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1 in Every 39 Americans Will Die of a Drug Overdose at Current Rate

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Editors’ Note: The number of deaths is truly shocking. Our present approach to drug usage is not working. We have more addiction, more homeless, and more deaths. Those are objective facts. Why do so many people today seek chemical answers to life problems or simply for “recreation”? As a society, we need to figure that […]

Judge Commits Fraud to Accuse Trump of Fraud

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In the high stakes New York trial of leading presidential candidate Donald Trump, Judge Arthur Engoron ruled in September that Trump defrauded his lenders by inflating the value of his famed Mar-a-Lago estate by “at least 2,300%, compared” to an “appraisal” by the Palm Beach County Tax Assessor. Several news outlets from left to right challenged that claim because it’s blatantly flawed. CNN, for example, reported: it’s widely […]

The Average Cost of Public School Education Is 58% More Than Private School

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The average cost of private schools is a vital fact for understanding issues like school choice and public school spending. This is because it provides a market-based comparison to the cost of government schools. Yet, the U.S. Department of Education hasn’t published an estimate for the average cost of private K–12 schools since 1995. To […]

Weekend Read: Everything You’ve Heard About the Debt Limit is Wrong

Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes

Overview Contrary to widespread claims that the U.S. government will default on its debt if Congress doesn’t raise the debt limit, federal law and the Constitution require the Treasury to pay the debt, and it has ample tax revenues to do this. Nor would Social Security benefits be affected by a debt limit stalemate unless […]

Interrogated by Cruz, Diplomat Gives False Testimony About Biden’s Billion Dollar Bribe

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During a November 30th hearing of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a senior State Department official gave false testimony about a billion dollar bribery scandal involving Joe Biden. The official, George Kent, is President Biden’s appointee to be the next U.S. ambassador to Estonia. At Kent’s nomination hearing, Senator Ted Cruz (R–TX) questioned him about Biden’s actions in Ukraine while Kent […]