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Murder Study: America Is Really Quite Safe — Except for Some Democratic Areas

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

“America doesn’t have a crime problem,” wrote commentator Daniel Greenfield recently; “it has a Democrat problem.” At issue is a finding that a mere one percent of United States counties — Democratic areas — account for a whopping 42 percent of our murders. So it’s no wonder people issue quips such as (from under a […]

The New Jim Crow: Under Biden, Straight White Men Need Not Apply

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

It was always there, just beneath the surface. Late radio giant Rush Limbaugh called it get-even-with-’em-ism. It’s that hostility that ever underlay racial quotas and that now, being more overt, is manifesting itself in “the largest racial tracking bureaucracy since the fall of Nazi Germany.” That’s how Fox News host Tucker Carlson characterized Joe Biden’s […]

More Circumstantial Evidence of Vote Fraud: Arizona’s Numbers Don’t Add Up

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

Call it The Tale of Two Purple States. In the 2022 midterms, Florida experienced precisely what pundits and prognosticators said the whole country would: A historic, perhaps unprecedented “red” wave. In contrast, Arizona had a bit of a “blue” wave — but only in the high-profile, upper-echelon races. This raises a few questions, the first […]

ESG: Is This Green Iron-fist Fantasy a Major Cause of Inflation and Economic Destruction?

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Is rich people’s greentopian fantasy causing middle-class misery? The answer is yes, according to analysts such as Marlo Oaks, Utah state treasurer, and longtime investment manager. In fact, Oaks says he knows a major reason why increasing fuel prices, which drive up costs across the board, are so high: Supply is being choked off by […]

Is Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine “All About Oil”?

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Not that long ago, it was common for the hate-America-first crowd to say that our Mideast military adventures were “all about oil.” Oddly, we never actually saw that oil or benefited from greater black gold supplies until we ramped up our own domestic production. But now some are saying that Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine […]