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Congressman David Schweikert and His Moral Bank Account

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

There is disappointing news about an ethics scandal in the office of Congressman David Schweikert. The fine imposed by the U.S. House of Representatives (Arizona Congressional District 6) for $50,000, paid by the Congressman, is indicative of serious improprieties. While some of this seems to surround his chief of staff Oliver Schwab, the responsibility is […]

A GREAT AWAKENING: The U.S. Relationship with China and the CCP is on the November 3rd Ballot

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

One of the odd byproducts of the Wuhan virus pandemic and its subsequent lockdown has been the growing realization of the perfidy of China, its malevolent influence on the World Health Organization and the dependence the U.S. has on that Communist nation for pharmaceuticals and other important manufactured goods. Indeed, the awkward integration of supply […]

Black Lives Matter Accused of Cultural Appropriation

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The three Black women who founded Black Lives Matter have been accused of cultural appropriation by Professor E.Z. Pickens of Whatsamatter U near Boinksville, Pennsylvania. Professor Pickens pointed out that the founders of BLM have claimed to be trained Marxists. Professor Pickens explained that Karl Marx was German and Dutch, ethnically Jewish from a line […]

The Demise of the Dixie Chicks

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Once a popular country western, all female band, this “woke” group chose politics over art. They chose self-expression over their fan base. Somehow, they got the notion that fans wanted their geopolitical insight as well as their sophisticated biting social commentary. They were wrong. It began with attacks on President George W. Bush, and they […]

Debt Explodes into Dangerous Territory

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

The amount of debt owed by the US government has risen to the highest levels ever recorded. More importantly, as the chart above shows, it is the highest debt ever in relation to the size of the economy. In peacetime, it now exceeds the peak of World War II. Notice that over time, debt surged […]