Coca Cola: As American as Communist Repression

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Last week we fleshed out the reasons why Delta Airlines joined the howling outrage mob on the Left over Georgia’s new election integrity laws after initially trumpeting its role in helping craft the legislation.

Meanwhile, Atlanta-based Coca-Cola lost no time in teaming up with Delta – and Major League Baseball – in lining up for the big-brand corporate assault on a U.S. state’s sovereignty.


A key giveaway with Delta CEO Ed Bastian was his Council on Foreign Relations membership. This marked the airline exec as being part of an agenda. He is in the globalist club. Coca-Cola’s loyalty to that same worldview is beyond reproach. Let us count just a few of the ways.

In 2019, The Coca-Cola Foundation donated $250,000 to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Keep in mind that by this time many corporations had stoppedgiving bundles of cash to this suspected pay-for-play organization, seeing that the Clinton family is now firmly out of political power. What can Coke possibly be getting from the Clinton Foundation at this late date?

As a side note, the 2019 Coca-Foundation grants lists also includes $50,000 for the Transgender Law Center. “Through our organizing and movement-building programs, we assist, inform, and empower thousands of individual community members a year and build towards a long-term, national, trans-led movement for liberation,” the bizarre radical group proclaims on its website.


Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey sits on the Board of Directors of Big Pharma Goliath Pfizer. He is also a Board member at the U.S.-China Business Council, an organization dedicated to helping American companies operate in communist China.

In 2019 Quincey told communist state-owned broadcaster CGTN (bold added throughout this column):

“We have a very clear view that we think globalization in trade has certainly helped provide economic growth that has allowed societies to progress. So we are in favor of well-organized trade….


“We’ve always had a great relationship operating in China. One of our partners is a state company… I have to say we’ve always been able to find our way to expansion and the right opportunities in China…. Focusing on how to get the economy to grow and what would drive more growth will be the biggest beneficial outcome for the entire economy.”

Coca-Cola is also a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in China’s “Chairman’s Circle.” The Circle boasts that membership has its advantages:…..

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