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Take Your Foot off the Gas

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In 1991, a year after his controversial firing as men’s basketball coach at North Carolina State University, Jim Valvano published a book titled They Gave Me a Lifetime Contract, and Then They Declared Me Dead. It’s a great title. The past few weeks’ convergence of energy and environmental news reminded me of the irony of […]


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Few spectacles in history rivaled that of a Roman triumphal procession. Originally for victorious commanders but later exclusively for the emperors, the elaborate ceremonies could last a day or even longer. One aspect amid all the pomp was the distinctive role played by the servus publicus. His job was to hold the crown above the triumphator‘s head […]

A Different Perspective: How Threat-Free Are Americans from Covid-19?

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At present, based on the most recent government data, only about three Americans in a thousand could conceivably transmit Covid-19 to someone. In other words, nearly 99.7 percent of people in the United States are currently no threat to anyone of spreading the virus. And despite the large case count, 24 out of every 25 […]

Stronger, More Robust Natural Immunity Thwarts Any Case for “Vaccine Passports”

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Editors’ Note:  One striking omission in Joe Biden’s new Covid mandates is he ignored over 160 million people (about half the population) who have already had the virus. Besides the liberty issue, there is simply the medical question: Why vaccinate those with already stronger immunity and risk the side effects? That is the trouble with […]