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Arizona’s Economic Relationship With China: Short-Term Benefits, Long-Term Risks

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State governors usually seek to grow their states’ economies. One of Governor Ducey’s priorities has been to create a “21st Century Economy” in Arizona, which includes supporting “21st century companies that employ Arizonans.”[1]  As part of his efforts to attract “21st Century companies” to the state, the Governor has actively sought to foster greater Chinese […]

China’s Push for Global Power

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HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE U.S. INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY’S ANNUAL 2021 THREAT ASSESSMENT One of the unique aspects of the United States Intelligence Community is that it often publishes its collective thinking in the public domain. Each year, for instance, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence produces an unclassified version of a report of worldwide threats […]

China’s Espionage Assault on the United States

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In an earlier article, I discussed the meaning behind the “China Dream” of “rejuvenating” China as a great power – which essentially means supplanting the United States to create an authoritarian, China-centric global system (What Does China Want? Xi Jinping’s “China Dream” . In pursuit this objective, China uses all of its instruments of national power, […]

What Does China Want? Xi Jing’s “China Dream”

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In his first speech after taking office as the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 2012, Xi Jinping employed a phrase not used in public by previous Chinese leaders – qiang zhongguo meng, or “strong nation dream” (1). Since then, Xi and other Chinese leaders have repeatedly referred to the “dream” of “resurrecting” or […]

CHINA’S “Three Warfares”: Influence Operations and the People’s Liberation Army

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The People’s Republic of China is engaged in a long-term, wide-ranging strategic competition with the United States and its allies. The 2018 National Defense Strategy of the United States characterized China as a “revisionist power” that seeks to “shape a world consistent with [its] authoritarian model – gaining veto authority over other nations’ economic, diplomatic, […]