EXCLUSIVE: Trump-Endorsed Arizona Attorney General Nominee And Former Prosecutor Abe Hamadeh HAMMERS Woke Anti-Police Radical Kris Mayes During AG Candidate Forum (VIDEO)

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Editors’ Note: As the 2022 midterm election approaches (November 8th), mail-in ballots are to be mailed out on October 12th. The Prickly Pear asks all readers and all Arizonans two simple questions: Is Arizona to be a state like California where there is widespread crime, homelessness, defunding of police and rapid deterioration of the quality of life for hard-working citizens as its “brand”? Is Arizona a state where fundamental liberties, safe streets, quality, civic minded education for our children and a thriving economy with opportunity for all is our “brand”? 
The Democrat party, its policies and certainly its 2022 candidates like Katie Hobbs, Adrian Fontes, Mark Kelly and Kris Mayes answer the first question in the affirmative, often trying to hide the truth of their radical progressive ideology. The Prickly Pear recently published the reasons to support all the Republican candidates on your ballot as a yes answer to the second question above. Kari Lake as Governor, Blake Masters as U.S. Senator, Mark Finchem as Secretary of State and Abe Hamadeh as Attorney General will all deliver an affirmative answer and fight to ensure we keep Arizona the state it is and can be rather than a slide into woke, leftist chaos and a place liberty loving citizens and families escape from. 


Trump-Endorsed Arizona Attorney General Nominee Abe Hamadeh shredded his opponent, radical pro-defund the police leftist Kris Mayes, during the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Attorney General Candidate Forum on Thursday, September 15.

“Stacey Champion is a kook, Kris… She has said all law enforcement officers equals killing black people, and I’ve not heard you denounce that,” Abe exclaimed while speaking about the Attorney General’s duty to support law enforcement and enforce Law and Order in Arizona.

Abe later told TGP, “Kris Mayes claims she does not support ‘Defund The Police’ but has surrounded herself with consultants and groups that have publicly supported this dangerous policy. Her media consultant has said vile things on social media about our police, and she has done nothing to disavow or detach herself from these groups and has yet to fire her consultant or rescind any endorsements — this is why law enforcement agencies from around the state overwhelmingly support Abe Hamedeh for Attorney General.” 

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that liberal Kris Mayes, running for the Chief Law Enforcement Official in the State, does not even support law enforcement. Her campaign PR consultant, Stacey Champion, actually hates the police and has tweeted, “We live in a country where ‘law enforcement’ = killing black folks and arresting women who need to buy tampons.”

“Killing black folks and arresting women who need to buy tampons.” What the hell does that even mean?

Stacey Champion has also been an outspoken advocate for legalizing homeless street camping and for climate action with “an equity lens” while promoting her 2030 agenda.

These fear-mongering leftists don’t care about the truth or the law.

We recently reported that an Arizona Judge has ruled that the State can enforce its ban on abortion following the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade.

Abortion is now illegal in the State, and anybody can still buy tampons. And pro-choice women can also choose to abstain from sex or use legal contraceptives like condoms and birth control.

However, During the forum, Kris Mayes promised not to enforce any current Arizona abortion laws if she is elected.….


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Poll: Arizona Democrats Riding on Abortion Rights to Make Up for Poor Biden Approval

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Democrats in Arizona say they’re more interested in November’s election, with abortion laws becoming their battle cry. But, they will have to outwork President Joe Biden’s mid-term approval ratings.

A recent Arizona Public Opinion Pulse poll from OH Predictive Insights found that 59% of Arizona voters think there should be limits on which abortions should be legal in the state, while just 9% say it should be illegal in all instances; the latter category supports a stricter law than the one that is currently on the books in Arizona. Meanwhile, 41% of voters said abortion should be legal in all circumstances.

With most voters thinking that abortion should be legal in at least some circumstances, it’s an issue pro-choice Democrats may try to emphasize in the coming weeks.

“With the reinstatement of the Abortion Ban from 1864 that took effect recently, the data shows that sentiment on this issue among important voter blocs could likely be a deciding factor when they arrive at the ballot box this November,” Mike Noble, OHPI Chief of Research, said in a press release.

A Pima County judge lifted an injunction on Arizona’s pre-Roe v. Wade abortion ban last week, meaning the procedure is legal in the state only to protect the life of the mother. The polling doesn’t reflect that ruling since it was conducted between Sept. 6 and Sept. 9. OHPI surveyed 829 Arizona registered voters, giving the poll a 3.4% margin of error.

“Democratic hopes will be heavily contingent on younger, female, and perhaps Independent demographics showing up in droves for this election, especially those who are more likely to vote for candidates based on their stance on abortion,” Noble added.

Meanwhile, the poll found that Arizonans don’t generally have a favorable view of President Biden. It found that 41% approve of the president’s job performance while 55% disapprove.

Noble said these poor approval numbers give hope to the Republican Party.

“As we get closer and closer to Election Day, voter sentiment begins to turn encouragement for the GOP into a reality for the Democratic party,” Noble said in the press release. “As much as Biden has attempted to rise above water with voters, the impacts of his disapproval are likely to affect Republicans in November.”


This article was published by The Center Square and is reproduced with permission.

To Our Conservative and Moderate Friends

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Are you considering voting for a Democrat, or not voting for a Republican because you think they’re crazy?

If you’re someone who votes according to the “candidate I like,” rather than the political party, consider what RESULTS your vote will bring to America, Arizona, and your family. A candidate’s likability and respectfulness mean nothing if their actions bring destruction.

You may like a Democrat as a person, and they may seem “reasonable” compared to the Republican alternative, but gone are the days when you could assume both parties have the same goals for America with different ideas to achieve them. Today’s Democrats have the opposite vision for America than Constitutional Republicans.

What is your vision for America, for your everyday life, for your family’s well-being? Don’t give your vote to a politician who will dismantle and eventually destroy your vision. Check the voting record and statements of ANY Democrat. (I’m not saying every Republican is wonderful; only that they will at least do far less damage than any Democrat.) Think I’m exaggerating? Look at what Democrat ideas have done to your daily reality:

THIS is what EVERY Democrat represents—no matter how “reasonable” a person they seem to be. Just look at the results of President Biden, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and virtually every Democrat in power—including every Congressperson. And don’t forget about Mark Kelly who ran as a moderate but votes 94% of the time with Democrats. Mark Kelly = Joe Biden. Katie Hobbs = woke insanity.

This is a different America than we had 20, 10, or even 1 year ago. And the main reason is a Leftist long march through the institutions,(Christopher Rufo) and a long strategy grounded in communism and socialism which has overtaken the Democrat party, big business, education, culture, law, and even medicine. Think about it. This is not the America we could have imagined even a few years ago.

Conrad Black sums up the RESULTS of Leftist Democrat policies:

“A disastrous and shaming flight from Afghanistan is described by President Joe Biden as ‘a triumphant success,’ while Dr. Anthony Fauci retires with dignity after doing terrible damage to the country with his nonsense about shutting schools, ‘droplets,’ the ups and downs of masking, the ‘abolition of hand-shakes’—almost all of it now thoroughly discredited.

Six years ago, no one could have imagined that these outrages would have occurred, much less that they would be accepted by a bedraggled, degraded, demoralized United States, its federal government in the hands of lawless and authoritarian myth-makers, applauded by the complicit national political media. Can this be America?”

What will your kids and grandkids experience if we keep putting Democrats in power?

It will only get worse.

That’s why a return to Constitutional Americanism is the only way to restore sanity, dignity, productivity, and hope to America.

And the surest way there is to elect Republicans (no matter how flawed one may be) to replace the destructive RESULTS of Democrats (no matter how nice one may seem).


This article was published at AZ Free News, and is reproduced with permission.

Stealing Our Voting Rights from Us

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One of the most annoying aspects of our modern political discussions is how Democrats or their media mouthpieces are constantly pointing out that our Democracy is in danger. This came on the heels of The Washington Post’s immensely stupid new slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Once again Democrats in California are actively attempting to take voters’ rights away. This time they are asking voters to do it themselves.

California’s overwhelming Democrat Legislature in 2017 passed the Taxpayer Transparency and Fairness Act. Jerry Brown, then Governor and the great protector of people’s rights, signed it into law. This had as much to do with transparency and fairness as The Inflation Reduction Act has to do with inflation. The bill stole rights away from Californians.

The Board of Equalization (BOE) has five elected members.  This bill emasculated their responsibilities and gave them to career bureaucrats. The BOE previously handled reviews of any sales tax and income tax appeals. The Office of Tax Appeals (OTA) now hears all those appeals. Of the twenty-four appointed judges, just five were not government employees prior to setting up this new structure. Instead of being responsible to the people of California as the elected officials are, these people are responsible to the governmental structure of the state. Since so many factors are subjective, it seems clear your rights were emasculated unless you think that career government workers are ruling more in the favor of the residents of the state.

A new taking of the right of voters is on the ballot in November. Los Angeles County — which by population would be the seventh largest state in the union — has five elected county supervisors that control the county. The residents have been able to elect the County Sheriff. The current county sheriff is Alex Villanueva, and the Board of Supervisors has been in a constant battle with him. This is even though Mr. Villanueva is a Democrat. Though the Board of Supervisors is a nonpartisan position, four of the five are Left-wing Democrats. Only one is not.

Currently, the county residents have the right to recall the Sheriff if they do not like the job he (or she) is doing. That is not good enough for the County Supervisors. They initiated a motion that directs County Counsel to draft an ordinance for a special election that will allow voters to decide on an amendment to the County Charter that would grant the Board of Supervisors the authority to remove a Sheriff who violates the law or abuses power by a four-fifths vote.

Notice that four-fifths vote. If you did not have any idea of what goes on with the LA County Board of Supervisors, you might say that is a tall hurdle. I dare you to find a meaningful vote by the Board in the last eight years that did not have at least four (the upset left-wing Democrats) voting for it. These people vote in lockstep with each other. As expected, the vote to put this taking of voters’ rights was passed by 4-1 with Supervisor Kathryn Barger dissenting.

If Mr. Villanueva were to win his reelection, how long do you think it would take for the Board of Supervisors to yank him from office? They will find any excuse since they have frequently battled the last few years and especially since the woke movement castrated L.A. law enforcement.

You can easily see a dispute happening between the Supervisors and the reelected sheriff.  They drum up a phony process to exorcise Villanueva. Then they would have to replace him with someone. Who would that be? Since all of them endorsed Villanueva’s opponent, Robert Luna, lo and behold who would they pick to be the new sheriff?

This is not just for this election and this dispute; this initiative is forever. In twelve years when there would be two completely different sheriff candidates, who would they be more beholden to – the residents of the county or the members of the Board of Supervisors? My money is on the supervisors.

We would have to be out of our minds to approve this initiative and give our rights away. Talk about being undemocratic. Where are all those Dems now talking about the “danger to our democracy”? They are not around because they are the danger.


This article was published in Flash Report and is reproduced with permission from the author.

BREAKING: Kari Lake Reveals Katie Hobbs Fought to Eliminate the Pledge, Anthem and Constitution from AZ Schools

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On Tuesday, Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake revealed that her Democrat counterpart Katie Hobbs fought to eliminate the Pledge of Allegiance, national anthem, and Constitution from being taught in elementary schools across the state.

Lake slammed Hobbs for her voting record, and warned Arizonans of the consequences a Hobbs government would have for their children.

“In Hobbs’ Arizona, your kindergartner wouldn’t learn the Pledge of Allegiance,” Lake began, “but your precious five-year-old would be taught about sex.”

Lake described the Pledge, the anthem, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence as “American cornerstones” and “pillars of our great nation,” saying she was shocked that Hobbs fought to keep them out of the classroom…..


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Kari Lake Exclusive: The Future of Arizona Is on the Ballot, Here’s My Plan to Save the State

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Editors’ Note: The Western Tribune interview with Kari Lake can be viewed at this link. Kari Lake presents a strong conservative and America First vision for the next Governor of Arizona. We recommend watching this short video. She presents solutions for problems that have plagued Arizona and the nation since the beginning of the Biden presidency that is getting worse without pause. Her opponent, Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s current Secretary of State, is refusing to debate and will apply the Biden agenda to our state including an open border, crime, inflation, a war on fossil fuel, and the Green New Deal. The Prickly Pear recommends Kari Lake for Governor and down-ballot Republicans for Secretary of State (the Lieutenant Governor), Attorney General, Superintendent of Public Education, Corporation Commission candidates, and your Arizona state and federal House and Senate candidates. The Prickly Pear asks all Arizona voters a simple question – do you want our state to be another California or New York with their radical progressive, socialist policies ruining Arizona and the nation with open borders, crime, inflation, the war on energy and our children, and so much more? The answer is also simple – vote Republican and put Democrats out of the game until their party becomes a pro-American and pro-Arizona party again and reasonable choices can be made. And….. Do not ‘drop off your mail-in ballot at your polling station on November 8th – if you vote by mail, vote no later than October 31 and take the ballot to your post office to reduce potential fraud. If you go to the polling station on 11/8, don’t deposit the green envelope – actually vote that day!! Exchange your mail-in ballot for an actual ballot. Go into the booth and cast your vote to be tabulated by the night of the election. 


This next decade will be pivotal for Arizona. Our state is poised to lead the way in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, become a powerhouse of technological innovation and manufacturing, build one of the most competitive and prosperous economies in the country and create endless opportunities for Arizona’s workers and families.

This future is possible, but it’s not guaranteed. This November, we can either go down the path of liberal states like California and resign ourselves to brutal lockdowns, unaffordable taxes, summer blackouts and crushing regulations, or we can chart our own unique path that will truly put Arizona on the map. That’s why I’m running for governor — the stakes are too high to let career politicians turn Arizona into California.

Arizona’s best days are ahead of us, and I have a plan that boldly and honestly addresses the roadblocks standing in our way.

First, we must make Arizona an appealing place to launch or relocate businesses, both small and large. That means building on the progress that the legislature has made in recent years in making Arizona competitive by cutting taxes and regulations that stunt growth and creating new incentives for businesses to thrive here. Critically, we must make sure that our efforts benefit all of Arizona’s businesses, not just the large ones. That means including the small start ups and the family-owned businesses that truly make Arizona great. The pandemic showed us how the government can drop the hammer on some businesses while protecting others; as governor, I will never allow our state to do anything like that again…..

I support policies that benefit you and your family, and that’s what I’ll fight for as your governor…..


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Here’s How Big Tech Plans To Rig The 2022 Midterms

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Through its censorship, Big Tech controls the flow of information that informs voters and impacts elections.

As the 2022 midterms loom, big tech companies are again announcing their plans to meddle in U.S. elections by censoring news and information. Social media censorship ramped up dramatically following President Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, leading to companies such as Twitter and Facebook colluding with Democrat operatives in intelligence agencies to censor and suppress factual stories that harmed then-candidate Joe Biden during his 2020 campaign.

Two years later, following heavy documentation of the meddling, big tech companies are intent on using the same strategy. And they’re openly admitting as much.


Nick Clegg, president of global affairs for Meta — Facebook’s parent company — wrote in a blog post that Facebook’s approach to the 2022 midterms will be “largely consistent with the policies and safeguards” from 2020.

Posts rated as false or partly false by one of Facebook’s 11 so-called “fact-checkers” will receive a label titled “false information,” causing their outreach to be dramatically limited. During the 2020 election, NeverTrump outlet The Dispatch — one of the fact-checkers — published an inaccurate “fact-check” that shut down public communications from pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List just weeks before the election.

Lead Stories, one of Facebook’s many left-wing “fact check” censors, is partly funded by the Democratic National Committee as well as Beijing-based ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns TikTok. In 2020, Lead Stories was responsible for censoring The Federalist’s own correct reporting about the Georgia election. After The Federalist criticized Lead Stories for its fake “fact-checking,” it was censored again.

While accurate stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop were never fact-checked, their reach was also limited in 2020, as Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg admitted in an interview with podcaster Joe Rogan. According to Zuckerberg, the FBI pressured Facebook to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story by falsely claiming it was Russian disinformation.

Such collusion between the intelligence community and Facebook is sure to continue: in its 2022 Factsheet outlining its approach to the U.S. midterms, the company writes that it will be “working with federal government partners including the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, as well as local and state election officials and industry peers, to make sure we’re all preparing for different scenarios.”

While discussing their approach to the midterms with The New York Times, Facebook employees said the company will take a “greater interest” in censoring information that it claims could lead to “real-world violence” like the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

According to internal documents obtained by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s Disaggregating Harmful Networks Taskforce tracks hundreds of thousands of users and pages that could “distribute potentially harmful content.” Once Facebook employees identify a “dangerous information corridor” — networks of accounts, pages, and groups — they work to undermine it, usually by removing popular accounts or severely restricting users’ ability to transmit information. This is the same strategy Facebook applied when it censored more than 700,000 “Stop the Steal” supporters after the Jan 6. riot.

Yet Facebook took no action against the Democrat-funded and coordinated operation to question the legitimacy of the 2016 election by falsely accusing Donald Trump of being a traitor who stole the election by colluding with Russia. That lie, which led to mass public hysteria and years of investigations, is allowed free rein on its platform. Facebook’s so-called “fact-checkers” included journalists who participated in spreading the lie or otherwise allowed it to continue without censorship via fact-checking.

Despite this open political double standard, an internal memo from the task force claimed “an individual can question election results. But when it’s amplified by a movement, it can damage democracy. There is harm in the way movements shift norms and an understanding of collective truth.”


In August, Twitter announced it would begin enforcing its “Civic Integrity Policy” for the 2022 midterms. This means taking “action against misleading claims about the voting process, misleading content intended to intimidate or dissuade people from participating in the election, or misleading claims that may undermine public confidence in elections outcomes.”

Like Facebook, Twitter will label what it claims is “false or misleading” information as misinformation. Once labeled, such content will not be distributed by the company’s algorithms. Twitter may also remove “false or misleading” tweets entirely.

“In cases where there is potential for harm associated with the false or misleading claim, the Tweet may not be liked or shared to prevent the spread of the misleading information,” a company blog post reads. Such a policy is unlikely to apply to disinformation from the left. For example, during the 2020 election, Twitter refused to censor viral tweets pushing misinformation about USPS mailboxes that negatively affected the right.

Ironically — as Federalist Senior Editor John Daniel Davidson notes – Twitter was probably the single greatest source of disinformation during the 2020 election. Just weeks before the election, the social media company worked overtime to censor The New York Post’s story on First Son Hunter Biden’s laptop, even locking the Post’s account and those of other users’ who tried to distribute it.

As such, Twitter “brazenly hid a story from its users that, had they seen it, would have been quite damaging to Biden and certainly would have caused some people to change their votes,” Davidson wrote. Davidson was later deplatformed by Twitter for saying scientifically accurate truths about biological distinctions between men and women. Twitter routinely bans effective communicators who question left-wing narratives pushed by its company and other activists.

Of course, no censorship comes close to the level of Twitter (and Facebook) banning then-President Trump, leader of the Republican Party, from their platforms after the Jan. 6 riot — effectively cutting off communication from the president of the United States to his supporters and the rest of the country.


Arguably the most popular social network in America right now, TikTok announced that it would also be countering so-called election misinformation through its Elections Center, a segment of the app that will “connect people who engage with election content to authoritative information and sources in more than 45 languages.”

As Federalist Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky reported, this gives the Chinese-owned social media company access to the voting profiles of all American users who opt to use TikTok’s Elections Center. As TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, is connected to the Chinese Communist Party, TikTok’s Elections Center “will put detailed voter profiles in the hands of a company based in Beijing, stocked with party members and state employees, subject to laws that allow the Chinese government data access.” 

As Jashinsky notes, China could influence the midterm elections using this data, as well as censoring American public discourse in favor of the Chinese Communist Party’s geopolitical ambitions by either fomenting public discord or undermining anti-CCP politicians under the guise of “combatting misinformation.”


YouTube was the last major social media platform to announce that it, too, had a plan to combat misinformation leading up to November’s general election.

In a Sept. 1 blog post, the company wrote that searches for midterm-related videos will prioritize “content coming from authoritative national and local news sources like PBS NewsHour, The Wall Street Journal, Univision and local ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates,” although many of these corporate media outlets possess a heavy left-wing bias. Any content deemed “borderline” misinformation will be prevented from being widely distributed.

YouTube also claimed it will remove “election content that violates our policies,” including “misleading voters on how to vote, encouraging interference in the democratic process, inciting violence, or advancing certain types of election misinformation,” which includes “election integrity” content.

While this policy will be enforced regardless of “political viewpoint,” the company emphasized that videos “claiming widespread fraud, errors, or glitches occurred in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, or alleging the election was stolen or rigged” would violate its policies. YouTube allows members of the Democrat Party to continue using its platform to claim elections it loses are rigged or stolen.

Democratic organizations were accidentally granted access to a trove of Republican voter data on Snapchat, enabling them to hone their political ads leading up to the 2022 midterms. As Federalist Staff Writer Shawn Fleetwood reports, a “slip-up” by Snapchat gave groups such as the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams’ gubernatorial campaign access to voter data by Republican-aligned firm i360. Such groups used the data to create targeted political ads to sway voters.

While Snapchat claims it is working to rectify such supposedly accidental data sharing, “the blunder underscores the sensitivities surrounding reams of voter data that have become a highly valuable political commodity,” Axios writes.

While the data breach affected both Republican and Democrat data firms, the data’s “use by political groups was significantly more prolific on the Democratic side.”

What This Means

Much like in 2020, Big Tech companies are actively censoring information they deem harmful to their official narrative or preferred candidates. By falsely labeling factual information from conservatives “misinformation,” such companies have the power to control the flow of information that informs voters and rig elections in their favor.

It’s been heavily reported that companies like Facebook and Twitter have colluded with the Biden administration to censor information related to Covid-19. As the Biden administration already has plans to massively influence the 2022 midterms, they and other Democrats will continue to collude with big tech to swing high-stakes congressional races come November.


This article was published by The Federalist and is reproduced with permission.

The Origins of the New Right – And its Future

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A true America First platform is the only way forward.

The conservative movement has reached a definitive turning point in 2022. We can clearly see the emergence of a new right forming before our very eyes. The political process which ignited anew with onset of the Trump era is maturing, and a whole new crop of leaders are grabbing the proverbial baton, furthering and deepening the ideological and intellectual strands of the movement. The old Republican Party, which despite winning some electoral victories, has been on life support for years now. The energy of the grassroots, and now more and more of new elected officials, is giving way to a new nationalist, conservative populism which, in a very positive way, is bigger than Donald Trump.

To understand the evolution of the grassroots conservative movement of today, it’s informative to go back to the 1990s. At the time, America felt wholly triumphant. The Cold War was won, communism was vanquished, and the economy was awash in easy cash of the dot com era. Of course, there were many deep problems in America–spiritual, moral, and economic to name a few–but the patina of optimism of the 90s made them much harder to see.

Politically, Republicans and Democrats still bickered and engaged in partisan fighting, but there was little doubt in the fundamental beliefs of globalism and secularism. The desirability of open trade, mass immigration, and the assurance of America as the world’s police force was never seriously questioned. And why would they be? America was the top dog. It was the end of history, and we were the winners. McDonald’s and Nikes for everyone. Anyone who feels different “goes voluntarily into a madhouse,” as Nietzsche would say.

Then September 11th, 2001 happened. The heinous attacks woke Americans up to the harsh realities of a changing global landscape that had been hidden behind the veneer of 90s exuberance. Unfortunately, we learned all the wrong lessons from it. Instead of responding to the attacks by restricting immigration and second-guessing ­­­unchecked globalism, we created a massive domestic surveillance state, commissioned more federal bloat with the establishment of the DHS, and employed tens of thousands of unionized TSA agents. Instead of realizing that there are fundamental cultural differences with the Muslim world, we tried to turn Iraq into a western-style democracy. And when a cataclysmic act of “holy war” should have roused us from our secular fever dream, we instead doubled down on neoliberal secularism ill-suited for the coming conflicts of the 21st century. After 9/11, America should’ve become a serious country again. Instead, the George W. Bush years saw a succession of failed wars, failed policies, and finally, a financial crisis that resulted in the election of Barack Obama.

Red state America was stunned by the rise of Obama in 2008, but even then, the establishment Republican Party was frozen in a retrograde response, plagiarizing talking points from pages from the Reagan administration. Instead, the rebellion against Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America was left to the grassroots. Thus, the Tea Party movement began. Millions of Americans joined, organized, and donated to Tea Party groups in the hope of stalling President Obama’s agenda. The Tea Party was comprised of a ragtag group of everyday activists who spread the message to millions more. But the grassroots energy still couldn’t propel a candidate to win at the national level. In 2012, the Tea Party had to settle for Mitt Romney, who of course lost to Obama and has been a stooge for Democrats ever since.

It wasn’t until 2016 that the grassroots energy created by the Tea Party would be translated into a presidential candidate in the form of the Donald Trump campaign. But so much had changed between 2012 and 2016 that even a Tea Party-style movement was ill-equipped to overcome it. Like a cancerous tumor, the academic language of intersectionality and wokeness was already taking root, first conquering college campuses before moving to corporate boardrooms and eventually the halls of Congress. Racial tensions were inflamed during the Obama years, with the Black Lives Matter movement being born from media lies like “Hands up, don’t shoot” in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting. Meanwhile, the rise of Bernie Sanders surprised many across the aisle, proving that when our economy isn’t rewarding every day, middle-class workers, left-wing socialists rise.

By the time the 2016 election came, we needed more than just the Tea Party. We needed someone who could take the fight to the culture and masterfully play the media. We were lucky, then, that Donald Trump stepped into the fray. Only Trump could bulldoze the Republican establishment—which had actively fought the grassroots from taking control of the party—radically reshaping and challenging GOP orthodoxy in a hostile takeover.

The Trump presidency came and went with a series of great accomplishments. Let nobody downplay the successes of those four years–there were tremendous victories both at home and abroad. Most importantly, there were four years of a president who didn’t cower to the media, the deep state, or the political establishment of either party.

However, it is also true that Trump was hamstrung by several factors. Despite Republican majorities for two years, Trump had to deal with a Paul Ryan-led House that diverted crucial attention and political capital away from important campaign promises like building the wall, restricting immigration, and taking on left-wing corporations. There were also infuriating moments like Sen. John McCain’s 3 AM vote to kill an Obamacare repeal and the ever-annoying presence of the “old crow” Mitch McConnell setting up roadblock after roadblock to MAGA. 

There was also the deep state’s unrelenting war waged on Trump’s presidency. First, there was Russiagate and Comey, which morphed into the Mueller investigation, a farce that dragged on for two years only to produce nothing (and has recently been tied directly to the Hillary Clinton Campaign). Then there was the failed CIA-instigated impeachment of Trump over his “perfect” phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Finally, there was the COVID-19 pandemic, which not only crushed America under a series of lockdown measures but also served as the pretext for massive vote-by-mail schemes that likely succeeded in preventing Trump’s second term. Finally, Trump was impeached yet again in the aftermath of January 6th.

This brings us to the current moment. Populist conservatives like JD Vance and Blake Masters are on the rise; President Trump remains virtually in full control of the GOP; and his endorsement has proven crucial to most candidates’ primary success. The new right is clearly on the rise. But it’s far too early to declare victory. For the new right to win, it must elucidate crystal clear policies and values that it stands for. It needs to set its principles now or risk setting itself up for imminent failure. As someone who is deeply entrenched in the grassroots movement, and who knows and supports many of its most outspoken proponents, allow me to articulate what should be, the new right’s bedrock non-negotiables.

It starts with establishing an immigration system that ensures our country is no longer taken advantage of. No issue is more important in determining the future of our country. We need an immigration policy that prioritizes American workers, not foreign nationals. We need to build the wall and end illegal immigration completely. And we need to dramatically lower the level of foreign workers coming into the United States at the expense of American jobs and salaries.

Second, we must reorient American foreign policy in a realistic, America First direction. We have no desire to nation-build or warmonger abroad. For 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, America has engaged in many useless conflicts aimed at creating democracy in far-flung corners of the world. We’re done with that. We also need to take a good look at our membership in organizations like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Our membership in organizations with defensive treaties must be examined carefully to determine what is truly in our interest. This is not to say that we should be isolationist, quite the opposite. We should engage with world powers as we see fit, not rely on old ways of thinking and failed globalist policies. This also means targeting the Washington, D.C. cabal of corrupt foreign lobbying from unfriendly powers, and of course, the military-industrial complex that seeks to profit from endless U.S. adventurism abroad.

Third, there needs to be a total and complete war on wokeness. At school boards, in state houses, inside corporate boardrooms, and on college campuses, wokeness needs to be eradicated. The toxic ideology of Critical Race Theory, pronouns, the radical trans madness, and the myriad attacks on our history must be destroyed. Wokeness and intersectionality are cancers on the American body politic, and the conservative movement needs to identify threats and fight them on every front.

Fourth, our unconditional love for the corporation is over. The new right must focus on economic patriotism. Corporations that push woke values on our children will find no friends on the new right. Gov. Ron DeSantis’ crackdown on Disney in response to their left-wing activism is a model for all to follow and we must use state power to regulate big tech corporations like Meta, Twitter, and Amazon until they completely embrace free speech on their platforms. The best and most straightforward way to guarantee this is to make the rules of social media companies reflect the same exact standard of lawful speech enshrined in our Constitution. Anything that one can say or do in a public park is what they can say or do on Twitter or Facebook, without restriction or censorship. When conservatives have the right to unfettered speech online, a massive pillar of the left’s power will be taken away.

Fifth, we must become the most pro-family, pro-parents party the country has ever known. Fundamentally, the new right must be about decentralizing power away from the D.C. bureaucrats and the consultant class, and there is no purer path to doing so than empowering the American family. We must be in favor of policies that empower married couples to have children affordably, and we must enable them to safeguard their children’s education. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it will also create a political siphoning effect, drawing away key minorities from the Democrat Party to the new conservative brand. If we are truly going to be America first, we must put American families first.

Finally, nothing we do to save our civilization will be worth it if we lose God. America, its system of law, and its very character have all been forged in the Judeo-Christian heritage passed down to us from our Founders. The revitalization of Christianity in the public square is essential to building a better American future. Christians must be ecumenical, coming together across denominations to rebuild a common moral culture. We must fight the civilizational ennui that results from atheism and postmodernism. Moral relativism on questions of gender and abortion must be rejected. This also means rejecting race essentialism and affirming that no one of any race is born wrong. We are all made in God’s image and must reject the false ideology of intersectionality that reduces people down to existing only within the marginalized group they were born. Along with this comes a broader defense of our history and Western civilization. While we are far from perfect, Western Civilization, rooted in faith and its traditions–legal, intellectual, spiritual–must thrive if America is to thrive. The new right can be the catalyst for this spiritual renewal.

While some on the new right may squabble with one position or another, these principles together hold the key to victory. Not just political victory, but civilizational. If we stick to these principles now and reshape the Republican Party in this direction from within, then we may yet restore America to its true form.

 is the founder and president of Turning Point USA and host of the top-rated podcast and nationally syndicated Salem radio program, The Charlie Kirk Show.


This article was published by The American Mind and is reproduced with permission.

Hobbs Becomes First Gubernatorial Candidate In Decades to Refuse State-Sanctioned Debate Offer

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

Katie Hobbs will be the first candidate for Arizona governor in decades to refuse an invitation to debate her opponent in a state commission-organized event.

Hobbs, the current Democratic secretary of state, announced Sunday that she would “respectfully decline” the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission invitation to reach terms on debating her Republican opponent, former Fox 10 anchor Kari Lake. No other candidate running for office in November has declined an invitation, nor has any candidate for governor done so since the commission began holding debates in 2002.

“Secretary Hobbs remains willing and eager to participate in a town hall-style event, such as the forum she participated in last week in which Arizonans were able to hear directly from Sec. Hobbs about her in-depth policy plans and how she would approach governing this state,” Hobbs’ campaign manager, Nicole DeMont, said in a statement. “Unfortunately, debating a conspiracy theorist like Kari Lake – whose entire campaign platform is to cause enormous chaos and make Arizona the subject of national ridicule – would only lead to constant interruptions, pointless distractions, and childish name-calling.”

The AZCCEC met last week to discuss Hobbs’ request for separate town hall-style Q&A sessions with the commission’s chosen moderator. They denied that request and gave staffers a week to figure out a setting where Hobbs would join Lake on stage.

>Lake’s campaign didn’t respond to a request for comment on Hobbs declining the invitation but posted several comments on Twitter.

“Arizona can’t afford to elect a shrinking violet like [Hobbs] as their Governor and turn a beautiful red state into a purple mess,” Lake’s campaign tweeted Monday.

State GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward said Monday that Hobbs’ refusal to face Lake is a statement of its own.

“Voters should be very suspicious that Katie Hobbs, a sitting secretary of state, is unwilling to stand side by side with Kari Lake and answer questions in a head to head matchup,” she said. “What is Katie Hobbs trying to hide?”

Polls have shown the two in a close race.


This article was published by The Center Square and is reproduced with permission.

PHOTO CREDIT: (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, Pool)

Private School Grad Katie Hobbs Releases Anti-School Choice Plan

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Hobbs herself went to private school.

Katie Hobbs, the Democratic nominee for Arizona governor, released her education plan on Sunday, which doubles down on her opposition to school choice.

Hobbs, who is currently Arizona’s secretary of state and herself a private school graduate, said her education plan for Arizona includes cracking down on the state’s school voucher program.

“Too often, Republicans have completely disregarded public opinion in an effort to defund our public schools. At every turn, they have moved to expand school vouchers without common-sense measures of accountability, with the clear intent to eventually do away with our local public schools,” Hobbs said in her plan.

Arizona expanded its school voucher program over the summer. Governor Doug Ducey (R-AZ) signed a bill in July allowing every Arizona student to get a taxpayer-funded Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) account to pay for their education at a private school, about $6,500 per child for grades 1-12.

In the first two weeks after the online portal for new ESA applications opened, the state received around 6,800 new applications for school vouchers.

Hobbs said that as governor, she would roll back the expansion…..


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