Black Lives Matter Accused of Cultural Appropriation

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The three Black women who founded Black Lives Matter have been accused of cultural appropriation by Professor E.Z. Pickens of Whatsamatter U near Boinksville, Pennsylvania.

Professor Pickens pointed out that the founders of BLM have claimed to be trained Marxists.


Professor Pickens explained that Karl Marx was German and Dutch, ethnically Jewish from a line of rabbis, the son of a Jewish couple that had converted to Christianity. He was a White European atheist, a racist and an anti-Semite. In short, a big White mess.

In addition, he pointed out that Marx was heavily influenced by the philosopher Hegel, who likewise was a White German. Additionally, Marx was informed by the socialist tradition that included French philosophers Saint Simon and Charles Fourier.

He also noted that Marx likely would not have succeeded in publishing his many works without the financial support of Fredrich Engels, a German industrialist. George Soros was not available then.


“Marx was the product of the certain strand of the European Enlightenment,” said Professor Pickens. “His views have roots in France and Germany, and he was published in the U.S by Horace Greeley. It was an all-White male project.”

Two of his daughters died in suicide pacts with their husbands. Hairy Karl must have been a suboptimal father.

Pickens also pointed out that Marx was a big hairy, binary revolutionary who treated his wife quite shabbily; even knocking up the maid much like Arnold Schwarzenegger.


“Why modern-day feminists would embrace the ideas of a male chauvinist who exploited women like Marx is beyond belief. He was almost as bad as Bill Clinton.”

Pickens, who holds the Chair in Ethnic Studies and Furniture Design, pointed out further violations. First, it is not appropriate for females to use male ideas. “You cannot really understand male thinking if you are female. It is pure and simple sexual appropriation.”

Secondly, “Black Americans have no right to appropriate the ideas of White Europeans for their own purposes.”

“Black Lives Matter is exclusively about the downside of the Black experience in America and ignores any comparative benefits or improvement. It has nothing to do with European male ideas,” he stated. “You’ve got to stay focused on contemporary misery. Either you take a knee for that or you will get a knee in the groin.”

“You simply can’t go around using the cultural and intellectual traditions of other people, especially if you are not the same color or sex.”

Pickens, who is African American himself, is renowned for the small research he has published on pygmies, concluding that “reliance on the ideas of White males does not fit with the Black experience. The modern Black family since the Great Society programs of the 1960s is largely matriarchal.”

“The last thing the movement needs is for a bunch of Black feminists to inject male ideas and promote the ideas of the White European oppressors.”

To date, Black Lives Matter has not commented on the matter.


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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