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Whoopi’s “Disgusting” Comments About The Holocaust And Race

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Whoopi Goldberg said the Holocaust was not about race. But that’s not what Adolf Hitler said. The Nazi dictator thought of the Jewish people as a race, and the Holocaust was his final solution to that racial problem. But Goldberg has insisted that it was just between “two groups of white people.” On an episode of “The […]

Biden Plan Puts Medicare Part D in Peril

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With liberal lawmakers coveting an expansion of government control over Americans’ health care, their efforts risk “taking programs that work well and mangling them in the name of ‘reform.’” In a commentary published by Missouri’s Springfield News-Leader, Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington – a resident of the St. Louis metro area – writes about how […]

The Future Of Woke Investing

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“Environment, Social and Governance” is a confusing mouthful of terms, but it’s the driving force behind making American businesses compliant to the left-wing agenda. As Justin Danhof, Esq., recently noted, it’s a “wildly important topic that’s not talked about enough.” Justin — who until recently was Director of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project (FEP) […]

Baseball’s Bad Pitch To Black America

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When the umpire yells “play ball” at the start of the All-Star Game on July 13, it will be in the overwhelmingly white city of Denver instead of the intended majority-black city of Atlanta. That’s because Major League Baseball (MLB) felt the need to virtue-signal about how much it was looking out for black Americans. […]

Racial Rules Cause Workplace Woes

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Fictional CIA agents in movies put their lives at risk checking to make sure terrorists aren’t plotting to destroy American cities, but real CIA agents, featured in new agency videos, appear more concerned with you checking your privilege. What’s happening at the tip of America’s intelligence spear is just part of a woke culture that […]

Critical Race Theory Make People “Hate Themselves”

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In schools and workplaces across the nation, employees like those of the Manchester School District are engaged in sensitivity training that is steeped in “critical race theory.” In the program used by this New Hampshire school system, such training took a radical – and racist – turn as it declared “whiteness a pillar of white […]

Outrage Over Georgia Voter Protections “Isn’t on the Level”

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Ballot integrity rules such as those recently passed in Georgia are commonly and viciously described by the left, and reported in the mainstream media, as racist. Yet they protect black votes – oftentimes the most at risk – from being diluted by those seeking to co-opt American elections. “What a change that the woke police have brought to […]

Left Overlooks Anti-Semitism When it Contradicts the Narrative

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Why is it that “Saturday Night Live” can push an anti-Semitic trope as funny? It did – and just recently. The punchline of the “joke” was that Israel was denying non-Jews the COVID-19 vaccine. Project 21 member Marie Fischer isn’t laughing. In a commentary published by The Hill newspaper, Marie notes that one possible reason […]

Forget Coke – It’s Tea Time Once Again

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Back in 1971, Coca-Cola sought to promote racial harmony through its “Hilltop” commercial. In it, a multiethnic group sang a version of the altruistic and hippy-dippy “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” in perfect harmony — finding racial reconciliation through the purchase of a sugary carbonated beverage. Now, after surrendering to the demands of […]