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Jordan Davidson contributor to The Federalist: As President Joe Biden’s border crisis swells, COVID-19 cases are surging in government-run detention centers. According to The New York Times, Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported more than 7,500 new coronavirus cases in the crowded border camps since April. The new case numbers during that same period now make up 40 percent of total COVID positives reported by ICE in migrant detention centers since March 2020. The skyrocketing virus case numbers also come as apprehensions and the number of migrants held in border camps almost doubled to more than 26,000 people between April and the first week of July.

Stacey Lennox contributor to PJMedia: The Biden administration has a choice. If variants are something we need to take very seriously, it should seal the southern border immediately, using the military if necessary. The U.S. should restrict travel from Latin America now. If the Biden team doesn’t take these steps, and COVID-19 variants are of significant concern, the administration is prioritizing politics over the health and well-being of Americans.


Protect the Public’s Trust a non-partisan ethics watchdog: During an interview with The Washington Post published four days before the 2020 Presidential election, Dr. Fauci made a series of statements in his official capacity that left little doubt regarding which campaign he supported and the dire public health implications associated with choosing one candidate over another.

Sky News Australia host Alan Jones: “The disturbing thing here is that the free world depends on the United States as the unfree world gains momentum. And the free world is run by a bloke who most probably couldn’t find his way home after dark. The greater concern is he would be replaced by the ideologically dangerous Kamala Harris.

Mark Tapson contributor to Frontpage Magazine: And speaking of “Pride”: if your proudest moment as a parent is when you successfully groom your child into the same sort of sexual dysfunction that you and your partner have turned into virtue-signaling badges of noncomformity, then you need to seek help immediately and re-prioritize your life to deconstruct the damage you have done to him or her (not “they”).


Ronald E. Yates contributor to American Thinker: During Biden’s socialist regime, the legacy media’s goal is to promote socialist policies and protect our feckless president from all criticism — the same objective that Goebbels was tasked with during Adolf Hitler’s reign. No doubt Goebbels would be proud of America’s Big Tech oligarchs. They are performing the same tasks in 2021 America that Goebbels performed during the 12 years of the Third Reich.

E. Jeffrey Ludwig contributor to American Thinker: Based upon this principle of understanding, the “national strategy” is one of the most dangerous documents I have read in my lifelong study of U.S. history. The shift from domestic terrorism to much greater control by the federal government of our economy on the last page of the document is the product of a sleight of hand or a verbal shell game.

Daniel Greenfield contributor to Frontpage Magazine: The war on truth and reality are not an accidental derangement, but a calculated strategy.



Right Side Broadcasting: President Trump Holds Press Conference at Bedminster; Makes Historic First Amendment Announcement
Watch the 52:56 minute Trump press conference at Right Side Broadcasting Network.


Widburg: The LGBTQs are coming for your kids – and they’re not hiding it
One of the real sticking points for American parents is the left’s insistence on forcing sexuality onto kids. In leftist world, kids must be exposed as early as possible – in preschool is best – to all 52 or 76 or 103 (or whatever) different “genders” and sexual practices the LGBTQ community is currently claiming. Parents understand that, when leftists refuse to allow children a long, innocent period in which to develop their own sense of self free of sexual and “gender” pressure, they are, in fact, “coming for our children.” To leftists, though, saying that aloud is “homophobia,” so the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus created what they seem to think is an “enlightened” video about their “coming for your children.” […] Put another way, one could say that these two gay men romanticize pedophilia and pederasty. […] In case you don’t have the stomach for awful music, and therefore won’t watch the video, here are the lyrics:
Read more/Watch the 4:37 minute video at American Thinker.

The Thinking Conservative: Preschool and Kindergarten Enrollment Drops 13 Percent Nationally
The stark numbers represent the biggest year-over-year decline in enrollment since the start of the century, with the drop concentrated among the youngest learners, the NCES figures show. Pre-K saw a 22-percent decrease, kindergarten enrollment fell by 9 percent, grades 1–8 experienced a 3-percent drop, while grades 9–12 saw enrollment rise by 0.4 percent. The figures are preliminary, with the final results expected next spring. NCES Acting Commissioner Peggy Carr said in a statement cited by K-12 Dive that the figures are “preliminary but concerning,” adding that the enrollment drops were “widespread and affected almost every single state and every region of the country.” The agency’s enrollment figures reinforce the view that the pandemic-related disruptions drove many families to switch to private schools or homeschooling.
Read more at The Thinking Conservative.


Newman: Using Lies & Fake History to Cancel US Independence
The Deep State is lying and weaponizing fake history in an effort to sideline not just Independence Day, but even U.S. independence itself, warns The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. To guard against that, Alex offers a brief refresher on the history surrounding America’s Independence, especially focusing on the Christian roots of America’s birth as a nation.
Watch the 21:49 minute video at Free Beacon.

Ross: Report: Convicted Terrorists Led Religious Services in Federal Prisons
Convicted terrorists linked to the Islamic State and al-Qaeda led religious services at one-third of the federal prisons audited by a federal watchdog, a practice officials say presents safety and security risks. The Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General found that convicts linked to the terror groups led classes at four out of twelve Bureau of Prisons facilities, according to a report released Wednesday. Bureau of Prisons staff members worry terror-linked inmates could use the religious services “as a method to obtain power and influence among the inmate population,” the report says. The Bureau of Prisons operates 122 facilities across the United States. An al-Qaeda affiliate who was convicted on terrorism charges led religious services “on a frequent basis,” the report said. The chaplain at the prison, which is not identified, told investigators that the convicted terrorist was selected by other inmates to lead the classes because of his Arab fluency and his “extensive” knowledge of Islam.
Read more at Free Beacon.


Heine: Kash Patel: FBI Director Wray Was ‘Noticeably Absent’ From Cabinet Phone Calls in Run-Up to Jan 6
Kash Patel, the chief of staff to the Acting United States Secretary of Defense under President Donald Trump, told Epoch Times host Jan Jekielek that on Jan. 4, 5, and 6 he was on the phone with President Trump, then-Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows, Attorney General William Barr, and the Department of Homeland Security to discuss security around the Capitol, but Wray was noticeably absent from those phone calls even though his participation was requested, and it was in the FBI’s purview to help keep the Capitol safe. Patel told Jekielek that the Department of Defense had offered to send thousands National Guard troops to D.C. to quell any potential violence, but Mayor Bowser had rejected the offer for what he believed were political reasons. […] “It’s not like this was classified,” he said. “Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts were all closed. They were all boarded up on January 6. It’s not like they had better information than the Federal Bureau of Investigation who is responsible for domestic intelligence. People had an idea that something bad could happen.”
Read more/Watch the full 11 minute video at American Greatness.

Tapscott: Judicial Watch Sues to Obtain FBI Communications With Banks Over Jan. 6 Protesters
The Washington, D.C.-based government watchdog filed its suit after the FBI failed to respond as required by federal law to the group’s Feb. 10, 2021, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for: “All records of communication between the FBI and any financial institution, including but not limited to Bank of America, Citibank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Discover, and/or American Express, in which the FBI sought transaction data for those financial institutions’ debit and credit card account holders who made purchases in Washington, DC, Maryland and/or Virginia on January 5, 2021, and/or January 6, 2021.” The law enforcement agency’s request, according to Judicial Watch, to the financial institutions was in connection with the federal investigation of the event on Jan. 6 that saw hundreds of protesters enter the U.S. Capitol to protest the November 2020 presidential election’s outcome and vote-counting.
Read more at The Epoch Times.


Widburg: Video evidence suggests Biden is a Potemkin president, without real support
When Catherine the Great of Russia traveled in the late 18th century, her former lover, Grigory Potemkin, would travel ahead of her and build hasty façades along the main thoroughfares in impoverished, bedraggled villages to create the impression of a prosperous nation. Thus, a Potemkin village is a fake that artificially puffs up a leader’s competence and popularity. Two recent videos, one of Biden’s fans turning out to greet him in Michigan and another of Trump’s fans turning out for him in Florida, show that Biden is a Potemkin president. It’s all fake. The first video shows . . . […] For his July Fourth speech, Biden managed to pull in a whole 16,000 views, or, more accurately, Mrs. Joe Biden managed to pull in 16,000 views and the Marine Corps band: . . .
Read more/Watch two short video clips at American Thinker.


Howell, Jr.: GOP leaders to intervene in DOJ lawsuit against Georgia
The Republican National Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee said Thursday they will intervene in a lawsuit the Department of Justice filed against Georgia over its new elections law. The committees say the Biden administration is trying to “strong-arm” Georgia into weakening its elections security as Democrats fail to advance their signature elections overhaul at the federal level. “The RNC is intervening in this case because the security of the ballot is more important than Democrat power grabs,” Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said.
Read more at Washington Times.

Sundance: A Refreshingly Honest Interview About Mitch McConnell and Republicans in DC
Mitch McConnell is the most Machiavellian republican in modern history. In 2010 it was Senator McConnell who wanted to see the Tea Party destroyed, and he did everything in his power to achieve that goal along with his friend Tom Donohue, then president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, almost everything centering around the current rogue intelligence community can be traced back to McConnell making deals with democrat senators to stand aside from oversight if they secure his position of influence and affluence. McConnell is exactly the guy Taylor Caldwell was writing about in her book, A Pillar of Iron: . . .
Read more/Watch the One America News interview with Liz Harrington at The Conservative Treehouse.


Chang: Xi Jinping Is Mobilizing China for War, Possibly With Nukes
Beijing looks as if it is preparing for a full-scale invasion of Indian territory…. Ladakh is not the only hotspot. There is a Chinese encroachment in India’s Sikkim as well as incursions in neighboring Bhutan and Nepal. Lately, Xi’s references in public pronouncements have become unmistakable, and his subordinates have been clear that Xi believes that everyone outside China owes him obedience. Xi, while spouting tianxia-like language and bellicose words, has been getting the Chinese people ready for war. The changes signal the growing clout of the People’s Army inside the Party and highlight the militarization of the country’s external relations. China is fast becoming a military state. Xi Jinping on July 1 told the world what he is going to do. We are, in all probability, in the last moments of peace.
Read more at Gatestone Institute.


Kredo: Biden Admin Deletes References to Palestinian Terror Incitement From Congressional Report
The Biden State Department’s latest report to Congress, issued under a mandatory reporting statute included in the 1990 Palestine Liberation Organization Commitments Compliance Act, omits specific references to the Palestinian government’s ongoing calls for violence, as well as its support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, which wages economic warfare on Israel. Both issues, which are being closely tracked in Congress, were included in the outgoing Trump administration’s October report, according to copies of both reports viewed by the Washington Free Beacon.
Read more at Free Beacon.


Fleetwood: Leaked Document Shows Army Plans To Mandate COVID Vaccines For Service Members
The U.S. Army is looking to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for all of its service members as soon as Sept. 1, pending full Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensure, according to a document obtained by the Army Times. The directive reportedly comes in the form of an execute order from the Department of the Army Headquarters. […] The purported push for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations among U.S. military personnel is not exclusive to the Army, however. According to recent comments from Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. John Nowell, the U.S. Navy is also looking at requiring its members to get the jab once the FDA fully approves it.
Read more at The Federalist.


VDH: Scapegoats, Boogeymen, and Hobgoblins
The world may be increasingly baffled by 2021 America, and its sudden scapegoating of “white supremacist” hobgoblins for problems it cannot or will not solve. Roughly 400 Americans were shot over the past July 4 holiday weekend. About 150 of them were killed. The majority, both of the shooters and the victims, were inner-city, African-American males. The level of violence approaches the bad casualty days of the recent Afghan and Iraq wars. Meanwhile, during the carnage, progressive black leaders, from Representatives Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) to Cori Bush (D-Mo.), blasted America’s foundational holiday and the country at large for its white supremacy and the current supposed lack of freedom for African Americans. During 120 days of rioting, arson, and looting during the summer of 2020, the country suffered about $2 billion in property damage, roughly 25 deaths, and some 14,000 arrests. […] Apparently, all they can come up with is scapegoating mythical white supremacy for existential problems that they cannot solve—mostly because otherwise such challenges require bothersome and politically incorrect answers and introspection.
Read more at American Greatness.

As American patriots head into Independence Day of 2021, many find themselves questioning the basic premises of the underlying themes of that day. The 4th of July is a celebration of American’s founding as a free nation. But what is the state of the American state today? Thomas Jefferson, enshrining our liberties in the Declaration of Independence, stated that governments must be formed that protect our rights: . . . […] Let’s take a look at the scoreboard. In the oft-cited issues of the day, we discuss censorship in public spaces, corporate and military institutionalized wokeness, Critical Race Theory indoctrination of our youth in publicly-funded government education centers, upending traditional cultural norms, domestic surveillance of political opposition, an election no one is permitted to question, enormous spikes in murders and drug deaths across every major American city coupled with the demonization of law enforcement, a financial sector that is increasingly working against the interests of working and middle-class Americans, and a manufacturing base that has been sold off to our greatest world rival, the People’s Republic of China (who bears responsibility for a deadly worldwide pandemic that likely emitted from their dangerous lab experiments in Wuhan). If you dare to speak out about any of the above, you risk ostracism, reputational attacks, career termination, banning from public discourse, removal from payment processors, and in the most extreme cases, prosecution.
Why is this happening? Because there is a 1% in America that wields powerful influence over the rest. […] While there are strong moral arguments to be made about the CCP’s dangerous schemes and disastrous history, there is something else that can be learned by Western observers of the CCP’s form of governance. Through the lens of the CCP model, we can understand many truths about America that may otherwise be obscured.
Read more at Human Events.

Sundance: Open Border Activists Demand White House Confront The “Insurrection of Rebellious States”, AKA Red State Alliance Sending Help to Secure Border
With the potential for cooperation from states, what I call “extreme federalism“, to secure the border regardless of the Federal inaction, an assembly of various activist groups are petitioning the White House to confront the states with direct military action. The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), a far-left communist advance group, is asking Joe Biden to fight the state effort with all measures possible, including armed confrontation.
Read more at The Conservative Treehouse.

Greenfield: BLM Crime Wave Killed 150 Americans Over 4th of July Weekend
The 150 dead, like the thousands that have died as a result of the Black Lives Matter assault on law enforcement and the justice system are disproportionately black. But their lives don’t matter. […] Their blood is on the hands of BLM and their Democrat enablers.
Read more at FrontPage Mag.


Kaminsky: 9 Years Ago, Andrew Breitbart Revealed Obama’s Ties To Critical Race Theory ‘Godfather,’ And Corporate Media Waved It Away
After Andrew Breitbart indicated at the Conservative Political Action Conference that he had footage to substantiate that President Barack Obama maintained a relationship with a prominent critical race theorist, it led to a news storm. Breitbart’s fiery speech led to a now all-too-familiar CRT battle between two opposing media forces. Breitbart.com released footage of Obama speaking at a diversity protest in support of a professor named Derrick Bell, whom the outlet’s former editor Ben Shapiro referred to in an explainer column as “the father of Critical Race Theory (CRT).” Heritage Foundation fellow Mike Gonzalez told me in an email he is more like the “godfather” of CRT. Bell, a Harvard University Law professor at the time, was overwhelmingly defended by left-leaning pundits, as was Obama. If you can picture it, and hopefully you can given how investigative journalist Christopher Rufo and others have been treated by media today, Breitbart’s writers were lambasted as conspiracy theorists.
Read more at The Federalist.


Hamachek: Michigan Teen Dies in His Sleep Days After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine
While many 13-year-olds are spending the summer preparing for the new journey that is high school, Michigan teen Jacob Clynick unfortunately won’t get that chance. Just three days after receiving his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine in June, Jacob died in his sleep. According to a report, the CDC has opened an investigation into his death and whether or not it was related to the vaccine. As reported by the New York Post, Jacob was healthy and had no underlying health conditions. In the two days following inoculation, Jacob experienced normal side effects: fatigue and fever.
Read more at Human Events.

Solway: COVID idolatry and magic have become the governing factors in our response to reality
News reports inform us that COVID cases are rising exponentially, particularly in the U.K., which has reportedly enjoyed the most successful vaccine rollout on record thus far, with about 85 percent of the population receiving a first dose and 62 percent receiving two. Yet no connection is made between a massive vaccination program intended to reduce or prevent the spread of infections and the fact that cases are said to be skyrocketing. The vaccines are extravagantly touted as reliable antitoxins; at the same time the disease apparently continues to surf from wave to wave and variant to variant. […] Despite these odd discrepancies in recommendations, we are still counseled that the vaccines work, which does not prevent the authorities from declaring that the disease is spiking. The two obvious reasons for this contradiction are never mentioned or even recognized: 1. The vaccines are ineffective, mere panaceas. The limited trials were flawed as nobody was exposed to the virus during the relevant studies; indeed, the actual numbers show there is no such thing as a miraculous vaccine. Pfizer math purporting trial success rates has been shown to be radically unconvincing if not deceptive. In any event, . . .
Read more at Life Site News.


Greenfield: Who Was Karl Marx?
Karl Marx is over two centuries old. Ideas that used to be radical have long since become stale. Socialism is about as new and exciting as the telegraph or Bernie Sanders. Marxism is most likely to be studied in the countries where, as its proponents claim, it’s never really been tried.
Who was Karl Marx beyond the bearded guy on t-shirts in Berkeley and Austin? In Who Was Karl Marx?: The Men, the Motives and the Menace Behind Today’s Rampaging American Left, investigative journalist James Simpson paints a scathing picture of Marx, his disciplines, and the political movement created by the fake prophet of a real catastrophe. […] But Who Was Karl Marx? is not a biography of Marx, so much as it’s a sketch of key leftist figures, and the influence of their ideas on the present. The book may begin with Marx, but it goes on to Black Lives Matter and Antifa. It touches on Lenin’s obsession with destroying his opponents through relentless dehumanization and smear campaigns in order to clarify the contemporary leftist obsession with political correctness and cancel culture.
Read more at FrontPage Mag.


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