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Mark Levin host of Life Liberty & Levin wrote: January 6 is the day we learn whether our Constitution will hold and whether congressional Republicans care.

Don Rosenberg contributor to Canada Free Press wrote: Obviously there is partisan politics involved when a Democrat judge rules against a Republican case, but how can you explain when “neutral” Supreme Court justices, or Republicans, who seem to have conservative credentials, act against what’s obviously the right thing to do? There have been multiple allegations of organized blackmail schemes to compromise our judicial, investigative and political offices. The Swalwell affair, as well as the other well-known example of a driver working for Dianne Feinstein for twenty years, are just the tip of the iceberg. We have learned that the Chinese Communist Party has been executing a well-planned campaign to use sex and money to bore into the highest corporate, political and educational levels with thousands of operatives planted inside the U.S.


Father Jeffrey Kirby of the Diocese of Charleston: Some of you, I know, voted for someone who is now going to suffer and persecute the Church for the next four years… That on top of the fact that he supports the slaughter of the unborn! What have you done! What have you done to your Church! Look, and watch, as our religious sisters are dragged through the courts! As contraception is imposed upon them! Watch as our hospitals disappear. Because we will not follow government dictates. And those of you who voted for such an administration… bear responsibility, for what you have done. Because we are in for it, folks. And they are already getting ready for it.

(D-WA) Rep. Pramila Jayapal tweeted: VICTORY in Georgia must lead to transformative change across America! Recurring survival checks, union jobs that pay a living wage, guaranteed health care, racial justice, voting rights, immigration reform, climate action, repro justice, education, and MUCH more. It can’t wait!

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) called on businesses and law enforcement to defy a new Huston lockdown order: Absolutely not. Businesses should not comply. Lockdowns are not supported by law, they are unconstitutional edicts. Law enforcement should not enforce this. Stop stealing people’s right to make a living.


Peter D’Abrosca contributor to American Greatness wrote: The only chance you have to wrestle your republic back from the vile morons who have stolen it is to treat them with utter disdain, just like they treat you.


Moorhead; President Trump Orders Secretary of State to Consider Designation of Antifa as Terrorist Group
President Donald Trump signed an executive order instructing the Secretary of State to review the Antifa movement for designation as a terrorist organization and to render foreign nationals affiliated with the movement inadmissible aliens. The full memorandum on inadmissibility of Antifa-affiliated foreign nationals cites the left-wing group’s track record of violent rioting and terroristic tactics. President Trump references attacks on Portland journalist Andy Ngo, organized criminal activity in Kentucky during Breonna Taylor Black Lives Matter protests, and persistent violence in Berkeley, California by left-wingers affiliated with the movement.
Read more at Big League Politics


Ballasy: Warnock declared winner over Loeffler in Georgia as Democrats close in on Senate control
In the second contest, incumbent GOP Sen. David Perdue is deadlocked with Democrat Jon Ossoff. Warnock was declared the winner over Loeffler by the Associated Press early Wednesday morning.
Read more at Just The News


Fairbanks: SKETCHY: CNN and ABC News Remove 5,000 Perdue Votes During Live Broadcasts (VIDEOS)
Multiple people captured videos of the moment that CNN and ABC News removed 5,000 votes from David Perdue in the Georgia senate race. Perdue’s vote tally went from 2,130,535 down to 2,125,535. […] The vote count total change came on CNN after a black box appeared over tally.
Read more/Watch the videos at The Gateway Pundit

Fairbanks: Here We Go Again: DeKalb County Georgia is Re-Scanning Advance Ballots Because of ‘Memory Card Issue’
“Due to technical issues, the remaining 19,000 ballots must be manually scanned in order to be tabulated and added to the total vote count. Georgia’s voting system provides built-in safeguards, in the form of paper ballots that allow us to quickly process ballots that are electronically cast,” the county said in a statement shared by Alec McQuade of 11 Alive News. “These outstanding paper ballots are currently being scanned and the tabulation will be completed as quickly as possible and in compliance with state guidelines.”
Read more at The Gateway Pundit

Peterson: As the last line of defense of the Republic seems to be crumbling…
Now that the Georgia Senate seats appear to be unsurprisingly lost, we must ask: how many once reliably conservative states must be flipped before the cretinous Republican Party realizes that you can have cheap imported foreign labor, or you can have a stable universal suffrage republic, but you can’t have both? Perhaps today Senate and House Republicans will realize that the President is America’s last line of defense. Perhaps they will realize this is it. Lose Trump and it’s game over for a long time. Perhaps, but probably not. With full federal government control — a second time after Obama’s horrid 2008-2010 period — the Republic will be permanently lost if Trump’s reelection is permitted to be stolen. At minimum, every Republican congressman or senator who votes to certify the disputed state Biden electors should be marked for political extinction. And should know that fact when they vote today in joint session.
Let me see, here are the states we’ve lost to the coming one-party Democrat America since the US chamber of Commerce under Papa Bush came to dominate the Republican Party: . . .
Read more at American Thinker


Hoft: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Evidence China Was Colluding with the Bidens and Providing Information on How to Defeat President Trump in the 2020 Election
Hidden between tens of thousands of emails, IMs, documents, videos, sound recordings, and encrypted files is a collection of communications between Hunter Biden and one JiaQi. JiaQi, AKA JaiQi Bao, AKA Jiaqi Wang, AKA Jiaqi Wang Bao, AKA Wang Bao Jiaqi, AKA Qinping Bao, AKA TianTian Bo, was Ye Jianming’s US based assistant/advisor. If you don’t recall the cast of characters in this Chinese finger puzzle, Ye Jianming, was the chairman of the China Huaxin energy conglomerate and Hunter’s and Jim Biden’s business partner. Ye Jianming and his US based staff worked closely with Chinese intelligence which controlled large parts of the strategy, funding, and overseas operations of CEFC and another of the Biden’s Chinese joint ventures named Bohai Harvest RST (BHR). Apelbaum provides pictures of JiaQi and more information at his site: . . . […] Based on the above note and the picture below we know that JiaQi was referring to the dog tags Hunter was wearing, probably is brother’s: . . .[…] Hunter’s relationship with JiaQi was more than sexual. The CCP through JiaQi was buttering up the Bidens and providing information to the Bidens on how to defeat President Trump in the election. Here is one example – a 2 page email to Hunter offering talking points: . . .
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Navarro: The Art Of The Steal – Volume 2 of the Navarro Report
Read more here.

(1/5/2021) Lou Dobbs: Data scientists claim proof of presidential election fraud in Georgia
Watch the 9:56 minute interview here.


Bedford: Why ‘Amen And A Woman’ Is Far Worse Than It Might Seem
Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver caused a social media storm Monday, closing a public prayer with “Amen and a woman,” as if the Hebrew word meaning “let it be” was somehow gendered. Cleaver, of course, later claimed the embarrassing episode was actually “a lighthearted pun” in recognition of women, a description that might draw water on paper, but which the video clearly shows is not the case. But there’s far more than simple ignorance on display in the Democrat and Methodist pastor’s blessing of the new year’s legislative session. The prayer’s true scandal was largely ignored — and is indicative of a widespread societal shift toward a serious and dangerous misunderstanding of both Christianity and tolerance. Cleaver opened his blessing in perfect line with Christian faith, acknowledging God’s “sacred supremacy,” the fallen nature of man, and the dangers to our tenuous democracy, as well as asking for God to illuminate our ideologies and prejudices so that we might work to better ourselves. But at the closing (and before the “a woman” foolishness) Cleaver said, “We ask this in the name of the monotheistic God, Brahma, and God known by many names and faiths.” While many in the United States, especially in politics and the media, might think that a Christian pastor praying to Brahma (the god Hindus worship as the founding god of their polytheistic religion) is well and fine, this is no minor scandal. The First — First — Commandment given Moses by the Lord is “I am the Lord, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before me… for I the Lord your God am a jealous God.” There’s more. . . .
Read more at The Federalist

Powerful Homily: Catholic Priest Rebukes Members of the Church Who Ignored Religious Freedom, Voted for Joe Biden
Start listening at the 2:30 minute mark


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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