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Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY): “Our climate crisis today requires a peaceful but wartime-scale mobilization in order to combat the climate crisis.’

Senate Minority Lead Chuck Schumer (D-NY): “I am using my power as majority leader to ensure that the Civilian Climate Corps will be included in the reconciliation package, and I will fight to get the biggest boldest CCC possible. Together, we’re going to work to make this a strong, bold and so important reality.”


President Donald J. Trump in a statement on Wednesday: “Republicans must take seriously the effort by Democrats to completely change America through the Reconciliation Process. Republicans must push back for the sake of our Country and, far less importantly, the sake of the Republican Party!”

Tucker Carlson would like to know who President Biden has labeled as white supremacists, “the most lethal threat” to the U.S.: “Notice he never defined white supremacy. No one ever has. There is no actual definition for it. So it can apply to everyone who didn’t vote for Joe Biden. That’s why it is terrifying, that’s why you should resist it.”

Sundance contributor to The Last Refuge: . . .the GOP were foolish, specifically Kevin McCarthy, for agreeing to put any republicans on the January 6th investigative committee in the first place. It was, and is, transparently obvious that the intent of Speaker Pelosi’s committee was to establish a political framework for the 2022 election cycle.


Liz Cheney (R-WY) agrees with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) not seating Rep. Jim Jordon (R-OH) and Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN): “I agree with what the Speaker has done.”

ACLU Tuesday tweet: “No matter which party is in power, the government cannot be trusted to label ‘truth’ or ‘fiction’ any more than Facebook or Twitter can.”

Admiral Giroir Pediatrician and a former four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps when asked about the Fauci/Paul Senate hearing exchange: “It was a concerning exchange and I do believe probably Dr. Fauci was hiding behind a technical definitions of what the NIH might consider, quote, ‘gain-of-function research. But what they did fund was exactly what Rand Paul said.”


Alan Dershowitz: “Next August, he will retire. That will give the president the power to appoint somebody before there’s a new Senate. So, everybody on the left will be happy, and Breyer will be able to say, ‘I didn’t give into pressure.’ That’s my prediction.”

Jen Psaki WH Press Secretary: “We certainly understand there will be breakthrough cases. Even vaccines that are incredibly effective are not fully proof. They’re not 100% effective. We’ve seen that.”

Kyle Munkittrick in his article “When Will We Be Transhuman? Seven Conditions for Attaining Transhumanism” wrote: Using a scaled system based on traits like sentience, empathy, self-awareness, tool use, problem solving, social behaviors, language use, and abstract reasoning, animals (including humans) will be granted rights based on varying degrees of personhood. When African grey parrots, gorillas, and dolphins have the same rights as a human toddler, a transhuman friendly rights system will be in place.[9]

Katarina Bradford a Hillsdale freshman in 2015 wrote: In the next decade, Transhumanism may become the single most influential bioethical issue in our society due to its core mission to redefine what it means to be human. Subsequently, Transhumanism is going to encompass every current bioethical issue: abortion, stem cell research, cloning, euthanasia, etc. because these specific areas of research are the tools by which Transhumanists seek to attain their ideal post-human form.

Allen Porter contributor to The Journal of Medicine & Philosophy: According to transhumanists, a “transhuman” is a “transitional human” who aims at becoming posthuman and takes appropriate steps (e.g., technological enhancement) toward that end—whereas a “posthuman,” the ideal for and goal of transhumanists, is a being so radically different in physical, cognitive, and emotional capacities from normal or current humans as to be no longer unambiguously human. Transhumanist rhetoric on the posthuman typically goes much further than this, however: in his “Letter from Utopia,” for example, Nick Bostrom adopts the narrative voice of a future posthuman addressing current humans, and he writes “You could say I am happy, that I feel good. You could say that I feel surpassing bliss. But these are words invented to describe human experience. What I feel is as far beyond human feeling as my thoughts are beyond human thought. I wish I could show you what I have in mind” (Bostrom, 2010, 3–4). Elsewhere, he suggests that the intelligence gap between posthumans and humans will be less comparable to the intelligence gap between a human genius and a human of average intelligence than it will be to that between a human and a beetle or worm (Bostrom, 2014, 112).


Sherman: Trump warns Republicans on Democrats’ effort to ‘completely change America’ through reconciliation
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Wilson: Half of states now restrict conversion therapy for LGBTQ kids
Half of the states and the District of Columbia now restrict so-called “conversion therapy” for minors after Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) signed an executive order aimed at protecting LGBTQ youth from the practice last week. The Minnesota order comes nearly eight years after New Jersey and California implemented the first such statewide bans on the practice in 2013, both after lopsided votes in their state legislatures. Conversion therapy, also called reparative therapy, seeks to use counseling to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Medical associations and scientific groups have warned that such therapy can wreak significant harm on the long-term mental health of minors who are subject to the treatment. […] “Our kids deserve to grow up in a state that values them for who they are — not one that tries to change them,” Walz said in a statement announcing the order. “This executive order aims to protect young and vulnerable Minnesotans from the cruel and discredited practice of conversion therapy and affirms that the LGBTQ+ community is an integral part of One Minnesota.” Most of the states that have banned conversion therapy are Democratic-controlled states in the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic and on the Pacific Coast.
Read more at The Hill.


Chaves: The COVID pandemic narrative takes another hit
For months, bloggers on the fringe of alternative media have been characterizing COVID-19 and its aftermath as a “plandemic” that had been planned out during two pandemic simulations: SPARS in 2017 and Event 201 in 2019. These conferences were supposedly organized to anticipate the policies and resources that would be needed to fight the next pandemic. Believers in the plandemic scenario discussed parallels between these simulations and today’s pandemic that ranged from the concrete to the fanciful, but neither proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that COVID-19 had been planned. Then along came testimony from the chair of M-CAM, an international finance company that keeps track of patent applications. Patent records accessed by M-CAM show that not once, but twice, U.S. drug companies colluded with government agencies to patent treatments before two disease outbreaks took place. First,
Read more at American Thinker.

Dietrich: The Antifa/FBI Coalition
Over two dozen people were killed during the Antifa and BLM protests in 2020. It is routinely reported that “five people died as a result” of the Jan. 6 disturbance. This is a totally accurate statement, however, it is still misleading. Only one of the deceased died as a result of violence. She was actually murdered by a government official. Relating these deaths allows the media to routinely describe Jan. 6 as a “deadly insurrection” as opposed to the “mostly peaceful” protests by Antifa and BLM. Prior to Jan. 6, Trump supporters had held dozens of mass rallies without burning cities or murdering people. This was a major embarrassment for the Deep State. Media coverage of the Jan. 6 event has been largely successful in minimizing that embarrassment. This was a major Deep State coup and the planning and execution of this “insurrection” reveals a disturbing relationship between the government and radical groups. The FBI did not only fail to adequately prevent the disturbance, they appear to have actively facilitated it. The FBI and radical leftists are branches of the Deep State. FBI agents “taking a knee” in homage to BLM. The FBI has a history of instigating terrorist plots that they thwart with great fanfare. This is not a conspiracy theory.
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Sundance: Eloquent Grassroots Effort in York County Pennsylvania Supporting an Election Audit, VIDEO
Speaking to the city council leadership, one woman takes a stand in York County asking for an audit. The audio is a little troublesome, but it is worth the time: “This is what happens when the people invest their time in learning the real law and their real powers. Darla B gives deep details about how Mastriano came to the point of calling for a full forensic audit.” The solution to the scale of DC corruption is local and state action using the constitution, specifically the 10th amendment, against the advancing overreach of corrupt DC officials.
Read more/Watch the 8 minute video at The Conservative Treehouse.

Oshin: Trump supporter refuses judge’s order to take down Biden attack banners
Andrea Dick, a supporter of former President Trump, said she started hanging banners that displayed crude remarks toward Biden at her mother’s residence in Roselle Park, with one of the signs reading “Don’t Blame Me / I Voted for Trump.” […] Dick’s situation comes as incidents involving pro-Trump banners and flags have flared up in various states, including New York, Connecticut, Indiana and Tennessee. Dick has said she will not follow the judge’s orders to remove her banners, stating she is looking for a new attorney to battle the issue, the Times noted. “I’m not backing down,” Dick said.
Read more at The Hill.


Dinesh D’Souza Highlights The Duplicitous Reason Why RNC Club President Ronna McDaniel Does Not Support Donald Trump or MAGA Movement
Ronna McDaniel is the typical GOPe operational head (Michael Steele and Reince Prebius preceeding). McDaniel loves the cocktail and country club circuit that is essentially a life of indulgence amid the donor class. As D’Souza notes the business of fundraising, which is the preferred activity of McDaniel, is better from the losing side of the political dynamic. Not coincidentally, the same financial motives apply to Mitch McConnell in the Senate.
Read more/Watch the 6:22 minute video at The Conservative Treehouse.

Fred T.: BREAKING: Larry Elder WINS. Judge rules CA was full of it, orders he be put BACK on ballot!
California tried to cancel Larry Elder from running in the California recall election. As attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon explained on Twitter, they had no grounds to do it. As Elder explained, their actions constituted MULTIPLE violations.
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Cooper: The ATF’s Latest Proposed Regulation Could Make 40 Million Gun Owners Felons Overnight
This is a conspicuous confiscation of power, and it’s precisely what America’s founding fathers strove to avoid through the establishment of checks and balances. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has published a notice outlining their plans to update regulations on stabilizing braces.
Originally developed to help those with disabilities shoot comfortably, stabilizing braces have become a popular firearm accessory used to legally adapt AR-style pistols into guns that can be shot from the shoulder, like the highly regulated short-barreled rifle. According to the ATF, stabilizing braces will now have to conform to a set of stringent guidelines to be considered legal. If they don’t meet those standards, they—and the gun to which they’re attached—will automatically become regulated as a rifle under the National Firearms Act.
This isn’t the first time the ATF or the DOJ have attempted to regulate this popular accessory.
Read more at The Prickly Pear.


Populist Press: Chinese Communist Party On Brink Of Total Collapse
National Security Correspondent at Washington Times, Bill Gertz, appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room Tuesday morning where he exposed what the corrupt Chinese Communist Party is hiding. They’re attempting to make themselves look powerful and strong when they’re weak and on the very of collapsing.
Read more/Watch the 2:47 minute video at Populist Press.


VDH: Democrats No More
Now with money, institutions in their hip pocket, and cool popular culture, the Left would not just damn American institutions, but infect them to transform them into revolutionary agencies.
Read more at American Greatness.

Democrats planning Civilian Climate Corps of ‘millions’ paid at least $15 per hour
A group of Democrats is pushing for the creation of a Civilian Climate Corps that could employ “millions” of young people at a minimum of $15 per hour as a way to tackle climate change. “I was proud to stand alongside Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez this year as we reintroduced the Green New Deal and also brought forward our new Civilian Conservation Corps because that legislation is a pathway to new jobs in our country, union jobs for young people,” Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) said during a news conference focused on including the Civilian Climate Corps in the filibuster-proof budget reconciliation bill the Democrats are drafting. Recruits for the envisioned corps “can, through apprentice programs, not just have a job but have a career in fighting this climate crisis and a pathway for education, a pathway for them to pay off their student loans or to go to college,” Market added.
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Sundance: Homeland Security Announces Border and Travel Restrictions for American Citizens Due to COVID, But Border Will Remain Wide Open for Illegal Aliens
They are rubbing it in our faces now. As CTH warned yesterday, this is not hypocrisy – this is the United States Government, Department of Homeland Security, initiating an enhanced and intentional effort to antagonize lawful American people into a place of extreme anger. This is not hypocrisy. The Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) is now announcing enhanced travel restrictions for law-abiding Americans, blocking non-essential travel into Mexico and Canada. Simultaneous to this the same, ironically named, Homeland Security is facilitating a mass influx of illegal entry into the United States. Stay aware and evaluate this for what it is. This is an intentional effort to provoke American citizens. This is Alinsky methods deployed at a federal and institutional level. […] The leftists, the “elites” writ large, are so open in their proclamations of being beyond reach – because they want us to view their power as all encompassing. They act as rulers and dictators without accountability because that puts the victim, We The People, automatically in a demoralized subservient role.
Read more at The Conservative Treehouse.

Davidson: Biden’s Border Crisis Is About To Make History
Late last week U.S. Customs and Border Protection finally released June border apprehension numbers, which hit a 21-year high with more than 188,000 arrests last month and more than 1.1 million so far this fiscal year. But that’s not all. Contrary to the usual seasonal rise and fall of illegal immigration, which typically spikes in the spring and then recedes during the hotter summer months, the number of people crossing the border illegally is increasing — as it has been every month since last April. If this trend continues, we’ll break the decades-old record for southwest border apprehensions, which is more than 1.6 million back in 2000.
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Prager U Video: Fewer Penalties, More Crime
The role of a prosecutor is to pursue justice and enforce the law. That sounds straightforward, but more and more, that doesn’t seem to be happening. Why? Rafael Mangual, Deputy Director of legal policy at the Manhattan Institute, answers this important question in the latest short video from Prager University.
Watch the 5:26 minute video at FrontPage Mag.

Downey, Jr.: Daily Dose of Downey: Welcome to the Communist States of America
Forgive me if I seem cranky, but I’m doing the Military Diet. Let’s take a look at what is happening in OUR country. The Feds Tucker Carlson reported that the FBI helped plan and execute the January 6 Capitol melee. The FBI, which let Antifa and BLM burn our cities, is bending over backward to arrest Trump followers, including the elderly, who may, or may not, have caused trouble at the Capitol on January 6. Trump supporters convicted for entering the Capitol are being forced to declare their loyalty to Gropey Joe Biden. Tucker Carlson is now being spied on by the feds. Election Integrity . . . COVID Redux . . .
Media Matters . . . We can do this for days. The hypocrisy is enough to bring up the half a grapefruit, slice of peanut butter toast, and single cup of coffee (no cream) the Military diet allowed me to eat for breakfast. […] With a few admirable examples, most Republicans seem to be sitting down. I know that we conservatives are held to, and live by, higher standards, but we have to bring more than manners to the battle for the future of the United States. We know we are right; we know they lie.
Read more at PJ Media.


Nevin: Are ‘Zuckerbucks’ in Wisconsin Lawful?
The Zuckerberg-funded Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) and other nonprofits have been part of ongoing investigations and legislative hearings in Wisconsin. CTCL gave $6 million in grant money, much of which went to support vote-by-mail and early voting efforts, to 5 major metropolitan areas of Wisconsin.
Attorney Erick Kaardal represents clients through his own firm and The Amistad Project. The Wisconsin Voters Alliance (WVA) filed a complaint against CTCL with the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC). Since the five largest recipients of CTCL grants—Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee, and Racine—are considered to have demographics that lean Democrat, the complaint argues that the grants violate Wisconsin laws against funds that influence the outcome of an election. Kaardal, also associated with the Thomas More Society, went on War Room with Steve Bannon to discuss CTCL involvement in Wisconsin, describing a “privately funded, government-administered plan” to target votes: . . .
Read more/Watch the 9:34 minute interview at Undercover DC.


Children Health Defense: Scientist sounds alarm: COVID vaccines producing symptoms of Parkinson’s, other neurodegenerative disorder
As cases pile up (445 as of July 9) of the reportedly “rare” neurological disorder Guillain-Barré syndrome in people who received a COVID vaccine — forcing the sluggish U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to add a warning label to the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) shot — scientists are issuing urgent warnings about a possible tsunami of other types of neurological injuries. Immunologist J. Bart Classen, one-time National Institutes of Health (NIH) contract scientist and proprietor of Classen Immunotherapies, a Maryland biotechnology firm, published a paper in February outlining the potential for messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID vaccines to trigger development of prion diseases as well as other chronic diseases. Prion or “prion-like” diseases include Alzheimer’sParkinson’samyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple system atrophy (MSA) and others. A hallmark of these neurodegenerative diseases is the formation and clustering of misfolded proteins within the nervous system. Classen’s February conclusions were based on analysis of RNA from the Pfizer injection. […]  The statistically significant findings include: . . .
Read more at Life Site News.


Allen: Scientists Are Using Brain Implants To Read Patients’ Minds, And You Might Be Next
On July 14, the transhumanist goal of neuro-telepathy came a step closer to realization, thanks to a major breakthrough by a team at the University of California, San Francisco. Neuroscientists surgically implanted a subdural electrode array on the surface of a stroke victim’s brain. For 81 weeks, they fed his sensorimotor cortex signals into an artificial intelligence system. Using the algorithms’ predictive power as a sort of auto-complete feature, the team was able to translate the subject’s attempts at speech into text with extraordinary accuracy. Although presently limited to a 50-word vocabulary, the silent patient is able to string together full sentences, which are displayed onscreen in real time. A few evocative examples include: “Here is my computer,” “My family is very comfortable,” “They have faith,” and “Faith is good.” This experiment was supported by Project Steno, a long-term program funded and supported by Facebook. One of the project’s broader goals was to create a non-invasive helmet that could translate the average user’s thoughts into digital information. Although Facebook Reality Labs decided to put this mass-market brain-cap on hold for now, the engineers are celebrating the UCSF neuroprosthetic implant as a new “milestone” in brain-computer interface. […] It’s only a matter of time before we see attempts to use elective brain implants to create elite mathematicians and super-soldiers. Over and over again, we’re told this new world is “inevitable.” That may be the case, but not because God or nature deemed it so. Transhumanism is inevitable for the same reason that war is always imminent: because someone with enough power wants it to happen.
Read more at The Federalist.

Bradford: A Brief on the Transhumanist Movement
Ethics: Transhumanists deny the existence of any metaphysical object or being. Thus, they deny the existence of any transcendent, objective standard of morality. If society acts upon a standard of morality, it is a standard that the material human individual or the human society has created. Morality has no set standard; rather, it can vary between individuals and cultures (moral and cultural relativism). Since morality is the creation of individuals and varies according to the individual, we have no intrinsic value or freedom. Thus, humanity’s measurement of morality and value has to be based on a physical scale (e.g. strength, intellect). Transhumanist Kyle Munkittrick stated it well in his article “When Will We Be Transhuman? Seven Conditions for Attaining Transhumanism”: Using a scaled system based on traits like sentience, empathy, self-awareness, tool use, problem solving, social behaviors, language use, and abstract reasoning, animals (including humans) will be granted rights based on varying degrees of personhood. When African grey parrots, gorillas, and dolphins have the same rights as a human toddler, a transhuman friendly rights system will be in place.[9] […] Theology: Transhumanists reject any belief in a transcendent, metaphysical god; however, they believe that a materialistic divinity can be attained. Through technology, the transhuman can become a “divine being”—omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. In essence, man can become god. One of the Transhumanist founders and renown futurist, F.M. Estfandiari, more popularly known by his stage name, FM-2030, stated that in order to attain a Transhumanist society, man would have to reject all religious beliefs.[10] Ironically, Transhumanism resembles a religious set of beliefs. Both Christianity and Transhumanism recognize an issue with the human condition. Christians believe that the physical problems that humans face are mere symptoms of a much deeper spiritual issue. Mankind spiritually rebelled against God, and, in consequence, we age, we suffer, we die. Thus, the human condition, really being a spiritual problem, requires a spiritual solution. The Transhumanists, however, believe that the human condition is purely a physical problem. Thus, a physical problem needs a physical solution. What is this solution? Man has to become god himself. Belinda Silbert, a popular Transhumanist and supposed psychic, wrote the following in an article called “Transhumanism as a Bridge to Divinity”:
Read more at Stand T0 Reason.


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