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Richard Bernstein contributor to Real Clear Investigations: . . . in exhaustive analysis of the research supporting the “current microaggression construct,” or CMC, Cantu and Jussim find that a microaggression is basically what a microaggression researcher subjectively believes it to be, with almost nothing in the way of scientific evidence that racism is embedded in it or that its alleged victims even see it as racist or harmful.

Dr. Paul Marik the endowed professor at the Eastern Virginia Medical School and a world-renowned clinician-researcher:“If you were to say, tell me the characteristics of a perfect drug to treat COVID-19, what would you ask for?” I think you would ask firstly for something that’s safe, that’s cheap, that’s readily available, and has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. People would say, “That’s ridiculous. There could not possibly be a drug that has all of those characteristics. That’s just unreasonable. But we do have such a drug. The drug is called Ivermectin.”

Jaimee Fougner a potential kidney transplant donor was told that she would not be eligible to donate her kidney to a patient on the kidney transplant list unless she was vaccinated:  “When I explained that no, I wouldn’t be able to take the COVID shot, then the comment was, well your journey ends here, because we require all of our donors and recipients to have the COVID-19 vaccine.

Katie Hopkins contributor to Frontpage Magazine describes a visit to NYC: The city is divided. And yet, because it’s not about race or color, somehow, no one seems to care. Apartheid is acceptable here — as long as it’s about medical choice or lack thereof.

Benjamin Braddock contributor to American Greatness: There is no question about whether or not vaccine mandates are acceptable. They’re not. There is no question about whether vaccines pass the risk/benefit test for low-risk groups or those with natural immunity. They don’t. There is no question about whether or not our leaders are acting in good faith. They aren’t. The only question that remains is, what are we going to do about it?


(July 2021) Bernstein: The Macro Subjectivity of ‘Microaggression’ Studies – Part 2 of a Series on ‘Social Justice’ Research
Ever since the most blatant forms of racism and discrimination in America faded, what are called microaggressions have, in the view of leftist academics and social justice activists, taken their place. These are “a form of racism,”  the slights and insults that, though subtle and small and typically unconscious, are insulting and harmful to their targets. As noted by Edward Cantu and Lee Jussim — respectively, a law professor at the University of Missouri and a professor of social psychology at Rutgers — microaggressions are a hot topic, as universities, diversity trainers, and others are “operationalizing” the microaggression idea “as if it were the product of rigorous science.” But in an exhaustive analysis of the research supporting the “current microaggression construct,” or CMC, Cantu and Jussim find that a microaggression is basically what a microaggression researcher subjectively believes it to be, with almost nothing in the way of scientific evidence that racism is embedded in it or that its alleged victims even see it as racist or harmful.
Read more at Real Clear Investigations.


Sperry: Durham Probes Pentagon Computer Contractors in Anti-Trump Conspiracy
Cybersecurity experts who held lucrative Pentagon and homeland security contracts and high-level security clearances are under investigation for potentially abusing their government privileges to aid a 2016 Clinton campaign plot to falsely link Donald Trump to Russia and trigger an FBI investigation of him and his campaign, according to several sources familiar with the work of Special Counsel John Durham. Durham is investigating whether they were involved in a scheme to misuse sensitive, nonpublic Internet data, which they had access to through their government contracts, to dredge up derogatory information on Trump on behalf of the Clinton campaign in 2016 and again in 2017, sources say — political dirt that sent FBI investigators on a wild goose chase. Prosecutors are also investigating whether some of the data presented to the FBI was faked or forged.
Read more at Real clear Investigations.

Sundance: A Compilation Video – Following the Vaccine Science Can Be Troublesome When the Vaccine Scientists Have an Independent Agenda
On October 29, 2019 (nearly 2 months before the first reported cases of SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan), Anthony Fauci and Rick Bright went on C-SPAN and spoke of the urgent need to switch over from egg-based vaccine manufacturing to mRNA-based vaccines. They said that due to public resistance to gene-based therapies (mRNA), there would need to be some “disruptive” event that causes a scenario where they would not be “beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes.” Here is a compilation video {Direct Rumble Link} showing the “scientific discussion” as it took place.  Perhaps ‘following the science’ was not a good strategy considering the vaccine scientists had an agenda.
Watch the 3: 44 minute video at The Conservative Treehouse

Winters & Kassam: 6 Scandals The Media Won’t Tell You About Outgoing NIH Director Francis Collins.
Appointed by President Obama in 2009, Collins issued a statement this week saying: “I fundamentally believe … that no single person should serve in the position too long, and that it’s time to bring in a new scientist to lead the NIH into the future.” But it is unlikely Collins’s belief in a revolving door at the NIH that has prompted the move. Rather, with pressure mounting on key public figures such as his minion Anthony Fauci and arms-length brother-in-arms Peter Daszak, it is worth looking at what the media won’t be saying about Collins this week.
Read more at The National Pulse


(Denver) Kruegel: No COVID vaccine? No organ transplant, Colorado hospital decides
A patient on the kidney transplant list was moved to inactive status by UCHealth for not receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. Her living donor is also unvaccinated and UCHealth said both need to be vaccinated for the transplant process to continue. The letter Leilani Lutali received states: “The transplant team at University of Colorado Hospital has determined that it is necessary to place you inactive on the waiting list. You will be inactivated on the list for non-compliance by not receiving the COVID vaccine. You will have 30 days to begin the vaccination series. If your decision is to refuse COVID vaccination you will be removed from the kidney transplant list. You will continue to accrue waiting time, but you will not receive a kidney offer while listed inactive. Once you complete the COVID vaccination series you will be reactivated on the kidney transplant list pending any other changes in your health condition.” Lutali said she has religious concerns with the vaccines, as well as concerns that the vaccine would not be effective after receiving immunosuppressant drugs post-surgery.
Read more at KDVR/Fox 31 Colorado.

Prestigiacomo: Man Dies From COVID-19 After Hospital Rejects Court Order For Ivermectin: Report
A 75-year-old New York man died last weekend after a hospital refused to give him the drug Ivermectin in a last-ditch effort to save his life, despite an order from a judge, an exclusive report from News10NBC’s Jennifer Lewke revealed. Although Jeremy L. Carter was vaccinated against COVID-19, he still caught the virus at the end of August, Lewke detailed. He became sick enough to be hospitalized at Rochester General Hospital and continued to deteriorate to the point where he was placed on a ventilator. […] . . . the hospital refused to administer the drug to Carter, even though the family said they would gladly sign away any right to file a malpractice lawsuit. Still, though, Rochester General Hospital refused. Rochester Regional Health filed an appeal on Saturday, and a hearing was scheduled for Monday, Lewke’s report said. Carter died on Sunday.
Read more at The Daily Wire.

(H/T AA) Capuzzo: The Drug That Cracked COVID
Ivermectin.  […] Mom was sleeping twelve hours a day. She couldn’t eat. She couldn’t lift the phone. “I’m fine, I’m just tired,” she kept saying. But Judy was always up with the sun. After raising two children as a single mother, working thirty-five years as an office manager for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, she was still cleaning houses five mornings a week with her girlfriends to “keep busy.” On December 22, three days before Christmas, Judy tested positive for COVID-19. “We were devastated,” Michael said. The family Christmas Eve dinner was cancelled, Judy spent Christmas in quarantine in her house, four days after Christmas she was taken by ambulance to Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital, and on New Year’s Eve Michael and Michelle got a call from the hospital that their mother was being admitted to the ICU. It all happened so fast. “We can’t be with her,” Michael said. “We can’t hold her hand, we can’t sleep in the room with her.” He started keeping notes to make sense of it all. “Hearing her voice crack on the phone as she agreed to go on the ventilator was HEART-BREAKING,” he wrote. His mother was sedated and unresponsive, as if she were in a coma, as a ventilator mechanically breathed for her. The doctors said there was little more they could do, and her chances of survival were bleak. Judy was getting the global standard of COVID-19 care recommended by the World Health Organization, the National Institutes of Health, and all major public health agencies. It was called “supportive care.” […]  In other words, Judy would have to save herself. […]  But as Judy lay dying in the small hospital eight miles northeast of Buffalo, almost six hundred miles south in Norfolk, Virginia, Dr. Paul Marik, sixty-three, the endowed professor at the Eastern Virginia Medical School and a world-renowned clinician-researcher, was unknowingly preparing to save her life with a “wonder drug” that obliterates COVID-19. Discovering the drug was one thing, but getting it to Judy’s doctors in time to save her, getting it to the many thousands of people who needed it, would be a harrowing journey to rival the Iditarod mushers’ 1925 serum run of 675 miles through ice and snow to Nome, Alaska so Dr. Curtis Welch could stop the diphtheria epidemic. But this “Great Race of Mercy” had far less chance of success, for the obstacles were not in nature but in the minds and hearts of other men. […]  Marik had been keeping tabs on Ivermectin . . .
Read more Mountain Home.

Waldman: How Democrats’ ‘Infrastructure’ Packages Would Devastate American Health Care
Everyone knows the U.S. health care system is unsustainable, while medical care is already both unaffordable and too often inaccessible. Democrats’ answer to our nightmare is to hide changes to health care within their bills disguised as “infrastructure” — changes that will make care even less available. […]
. . .infrastructure bill contains two important health policy changes. Both reduce Americans’ access to medical care. The bill resumes a 2 percent cut in payments to Medicare providers, on top of all the other federal payments reductions. By cutting provider reimbursements (again), Democrats’ infrastructure bill reduces the availability of care, the same way the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) Medicaid cuts reduced access to care for enrollees. […]  A second health care provision buried in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill delays implementation of the . . .
Read more at The Federalist.


Hopkins: Inside Apartheid NYC
When the ‘unclean’ and non-compliant are excluded from the privileges accorded to the rest. I’m not quite sure how I thought this trip to New York City would work out. I kind of figured the crazy new rules regarding vaccination passes didn’t apply to me, or somehow that reality would be different to the headlines — stating that you needed to be vaccinated to go into bars, restaurants, and hotels in the city that never sleeps. I have faith in humanity and no fear. I couldn’t believe for a moment this place I used to call home would actually be enforcing the rules fabricated by de Blasio and the drug-pushers in power.
But I was wrong. Every hotel, bar, and business is pushing this vaccination apartheid. There are signs on every doorway, and just in case you missed those, there are more signs at eye height in the foyers. You may only be inside, sit inside, or dine inside if you are double-jabbed and have a vaccination card and ID to prove it. […] Wooden shelters and fabricated huts are hastily thrown up onto the sidewalks outside these places — crashing into the gutter alongside the trash and the parked cars. Restaurant owners are scrambling to create some kind of outdoor alternative for the unclean and non-compliant who have failed to get their jabs and are excluded from the privileges accorded to the rest.
Read more at FrontPage Mag.


MERCK SELLS FEDERALLY FINANCED COVID PILL TO U.S. FOR 40 TIMES WHAT IT COSTS TO MAKEThe Covid-19 treatment molnupiravir was developed using funding from the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense. A FIVE-DAY COURSE of molnupiravir, the new medicine being hailed as a “huge advance” in the treatment of Covid-19, costs $17.74 to produce, according to a report issued last week by drug pricing experts at the Harvard School of Public Health and King’s College Hospital in London. Merck is charging the U.S. government $712 for the same amount of medicine, or 40 times the price. [Note: A five day course of Ivermectin, another Merck developed  anti-viral pill is around $45. It is alleged that  Ivermectin and the “new” molnupiravi work in the same way.]
Read more at The Intercept.


Quinnipiac: Americans Give President Biden Lowest Marks Across The Board, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Majority Say The Biden Administration Is Not Competent
Today, Republicans (94 – 4 percent) and independents (60 – 32 percent) disapprove of the job Biden is doing, while Democrats approve 80 – 10 percent. Biden received negative scores in the double digits on all but one key issue when Americans were asked about his handling of …
Read more at Quinnipiac University Poll.

Forbes Breaking News: JUST IN: Psaki Pressed On ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Controversy Over Parents Protesting School Boards
Watch the 1:54 minute video.

Carnick: Gas Prices Hit 7-Year High
Gas prices have reached a seven-year high, skyrocketing nearly 50 percent over the last year. The national average price of gas on Wednesday hit $3.22, according to AAA, up from $2.18 just a year ago. The spike comes as oil prices have surged in recent weeks to their highest level since 2018. Analysts say the elevated energy prices can be attributed to a global shortage of natural gas, which has heightened demand for alternative fuel sources such as oil. The increase in energy prices has worsened the economy’s inflation, which is at a 13-year high. The price of energy commodities climbed nearly 42 percent over the last year, the Labor Department reported last month.
Read more at Free Beacon.

Chasmar: DCCC’s new top hires promoted anti-police rhetoric, defund police movement
New top hires at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) have a history of promoting anti-police rhetoric.  Christale Spain, a former senior adviser of the South Carolina Democratic Party, expressed her excitement Tuesday night after being tapped as the DCCC’s senior adviser for Black engagement. In May 2020, as protests continued to rage across the country following the killing of George Floyd, Spain tweeted the definition of “rebellion.” “An act of violent or open resistance to an established government or ruler #JusticeforGeorge,” she wrote, seemingly endorsing the notion. […] The DCCC also hired Kristin Slevin as its chief of staff after she spent the last several election cycles working for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. […]  In June of last year, Slevin encouraged people to keep ” . . .
Read more at Fox News.

There must a Robert Ludlum series lurking in the saga of OCC Comptroller nominee Saule Omarova. One installment of the series would be The Omarova Thesis — the thesis she wrote at Moscow State University on the Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship: “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital.” It must have been a good one — so good that she has scrubbed it from her current résumé. […]  Senator Toomey “noted that presidential nominees are required to submit all copies of their published writings,” but Omarovia has not responded to questions about the thesis or the revision to her résumé. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is also maintaining radio silence.

Singman: Top Republican says ISIS suicide bomber was prisoner released from Bagram Air Base, cites Indian intel
A top Republican on a key military panel said he reviewed intelligence that the ISIS-K suicide bomber that killed 13 U.S. service members outside of Hamid Karzai International Airport in August was a prisoner released from Bagram Air Base after the Taliban seized control of the facility. Rep. Ken Calvert, R-Calif., the top Republican on the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, told Fox News that Indian intelligence sources are reporting that the suicide bomber was one of the 7,000 prisoners housed at Bagram prison, and released by the Taliban last month.
Read more at Fox News.

McMurray: Ugandan Family That Illegally Crossed Border From Mexico Into Texas Is Caught On Camera Boarding American Airlines Flight With No ID [VIDEO]
The photo below shows the Ugandan woman, her husband, and her son preparing to go through “security” before boarding their American Airlines flight. According to Avila, neither the woman, her husband, or her son had any identification and were given a yellow packet containing boarding passes and paperwork from the US Border Patrol that allowed them to bypass the identification process with TSA. When the retired ICE special agent reached the TSA agent, he was asked for identification. Avila asked why he should have to show identification to fly when the entire family in front of him didn’t have to provide any identification? The TSA agent became hostile and demanded he provide ID or they would refuse to allow him to pass through security. Avila asked the TSA agent, “Do you remember 9/11? You are the DHS! You just allowed 3 people from Africa that are illegal in this country but you won’t allow me, a US citizen and retired federal agent to board without an ID? This is upside down and backwards!”
Read more/Watch the 44 second video at 100 Percent Fed Up.

Saavedra: Bernie Sanders Refused To Sign On To Statement Condemning Activists Harassing Sinema In Bathroom: Report
“Sanders wanted the statement to urge Sinema to drop her opposition to prescription drug reform, as well as Biden’s $3.5 trillion” social spending bill, Axios reported. “An email exchange between Senate Democratic leadership aides, obtained by Axios, reveals Sanders withheld his name from a joint statement declaring protesters who followed Sinema into a bathroom — and filmed her while using the restroom — as ‘plainly inappropriate and unacceptable.’”
Read more at The Daily Wire


Adams: The Mob Attacking Trump’s Lawyer Is More Dangerous Than Anything John Eastman Is Accused of Doing
This week’s victim in the campaign to cancel attorneys who committed the sin of representing former president Trump is John Eastman. Eastman wrote two opinion memos for President Trump about the Electoral College process. Because they do not like Eastman’s client, or his legal reasoning, a swarm of signatories has asked the State Bar of California to investigate whether his representation violated California’s legal ethics rules. The transgression? Eastman wrote his pair of private memos to the president of the United States providing his legal opinion about the functioning of the 12th Amendment, federal statutes, some of which Eastman characterized as unconstitutional, and how the vice president, consistent with the text, could potentially either delay the counting of electoral votes or refuse to accept contested slates. Back in the old days of representing GITMO detainees, we called that the sacred right to legal counsel. In olden days, lawyers representing terrorists were allowed to fill their terrorist-clients’ heads full of reasons they weren’t guilty of trying to kill Americans. Times have changed. Indeed, the chief author of the bar complaint against John Eastman is Stephen Bundy, a Berkeley law professor. In an October 1999 American Lawyer article about lawyers not wanting to defend tobacco companies, Bundy commented on the importance of making sure everyone has legal representation: “If you’re the last lawyer in town, you have to put your feelings aside.” Bundy now borrows from the reasoning of another time and another place: Your guilt or innocence depends on your politics. In Bundy’s view in 2021, if you’re the last lawyer in town, you better not represent Donald Trump.
Read more at PJ Media.

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