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Barry Brownstein contributor to Life Site News: Popper explains how the mistaken belief that knowledge has a pedigree leads us to seek the “‘best’ or the ‘wisest’” to be our political rulers. We make the mistake of assuming there are ultimate authorities best suited to rule because of the knowledge they possess. Popper explains that there are no such ultimate authorities, and “uncertainty clings to all assertions.”

J.B. Shurk contributor to American Thinker: If there has been anything of value coming from the one-two gut punch of the Chinese Communist Party’s COVID-19 virus and the Great Reset global oligarchs’ use of that virus to remake the world in their lasting favor, it is that more Americans have been awakened to three truths: (1) governments lie to their citizens all the time; (2) the media lie to the public all the time; and (3) because science has become a politically funded tool of government, scientists lie about their research all the time.


Thaddeus G. McCotter contributor to American Greatness: Why would the current elite attempt to impose this heinous curtailment of liberty and God-given rights upon their fellow citizens in a country whose very freedom allowed them to grow wealthy, powerful, and privileged? Why, to protect their wealth, power, and privilege, of course.

Angelo Codevilla contributor to American Greatness: In today’s America, every fount of power and privilege—from the FBI and the armed forces to our employers and Facebook—asks us anonymously to place the label “extremist,” a scarlet “E” of infamy, on whomever we choose to hurt, for whatever reason. They ask us to commit this most cowardly and self-serving of acts so they may use that “E” as a premise for “investigations” and classifications that amount to punishments. It also serves them by sowing suspicions and fostering enmities among Americans, leaving themselves as sources of fear and of precarious safety.

David Upham contributor to Foundation for Economic Freedom: So insofar as the Founders made any distinction between property rights and other individual rights, they insisted that property rights were at least as important as personal rights. In Federalist 54, James Madison stated tersely: “Government is instituted no less for the protection of the property than of the persons of individuals.” As Madison later elaborated, property rights are as important as personal rights because the two are intimately connected. The right to labor and acquire property is itself an important personal right and entitled to government protection; and the property acquired through the exercise of this personal right is entitled, by derivation, to an equal protection.


David Upham contributor to Foundation for Economic Freedom: Progressives in the twentieth century have in large part aimed at turning the American people away from their traditional attachment to property rights.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko who pioneered using hydroxychloroquine and zinc to treat Wuhan flu reduced his own patient death rate to less than half a percent: Out of the 600,000 dead Americans that we have, we could have prevented 510,000 from going to the hospital and dying.”


ADI: Trump Set To Visit Phoenix For ‘Rally To Protect Our Elections’
On Friday, Phoenix-based Turning Point Action, a political nonprofit affiliated with Turning Point USA announced that former President Donald Trump will return to the Phoenix area for a rally on July 24.
Read more at Arizona Daily Independent.


Lippincott: Return of the King
Donald Trump is a man favored by the gods. He burst onto the political scene with a clap of thunder and lightning, turning the sclerotic and dying conservative movement on its head. After decades of loserdom and failure, he invigorated it, turning the American Right away from mindless talk of tax cuts and invading Middle Eastern backwaters and towards the foundational elements of nationhood. Trump’s focus on immigration and trade delivered him the GOP nomination and the presidency on a silver platter. It also sent the globalist Left into a meltdown from which it still hasn’t recovered. No other figure on the Right could have done what Trump did. No matter what else one may say about his presidency’s successes or failures, one thing is entirely clear: without Trump, there would be no meaningful nationalist or populist movement in America. Angelo Codevilla, in his most recent essay “What is Trump to Us?” minimizes this point. Instead, he lambasts Trump for his policy failures once in office. Codevilla notes, correctly, that Trump failed to understand the true nature of the national security state until it was too late, stayed in Afghanistan and Iraq when he should have left immediately, and failed to put Anthony Fauci and company in their proper place during the COVID-19 scare. There is no doubt that Trump passed on opportunities to deal crushing blows to the ruling class. But attacking the man as Codevilla does, arguing that he was “indispensable” to the centralization of the “oligarchy’s power” and that his “rhetorical leadership was insufficient” to solving the republic’s core problems misses the point. Attacking the only figure on the American Right capable of leading a populist movement is self-defeating and pointless.
Read more at American Greatness.


Hoft: NOT ALL AUDITS ARE THE SAME – Here’s Why the Arizona Senate’s Audit of Maricopa County’s Results in the 2020 Election Is BEST IN CLASS
The audit in Michigan was reported was performed by county clerks which eliminated any independence in the audit. If all the ballots were selected then the clerks would not have to bother selecting ballots, all of them would be audited. With a Soros-backed Secretary of State running the election process in Michigan, you know Michigan requires more oversight not less. […] Virginia claimed they would address the 300,000 ballots droppen on election night in the state (3 times) by recounting the ballots. Here’s why we believe this audit was worthless: . . . The auditors used by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors who were not certified when they claimed they were, sent a message to those observing their audit – this is called “Worst in Class“. Here’s more on why the audit contracted by the Arizona Senate was much more robust than the two ‘audits’ performed by auditors hired by Maricopa County. (Hint – for one thing the Maricopa auditors didn’t review a single ballot.) The current audit in Arizona forensically scans the Maricopa County ballots using an ultra-violet method to look for creases in the paper and other items. The team counts ballots and validates ballots forensically. The machines are reviewed as well. When they are done they will be able to tell a court . . .
Read more at The Gateway Pundit.


Anderson: Self-Proclaimed ‘Only Conservative’ in AZ Gov Race Under Fire for Donations to Dems
The self-proclaimed “only conservative” in the race for Arizona governor has had her campaign launch derailed by reports of her political donations to Democrats John Kerry and Barack Obama. Former news anchor Kari Lake announced her candidacy in June, positioning herself as the “only conservative, America First Trump Republican in the race.” But instead of spending the opening weeks of the campaign touting her conservative bona fides, Lake has sparred with local media over her donations to liberal politicians. Lake on June 15 accused one local reporter of conducting a “hit piece interview” when he attempted to confirm the contributions, saying the line of questioning was “unethical” and “slanted.”
Read more at Free Beacon.

Fleetwood: Arizona Bans Critical Race Theory Training In Government Agencies
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation Friday that prohibits the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) in local and state government institutions. The bill had previously passed both chambers of the state legislature with a 31-25 vote in the House and 16-12 in the Senate, respectively.
Read more at The Federalist.


Zeisloft: As Many Schools Remain Closed, Suicide-Related ER Visits Rise By 51% Among Teenage Girls
“The medical evidence is clear that keeping public schools closed is catalyzing a mental health crisis among school-aged children in San Francisco,” explained Dr. Jeanne Noble, director of COVID Response for the UCSF Emergency Department, in the lawsuit. The trend existed throughout the United States. In December, sixteen-year-old Spencer Smith in Maine committed suicide after feeling like he was “locked in the house.” […] “This remote learning is crap. I just lost a son because he couldn’t be with his friends,” wrote Spencer’s mother on social media. “He was trapped in the house. He felt like he lost his friends and had a hard time with his school work. He felt he had no future. He hated what society was becoming. So he took the easy way out. Parents, please take everything your kids are saying seriously. Give them a huge hug and don’t let go. You never know if it will be the last time. This house is so quiet now. I would give anything to have the noise back.”
Read more at Daily Wire.


Joondeph, M.D.: COVID Began Far Earlier Than We Were Told
U.S. intelligence officials apparently knew in November 2019 of “a contagion sweeping through China’s Wuhan region.” Finding antibodies in blood samples from that time period offers confirmation. As it would take time for the infection to spread from Wuhan to Europe and the U.S., it is likely that it all started months before antibodies were first detected outside of China, perhaps the summer of 2019. Even the clever Dr Anthony Fauci predicted in 2017 that Trump would “no doubt” face an infectious disease outbreak during his presidency. Did he mean an unusually bad flu season, something every president may encounter, or something like COVID-19? Has anyone asked him what he meant during his myriad cable news appearances?
Read more at American Thinker.

McLoone: EXCLUSIVE: Doctor who pioneered hydroxychloroquine/zinc treatment for COVID-19 speaks to LifeSite
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, the New York doctor who pioneered the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and zinc as treatment for COVID-19, gave a lengthy interview to LifeSiteNews explaining why this protocol has been so successful. Speaking with LifeSite’s Claire Chretien, Zelenko discussed coronavirus vaccines and the “group of sociopaths” that wants to administer these injections to the entire world, as well as the rampant censorship of information about treating the virus. […] From 3,000 COVID-positive patients under his care, Zelenko identified 1,000 as “high risk” with whom his HCQ- and zinc-based medical intervention “reduced the death rate from 7.5 percent, to less than half a percent.” “That is an 84 percent reduction in hospitalization and death.” “Out of the 600,000 dead Americans that we have, we could have prevented 510,000 from going to the hospital and dying.” […] However, Zelenko drew attention to a number of prominent doctors such as Peter McCullough, M.D., cardiologist and professor of medicine at Texas A&M University Health Sciences Center, and Harvey Risch, M.D., Ph.D., professor of epidemiology at Yale University, both of whom have successfully utilized his HCQ protocol for the treatment of COVID-19. They have testified, including before the U.S. Senate, that “early intervention in the pre-hospital setting is the key to overcoming this health problem.”
Read more/Watch the 1:13:46 hour interview at Life Site News.


Tibor R. Machan was a research fellow at Hoover Institute: The institution of the right to private property is perhaps the single most important condition for a society in which freedom, including free trade, is to flourish. There is no mystery about why Karl Marx put the abolition of private property at the top of his list of revolutionary changes leading to his communist utopia. Under communism we all are deemed to be one. Privacy has no place in a system that holds, as Marx proclaimed, that “the human essence is the true collectivity of man.” Privacy is ruled out by definition. Stealing, robbery, burglary, embezzlement, trespassing, not to mention borrowing, bequeathing, giving, and the like, are precluded where everything is the property of everyone all at once.

Early last month, the media began to push a curious idea: that American homeownership is a thing of the past, and that we should be happy about our new life of renting. Bloomberg picked up on a report from Apartment List indicating that, in 2020, 18% of millennial renters said they planned to rent forever, up for the third consecutive year. Moreover, among those who plan to buy a home, 63% have no money saved for a down payment. “The share of millennials living with their parents is also significantly higher than in previous generations,” Olivia Rockeman and Catarina Saraiva add. Two weeks later, Bloomberg Opinion featured Karl W. Smith in a piece titled “America Should Become a Nation of Renters.” “Rising real-estate prices are stoking fears that homeownership, long considered a core component of the American dream, is slipping out of reach for low- and moderate-income Americans. That may be so—but a nation of renters is not something to fear. In fact, it’s the opposite,” Smith writes. “This process is painful, but it’s not all bad. Slowly but surely, most Americans’ single biggest asset—their home—is becoming more liquid.” […] American liberty is tied to maintaining these small freeholds: our own businesses and our own homes. It always was. What follows is the story of James Jackson (1757-1806), hero of the Revolution, duelist, Senator, Governor, and a man who stood up against an early corporate land grab. A disciple of Thomas Jefferson, James Jackson knew that allowing all the land in Georgia to be bought up by corporate land speculators would leave the people unfree. The liberties he had fought for in the Revolutionary War were under threat, and not only by British tyrants. If the people of Georgia were not free practically, their hard-won political freedom would amount to nothing.
Read more at Human Events.


Saavedra: U.S. Officials Warn What Communist China Is Preparing To Do, Ramifications For U.S.: We’re ‘Too Late’
Rear Adm. Mike Studeman, the top intelligence officer, or J-2, for the East Asian command, said this last week that they are warning that “it’s danger on all fronts” in regards to Chinese military aggression and that it’s not just Taiwan that U.S. officials are concerned about.“This idea that it’s only a Taiwan scenario vs. many other areas where the Chinese are being highly assertive, coercive, is a failure in understanding complexity, because it’s not that simple,” he said, adding that the scenario may not even be the most likely as China is currently pressuring “lots of its neighbors.” […] Studeman said that U.S. officials are describing the current warpath with China the same way that Gen. Douglas McArthur described the lead up to World War II. “’Too late,’” Studeman said. “Too late in comprehending the deadly purpose of a potential enemy. Too late in realizing the mortal danger. Too late in preparedness. Too late in uniting all possible forces for resistance.”
Read more at Daily Wire.


Saavedra: ‘Biden’s America’: Economists Issue Warning For Americans To ‘Brace Themselves’ For Years Of Inflation Not Seen In Decades, Report Says
A new report on Sunday highlighted concerns from top economists about the impacts of Democrat President Joe Biden’s massive government spending. “Americans should brace themselves for several years of higher inflation than they’ve seen in decades, according to economists who expect the robust post-pandemic economic recovery to fuel brisk price increases for a while,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “The respondents on average now expect a widely followed measure of inflation, which excludes volatile food and energy components, to be up 3.2% in the fourth quarter of 2021 from a year before. They forecast the annual rise to recede to slightly less than 2.3% a year in 2022 and 2023. That would mean an average annual increase of 2.58% from 2021 through 2023, putting inflation at levels last seen in 1993.”
Read more at Daily Wire.

Saavedra: ‘Where’s President Biden?’: Officials Sound Alarm As ‘Socialist Shock Troops’ Deployed On Cuban Protesters
Top U.S. officials called out Democrat President Joe Biden on Sunday over his lack of public comment as armed Cuban government forces deployed to stop pro-freedom protesters on the island. The remarks come as Cubans took to the street in rarely seen demonstrations to protest the impoverished conditions of the communist island, their lack of freedom under the communist regime, and did so while chanting “Liberty” and “Freedom” and waving an American flag. […] At the time that this report was filed, Biden had yet to say a word about the situation, did not respond to questions from the press, did not put out a statement, and did not tweet about it.
Read more/Watch the videos at Daily Wire.

Saavedra: Biden Admin Blasted For Claiming Cubans Are Protesting ‘COVID Cases,’ Other Issues: ‘So Disrespectful’
Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration was slammed on Sunday after it claimed that the people of Cuba were protesting “rising COVID cases/deaths” and other medical issues on the island. Cubans took to the street in rarely seen demonstrations to protest the impoverished conditions of the island, their lack of freedom under the far-left Marxist regime, and did so while chanting “Liberty” and “Freedom” and waving an American flag.
Read more at Daily Wire.


Jones, The Western Journal: Juror Fined $11K for Causing Mistrial by Telling Jurors ICE Officer’s Patch Is a White Supremacist Badge
The case of U.S. v. Kevin Ruiz-Quezada is a perfect example of how deep the leftist rot of identity politics has affected every aspect of modern life. Even ICE uniforms are being mistaken for or interpreted as symbols of a non-existent system of colonial supremacy and prejudice, according to reports.
Read more at The Gateway Pundit.

Stieglitz: NYC school’s faculty rebels against principal who ‘conspired to get rid of white teachers’ and who ‘definitely has something against white people’
The complaint, which was obtained by the New York Post, claims that Lev ‘flagrantly but unsuccessfully attempted to divide our school by race’ and told an employee that she ‘was going to get rid of all these white teachers that aren’t doing anything for the kids of our community.’
‘She definitely has something against white people,’ it adds. A faculty member writes in the OEO complaint that Lev, 39, who is Dominican, approached him with a plan to terminate an unidentified white, female employee. Lev asked him to get a state education certification so he would have more qualifications than the white employee and Lev could fire her as ‘excess’ staff.
Read more at Daily Mail.


Alexander: Full testimony of former HHS Covid Adviser: ‘Asymptomatic transmission more myth than reality’
We will start this discussion on the notion of ‘asymptomatic spread’ by stating that there should be no vaccination of children with COVID vaccines. Zero. These vaccines have no long-term safety assessments, and they do not work like standard vaccines. Today we talk about vaccinating millions of healthy infants, children, and adolescents, and we know they do not have a substantial risk of acquiring the infection and becoming severely ill or dying. The risk of severe outcome in infants, young children, and young adults is very low: essentially statistical zero (to be precise, the rate of survival in persons aged 0-19 is 99.997%). The risks of these vaccines to children, however, can be catastrophic. The question is, therefore, why would we subject our child to a vaccine that provides them with no benefit? […] The claim that ‘asymptomatic’ spread or transmission of COVID-19 is a key driver of the pandemic or even a driver of minimal infection is not credible. Not only is this our hypothesis, we feel strongly that the asymptomatic spread claim was bogus from the start and was used to justify the lockdowns. It had, and still has today, no basis. This was part of pandemic corruption.
Read more at Life Site News.

Gleason: The Search Engines and Covid Vaccine Safety
There is a debate raging in the minds of those trying to decide, “Do I get the shot, or do I run the risk of dying from COVID and/or infecting someone I love?” The Internet has emerged as the great arbiter for decisions. We have gotten excellent answers to so many questions that we have come to trust our search engines. So when we go to Google or Bing and ask about COVID vaccines, we are surprised to see an unusually uniform lineup of responses. Ask, “Are COVID-19 vaccines safe?” Your top five responses are… It leads to… The second-largest search engine is YouTube, with 3.5 billion searches per day. Their take on vaccines is eerily similar to that of Google and Bing. But there is more than just YouTube. Two video websites, BitChute.com and Rumble.com profess to be “uncensored.” When you ask “are covid-19 vaccines safe?” you are presented with a lot of options you don’t see on the two top search sites.
Read more at American Thinker.


Bozell: ‘American Marxism’ Is Mark Levin’s Most Important Book Ever
“The American people are thinking: ‘What the hell is going on here?!’” He had hit the nail on the head. Tens of millions at home and hundreds of millions outside our borders (such as they are) have that very question of the United States of America. For those seriously interested in that question, Mark Levin has provided the answer with his new book, “American Marxism.” […] The unthinkable is happening. America is not just threatened by Marxism; America is quickly becoming Marxist and Americans have been astonished by what Levin calls “the unremitting, harmonized and ferocious blitz” of this revolution. The political hurricane has hit so hard and so rapidly that we have time to focus only on the flooded streets and damaged levies while we await the next storm surge. We are so stupefied we seemingly cannot even label our opponents correctly. “Liberals” overnight became “progressives” who morphed into “leftists” whom we renamed “radicals,” then “socialists”… …and yet clearly that is now insufficient. […] Levin points a damning finger at academia as the incubator for this revolution. […] A movement to destroy America must welcome Marx.
Read more at CNS News.


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