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FBI Hired Barely Literate Candidates, Urged Fat Applicant To Continue Process, Report Alleges

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The FBI is reducing hiring standards to the point where it is considering overweight applicants and hiring barely literate agents, a group of current and former FBI agents and analysts allege. In a report delivered to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, the FBI officials describe how Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is being prioritized in […]

FBI Knew New York Post’s Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was Real Ahead Of 2020 Election, FBI Form Shows

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Editors Note: Polls show that most Republicans and about a third of Democrats believe the last Presidential election was tainted.  Either there was interference or fraud, or both. The case for election interference by Federal agencies and social media companies we think has now been established. The fraud case is weaker, often because of a […]

Comer Unveils Bank Records Showing Joe Biden Received $40,000 Of ‘Laundered’ Chinese Money

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House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer released bank records Wednesday showing President Joe Biden previously took a $40,000 check from his family members soon after they received the money from Chinese business associates. Comer posted a video on X outlining bank records that show how various Biden family members took money from Chinese business associates […]

FBI Received ‘Criminal Information’ On Joe And Hunter Biden From Over 40 Confidential Sources, Sen Grassley Finds

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The FBI obtained information from more than 40 confidential sources on potential criminal matters related to Joe Biden, his brother, James, and son, Hunter, according to Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley. Grassley wrote a letter Tuesday night to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray and said the FBI sources “provided criminal information to the […]

The FBI Has “50-Percent Rate” Of Getting Speech Censored From The Internet, Court Filing Says

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The FBI is successful at getting speech censored from the internet 50% of the time, the Department of Justice (DOJ) said in a September court filing as part of an ongoing free speech lawsuit. DOJ Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar said in a September court filing that the FBI successfully convinced social media platforms to remove online […]

Here’s All The Evidence Connecting Joe Biden To Hunter Biden’s Foreign Business Dealings

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The amount of evidence connecting Joe Biden to Hunter Biden’s business dealings is growing as Congressional investigations continue to reveal new information surrounding Hunter Biden’s engagements. Witness testimony, emails, text messages, flights, and additional evidence indicate Joe Biden was knowledgeable about Hunter Biden’s business dealings and communicated with his son’s business associates on numerous occasions.(RELATED: […]

House Oversight Releases Bank Record Showing Hunter Biden Took Millions From Russian And Ukrainian Oligarchs

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The House Oversight Committee released bank records Wednesday showing Hunter Biden took millions of dollars worth of payments from Russian, Ukrainian, and Kazakh oligarchs. Hunter Biden received millions from Russian oligarch Elena Baturina, Ukrainian energy firm Burisma and Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev when his father was vice president, the committee found. The committee has identified […]

NYT Confirms DOJ Prosecutor Was Blocked From Bringing Charges Against Hunter Biden

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The New York Times confirmed on Tuesday the accuracy of IRS whistleblower testimony claiming U.S. Attorney David Weiss was blocked from bringing charges against Hunter Biden in California. In the 21st paragraph of its story about the testimony from two IRS whistleblowers, the Times independently confirmed that Weiss’ request for California prosecutors to pursue charges […]

Tucker Carlson Announces New Platform For His Show

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Former Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson announced Tuesday his show will air exclusively on Twitter going forward. Carlson tweeted a short video breaking the news about where his program will air. “You often hear people say the news is full of lies. But most of the time that’s not exactly right. […]

‘Why Doesn’t Anybody Talk About That?’: Bill Maher Says Most Shootings Are ‘Young Black Men’ Killing Each Other

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Comedian and HBO Host Bill Maher discussed the perpetrators and victims of inner city crime and potential solutions during a panel on his late night show Friday. Maher talked about crime with Brown University economist Glenn Loury and international relations scholar Daniel Bessner in the context of Chicago electing a soft-on-crime mayor and shoplifting in […]

McCarthy Concedes On Key Rule Change In Bid To Secure Votes For Speakership

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California GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy made a key concession to gain the support needed from undecided Republicans to become the next House Speaker. McCarthy agreed to make it easier for rank-and-file members to cast a vote-of-no-confidence against the sitting Speaker in a conference call with members Sunday, Politico reported. The details of the change to […]

RNC Launches Tactical ‘Review’ After Midterm Flop

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The Republican National Committee is launching a “review” of the party’s tactics after the party’s below-expectations performance in November’s midterm elections. The committee, which will be composed of RNC members, should have its findings in the first half of 2023, Politico reported. Mississippi RNC committeeman Henry Barbour and California committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon will lead the […]