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Bud Light’s Sales Implosion, Explained (by Mises)

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

I stopped drinking Bud Light decades ago, so when the Dylan Mulvaney controversy exploded last month, I didn’t need to consider if I’d stop drinking Anheuser-Busch’s most popular product. What’s clear is that many others have decided to quit the beer over the brand’s decision to wade into transgender politics. According to figures reported in The St. Louis […]

A New Fed Report Holds a Clue on Why Banks Are Collapsing

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

Federal regulators seized the struggling First Republic Bank on Monday [5/1/23], which they promptly sold to JPMorgan Chase. Reports show First Republic had some $230 billion in financial assets which quickly evaporated, making it the second largest bank collapse in US history, exceeding the recent bankruptcies of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. You read […]

The Government’s Sprawling Effort to Censor (True) Information During the Pandemic

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

In July 2022, Twitter permanently suspended Rhode Island physician Andrew Bostom after awarding the epidemiologist and longtime researcher at Brown University a fifth strike for spreading “misinformation.” A July 26 tweet alleging that there was no solid evidence Covid-19 vaccines had prevented any children from being hospitalized—”only RCT data we have from children reveals ZERO […]

Weekend Read: European Author Explains the Massive Disconnect between Young and Old Americans on Capitalism

Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes

FEE recently sat down with German author Rainer Zitelmann to discuss his latest book, the global financial crisis, and the future of capitalism.   The great writer Henry Hazlitt once observed that the path to prosperity is achieved through production, and the best way to achieve production is to maximize incentives. “And the way to […]

Is ‘Wokeism’ to Blame for Silicon Valley Bank’s Demise? No and Yes

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

Within days of Silicon Valley Bank’s swift and shocking collapse, a narrative formed that “wokeism” lay at the heart of the California bank’s sudden demise. It began with a Fox News appearance by Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus. “I feel bad for all of these people that lost all their money in this woke bank,” […]

Proof That Western Progressives Loved Stalinism and Maoism, Despite Their Horrors

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

Modern socialists may prefer to distance themselves from Stalin and Mao, but progressives were singing a very different tune in the twentieth century. I recently had the opportunity to travel to the Texas Tech University School of Law to debate the merits of capitalism versus socialism with Ben Burgis, a columnist for Jacobin and philosophy […]

Kevin O’Leary on Inflation: You Printed $7 Trillion in 30 Months. What Did You Think Would Happen?

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

Americans are facing 40-year high inflation and there’s been no shortage of discussion on the topic. It’s the number one issue on the mind of Americans heading into [ the recent] midterms, and every day on TV and in newspapers pundits are debating how long it will last and deciding who is to blame. What’s most astonishing […]

The Biden Administration Says US Not in a Recession, but Federal Statutes Say Otherwise. Who is Right?

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Is the US economy in recession? The answer is, paradoxically, both easier and more complicated than you might think. As expected the United States posted negative growth for the second consecutive quarter, according to government data released on Thursday. “Real gross domestic product (GDP) decreased at an annual rate of 0.9 percent in the second […]

The Federal Government’s Own Study Concluded Its Ban on ‘Assault Weapons’ Didn’t Reduce Gun Violence

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Other studies, including two published in 2020, reached similar conclusions. Do something. This is a response—and perhaps a natural one—to a human tragedy or crisis. We saw this response in the wake of 9-11. We saw it during the Covid-19 pandemic. And we’re seeing it again following three mass shootings—in Buffalo, New York, Uvalde, Texas, […]