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John Nolte contributor to Breitbart: Let me repeat: You must, right now, run out and purchase what is incorrectly called an “assault rifle.” You must be able to protect yourself because no one else is going to protect you, most especially a military focused on sex changes, diversity training, and books that declare America an evil not worth defending. Buy guns. Buy ammo. Learn how to use your guns. Pray that you never need to.

Daniel Greenfield contributor to Frontpage Magazine: Democrats have an easy formula for dealing, or rather not dealing with crime. 1. Reduce crime to shootings 2. Reduce shootings to guns 3. Push gun control. Biden, a tired and creaky old Democrat hack, dusted off the same old formula in the face of a massive crime wave that encompasses everything from a carjacking surge to massive shoplifting to homicide rates doubling in some Democrat cities.


Dennis Prager contributor to American Greatness: Truth has never been a left-wing value. Truth is a liberal value and it is a conservative value. But it has never been a left-wing value. Truth is nothing more than whatever the left says it is at any given moment. That is why Lenin, the father of modern leftism, named the Soviet Communist Party newspaper Pravda, the Russian word for “truth”—truth was what the Soviet Communist Party said it was. For Lenin, then, as for U.S. Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the New York Times, Yale University and CNN today, truth is what they say it is.

Matthew Vadum contributor to Canada Free Press questions the U.S. Supreme Court’s third ruling against an unconstitutional Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: This ruling should disabuse Americans once and for all of the claim, repeated ad nauseam by the Left, that the Supreme Court, which momentarily is dominated by Republican appointees, is somehow “conservative” or “right-wing.” It also demonstrates that threatening to pack the court, as Democrats vow to do, is an effective way of making sure the court fails to do its job.

Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA tweeted on 6/20/21: LEAKED DOCUMENTS from Iowa School System show Teachers are FORCED to classify ‘Make America Great Again” as a type of “racism” & “white supremacy.” This is done through MANDATORY Critical Race Theory training FORCED on teachers at taxpayer expense. Trump won Iowa by +9 points


Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA tweeted on 6/20/21: Teachers of Iowa are being INSTRUCTED to classify the vast majority of Iowan children as Racist & White Supremacist. Iowa is Trump country. Trump carried 94 out of 99 Iowa counties in 2020. The Republican Governor endorsed Trump. The Iowa Senate/House is solid Republican.

Brandon Morse contributor to RedState: Now, let’s say you’re a young man entering into the stage of your life where dating to marry becomes typical. Looking at your prospects for marriage you see career-oriented women, some of whom make more money than you do and are very proud of this fact. Many of them display a complete lack of interest, if not downright revulsion to what is considered “traditional” gender roles. Many of them have no idea how to cook, some hardly clean, and their opinions on any given subject seem more trendy than well thought out. They seem shallow as a result.


The Right Scoop: [UPDATE: TRUMP TAKES CREDIT] – Kamala Harris has finally decided to visit the border, but why now?
It’s just been announced that Cackling Kamala is finally planning a visit to the border to see the mess that she and Biden have created: . . . […] Harris’ trip comes just days before former President Donald Trump is set to visit the border. Trump will be joined on that trip by Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott and a group of House Republicans. Can’t let Trump one up her on visiting the border! Of course that’s just my speculation, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that’s what finally motivated her to visit the humanitarian crisis that she and Biden have created at the border.
Politico provides a few stats on just how bad the border has gotten under Biden and Kamala: . . .
Read more at The Right Scoop.



Howard & Gumbrecht: Benefits of Covid-19 vaccination clearly outweigh risks of rare heart inflammation, CDC vaccine advisers told
There’s a likely association between the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines and rare cases of heart inflammation in adolescents and young adults, but the benefits of vaccination still clearly outweigh the risks, vaccine advisers to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention heard during a virtual meeting on Wednesday. Cases of the heart conditions were rare — the CDC has received 1,226 preliminary reports of myocarditis and pericarditis following about 300 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle and pericarditis is inflammation of the heart lining.
[…] “Reassuringly the available outcome data indicates that patients generally recover from symptoms and do well,” CDC’s Dr. Tom Shimabukuro told the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, noting that information on long-term effects is still limited.
The US Food and Drug Administration expects to add a warning about risk of myocarditis and pericarditis to information sheets for the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines, Dr. Doran Fink from FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research told the meeting.
Read more at CNN.

(In opposition to the latest CDC recommendation) Tucker Carlson: The COVID vaccine is dangerous for kids, Big Tech doesn’t want you to know that
An epidemiology Ph.D. called Tracey Hoeg learned this recently. She posted slides from the CDC’s own website showing that rates of myocarditis — a potentially fatal heart inflammation — are extremely high in young people who have taken the vaccine. That’s not in dispute anymore; the CDC’s preliminary investigation has just confirmed a link between the vaccine and myocarditis. As Hoeg put it, “We are standing on shaky ground if we say the risk to otherwise healthy kids from COVID-19 is higher than it is from the vaccine.” She wrote that on Twitter. That’s true. Twitter censored her. But why? It makes you wonder: why is that the one forbidden thing? And, while we’re at it, what are the risks from the vaccines? All medicines come with risks, so what’s the real answer? Two medical school professors — UCLA’s Joseph Ladapo and Yale’s Harvey Risch — recently tried to find out. They outlined what they found in The Wall Street Journal. They discovered that the VAERS system, the biggest database of self-reported vaccine harm we have, isn’t just showing elevated rates of myocarditis. It’s also showing much higher rates of other, very serious complications — low platelets, deep-vein thrombosis, and death. Many deaths.
“The implication,” they concluded, “is that the risks of a COVID -19 vaccine may outweigh the benefits for certain low-risk populations, such as children, young adults and people who have recovered from COVID-19.
Read more/Watch this important 6 minute Carlson monologue and his interview with Dr. Robert Malone inventor of mRNA tech at Fox News.


Starnes: A Public School Literally Shoved a Christian Student into a ‘Closet’ during Pride Month
From Loudoun County, Virginia comes word of a troubling incident involving a Christian middle school student. The child’s family objected to classroom lessons about transgenderism and personal pronoun usage at Harper Park Middle School. They said such lessons violated their religious beliefs.
So school leaders ordered the child to leave the classroom and placed him in a tiny enclosure. “Barely bigger than a broom closet,” the father described it, and the student said that if anyone else was in a similar room, he had no contact with them. […] Loudoun County has become Ground Zero for the effort to reclaim American classrooms. A war is being waged between parents and woke educators.
Read more at Todd Starnes.

Fox: BOO HOO: Texas Teacher Loses Her Mind Because She Can’t Teach CRT Anymore
This is your feel-good video of the day! Governors in red states are joining together to ban racist and divisive indoctrination from the classroom called Critical Race Theory. This extremely unpopular propaganda that divides people by race and seeks to elevate one race over all others is not “education” but is racist dogma that has no business in publicly-funded schools.
Read more/Watch the 57 second video at PJ Media.


Ruiz: Colorado mom dissects Douglas County School Board’s ‘Educational Equity’ policy on video
A Colorado mom at the helm of a nonpartisan parental rights group balked at the Douglas County School Board’s attempt at “transparency” Tuesday in its approach to an educational equity policy she likened to the controversial critical race theory. “We don’t need a more transparent view of a policy that is fundamentally flawed at its heart,” Deborah Flora, founder and president of Parents United America, said during a public meeting. “It divides students into groups based on their race, and let’s face it, racism to fight racism is still racism.”
She said parents had been largely left out of the process to design the district’s equity program. “We’ve heard that this is not CRT. However, those that this board did choose to consult with are CRT proponents, and since this last meeting, they’ve referred to us and dismissed us by our skin color, called us dissenters and barriers,” she said. “It has also been insinuated that we don’t care about children with special needs, and that is outrageous and absolutely not true. Those trying to silence us purposely are conflating CRT with special needs.”
Read more/Watch the 3 minute video at Fox News.


Bannons War room: Intimidation Campaign Going Down In Georgia Over Election Investigation
John Fredericks: Intimidation Campaign Going Down In Georgia Over Election Investigation
Watch the 8:37 minute interview at Rumble.

Bannons War Room: Nuclear Explosion Of Evidence In Arizona Is Coming Out
Watch the 2:49 minute interview at Rumble.

Sundance: Survey, 55 Percent of American Voters Support Election Audits, Including 57 Percent of Independent Voters
Rasmussen has an interesting survey about election integrity issues [SEE HERE]. Within the survey the majority of likely voters support election audits including 71% of Republicans, 57% of Independents and 38% of Democrats. Additionally, “[t]he new survey also found that 41% of voters still don’t believe that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election fairly”, that result is 7% higher than February when “34% of Likely Voters did not believe Biden won the election fairly.” It appears the number of people who now see the 2020 election fraud is considerably higher than a few months ago.
Read more at The Conservative Treehouse.


Wong: Pentagon Leader: Accusations of Military Being ‘Woke’ Are ‘Offensive,’ Defends Studying Critical Race Theory
Biden Pentagon leaders at a hearing on Tuesday lashed out at Republican lawmakers who grilled them on critical race theory spreading in the military, with the top military officer saying he was offended by accusations the military is becoming “woke.” “I personally find it offensive that we are accusing the United States military, our general officers, our commissioned, non-commissioned officers of being ‘woke’ or something else because we’re studying some theories that are out there,” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley said at the hearing. […] Milley — invited by a Democrat lawmaker to respond — chimed in with a staunch defense of studying critical race theory, saying he thought it was important for military leaders to be “widely read.” “I want to understand white rage, and I’m white,” he said, referencing the January 6 Capitol riot. “What is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America?”
Read more/Watch the 1:55 minute video at Breitbart.


Moran: Nations That Relied on China’s COVID Vaccines Now Seeing Large Increases in Infections
The Chinese Communists had promised the world a safe, effective vaccine to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Before their vaccines had even hit the market, they were selling millions of doses to countries such as Mongolia, Bahrain, and Chile. They loaned a billion dollars to Latin America so countries there could afford the shots. They gave 100,000 doses to tiny, impoverished Bangladesh. All of this was to build goodwill and improve strained relations that China had damaged so much in recent years. Indonesia — which never counted itself a “friend” of China — was being given vaccine doses when most of the west was still trying to get their own populations vaccinated. But there was one, small problem with the vaccines. They don’t work very well. Read more at PJ Media.


Prager: If America Is Racist, Why Have Millions of Blacks Emigrated Here?
If America is systemically racist, why have millions of blacks from Africa and the Caribbean come to this country over the past 50 years? Why would they and many millions more want to move from all-black societies to a white-dominated, racist one? This is a question every black and white leftist should be asked. After all, no Jews moved to Germany in the 1930s. And why didn’t any? After all, many Jews were suffering terrible persecution and poverty in Russia and in Eastern Europe. Why didn’t any of them move to Germany after 1933? We all know the answer: Because Germany was systemically anti-Semitic. Even leftists know that answer. So, one can only conclude that, in the view of America’s leftists, non-German Jews of the 1930s had the wisdom not to move to Germany, but present-day non-American blacks have no wisdom. In the view of America’s leftists, then, the millions of blacks who have moved here and the many millions who want to move here must be fools.
Read more at American Greatness.


Greenfield: Biden Lies, People Die: Gun Control Isn’t Going to Fix the BLM Crime Wave
The BLM crime wave is bad. It’s so bad that the issue is starting to show up in local elections. Like New York City’s mayoral race. Polls showing that growing numbers of voters are worried about crime. The Biden administration used its media to hype some sort of plan to take on the crime wave. No one was too surprised when instead of dealing with crime, the White House pivoted back to the only crime issue that lefties still care about, gun control. Gun control isn’t fixing this. There were no major gun laws that changed in 2020. What did change was that the Black Lives Matter riots and the political penetration of the culture by critical race theory pushed police defunding. While blue cities and states locked down, they also freed thousands of criminals, and stopped arresting them. […] Let’s take this recent horrifying murder as a good example of the kind of violence caused by “criminal justice reform”. […] Most of the murders and attempted murders leading the BLM crime wave follow the same pattern. 1. A career criminal going back and forth through a revolving door justice system 2 . . . .
Read more at FrontPage Mag.


Kietlinska: Critical Race Theory May Violate Civil Rights Act, the Constitution: Dr. Carol Swain
A lot of white people who are forced into CRT-based training, and forced to confess to being racist because of their race, do not realize that they are protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, and disability, explained the retired professor. White people are protected in the same way that black people are by civil rights laws, she said. “We’re not a country where it’s acceptable to bully and shame people because of the color of their skin.” […] Moreover, the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees certain protections to all people, even non-citizens. If a public institution such as a school tries to restrict people’s speech or behavior, it may be also a First Amendment violation, Swain said. […] Swain suggested that students facing discrimination can also seek help from organizations defending students’ or individuals’ freedom of speech, association, and religious liberty, such as The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) or the Christian Legal Society. Another way to counter discrimination at schools is . . . […] Swain was born during the time of “systemic racism” in the segregated South. She witnessed the collapse of institutional racism and benefited from the opportunities created for black Americans like herself. “My love of country came about because when I was in school, we were taught civics and patriotism. And I felt like I lived in the greatest nation in the world,” Swain said.
Racism was dying in the United States before President Barack Obama was elected, she said. At that time, the country was portrayed . . .
Read more at The Epoch Times.


Ted Cruz: 15 Things You Can’t Say Anymore Because They Can Get You Fired, Canceled, and Erased
“I’m going to commit a radical act: I’m going to speak the truth,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said before making a series of once-undisputed declarations that are now dangerous to voice. In an address to the Faith & Freedom conference last Friday, Cruz proclaimed: . . . In the past, those statements would have been uncontroversial – but, now, they can cost you your job and get you fired, “canceled” and “erased” by intolerant liberals, Sen. Cruz warned: “I want you to pause and think for a second that, just a few years ago, every one of those statements would have been utterly uncontroversial and blazingly obvious – even to the most dimwitted among us. “And today, we are at a moment where saying those words can get you canceled. Saying those words can get you fired. Saying those words can get you erased.”
Read more at CNS News.


Morse: Women Want to Know Why Men Don’t Want to Marry Anymore…Allow Me
I feel like I can’t get on TikTok without seeing at least two or three videos of women outwardly wondering why men seem to be resistant to the idea of marriage. They question why men seem to be pulling away and not engaging with them on a deeper level, at least not the kind experienced by their parents. Especially not their grandparents. It’s clear that these young women yearn for that kind of stability, and it’s clear that men are increasingly less willing to provide it. Indeed, the numbers check out. Marriage is definitely on the decline. But before women start asking where all the good men have gone, perhaps they should look at themselves first.
Read more at Red State.

Hogan: Prosecutorial Indiscretion
Baltimore is not prosecuting shoplifting or drug-possession crimes. Despite recent violent protests and occupations, St. Louis is not pursuing cases for looting and rioting, while Portland isn’t pursuing charges for trespassing. Philadelphia won’t allow prostitution charges. San Francisco is not prosecuting indecent exposure offenses. Chicago declines arrests for thefts of less than $1,000. Did a sudden decision from the Supreme Court invalidate these crimes? Are the police on strike? Are the prosecutors’ offices short-staffed? No: each office is not prosecuting these cases based on the discretion of the city’s chief prosecutor. Unfortunately, these officials misinterpret, misunderstand, and misapply the legal concept of prosecutorial discretion.
Read more at City Journal.


Burnett & Conza: ‘Stop talking right now’: University of Oklahoma training shows instructors how to censor, indoctrinate students
Do you question whether refusing to use preferred pronouns is hate speech? You can’t — writing on that topic is “not acceptable.” Think Black Lives Matter shouldn’t engage in property destruction? We’ll have to “re-adjust” your thinking. If you’re a student at the University of Oklahoma — congratulations! Your instructor may already have done all of the thinking for you. But beware: Deviating too far from an instructor’s personal opinions can cost you. A recording of an “Anti-Racist Rhetoric & Pedagogies” workshop acquired by FIRE raises alarm bells about the state of free expression and freedom of conscience at Oklahoma’s flagship university. The workshop in question trains instructors on how to eliminate disfavored but constitutionally protected expression from the classroom and guide assignments and discussion into preferred areas — all for unambiguously ideological and viewpoint-based reasons. FIRE’s concerns are further compounded by the University of Oklahoma’s brazen and unconstitutional track record of putting individual rights out to pasture.
Read more at FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.)


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