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9 Ways The Feds Are Using ‘Bidenbucks’ To Rig The 2024 Election

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Joe Biden is using taxpayer money to run a highly partisan get-out-the-vote operation designed to rig the 2024 election in Democrats’ favor. Nearly three years have passed since President Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14019, an overreaching directive aimed at inserting the federal government into state election administration. While deceptively marketed as a heroic effort […]

Exclusive: How A Left-Wing ‘Alliance’ Skirted Arizona’s ‘Zuckbucks’ Ban To Meddle In Key County’s Elections

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Emails obtained by The Federalist show how Coconino County election officials have coordinated with a left-wing dark money group on election administration issues. A bevy of emails obtained by The Federalist reveal how Coconino County officials have been violating the spirit of Arizona law by colluding with a coalition of left-wing nonprofits tasked with influencing […]

House Republicans Shine A Light On The Feds’ Egregious Censorship-Industrial Complex

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House committee hearing analyzed federal agencies’ efforts to collude with Big Tech to censor Americans for questioning claims made by the government. The federal government’s censorship-industrial complex is an existential threat to Americans’ First Amendment rights, several witnesses testified during a House subcommittee hearing on Wednesday. The federal government “not just participated, but led this […]

Target’s Latest Trans Mania Is Asking For More Boycotts, And Customers Should Deliver

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As if partnering with a Satanist to design “pride” month merchandise wasn’t bad enough, Target is back this holiday season to force its latest batch of LGBT-themed Christmas products on its customer base. Last week, it was revealed that Target is selling a variety of “rainbow”-themed Christmas decorations this year, ranging from nutcrackers holding the “progress” and […]

Ranked-Choice Voting Is The Monster Under The Bed Of American Elections

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Ranked-choice voting ‘is a scheme of the Left to disenfranchise voters and elect more Democrats,’ a new report found. Democrats are using ranked-choice voting (RCV) to benefit their party and disenfranchise voters in elections across the country, a new report provided to The Federalist found. Published by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), the new analysis unearths […]

Federal Court Chides Dem Activists: There’s Nothing Racist About Election Integrity Laws Like Florida’s

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A full federal appeals court declined to take up Democrat groups’ challenge of Florida’s 2021 election integrity law on Thursday, marking a major win for Gov. Ron DeSantis and the GOP-controlled state legislature. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Thursday’s decision by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals “let stand an April ruling by a three-judge panel […]

America’s ‘Rainbow’ Military Is On Track To Lose Another Major War

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“US military asks the public for help finding its missing F-35 fighter jet after its pilot had to eject while training over South Carolina.” While the above Insider headline may sound like a comedic piece straight from the pages of The Babylon Bee, it’s not. The U.S. military actually publicly claimed it had lost a […]

Navy Puts The Kibosh On Digital Recruiting Program After Discovering Enlistees Aren’t Into Drag Queens

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The U.S. Navy confirmed on Tuesday it has discontinued an online recruiting initiative featuring an enlisted drag queen that was aimed at bringing new sailors into the service. In May, The Daily Caller revealed that the Navy brought on Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley — an active-duty drag queen who goes by the stage name Harpy […]

Academic Whose Work Was Cited As Proof Of ‘Systemic Racism’ Is Fired For Falsifying Research

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‘The narrative of police genocide of African Americans turned out … to be complete nonsense,’ said Wilfred Reilly. Florida State University professor whose work was foundational to perpetuating the false narrative that there is widespread “systemic racism” infecting American society has been fired for falsifying data in his academic research on the subject. In a […]

How Can Mail-In Voting Be ‘Secure’ When Postal Theft Is Rampant

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Democrats’ deceptive talking point that universal mail-in voting is completely “safe” and “secure” is collapsing as postal theft becomes rampant throughout the country. Within the last week alone, CBS News Chicago released several articles detailing a series of incidents involving mail theft and crime throughout the Windy City. On July 31, for instance, the outlet reported […]

House Republican Bill Would Keep Foreign Nationals From Voting In U.S. Federal Elections

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Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Va., introduced legislation earlier this week ensuring that only eligible U.S. citizens are able to vote in federal elections. Titled the “NO VOTE for Non-Citizens Act of 2023,” the proposed bill includes amendments to the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) and 2002 Help America Vote Act that seek to clarify states’ […]

Here’s What You Need To Know About France’s ‘Summer Of Love’ Riots

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The ongoing situation in France bears a striking resemblance to the Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence that engulfed American cities following the May 2020 death of George Floyd.   French authorities have estimated that rioters have burned or looted more than 1,100 public and private buildings over the past week in their violent response […]

WaPo Accidentally Admits ‘Zuckbucks’ Were Used To Turn Out Likely-Democrat Voters In 2020

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Elon Musk shared a Federalist article on Twitter this week that detailed how “Zuckbucks” were used to influence the outcome of the 2020 election, and leftists are livid. On Tuesday, the Twitter CEO linked to an October 2021 article, written by Federalist contributor William Doyle, that examines how Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave hundreds of […]

BOMBSHELL: Obama Admin Had No ‘Actual Evidence’ Of Collusion By Trump When It Launched Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

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The Obama administration possessed no real evidence that then-candidate Donald Trump colluded with Russian government officials when it launched its investigation into the Trump campaign leading up to the 2016 election, according to a new bombshell report. On Monday [5/15/23], Special Counsel John Durham released the findings of his years-long investigation into the origins of […]

What You Need To Know About Next Week’s Court Hearing On Arizona’s 2022 AG Race

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On May 16, the Mohave County Superior Court will hear oral arguments on a motion for a new trial filed by former Arizona attorney general candidate Abraham Hamadeh and the Republican National Committee (RNC) over last year’s attorney general election. In their filing, Hamadeh and the RNC are arguing that not all legal votes have […]

‘Twitter Files: Part Two’ Confirms The Tech Giant Has Been Shadowbanning Conservatives For Years

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A new batch of internal Twitter communication records released on Thursday confirm the tech giant has been shadowbanning prominent conservative accounts without users’ knowledge for years, despite former CEO Jack Dorsey previously claiming otherwise. Released by Bari Weiss, editor of The Free Press, the new “Twitter Files” reveal the company created blacklists designed to prevent certain accounts […]

Maricopa County Made Arizona’s Elections Even More Of A Disaster Than People Realize

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‘This was a horrible thing to experience. Poll workers conveyed a shocking lack of competence — it actually looked like willful incompetence,’ a Maricopa poll observer said.   After it trained upwards of 50,000 poll watchers, poll workers, and other roles for ongoing citizen engagement in the election process over the year leading up to […]

Arizona AG Demands Maricopa Officials Answer For Reportedly Mixing Counted And Uncounted Ballots

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Arizona ballots that couldn’t be counted due to broken machines were mingled in some locations with already tabulated ballots, according to the Elections Integrity Unit of Arizona’s attorney general’s office. State officials listed numerous ways Maricopa County, Arizona, election officials failed to properly segregate, count, tabulate, tally, and transport ballots during the midterm 2022 elections, […]

Arizona’s Election Administration Is An International Embarrassment

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Two days have passed since polls closed in Arizona and unsurprisingly, election officials in the state have failed to provide voters with the final results of numerous highly contested races. As of this article’s publication, none of Arizona’s contested statewide races have been called for any of their respective candidates. With 70 percent of votes […]

Bombshell: DOJ Conceals Records About Biden’s Use Of Federal Agencies To Influence Elections

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Editors Note: The argument about election integrity seems to break into two separate, but related areas. Some are concerned about cheating, which is literally altering the outcome of elections by manipulating the vote. But more subtle, and more difficult to quantify, is the use of both private companies and Federal agencies, to use their influence […]