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Illegal Aliens Flooding Through the ‘Yuma Gap’ in Arizona Creating a State of Emergency

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The “Yuma Gap” is the small corner of the world where Arizona, California, and Mexico intersect. And it has become one of the primary destinations for illegals trying to cross the border into the United States. It’s gotten so bad in recent weeks that Yuma has declared a local state of emergency to deal with […]

Joe Manchin Does It Again

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Senator Joe Manchin announced he would join all 50 Republicans in the Senate in voting for a resolution of disapproval that would roll back the OSHA vaccine mandate. The Congressional Review Act (CRA) allows for a majority of Congress to disapprove of any agency rule. Since the CRA vote is in the form of a […]

Whose Land Did Native Americans Steal Before Europeans Stole It From Them?

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We all know that history is not the left’s favorite subject. Many times, it’s just too inconvenient for their political narratives. Often, history has to be erased or submerged in order to achieve the “greater good” of creating a just and moral society. In truth, it’s not much better on the right, although generally, the […]