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Folks contributor to American Thinker: . . now the elite are smiling in smug certainty, believing they are laying the groundwork for permanent power with their so-called federal election “reform.” They believe they possess an inherent right to rule over the great masses who reside between the Appalachians in the East and the Pacific Coast Range in the West, those who work for hourly wages and mid-level management and who speak something other than the dialects of New England, Manhattan, or California. And this elite, under Pelosi and Schumer, are plotting to retain power forever and for that power to be indisputable and absolute.

Christopher Roach contributor to American Greatness: The faux unity of the Biden presidency rests on the same propaganda effort that paints him as a kind, empathetic elder statesman with the common touch. While Biden has mouthed superficial words about uniting the country and alleviating the suffering of the working class, his actions show commitment to naked partisanship and contempt for most of his fellow Americans.


Victor Davis Hanson contributor to American Greatness: In the virtue-signaling world of the contemporary West, Israel has become caricatured as playing the role of the American white police, the Palestinians a foreign version of the oppressed Black Lives Matter movement. The Palestinians then are woke, the Israelis not so much.

Shoshana Bryen contributor to American Thinker takes aim at the Jihad Squad’s pressure on Biden to withhold the sale of arms to Israel: . . .the vision of the United States abandoning an ally under fire and licking the sidewalk in front of the Iranian mullahs, who are enemies both of us and of them, will be hard to erase.

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R., Colo.,) member of the House Armed Services Committee requests that Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier commander of the Space Force be reinstated: Whether you agree with him or not, no rational American can review his level-headed critique of the critical race theory-based ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ training the military is currently conducting and conclude that his comments on that subject deserve relief of command. Space Force Guardians conduct can’t-fail missions 24 hours a day, seven days a week: We cannot allow temporary political appointees at the Department of Defense who are ideologically motivated to purge those men and women in uniform who do not agree with the cultural or political fads of the moment.



Folks: What Trump Meant to Millions
I loved President Trump because he stood up for the ordinary people of America, those who for so long had been kept in cultural servitude by the political elite. Trump endowed ordinary Americans with a sense of possibilities by returning manufacturing jobs to America, restoring our sovereignty as a nation free of global institutions, and, above all, ending the atmosphere of political correctness that had choked free expression for decades. Then, when the elite saw everyday Americans rising above their station, it decided to put them back in their servitude by depriving Trump of a second term, by whatever means necessary. Now the high-paying jobs are disappearing, we are bowing to the UN, IPCC, and WHO once again, and every word that comes out of the White House has to do with “social and racial justice.” The Capitol riot of Jan. 6 gave them an excuse, and now ordinary Americans are back on the cultural plantation. To appreciate what Trump meant, one need only look at what Biden has done in four months.
Read more at American Thinker.


Widburg: An election audit in New Hampshire may be the pebble that diverts the stream
Windham, New Hampshire, a town of 14,853 people, has long been a stalwart Republican stronghold in an otherwise Democrat state. As was the case throughout New Hampshire, it relied on AccuVote machines to collect and tally its 2020 votes. When the election in Windham ended, Kristi St. Laurent, the Democrat candidate, had lost by only 24 votes. With that close a margin, she naturally demanded a hand recount. The hand recount revealed something peculiar: St. Laurent hadn’t lost by 24 votes; she’d lost by 420 votes. In a small election, that meant that her margin of defeat wasn’t 0.005% but was, instead, 9.6%, which is a significant loss. That same recount revealed an even greater anomaly: . . . […] Those kinds of numbers manifestly demanded a full recount, which is what’s happening now in Windham. And as with counts and recounts elsewhere, funny things are happening — not funny-ha-ha, but funny-peculiar:…..
Read more at American Thinker.

Piper: Serial numbers missing between original, duplicate ballots in Arizona election audit: official
Each damaged ballot and its associated duplicate ballot are supposed to have the same serial number to ensure they are only counted once. But he has found many batches of damaged ballots without the serial numbers that are on the duplicates, violating state law.
Read more at Just The News.


Hoft: Democrats and Their Accomplices Are Worried About the Presidential Election in Arizona, But the Senate Is On the Line As Well
The audit in Arizona may upend the 2020 Presidential election but it could reshape the US Senate as well. Let’s not forget, the audit in Arizona covers both the Presidential race and the Senate race. In November, Democrat Kelly beat Republican McSally by 78,806 votes statewide. […] Therefore, if the audit shows that McSally won Maricopa County, then she would win the state as well.
Read more at The Gateway Pundit.


Saavedra: 20 Attorneys General Push Back On Biden’s Plans To Advance ‘Deeply Flawed’ Critical Race Theory, 1619 Project
“The group’s criticism centered on recent proposals from the Department of Education that detail plans in April to provide grants under American History and Civics Education programs for a curriculum teaching diversity and the effects of ‘systemic’ inequality,” Fox News reported. “The department’s proposal on April 19 referenced the 1619 Project, a series of long-form essays that seeks to reframe American history by analyzing the long-term consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans.” […] “This proposed rule aims to co-opt America’s traditional U.S. history and civics curriculum by imposing the deeply flawed and radical teachings of critical race theory into the classroom,” Attorney General Rokita said. “I’m thankful for the leadership of my colleagues in joining us to call on the Biden administration to reverse course on this reckless federal imposition into our schools.” Attorneys general from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia have also signed onto Rokita’s letter to the Department of Education. The letter highlights the following “harm” . . .
Read more at Daily Wire.

Yuldoshboev: Conservative-Friendly YouTube Alternative Gets Major Funding From Peter Thiel, JD Vance
Rumble, an online video-sharing platform popular with conservatives, has received investment from prominent right-leaning venture capitalists, a Wednesday report shows. Rumble is reportedly planning on using the money to enhance its video infrastructure and server capacity to the extent that it can start offering cloud solutions to other businesses, Rumble Chief Executive Chris Pavlovski told The WSJ. […] Rumble’s popularity peaked following Twitter’s decision to permanently ban former President Donald Trump from its platforms “due to the risk of further incitement of violence” in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. A total of 101 million users visited the platform in that month alone. The site reportedly attracted 58 million visitors in April.
Read more at Daily Caller.


Hunter Biden’s ‘Spy Chief Of China’ Partner Calls US Climate Demands ‘Meaningless.’
While President Biden insists the Chinese Communist Party will follow through on its climate promises, hosting several events and dispatching climate envoy John Kerry to China, Ho posits that “China Has Nothing to Be Apologetic About!” concerning the environment.
Read more at The National Pulse.


VDH: Why Does the Left Hate Israel?
As over 3,000 rockets are fired into Israel by Hamas, the establishment of the Democratic Party seems paralyzed over how to respond to the latest Middle East war. It is not just that they fear that the squad, Black Lives Matter, the shock troops of Antifa, and the woke institutions such as professional sports, academia, and the media are now unapologetically anti-Israel. They are in terror also that anti-Israelism is becoming synonymous with rank anti-Semitism. And soon the Democratic Party will end up disdained as much as was the British Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn. […] Why are there no demonstrations in major Western cities damning the Communist Chinese government that has put 1 million Muslim Uighurs in camps? Why are the world’s millions of former refugees—the Volga Germans, the East Prussians, the Cypriot Greeks—long ago forgotten, and yet the Palestinians alone deified as perpetually displaced by the Jews?
Read more at American Greatness.


Neumayr: The Deep Roots of Radicalism
In 2016, John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director, acknowledged that he had once voted for Gus Hall, the Communist Party’s candidate. Brennan feared that his vote for Hall in 1976 threatened to doom his chances of entering the CIA. But it didn’t, Brennan happily noted to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation: “So if back in 1980, John Brennan was allowed to say, ‘I voted for the Communist Party with Gus Hall’ … and still got through, rest assured that your rights and your expressions and your freedom of speech as Americans is something that’s not going to be disqualifying of you as you pursue a career in government.” Brennan’s rise to the top of the CIA speaks volumes about the liberal transformation of America. He went from supporting the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War to running one of America’s most important defense agencies. Brennan is a symbol of the Left’s long march through American’s institutions. It steadily absorbed those institutions, particularly conservative ones, into the counterculture. The radicalism of Brennan and his cronies now stands culturally regnant. Anti-American stances once thought outlandish are now considered thoroughly mainstream. Brennan explained his vote for Hall as an expression of his “unhappiness with the system.” Those running the “system” today are still unhappy with it, except now they enjoy the power to impose their anti-Americanism from the top of it. The anti-Americanism of Brennan, of course, no longer receives that label. Since the counterculture has become the culture, . . .
Read more at American Spectator.


McArdle: American Medical Association Releases Plan To ‘Embed Racial Justice’ In Medical Profession
The American Medical Association (AMA) released a lengthy “anti-racist” plan last week detailing the organization’s ambitious new initiatives to “embed racial justice” in the medical profession. The AMA, the nation’s largest professional association of physicians, published its “Organizational Strategic Plan to Embed Racial Justice and Advance Health Equity” last week. The 86-page document outlines a three-year plan to implement “anti-racist” initiatives, including pushing “critical race theory” specifically in the medical community. The plan announces a five-pronged approach to embracing equity. The AMA makes a commitment to “embed racial and social justice throughout” the organization’s policies and practices, . . .
Read more at Daily Wire.


Davidson: The Media’s COVID Origin Coverup Campaign Has Begun
The Atlantic’s David Frum appears to be first out of the gate in what will likely become a coordinated, aggressive media campaign to defend the people and institutions that got the COVID-19 origin story wrong — and absolve them of all responsibility, however complicit they might be — and instead blame it all on Trump and his supporters. It sounds stupid, I know, but it’s true. Frum thinks Trump and his tens of millions of supporters “are not interested in weighing the evidence” of the virus’s origins, and only want “payback for the political and cultural injuries inflicted on them by the scientists.” The whole thing, for them, is just “a weapon in a culture war here at home.” Leaving aside the deep irony that Frum, of all people, is accusing anyone of not being interested in weighing the evidence, we need to understand this opening salvo for the retcon job it is. Frum is preemptively exonerating the gatekeepers and experts who resisted, and in some cases actively opposed, any discussion or serious inquiry into the possibility that COVID -19 didn’t emerge naturally but escaped from a lab in Wuhan
Read more at The Federalist.


Piro: Texas Joins Growing Number of States Passing Heartbeat Bills
Texas governor Greg Abbott (R.) signed a bill banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, making Texas the latest in a growing number of Republican-controlled states cracking down on abortions. The new law, set to take effect in September, bans abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat, which can be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. The legislation differs from other “heartbeat” bills by allowing private citizens to sue abortion providers if they believe the provider violated the ban. The only exception to the ban is an abortion performed in a medical emergency.
Read more at Free Beacon.


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