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Mr. Biden’s Wild Ride

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Central planning should be…planned, at least in some cohesive way, based on a rational basis. We are not suggesting we are a fan of “coordinated” central planning either since it can’t ever be done correctly by bureaucratic agencies that override the price signals, which are the actual guide to what is real about supply and […]

The Blood Red Speech

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

President Biden, when he is not on vacation, is changing the political landscape…and not for the better. A candidate who billed himself as an “uniter” has used perhaps the most divisive, may we say, incendiary language of any President in recent memory, or perhaps in history. With strange blood-red lighting, he walked with his wife […]

Election Integrity Should be Bi-Partisan

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes

Election integrity is something everyone should be concerned about. Both parties have an interest in ensuring the public has confidence in the process. If not, it is destructive to the very core of the democratic process. The reason: if elections are not “honest”, what is the point of elections and without elections how can you have “democracy”, […]

It Is Still a Dilemma for Investors

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

Editors’ Note: The author’s warning and advice at the end of this article are so important. The economic problems plaguing much of the world are related to Democrat and Biden administration governance in many areas of public policy and economic management. The Inflation Reduction Act (misnamed – it is the Green New Deal Slush Fund Act), environmental […]

President Biden: Ignorant Demagogue

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

President Biden was recently in Pennsylvania where he campaigned against “assault weapons” again, committing multiple egregious factual errors. The press describes such events as “gaffes” and the President as “gaffe-prone.” But simple factual errors occur so frequently, and most often in the context of major policy positions, that one must conclude either the President is […]

The GOP Has a Big Ego Problem

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It has always been a marvel how the Democrats pull together. They may fight among themselves, but they see themselves as change agents. They tend to subdue their differences and work for long-term goals of bringing socialism to America. It has been a 70-year project and they are winning. More than 50 years ago when […]

Energy Shortage and Mineral Dependence

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

Editors’ Note: Although the November 8th election here in Arizona will be focused on economic issues and our southern border invasion, the Inflation Reduction Act should be a central issue for the Senate race between Blake Masters (R) and incumbent Mark Kelly (D). Similarly, incumbent Kyrsten Sinema (D) will attempt to remain in her Senate seat […]

Mike Pence: Political Dunderhead

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

Since the FBI raid on former President Trump’s personal residence, the bureau has come under justifiable political fire. Former Vice President Pence, who increasingly is making signals he wants to break from Trump’s orbit, has come out condemning those criticizing the FBI. Those remarks are being used by progressives, who want to exploit divisions within […]

Courage or Experience?

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

As the collective blood starts to boil among conservatives for the unprecedented raid on the home of former President Donald Trump, we need to think about who is responsible for the leadership of both the Department of Justice and the FBI. And we must demand that Republicans investigate and clean out these agencies. It is […]

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut, Sometimes You Don’t

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The headline is taken from an old television ad and accompanying jingle to help distinguish between two candy bars: Almond Joy and Mounds. We would interpret this to mean that sometimes one feels like a candy bar with a large nut, chocolate, and coconut,  and sometimes you just want the coconut and chocolate. Such matters of taste […]