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‘Cripple Children’: Parents Protest Against Gov. Katie Hobbs’ Move To Scrap Key School Choice Program

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With signs reading “education for all” and “support for all students,” a coalition of about 150 parents protested Tuesday over newly-elected Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs’ plan to dismantle the nation’s largest school choice program, parents told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Hobbs’ executive budget released Jan. 13 called on state legislators to roll back the […]

Arizona Governor’s Plan To Undo Nation’s Largest School Choice Program Will Harm Students, Advocates Say

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Newly-elected Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs’ plan to undo the nation’s most expansive school choice program could affect thousands of students and families who are already utilizing the state’s voucher program, school choice advocates told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Hobbs’ executive budget released Jan. 13 asked state legislators to reverse the state’s expansion of […]

Here’s What’s In The ‘Obscene’ Books Being Removed From Schools Across The Country

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Through 2022, parents across the country have fought to have books deemed “age inappropriate” and “pornographic” removed from schools. Across 5,000 schools, more than 1,600 book titles were removed in the 2021-2022 school year, according to NBC News. The books most commonly removed from schools, including “Gender Queer: A Memoir” and “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” […]

‘Showing Their True Self’: Biden Admin Empowers Teachers Unions To Push Gender Ideology And Critical Race Theory

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Editors’ Note: You may not think that Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory are on the ballot this election. But they are, especially when it comes to school board elections. Teacher unions have moved well beyond representing teachers in salary and workplace conditions. They are now the tip of the spear for promoting Critical Race […]

Democratic Activists Are Dishing Out Millions To Keep CRT, Gender Theory In Schools

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An education nonprofit that labels itself as non-partisan is pouring millions of dollars into political groups ahead of school board elections, according to Politico. The Campaign for Our Shared Future, which works for “equitable, anti-racist programs, practices and policies” in K-12 education, is targeting school board elections in red states including Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, and Michigan, with […]