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The Federal Government’s Own Study Concluded Its Ban on ‘Assault Weapons’ Didn’t Reduce Gun Violence

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Other studies, including two published in 2020, reached similar conclusions. Do something. This is a response—and perhaps a natural one—to a human tragedy or crisis. We saw this response in the wake of 9-11. We saw it during the Covid-19 pandemic. And we’re seeing it again following three mass shootings—in Buffalo, New York, Uvalde, Texas, […]

How Government Created the Baby Formula Shortage—and a Black Market for ‘Unapproved’ European Imports

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Editors’ Note:  As well as the reasons cited below, other news outlets, such as Town Hall report the U.S. government has accumulated a large amount of baby formula and is shipping it to the Southern Border for use by illegal immigrants. As usual, Americans come last in their calculations. ***** As Christina Szalinski reported in […]

Sweden—Once Mocked for Its COVID Strategy—Now Has One of the Lowest COVID Mortality Rates in Europe

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Sweden, which avoided strict lockdowns, now has a lower COVID mortality rate than 29 countries in Europe alone. Early in the coronavirus pandemic, I asked a simple question. Could Sweden’s laissez-faire approach to the coronavirus actually work? Unlike its European neighbors and virtually all US states, the Swedes had opted to not shut down the economy. The […]

Economist Offers Harsh Assessment of Elizabeth Warren’s Inflation Theory

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Harvard economist Jason Furman said the notion that “corporate greed” is driving inflation is not grounded in sound economics. Over the weekend, Jason Furman, a former top economist for President Barack Obama, threw cold water on Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s claim that “corporate greed” is driving inflation. “Corporate greed is a bad theory of inflation,” Furman […]

The Atlantic Claims ‘More People Carrying Guns Tends to Result in More Shootings.’ Decades of Data Show They’re Wrong

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The Atlantic recently suggested the surge of violence in 2020 was the result of the increase in firearms sales in 2020. The claim is pure fiction. A couple of months ago, The Atlantic published an article written by staff writer David A. Graham that explores the surge of violence the United States experienced in 2020. Overall the […]

The Scariest Inflation Chart You’ve Ever Seen

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Editors’ Note: This article was written in late November and notes inflation in the US hit a 30 year high. Last week, it was reported that inflation is at a 40 year high. That didn’t take very long, did it?   History teaches us something important about inflation: it can spiral out of control just […]

Biden Thanks Unions for Promising to Help Solve a Supply Chain Mess They Created

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Two ports that account for 40% of all US imports haven’t been operating on weekends during the biggest supply chain crisis in generations—because of a union contract. In the East Room of the White House last week, President Joe Biden announced the Executive Branch was taking decisive actions to resolve the supply chain issues plaguing […]

What Is the True Vaccine Breakthrough Rate? The CDC Doesn’t Want You to Know

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By refusing to track most vaccine breakthrough cases, the CDC arrived at the strange conclusion that collecting and providing less public health information is in the public’s interest. Over a recent 12-day period the Milwaukee Brewers had nine players test positive for COVID-19. While we don’t know the vaccination status of all the players, the […]

Harvard Business Review: Minimum Wage Hikes Led to Lower Worker Compensation, New Research Shows

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New research published in the Harvard Business Review reveals (once again) that minimum wage laws achieve unintended results. Opponents of minimum wage laws tend to focus their criticism on one particular adverse consequence: by artificially raising the price of labor, they reduce employment, particularly for the most vulnerable in society. “Minimum wage laws tragically generate […]