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If You Don’t Build It, They Will Come: The BorderLine

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Over the past 18 months, The Daily Signal’s Virginia Allen and I have visited the border from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. What we saw in all our travels was the same: President Joe Biden’s deliberate abandonment of every measure that has worked in the past to reduce incentives for illegal immigration, combined with diminished enforcement […]

BIDEN’S BORDER CHAOS: Crime Soars as Punishment Vanishes

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There is a thread running through progressive ideology that explains a lot about the state of our country and the world: the Left doesn’t like laws enforced or people punished for doing wrong. Take the U.S. southern border, where we’re seeing record numbers of illegal aliens “encountered,” often with 5,000 a day just let go into the […]

Bidenvilles: America’s New Emblem of Decay

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In French, a “bidonville” is a shantytown. A “bidon” is a large container, like the giant yellow vegetable oil bottles used to carry drinking water in developing countries. I’ve seen plenty of shantytowns in cities from India to Togo; they are an unfortunate consequence of rapid urbanization. What surprised me when I came home to […]