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Biden Destroying Debt Ceiling Filibuster Breaks Campaign Promise To Restore Decorum

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Editors’ Note: Since this article was published October 6th at Independent Women’s Forum, Senator Mitch McConnell and ten other U.S. Senators ‘caved’ (on 10/7) to allow Democrats to raise the debt ceiling until December, kicking the ‘can down the road’. This was unnecessary given that even with Biden’s and Schumer’s threat of killing the filibuster, […]

Phony Math: Democrats $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill Is Actually More Like $5 Trillion

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

True accounting shows many programs expire in 3 years, nearly doubling actual costs Politicians are notorious for fudging numbers to keep from being held accountable by the people who hired them—us! John Steele Gordon, a business and economic historian, gives a good reminder in The Wall Street Journal about these accounting gimmicks happening today over the so-called […]