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DEI Is An Attack on Free Speech

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Jonathan Haidt is a professor at NYU, an acknowledged leader in the field of social psychology, and a champion of free speech. He recently faced a requirement that all scholars wishing to present research to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology were to submit a statement explaining “whether and how this submission advanced the […]

Republicans Have a Chance For a Great Start-If They Don’t Blow It

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Decades of institutional self-neglect have left Congress dysfunctional and unfit to fulfill its constitutional role as the most consequential branch of government. Government of the people has morphed into government by bureaucrats, by the executive, and by the courts. The decision-making mechanisms of the People’s House are broken. If you were fortunate enough to be […]

Dems Are Successfully Executing a Long-Range Strategy on the Border

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Pundits commonly depict the ongoing calamity at our border as the result of Biden administration incompetence. As with inflation, urban crime, and the deficit, their near-complete lack of insight and management skills is leading us over a cliff. But this analysis itself is a major error. They know exactly what they are doing, and they […]