CFACT: Empowering American Farmers To Stand Up, Take Action

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Farmers across the nation have found themselves on the front lines of the Globalist/Davos drive to reset society. From massive wind and solar farms to the growing land grab called Carbon Capture Pipelines, usable farmland for growing our food is disappearing faster than any of the bogus predictions of melting polar ice caps.

The farmers are facing intimidation from powerful corporations and pressure groups as many elected officials stand by, shuffling their feet in nervous inaction. Something has to be done.


Well, CFACT is there! As the new CFACT Grassroots Coordinator, I just made a barnstorming trip through three affected states — Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. I made presentations in six cities, was interviewed on five radio programs, and talked with several elected officials. The mission was to arouse local citizens and provide a clear plan on how to stand up to these determined Global forces

First, I explained to the crowds who these forces are, the true purpose of their destructive policies, and how they will affect everyone personally. Secondly, and more importantly, I provided a detailed plan on how to organize and stand up to protect their rights. I call it building a “Freedom Pod” right in their own local community.

In my address, I warned folks that these elitists are using climate as a scare tactic to get them to surrender their liberties voluntarily. They paint a picture of “Environmental Armageddon” and frighten us by warning “It doesn’t matter how many rights you think you have – if you don’t have a planet to stand on!”


Of course, such hype is overblown. In my lecture, I showcase how such alarmists “are not protectors of the environment, they are destroying it as well as human society.”

While many of the people have expressed fear that nothing can be done to stop this onslaught and that elected officials will not listen, we at CFACT try to encourage them. “Do you want to be an isolated pessimist or an effective activist to save your farms?” we inquire. This is followed by reassuring them, “We are not outnumbered, we are out-organized.ClimateAo

As I traveled from city to city, I made stops at local radio stations, including Town Square Media with host Aaron Flint, in Billings, Montana. Host Matt Smith of Riverfront Broadcasting in Rapid City, South Dakota even attended my talk in that city. When Tom Schultz interviewed me on Voices of Montana, he said, “Powerful! I’m with you.” I had an opportunity to also go on the national network VCY American with Jim Schneider. Many people told me that hearing his program was what made them decide to attend the programs.


As I traveled across the states, I got a chance to meet several elected officials. In Billings, Montana, I sat down with two members of the city council. They confirmed much of what we suspected, namely that Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) who surround elected officials often place pressure on them to put these “sustainable development” policies in place. They told me that Billings alone has more than 100 such groups, pushing with sample legislation and grabbing lots of dollars from the federal grants they obtain. The council members affirmed that’s how the poison of the policies is driven — by private NGOs and grant money.

I spent a full day traveling and talking with South Dakota State Senator Julie Frei Mueller. As she hosted me on a personal tour of Mount Rushmore, we had an energetic chat about how state legislators, and even governors, are pressured to impose radical policies that impact private property, the farm industry, and our whole system of elected representation. Mueller is a fierce advocate of limited government and has paid a huge price for it.

In addition, I was honored to have the opportunity to meet and talk with South Dakota Jared Bossly, who was accused of threatening two corporate surveyors who walked into his house uninvited, scaring his wife. This is an example of the growing intimidation farmers are facing to surrender their land.

The response to my presentations and leadership was enthusiastic. One of my hosts said, “It is our pleasure to work with you.” Another said, “God bless you. I knew you would be on top of this!” And a very enthusiastic local activist said, “Valuable information. I’m looking forward to the formation of a Freedom Pod to take action.”

The goal now is to keep these folks motivated and involved in building an effective response. Organizing local Freedom Pods will allow concerned Americans to stand up and say they know how to tackle the growing attacks they are facing. This is my task as I work through CFACT, building an effective grassroots team to provide leadership, tactics, and inspiration that keep ordinary Americans in the fight in every city in the nation.

Is this a daunting task? Yes. Will we succeed? Absolutely, there is no other option.


The article was published by CFACT, Committee for A Constructive Tomorrow and is reproduced with permission.


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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