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China Openly Infiltrates Our Political System, and America’s Media Doesn’t Seem to Care

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The American media has been liberal for decades, but the utter disregard for the truth that pervades much of the reporting today is something new. With all the alarm over misinformation on the Right, little attention has been paid to the much broader form of misinformation that dominant corporate media perpetrates today. One of the […]

The Left Is About To Pay For Their Energy Insanity

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Most politicians and activists have strong views on every political issue. Those views grow from their fundamental political philosophies and beliefs. The best politicians know how to balance their political ideals with a keen watch on how they affect the lives of everyday Americans — those who voted them into office. Go too far with […]

Disastrous Olympics Showed Us All How Corrupt the World Is in 2022

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It’s hard to find consensus these days, but everyone seems to agree that there was something rotten about the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games. Not the athletes and the sporting events, of course; they trained their entire lives to compete, were as brilliant as ever, and are not responsible for the decisions that led to such […]

Americans Reject President Too Weak to Take on Radicals in His Own Party

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President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are tanking, especially among independent voters. The American people do not like weak leaders, and they do not like the craziness that’s infiltrating their daily lives. Biden campaigned as someone who could bring the country together. Since taking office, he’s made no effort to do that. Instead, he has continually […]