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Foreign-owned Farms in the Southwest Taking Precious Water to Feed Overseas Livestock

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The severe drought that has impacted the Southwest for nearly 20 years has made conservation of precious water resources a top priority for states and the federal government. Agricultural farming in the arid region has always relied on using both underground aquifers and Colorado River water to feed crops. This includes foreign-owned farms that grow crops […]

Musk: “Civilization Will Crumble” Without Oil and Gas

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Editors’ Note: Elon Musk is hard to categorize. On the one hand, he is selling a lot of cars because of government subsidies, tax breaks, and coercion. But on the other hand, he notes such policies are anti-human and will lead to great misery and chaos. His space business gets a lot of both government […]

“Inflation Reduction Act” Is “Economic Malpractice”

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On Sunday afternoon, it took all 50 Democratic senators, along with Vice President Kamala Harris, to pass their deceptively named Inflation Reduction Act (H.R. 5376) by a 51–50 vote, sending it to the House. The bill at one time was thought to have been “dead in the water,” but gained life with the support of Senators Kyrsten Sinema […]