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WEF Is Partnered with 47 CCP-Controlled Entities (Rogue Review)

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The World Economic Forum, which plans a world where you “own nothing, have no privacy” and enjoy it, is officially partnered with at least 47 Chinese entities, with five of those officially owned by the CCP and at least three others directly tied to the CCP. Since all companies in China are directly answerable to […]

Gates Foundation CEO Demands Social Credit Score for ‘Low- and Middle-Income’ Countries

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Gates Foundation CEO Mark Suzman insisted that there has to be “digital infrastructure” in “low- and middle-income” countries. What does that mean? A social credit score for African, Asian, and South American countries, of course. Nothing like digital imperialism. This is what Suzman said, in a Dec. 1 press release: “How we think about infrastructure for […]

Untold Stories: Native American Indian Soldiers Who Shaped America’s History

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There are so many inspiring, beautiful stories about the great heroes of American history which are scarcely ever told. One happens on them accidentally—buried in a thick, out-of-print biography, in small print on a museum sign, casually and fleetingly mentioned in an obscure educational video. America cannot return to greatness in the future if we […]

UN Gives 100s of Millions of $ to Illegal Migrants Entering US

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The United Nations (UN) is not only keeping busy supporting terrorists and their propaganda campaigns, pandering to the genocidal Chinese Communist Party, and celebrating World Toilet Day. The UN is also apparently running a program that gives hundreds of millions of dollars away to illegal immigrants as they head to the US border to cross […]

Despite Obvious Fraud, Katie Hobbs Sworn In as AZ Governor

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The election steal is complete. Democrat Katie Hobbs took office on Jan. 2 as governor of Arizona, the first Democrat governor of the state since 2009. The private ceremony Monday at the State Capitol will be followed by a public inauguration on Thursday [Jan. 4], the Associated Press said. Meanwhile, legal challenges to the shockingly […]

World Economic Forum Pushes AI, Climate Activism, Metaverse

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The World Economic Forum is an insidious organization, that openly avowed its plan for a world where you “own nothing, have no privacy” and enjoy it. WEF head Klaus Schwab also previously boasted that Russian President and former KGB thug Vladimir Putin was a WEF alumnus. Not to mention a WEF guru was caught saying […]

Study Finds 4.5x Higher Psychiatric Illness Rate for Transgenders

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The medical journal Transgender Health recently published a study that revealed transgenders are 4.5 times more likely to have psychiatric illnesses. Of course, the journal tried to claim this is because of discrimination and all that nonsense, but the reality is that it is extremely difficult to be in business or the public square and […]

Exc: CCP State Outlet Warns US of Impending Nuclear War – AGAIN

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(Exclusive) “A prolonged and expanded Russia-Ukraine conflict will…increase the risk of a runaway control and nuclear crisis.” That’s a direct quote from a December 17 article (“US prolongs Russia-Ukraine conflict for three aims, aggravates nuclear war risk: experts at GT annual forum”) by Global Times, a state propaganda outlet of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This is […]

298K Maricopa County Early Votes Didn’t Have Proper Chain of Custody

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In the latest news about the second massively fraudulent election in Arizona in the last few years (the 2022 midterm elections), “298,000 Early Votes Did Not Have The Proper Chain Of Custody” in Maricopa County, a violation of Arizona election law. I guess that’s why a recent survey of Arizona election workers, volunteer attorneys, and poll watchers […]