Blake Masters: Democrat Mark Kelly’s Voting Record Will Expose Him to Independents

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Trump-endorsed Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters said Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly’s (D-AZ) voting record will expose him to independents.

Kelly’s voting record is a radical one despite the candidate trying to appear moderate. He has backed President Joe Biden’s legislative initiatives 94 percent of the time.


Regarding the open southern border, Kelly has voted in 2021 three times to defund border wall construction. He has also voted against Title 42 three times and voted against hiring 18,000 Border Patrol agents before any new IRS agents are hired.

“When independents learn about Mark Kelly’s voting record — he pretends to be independent but actually he votes in lockstep for Joe Biden’s failed agenda — well, that’s pretty much all they need to know to come over to our side and vote Republican for a change,” Masters told KTAR on Wednesday

“So, I think we’re going to continue to peel away, and ultimately I think most independents will break our way in November,” he added.


Independent voters, who amount to 1.4 million in Arizona, make up about one-third of Arizona’s population. According to a recent Emerson College poll, independents are siding  with Kelly over Masters by nine points…..


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