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Yellen Blaming Consumers for Inflation Is Government’s Latest Attempt to Deflect Blame for Its Policies

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

A few weeks ago, US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen appeared on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert to discuss a range of issues both political and personal. The most widely reported moment in the interview came when Yellen talked about practicing her signature (don’t ask me why this is newsworthy, I have no idea). However, a significantly more important moment […]

Can Socialism Ever Be ‘Democratic’? Here’s What Bernie Sanders Gets Wrong.

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Cuba demonstrates why socialism and democracy are simply incompatible. Over the past few weeks, massive anti-government protests have been raging across Cuba. In response, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel said that he was “prepared to do anything” to stop the demonstrations, adding that “We will be battling in the streets.” Voices from across the political aisle […]

The Fight to Keep Schools Closed Has Proven Thomas Sowell Correct About Teachers’ Unions

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Their willingness to put children last and fight to keep schools closed has proven once and for all that teachers’ unions do not, in fact, have kids’ best interests at heart. One of the first things we learned about the coronavirus is that it has a near-zero death rate for kids. We also soon found […]