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Thomas Jefferson and John Adams celebrate their last Fourth of July.
Listen to the 6:37 minute audio at The American Story Podcast.


Abraham Lincoln sixteenth President of the United States: “Do not destroy that immortal emblem of humanity, the Declaration of Independence.”


J. Michael Waller contributor to American Greatness: Veterans-turned-lawmakers, with active duty whistleblowers, are the nation’s last defense against the Pentagon’s racialist commissars.

Helen Raleigh contributor to The Federalist: Here are some questions for Milley. How can American soldiers of different racial backgrounds fight side-by-side and entrust each other with their lives if their relationship is defined as oppressors and oppressed because of their skin color? How can you ask minority soldiers to defend this nation (and even make the ultimate sacrifice) if they have been told they are victims of this nation’s everlasting racism? Through the lens of CRT, America is not worth defending.


Hoffmann: Newsmax Beats Fox in Key Ratings, Trump Rally Draws 3+ Million Viewers
Donald Trump’s super-charged return to the political stage over the weekend was a ratings smash for Newsmax, which trounced Fox News in key ratings. According to Nielsen, 1.9 million cable viewers tuned into Newsmax to watch the network’s coverage of the former president’s rally Saturday in Wellington, Ohio. Newsmax estimates another 1.3 million viewers watched through free streaming devices, bringing Newsmax’s total viewership over 3 million. Fox News did not air the President’s rally live. Newsmax’s Nielsen ratings success is even more astounding considering Newsmax is carried in about 30 million less U.S. cable homes than Fox.
Read more at NEWSMAX.



Sundance: The Solution to Metastatic DC Corruption is Extreme Federalism, and Biden’s Crew Knows Exactly That
As we have mentioned previously, the United States Department of Justice is prepared to use federal law enforcement (FBI) to secure their position. The purpose of the announcements should be clear to everyone. We discussed and outlined the background previously. {Go Deep 1} and {Go Deep Two}
In the background of these maneuvers corporate Big Tech, corporate U.S. media and those DC politicians under the control of multinational corporations, have been instructed to push the “domestic extremist” narrative. Any organized and articulate truth-tellers are considered subversive, ie. against the interests of the U.S. government. The January 6th DC protest is being used as an illustrative example for that narrative. […] Let me be very clear… stop and hear the drums… Something is about to happen. Approximately 100 million American voters are considered dissidents now. Meanwhile the FBI is preparing for the American people to implement a grassroot solution to deal with a corrupt federal government; a solution I would call “extreme federalism”. The solution to the scale of DC corruption is local and state action using the constitution, specifically the 10th amendment, against the advancing overreach of corrupt DC officials. Extreme federalism is . . . […] Those behind the Biden administration, those who worked within the corrupt system to put him in office, can see how they might well lose control if this continues. They are acting exactly as we would expect given this growing reality. They need a control tool quickly.
They need a COVID variant now more than ever…. See it for what it is.
Read more at The Conservative Treehouse.


The Right Scoop: Here’s what you can expect since the Arizona election audit has completed
Bobb says they’ve packed up the ballots and are uploading the scans, which should be completed this week. She notes that the auditors will report to the Senate to share their findings and must get approval before any information is released. The detailed forensic report won’t be completed until August, but Bobb notes that in the ‘near term’ we should find out if the count certified by the state is in fact accurate.
Read more/Watch the 1:57 minute report at The Right Scoop.


(Cat fight?) ADI: Ugenti-Rita Kills Key Election Integrity Bills, Including One Of Her Own
Angered by what she considered a procedural snub, State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita joined with Democrats to kill another Republican election integrity bill, plunging the Senate back into crisis that engulfed not just the bill she wanted to kill, but two of her own bills as well. Ugenti-Rita is Chairwoman of the Senate Government Committee, which often hears election related bills. She has used her platform both to position herself for her current run for Secretary of State, but also to try to impede any legislation that might aide a potential campaign by State Senator Kelly Townsend, who had also considered a run (Townsend recently announced she was not running for Secretary of State). Their long-running feud had nearly derailed other important election related legislation earlier in the year, but Ugenti-Rita reignited things on a day when many hoped the Senate might start completing its work and Sine Die for the year.
Read more at Arizona Daily Independent News Network.



Unruh: Supremes put police on notice about amount of force in arrests
The U.S. Supreme Court, in an opinion released Monday in the case involving the arrest in St. Louis of Nicholas Gilbert and his subsequent death while in a prone restraint imposed by police officers, has put officers on notice about the procedure.[…] . . . the justices, in a per curiam order that returns the Gilbert case to the lower courts to “employ an inquiry that clearly attends to the facts and circumstances in answering those questions in the first instance, had a warning. […] Three of the court’s conservative justices said the proper action would not be to just return the case to the lower courts for further review, but to have the Supreme Court itself review the facts. The dissent, by Justice Samuel Alito and joined by Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch, said, “That is the course I would take … A decision by this court on the question presented here could be instructive.” […] KVVU-TV reporter Kim Passoth told viewers at the time that Enriquez had won transgender and also cisgender contests before, “but this is a monumental win.”
Read more at WND.


Hukeri: The Founders Of Critical Race Theory Once Got Together And Marveled About How It Was Taking Over Education
Richard Delgado and his wife Jean Stefancic, both professors at the University of Alabama School of Law, have authored numerous texts about CRT. The two spoke about their legal scholarship in an interview featured in the winter 2010 edition of “Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems” — a multi-disciplinary legal journal at the University of Iowa. […] “Seeing critical race theory take off in education has been a source of great satisfaction for the two of us,” Delgado said. “Critical race theory is in some ways livelier in education right now than it is in law, where it is a mature movement that has settled down by comparison.”
Read more at Daily Caller.


( A must watch interview) Bannons War Room: The Left Lives Off Your Money – Hold Them Accountable
Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene: I’m going to train all of you to be activists. Because when you become activists, you are going to hold your government accountable on every single level and you’re going to stop the insanity. That’s how we save the country.
Watch the 10 minute interview at Rumble.


The Right Scoop: Twitter censors, then un-censors video of 12-yr-old girl who had SEVERE side effects to Pfizer vaccine
The Federalist reported today that Twitter censored a video of a mother and her 12-year-old daughter appearing in Sen. Ron Johnson’s Monday press conference, where they described the severe side effects the daughter had to the Pfizer vaccine: . . . […] Maddie de Garay, a 12-year-old girl from Cincinnati, Ohio, was hospitalized several times after receiving her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. She participated in a clinical trial from December 2020 to January 2021. In a now-censored clip shared on Twitter, Maddie’s mother Stephanie discussed what happened after Maddie was vaccinated. […] 12-year-old Maddie was enrolled in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial. She’s now in a wheelchair, has an NG tube, and is suffering from severe memory loss, along with many other issues.
Read more/Watch the three short testimony clips at The Right Scoop.


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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