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VP Kamala Harris, failed to recognize those who gave their lives for our country, when on Friday she tweeted: Enjoy the long weekend.

Max Morton warrior and contributor to American Greatness: When I look at America, the way it is today, I wonder if any of the killing and dying was worth it. America today is run by someone, we’re not really sure who, and every part of its culture and history is being deconstructed.


Glenn Beck radio host and founder of The Blaze website and Blaze TV: The Left is gearing up to label anyone and everyone who doesn’t bend the knee to their radical ideas as a threat to the nation, and they’re using the January 6th Capitol riot to do so. That’s when “innocent until proven conservative” started, and the Democrats’ new 9/11-style January 6th Commission will solidify it.

Daniel Greenfield contributor to Frontpage Magazine: The elimination of suburbs is high on the lefty agenda of forcing everyone to cram into cities where they can be tightly controlled. And since roads, bridges, tunnels, and highways connect people, they want to get rid of those. Think of the Left as laying siege to America and you won’t be far wrong.

Scott Morefield contributor to Townhall: With barely a whimper from those who should be protesting the most, our government is purposefully, quietly, maliciously choking out capitalism.



Lord: Hunter Biden Law Firm Tied to NY DA Investigating Trump
Well, isn’t this interesting. Follow the bouncing ball. Various headlines in the anti-Trump media are saying things like this one in the Washington Post just a few days ago: Prosecutor in Trump criminal probe convenes grand jury to hear evidence, weigh potential charges. The story said, in part, this, bold print supplied for emphasis: . . . […] What did the Post story leave out? This. Recall that Hunter Biden sat down with ABC anchor Amy Robach in 2019 and, when questioned about his qualifications to serve on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, the younger Biden said this: . . .
Read more at American Spectator.

From The Desk Of Donald J. Trump: President Trump responded to Paul Ryan’s May 27, 2021 Reagan Library speech: RINO Paul Ryan, who became a lame duck Speaker of the House, lost all vote-getting capability with the people he represented in Wisconsin, and was the single biggest factor, other than Romney himself, for the monumental Romney/Ryan loss in the Presidential race of 2012 (I got more votes by far, 75M, than any sitting president in history!), and he is now speaking to other Republicans telling them how to win elections. Interestingly, I was in the Great State of Wisconsin when they booed him off the podium—I literally had to come to his rescue.
Read more at Donald J. Trump.


(H/T AA) Legal Team Wants ‘Second Nuremberg Tribunal’ To Try Global Lockdown Promoters For Crimes Against Humanity
Should the technocrats who pushed governments to lockdown their citizens be tried for crimes against humanity? One prominent German lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who is also licensed to practice law in America, thinks they should. And he is organizing a team of thousands of participating lawyers who want to prosecute a “second Nuremberg tribunal” against a cadre of international elites responsible for what he calls the “corona fraud scandal.” […] Fuellmich was on the legal team that won a major lawsuit against German automaker Volkswagen in a 2015 case involving tampered catalytic converters in the U.S. He also was involved in a lawsuit that exposed one of Germany’s largest banks, Deutsche Bank, as a criminal enterprise. […] The scam perpetrated on humanity hinged on one dirty little secret, he said – the PCR Test. Not only are these tests not approved for diagnostic purposes but the inventor of the PCR Test, the late Kary Mullis, explicitly stated in an interview that this was never the purpose of his test.
Read more at Humans Are Free.
Update on Dr Reiner Fuellmich Class Action Lawsuits Against Coronavirus Fraud: Watch Dr. Fuellmich’s the 49 minute video.



Thornton: The Faded Flag
When I put out my flag for Memorial Day, I noticed how faded it was. At a time when we honor those who died defending our country and its freedom, this year my faded flag seems a portent of the dangers that lie ahead for our exceptional nation. Nations decline the way one of Hemingway’s characters went broke: slowly, then all at once. In just four months, the Biden administration’s policy proposals, executive orders, and “woke” rhetoric suggest that we will continue to draw ever closer to that moment of “all at once.” Many signs of decline have been evident for decades, punctuated by brief moments of revival.
[…] I can buy a new flag. But stopping this accelerating decline will take a massive moral effort. Vichy Republicans––like the 15 Senators who unsuccessfully voted with the Dems to end the filibuster of their partisan Inquisition disguised as a bipartisan “commission”––need to be called out and challenged when they run for reelection. Stop all talk of “bipartisanship” and “comity,” and stop “negotiating.” Like Goldfinger, the progressives don’t want Republicans to talk, they want them to die. The Senate should not confirm any appointments, starting with the rabid anti-gun-nut who is nominated to run the ATF, and who can’t even define the weapon he wants to ban. Decline, the cliché goes, is not a destiny but a . . .
Read more at FrontPage Mag.


Spunt & Gibson: DHS Inspector General reviewing huge no-bid contract with company connected to former Biden official
A DHS IG official tells Fox News the contract, with the San Antonio-based nonprofit Endeavors, is the subject of an ongoing evaluation to look at how “ICE plans to house migrant families in hotels, and how ICE selected a contractor to implement these plans.” The Formal title of the probe is, “ICE’s Contract to House Migrants in Hotels.” Tens of thousands of migrants are crossing the southern border every month, with nearly 180,000 encountered by Customs and Border Patrol along the Southwestern Border in April 2021. Thousands of those migrants are now being housed in hotels, thanks to Endeavors. The company recently landed a couple of massive government contracts worth upwards of a half-billion dollars.
Read more at Fox News.


Alexander: AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is Out of Control on Ballot Audit
Some areas of the country haven’t given up on investigating voter fraud during the presidential election, including Arizona and Georgia. But it’s not easy, because the left is going all out to stop them. Here in Arizona, the main opposition is coming from the Arizona Secretary of State, far left Katie Hobbs. This woman is frightening. She is trying to make a name for herself since she wants to run for governor in 2022.
Read more at Townhall.


Curl: Texas Hospital Employees Sue Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
Houston Methodist Hospital, which manages eight hospitals, gave employees until June 7 to get the vaccine or they could be suspended or fired, the lawsuit claims. So 117 unvaccinated employees banded together and filed suit. “Methodist Hospital is forcing its employees to be human ‘guinea pigs’ as a condition for continued employment,” the complaint states, according The Washington Post. […] “This, as a matter of fact, is a gene modification medical experiment on human beings, performed without informed consent. It is a severe and blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code and the public policy of the state of Texas,” he said.
Read more at Daily Wire.

State Attorney General releases letter declaring CRT-based practices illegal.
Read the letter at Christopher Rufo.


Reuters: U.S. imports rare Iranian oil in March despite sanctions – EIA data
The United States imported a rare cargo of 1.033 million barrels of Iranian crude in March despite sanctions on Iran’s energy sector, data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration showed. The cargo is only the second oil import by the United States from Iran since late 1991, data on EIA’s website showed.
Read more at Financial Post.

Greenfield: Biden’s Only Reason to Have a US Consulate to the PLO in Jerusalem is to Undermine Israeli Sovereignty
Biden, or rather Hady Amr, his point man on the conflict, an anti-Israel bundler to his campaign, is pushing to open a consulate to the PLO in Jerusalem. Secretary of State Blinken and assorted State Department people insist that the United States needs a direct line to the Palestinian Authority.
But there’s no reason for that direct line to be in Jerusalem. […] The only reason to have a US consulate in Jerusalem is to undermine Israel’s sovereignty. It’s not the best way to be in contact with PLO leaders, but it helps the PLO stake a claim to Jerusalem. The move violates Israeli sovereignty and US law.
Read more at FrontPage Mag.


Haworth: Rand Paul ‘Very Worried’ U.S. Funding Being Used For Chinese ‘Frankenstein Super-Virus’ Bioweapons
“In the Wuhan lab, they were studying this SARS virus, and they were putting new proteins on it to make it more infectious to humans,” Paul continued. “That’s gain-of-function. That’s dangerous. And that may be how this virus started. And so, I’m very worried that this stuff still goes on, and that the U.S. government is funding it.” […] Pirro then asked the Senator why “gain-of-function” research is even carried out. “They say they’re doing it so that they can study these viruses that jump from animals to humans. The problem is that they are creating something that’s novel; they are creating something that doesn’t exist in nature,” Paul responded. “We’re creating Frankenstein super-viruses that, if they leak out of the lab, accidentally or on purpose, could devastate the world.
Read more at Daily Wire.


Schaeffer: A ‘Woke’ U.S. Military Would Beget A More Dangerous World
I recently saw a new recruitment advertisement for the U.S. Army. It was in what appeared to be a sort of Japanese anime format. As a former military man, my reaction to this cartoon ran the gamut from bewilderment to horror. […] I can tell you that many still on active duty with whom I am in touch on a regular basis have confided to me that this radical social experimentation in our armed services is causing the best and brightest to not re-enlist. I wonder down the road who will be left to guard this great country? What will motivate them to serve? “Discovering inner strength or shattering stereotypes” are alluring notions to faculty lounges and even the upper echelons of the Department of Defense it appears… but they mean nothing to an inadequately trained social justice warrior coming home in a body bag. I try to imagine a council of Chinese, Russian, or even Iranian generals viewing this ad. What does this say to them about the prowess of their enemy?
Read more at Daily Wire.


VDH: The New Regressive Dark Ages
Once upon a time long ago, we agreed there were certain immutable laws of human nature. These laws were based on facts, reality, and data. In other words, we accepted common sense about the way the world worked according to logical and even “scientific” principles. That assumption defined us as “enlightened” rather than Dark Age reductionists and ideological- or myth-driven zealots. Not now. “Progressives,” especially the media, are most often regressive, anti-Enlightenment, and intolerant people, who start with a deductive premise and then make the evidence conform to it—or else.
Read more at American Greatness.

Ballasy: Dems push to bar federally funded adoption providers from excluding LGBTQ parents
Rep. Danny Davis and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand have formally reintroduced the Every Child Deserves a Family Act, which would prohibit “discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or religion in the provision of child welfare programs and services by entities receiving federal funding,” according to an official summary of the bill. The legislation has been renamed the John Lewis Every Child Deserves a Family Act for its previous sponsor, the late Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis. […] Gillibrand also said the bill would ban conversion therapy in foster care.
Read more at Just the News.


The following is an excerpt from Jack Posobiec’s forthcoming book, The Antifa: Stories from Inside the Black Bloc, chronicling the secret history of the radical anarchist group from their earliest days in Weimar Germany, to the battlefields of Syria, to their rise to prominence within the United States. Available June 1st. Pre-order now at https://www.antifabook.com/. The riots began at the end of May, and by the end of August, nearly every state in the country had been hit. The pandemic lockdowns already had everyone on edge, then a video of a suspect dying in police custody went viral—the spark that lit the fuse. It was the summer of 2020. Riots raged in Minneapolis, from there, spreading to the West Coast and flaring to the East. Cities like Portland and Seattle first saw protests, then mobs of violent activists appeared overnight. In Chicago, New York, St. Louis, and Philadelphia, looters took to the streets, smashing storefronts and stealing their pick of what was inside. Cable networks and smartphone screens alike quickly filled with scenes of violence and carnage across American streets. Statues of America’s founders and religious figures were toppled. Lafayette Park outside the White House filled with occupiers who set fire to a historic church. Amid the mayhem, a singular force emerged: black-clad militants joined in the fray from city to city, urging protesters to go further, to cross the line. In some cases, armed militia wearing patches and flying flags of red and black appeared, chanting that they now controlled the streets. The coronavirus pandemic had forced mask-wearing in many American cities, and so the militants easily weaved in and out of the larger crowds that summer, unrecognizable. Pallets of bricks and construction materials sitting out on city streets became caches of weapons. By the end of the summer, over 30 people had been killed in the riots. Nearly 700 police officers had been injured nation-wide. The damages were estimated to be in the billions across the country—the highest in American history. Most people who participated in the summer riots of 2020 did so to support the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, who, for the most part, peacefully exercised their First Amendment right. But another force attempted to infiltrate BLM, one dedicated to overturning the establishment through a violent insurrectionist revolution. This was the Antifa. […] According to the anarcho-communist doctrine, the larger systems and institutions of the United States, Canada, and Europe constitute “fascism” and must be overthrown. Indeed, Antifa predates MAGA by nearly 80 years—a fact unacknowledged by the mainstream media.
Read more at Human Events.


Fred T.: Jon Karl says aloud the obvious TRUTH about the BIASED media. They denied Covid FACTS to remain ANTI-TRUMP.
ABC’s Martha Raddatz asked Jon Karl whether people (media) have egg on their faces over the origin of the Wuhan Covid virus. Jon Karl answered that, yes, a lot of people have egg on their faces. “This was an idea that was first put forward by Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, Donald Trump,” said Karl. “Look, some things may be true even if Donald Trump said them.” That’s all there is you HAVE to hear, from this clip of Jon Karl, but it’s really worth watching anyway. Notable especially in that nobody else on the panel even chimed in, including the person who asked the question.
Read more/Watch the 1:25 minute video at The Right Scoop.

Bois: ‘Blue Lives Murder’ Apparel Appears For Sale On Amazon, Law Enforcement Demands Its Removal
In a letter sent to Amazon’s Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky of the Detectives’ Endowment Association (DEA) demanded that the company stop allowing the “disgusting” merchandise to be sold, arguing that it puts cops “at peril and risk.”
Read more at Daily Wire.


Vespa: CBS News’ Interview with Climate Scientist Exposes the Whole Ruse
These people are asking us to commit to drastic lifestyle changes. They want to ban the internal combustion engine, build wind farms, go heavy on solar, and quit eating beef. Trillions in economic activity must be sacrificed to save Mother Earth. I don’t think that’s going to fly. The so-called clean or green energy alternatives are not efficient. They can’t power our economy. The environmental Left knows that but advocates for these garbage energy sources anyway. It’s all about making America poorer. A less wealthy America is a healthier Earth, so they say. So, how do they come up with the figures? How did they pinpoint what global temperature increase we have to avoid over the next couple of years.? It’s 1.5 degrees Celsius. That’s what CBS News’ climate guru Jeff Berardelli said. When pressed on the figure and how they came up with it, Berardelli merely said . . .
Read more/Watch the 1:45 minute video at Townhall.


Lifson: Number of COVID cases in Delhi crashes after mass distribution of ivermectin
India has been suffering horrendously from COVID of late, and the complete death toll may never be known. But in the capital city of Delhi, mass distribution of ivermectin began and the results have been stunning. Stephen McIntyre of Climate Audit posted a Twitter thread that includes this remarkable graph:
[…] Yet, most doctors in this country refuse to prescribe ivermectin, and most hospitals in this country refuse to administer it even to seriously ill COVID patients, citing the lack of double-blind studies – which are expensive and time consuming and which yield no big profits for anyone since ivermectin is a generic drug with no patent protection. […] Note that the emergency use authorization under which the experimental mRNA vaccines have been approved for mass use would not be given if there were an accepted effective alternative therapy. Billions of dollars flowing into the hands of vaccine makers would not have happened.
Read more at American Thinker.

Margolis: BOMBSHELL: Fauci Pushed for ‘Gain-of-Function’ Research in 2012, Said It Was Worth the Risk of Pandemic
“In an unlikely but conceivable turn of events, what if that scientist becomes infected with the virus, which leads to an outbreak and ultimately triggers a pandemic?” Fauci wrote in an article in the American Society for Microbiology in October 2012—which was first reported by The Australian. “Scientists working in this field might say — as indeed I have said — that the benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks.” Gain-of-function research involves extracting natural virus samples from animals and engineering them to infect humans for the development of therapeutics and vaccines. This stunning revelation comes on the heels of researchers raising new questions about the origins of the COVID-19 virus. It also comes after Dr. Fauci’s recent admission . . .
Read more at PJ Media.


Kennedy: Dalton parents enraged over ‘masturbation’ videos for first graders
Last fall, parents at the posh $55,000-per-year Dalton School got wind of their first-graders being taught sex-education lessons that included masturbation. They complained to school administrators, but were told they had simply “misinterpreted” what Dalton’s now-notorious “health and wellness” educator Justine Ang Fonte — who last month led a controversial and explicit “porn literacy” workshop at another elite prep school — was teaching. But after The Post’s exposé last week on the porn class, Dalton parents “bombarded” the school with more complaints about Fonte’s curriculum, sources told The Post.
Read more/Watch the 2:34 minute video at New York Post.

Allen: California public school gives 3rd-graders assignment about ‘place on gender spectrum’
After his 9-year-old brought home a school assignment referring to “sexism” and the “gender spectrum,” Matthew Simmons is concerned that his son is being harmed by what he is taught. […] Disturbed by the language used in the assignment, Simmons got in touch with the teacher to find out why the school was presenting concepts such as sexism and a “gender spectrum” to third graders. […] “This is bigger than just conservatives and liberals,” Simmons said, adding: “This is something that, with the internet and YouTube and all this stuff, it’s a tough battle parents have anyways, but knowing the school is creating its own pathway to our children where we cannot even protect them, it’s really difficult.”
Read more at Daily Signal.


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