ Day

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

A soldier who led his wounded comrades to evacuation after being wounded 18 times. A machine gunner who charged an enemy position on his own. A teenager who sacrificed his life without hesitation to save his comrades. That’s the Vietnam War the media and government doesn’t want you to know. There are so many inspiring, […]

WaPo Writer Agrees Transgender Killer Reacted Against Christian Brainwashing

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In the wake of the tragic shooting today that left three nine-year-olds and three school employees murdered, a sick Twitter user took to the platform to claim that, while murder is wrong, the shooter was just reacting to cruel indoctrination. You see, the murderer was a 28-year-old “transgender” woman named Audrey Hale who claimed the […]