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Arizona Sends Kids as Young as 10 to Gender and Sexuality Chatrooms

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The Arizona Department of Education directs students to LGBT-themed chatrooms for children as young as 10 to discuss gender and sexuality as part of its student resources. The chatrooms are part of the department’s effort to support LGBT youths, and they were put together with the help of “members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community,” according to the […]

Buffalo Shooter’s Personal Diary Is Pretty Clear About His Sources Of Inspiration

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Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron said his beliefs were inspired by websites Reddit and 4chan, which he began using during COVID-19, and listed his favorite subreddits in his personal diary. Media outlets blamed Tucker Carlson and Republicans for inspiring the shooter, but he condemned Republicans in his diary, never mentioned Carlson, and expressed that he was […]

Biden White House Refuses to Condemn ‘Disgusting’ Efforts to Intimidate Supreme Court Justices

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki refused to say if President Joe Biden condemned efforts to intimidate Supreme Court justices by posting their addresses online and protesting outside their homes. A left-wing group called Ruth Sent Us published the home addresses of the court’s six conservative justices online, called them “extremist,” and on Tuesday announced a May 11 protest outside their […]

Mainstream Media Finally Recognizes There Might Be Something Wrong With Child Sex Changes

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Legacy media outlets published several articles this week criticizing sex change treatments for transgender children. One transgender individual told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the media is opening up to critical perspectives because reporters are discovering that transgender medicine is experimental. A New York Times columnist predicted that in the near future, both liberals […]

Disney Helps Employees ‘Transition’ Transgender Children and Themselves

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The Walt Disney Co. is assisting employees and their children with sex-change and “gender affirmation” procedures through the company’s benefits program, an internal video suggests. Disney’s “benefits team” is offering resources and guides to employees transitioning to the opposite gender, as well as information for employees’ children who are transitioning, according to a video shared […]

California Judge Throws Out Corporate Diversity Mandate

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A California judge struck down a 2020 law Friday requiring public companies to meet racial or sexual minority quotas for their board of directors. Conservative legal advocacy group Judicial Watch sued California on behalf of three taxpayers in October 2020 to block the enforcement of Assembly Bill 979, which required publicly-held corporations to give positions […]

‘Gay Agenda’: Disney Employees Reportedly Reveal Effort To Inject ‘Queerness’ Into Children’s Shows

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Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, shared videos that purportedly show Disney employees revealing their efforts to inject LGBT content into children’s shows during a discussion of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill. Company leaders reportedly boasted about the many existing LGBT characters in Disney shows and their plans to create more […]

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Signs Bills Addressing Hot Button Social Issues

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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed three bills Wednesday restricting abortion, child sex-change surgeries, and male participation in women’s sports. Ducey signed a bill into law banning gender-reassignment surgeries for minors, which makes exceptions for children born with sex disorders or other medically verifiable issues. The legislation specifies a long list of surgeries doctors cannot perform on children, including mastectomies, […]

Conservative News Sites Are Pushing Misleading Activist Phrase ‘Don’t Say Gay’

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Editors’ Note: The use, or abuse, of language is now an integral part of the culture war. The attack on Florida by activists, the press, and corporations, is for the most part caused by deliberate verbal distortions of what the legislation actually says. But activists believe a higher cause is served by repeating a lie […]