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Stephen Miller former advisor to President Trump offered his opinion of Biden’s proposal to pay $450K compensation to illegal migrants:  “Well, first of all, that’s insane. Secondly, this issue is widely misunderstood. You’re talking about individuals who commit a federal crime who were criminally prosecuted and who, during the pendency of their incarceration, were separated from their families. There are literally millions …. of American citizens who have been criminally prosecuted and separated from their families.” “No American citizen who goes to jail is then given reparations — let alone half a million dollars per family member. Nothing like this has ever been attempted in the history of the world.”

Sundance  contributor to The Conservative Treehouse: To say the apparatus of the U.S. federal propaganda machine has been triggered by a pending broadcast of a Tucker Carlson documentary would be an understatement.  Factually, there are very powerful U.S. interests who stand to be exposed if disinfecting sunlight is poured on an expose’ of the January 6th construct. Congresswoman Liz Cheney (U-DC) is very much part of the ‘deep state’ system we have tracked, researched and identified as “The Fourth Branch of Government.”

Thaddeus G. McCotter contributor to American Greatness:  . . .the loudest voices for censorship are the largest fonts of disinformation.

Karen Townsend contributor to HotAir questions Biden’s proposal to subsidize daycare and universal pre-k  for low-income people instead of getting to the “root” of the poverty problem: Here’s the thing – the Biden administration’s propaganda leaves out an important piece of this puzzle. Where’s the child’s father in this picture? The single greatest tool against poverty is an intact family. Get an education, get married, then have a baby.

Andrea Widburg contributor to American Thinker: For people who stood up to the torture of their Senate confirmation hearings, Barrett and Kavanaugh have proven to be weak-minded squishes. Like Chief Justice Roberts, they’ll be conservative about things of limited interest and always side with the leftists on the big things.

Kyle Shideler contributor to American Greatness: If the Justice Department and DHS have money to spend on surveilling school board protests, they are clearly overfunded.

Alex Berenson former NYT investigative journalist wrote in his substack blog: . .  .yesterday the Centers for Disease Control, America’s not-at-all-politicized public health agency, released a new study purporting to show that vaccination protects against Covid infection better than natural immunity. Of course, a wave of stories about the benefits of mRNA vaccination followed.

Paul Gottfried contributor to American Greatness: A group of 142 historians considered worthy of the honor was asked to rate our greatest presidents. As luck would have it, Obama made the top 10 within four years of leaving the White House. By contrast, right after departing office, former President Trump was assigned to 41st out of 44 places among chief executives in terms of professional qualities and placed last in moral authority. Although neither I nor any other historian of my acquaintance was asked to participate in the survey, we are assured that those who rank the presidents are being purely professional.


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: American Airlines Cancels 104 Flights At Phoenix Sky Harbor – Whistleblower Reveals Weather Is NOT The Cause, It’s Crew Shortages
American Airlines canceled 104 flights in and out of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on Sunday, which made up 34% of their Phoenix services for the day.  The number of cancellations is still growing. Lines of people packed the Phoenix airport today waiting for their accommodations after their flights were canceled.
[…]  Earlier, The Gateway Pundit reported that American canceled 634 flights on Sunday nationwide, and more than 1,500 flights have been canceled since Friday. The airliner is blaming ‘weather issues and staffing shortages.’ […]  This afternoon a whistleblower gave The Gateway Pundit a document that revealed it was staff shortages and not “high winds” that forced the flights to be canceled. Our whistleblower told us, “High winds My ass. High winds of freedom!”
Read more at The Gateway Pundit.

Fuchs & Korecki: Companies mull ending government contracts over vaccine mandate
Objections among certain vendors over President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors are reaching an inflection point. As the deadline for workforce vaccination approaches, some trucking companies are mulling whether to end their work with the federal government altogether, according to two industry insiders. In an interview, the American Trucking Associations’ executive vice president for advocacy Bill Sullivan told POLITICO that some companies may simply decide that the cost of the mandate is not worth the government’s checks. Sullivan said he has raised concerns to the White House, Office of Management and Budget and other executive branch officials. He noted that if companies drop their contracts, it may be harder to get certain foods to troops, transport fuel for military vehicles, or even deploy the National Guard. “I am confident but with heavy heart recognize a vaccine mandate will mean less capacity for the government as a customer of freight,” he said. “It has the potential to seriously impact military readiness.” His association has also warned that it could also delay deliveries to consumers during the holiday season. “I feel like the president has tried to be beautifully simple like this could apply to everybody, and by doing that, there will be an impact,” he said.
Read more at Politico.

The Center Square Staff: COVID vaccine mandates oust cops nationwide, police leaders warn of fallout
In New York City, officers passed the mayor’s deadline for vaccination Friday. The city announced that there are 26,000 unvaccinated municipal workers, including 17% of police officers. Those who refuse to comply will be placed on unpaid leave beginning Monday. But New York City is far from the only local government to take that route. Several municipalities have instituted vaccine mandates for police officers only to see a significant drop-off in staffing. Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Seattle police departments have all grappled over this issue as well. In some areas, like Denver, data suggest that many officers who fought the mandate were in the end unwilling to resign over it. However, in other areas, police departments around the country have lost many officers due to the mandate. […]  Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has capitalized politically on the issue, publicly calling on ousted officers from around the nation to move to Florida. “NYPD, Minneapolis, Seattle, if you’re not being treated well, we’ll treat you better here: You fill important needs for us, and we’ll compensate you as a result,” DeSantis told Fox News.
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Kinney III: Congress made crucial change to vaccine definition weeks before COVID-19
Without a quiet change to federal law just before the onset of COVID-19, the experimental, mRNA COVID jabs may never have been labelled as vaccines. […]  A basic summary is as follows: without the December 2019 change to U.S. law defining “biological product,” the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines may have been required to be labeled as something other than a vaccine. Stated slightly differently, the U.S. federal government’s definition of “biological product” which was used up until a few weeks before the reported outbreak of COVID-19 may have prohibited the mRNA COVID-19 products from being labeled as vaccines.
[…]  The aforementioned change to U.S. federal law is also relevant to discussions in previous articles which described updates to U.S. federal laws made soon before COVID-19 suggesting the possibility that COVID-19 may be some sort of falsified pandemic exercise.  Specifically, the timing of the change – before COVID in December of 2019 – along with the apparent hurried status – burying the change on page 595 of a U.S. federal funding act – again suggests the possibility that COVID-19 may be a falsified pandemic exercise which U.S. federal government public health officials and politicians were preparing for by attempting to legally protect themselves with several significant changes to laws, strategies, and plans governing and regulating public health “emerging threats,” pandemics, vaccines, or related subjects.
Read more at Life Site News.

Solomon & Mittelstadt: Feds creating comic books to push COVID masks, fight disinformation on 5G and elections
Colorado voters perusing their Secretary of State Web site ahead of this week’s elections are directed in the “What You Can Do” section to a most-unexpected resource: a comic book purporting to educate them on “deep fakes,” “troll farms” and “election misinformation.” If the tool isn’t surprising enough to voters, its publisher just may be: It’s Uncle Sam. Since October 2020, the Homeland Security Department’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has published two “graphic novels” aimed at combatting what it sees as two dangerous myths in America: Elections can be stolen and 5G towers have a connection to the COVID-19 pandemic. […]  “When I helped pass the bill to rename CISA, the intent was to help the agency focus on Cyber and Infrastructure security, not establish itself as a comic book publisher or the Ministry of Truth,” Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., told Just the News on Sunday “This is just one more sad example of what America gets with Democrat governance: less security, more nanny state.” […]  You can read the full “Real Fake” here:   cfi_real-fake_graphic-novel_508.pdf  While seizing parts of the Russian intervention storyline, the comic book neglects to offer a parallel narrative on the revelation — embraced by conservatives — that one of the biggest Russian misinformation campaigns may have been carried out by Hillary Clinton’s anti-Trump researcher Christopher Steele, whose infamous dossier U.S. intelligence concluded contained misinformation planted by Russian intelligence.
Read more at Just the News


Widburg: The Supreme Court rejects an injunction request from Maine healthcare workers seeking religious exemptions from the vaccine
Maine has a regulation requiring large numbers of healthcare workers to get the COVID-19 vaccines or be barred from working. The regulations allow exemptions for medical reasons but refuse them for religious reasons. Eight people who object to the vaccines’ connection to abortion sought an emergency injunction so that they wouldn’t be forced to choose between a vaccine that offends their religious principles or losing their right to practice medicine. Justices Barrett and Kavanaugh joined with the leftists to deny this injunction. In truly insulting fashion, Barrett wrote a short concurrence that is pure legal gibberish. To understand how nonsensical Barrett’s one-paragraph statement is, it’s worth first reading Justice Gorsuch’s dissent, in which Justices Thomas and Alito joined. After stating the facts, Gorsuch makes some simple, clear points: . . . […]  Gorsuch’s short dissent is a thoughtful, powerful statement about the controlling facts and the applicable law, not to mention the irreparable harm to people forced to decide between a vaccination against their faith or the destruction of their careers while waiting months or years for the Supreme Court to act. And then there’s Barrett’s nonsensical concurrence with the leftists’ denial of injunctive relief.
Read more at American Thinker.

ADI Staff Reporter: U.S. Supreme Court Agrees To Accept Arizona’s Petition On 2019 Public Charge Rule
On Friday, the U.S.  Supreme Court agreed to hear a petition filed by a coalition of 13 states including Arizona to defend the Public Charge Rule, which ensures that noncitizens are able to financially support themselves in order to become U.S. citizens or to obtain green cards. The states are asking the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to allow them to intervene in a lawsuit challenging the policy after the Biden Administration abandoned defense of the rule earlier this year. Joining Arizona are attorneys general from the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia. Previously, SCOTUS granted review of a case involving the same issues. But, after SCOTUS agreed to hear the case, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office (AGO) claims the Biden Administration abruptly shifted course. The AGO alleges that the Biden administration broke “established norms” and “sprung an unprecedented, coordinated, and multi-court gambit to dismiss all pending cases pursuant to a settlement.”
Read more at Arizona Daily Independent News Network.


Holmquist: Teaching Children to Recognize Propaganda
To the discerning reader, it’s apparent that Myart-Cruz could have stated the above much more succinctly by saying, “Our babies learned propaganda.” And in fact, they have been learning that propaganda for many years. Unfortunately, we looked away, convincing ourselves that such propaganda was only in big districts such as Los Angeles, or New York, or Chicago, not in our own local, Middle American neighborhoods. For years we kept our children in those schools, convincing ourselves they were safe, that their teachers and the curriculum they were studying were teaching them good things. That those good things would prepare them for living in the free world, able to embrace truth and recognize error immediately. Given the accelerated rate of deception in society, it now seems clear that schools indeed didn’t prepare children to recognize propaganda; instead, they were the ones that fed propaganda to children hook, line, and sinker. […]  Regardless of whether our children go to public, private, or homeschool, they will inevitably be exposed to propaganda. So how do we educate our children—and our own selves in the process—to think and wield the sword against this enemy? A few ideas come to mind.
Read more at Intellectual Takeout.

Anand & Bergen: Big Teacher Is Watching: How AI Spyware Took Over Schools
The pandemic caused schools to embrace laptops, tablets, Zoom, and an app called GoGuardian that tracks everything students (and, sometimes, parents) do online. At Pekin Community High School, the teachers are something close to omniscient. Education, even in-person education, is digital in the Covid-19 era, and staff members use a piece of software to watch everything students do on school-issued laptops and to keep them off banned websites. The kids are aware. “They pretty much know that they’re being monitored 24/7,” says Cynthia Hinderliter, head of technology at the school outside Peoria, Ill. Still, class clowns persist. Hinderliter pulls up a detailed dashboard of student online activity, which reveals the identities of rule breakers. A yellow “EXPLICIT” label appears beside the name of a youngster who had typed “sexy girls” and “sugar daddy dating” into Google. Other students were searching YouTube for videos of a farming simulation game, guitar tutorials, and, for some reason, nursery rhymes about trucks. Another popular search: “How you bypass GoGuardian,” which is the name of the tracking software Pekin High uses. GoGuardian has been around since 2014, but the pandemic gave educators new reasons to adopt it. The software is quickly becoming almost as commonplace inside American classrooms as standardized tests. […]  For kids that means their every keystroke, click, and search is recorded and analyzed by companies such as GoGuardian, which is based in Los Angeles. Its competitors include Gaggle.Net, Securly, and Bark Technologies. In addition to monitoring and website filtering, GoGuardian sells software tools for classroom management, video calling, and network security. Its most futuristic offering, Beacon, is an artificial intelligence feature the company claims can identify students who, based on their online behavior, are at risk of hurting themselves or others. […]  GoGuardian, like many other tech companies, declines to disclose the specifics of how its algorithms make determinations. Shinde says GoGuardian complies with all federal laws on student data and privacy.
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Key: Chuck Todd: ‘Shocking’ NBC Poll Shows 71% Believe U.S. Is on Wrong Track — ‘Scary News for the Democrats’
Todd said, “We have a brand new NBC news poll out this morning still with some scary news for the Democrats. The overarching message, Americans have lost their confidence in President Joe Biden and their optimism for the country. At least they have right now. Just 22% of adults say we are headed in the right direction. A shocking 71% say we’re on the wrong track and that includes a near majority of Democrats who are saying that.”
Read more at Breitbart.

London: G20 Members Commit to Carbon Neutrality ‘by or Around Mid-Century’
Leaders of the world’s biggest economies made a compromise commitment Sunday to reach carbon neutrality “by or around mid-century” as they wrapped up a two-day summit that was laying the groundwork for the U.N. climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland. According to the final communique, the Group of 20 leaders also agreed to end public financing for coal-fired power generation abroad, but set no target for phasing out coal domestically — a clear nod to top carbon polluters China and India.
Read more at Breitbart


McCotter: The Democratization of Information Threatens the Left
With the democratization of information, we are witnessing an immensely beneficial development for every American. This development is best recognized by the fascistic attempts of Big Tech, the Pravda media, and the Biden Administration to destroy it. As many have noted, social media has empowered individuals to pursue their happiness and shape their destinies to an extent unimagined in human history. While many are more familiar with the economic and social aspects of the internet (hence, the term “social media”), it is the political dimension that most frightens the Left. Given their perpetually failed, morally bankrupt, coercive agenda, the democratization of information is an existential threat for the Left and to its psychotic aim to “fundamentally transform” the most prosperous, powerful, and equitable nation ever known.
Read more at American Greatness.


America is now aware of the Department of Homeland Security’s new ‘Disinformation Governance Board’. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas called disinformation a “threat” that needs to be addressed with federal law enforcement power. (Is it coincidental that Elon Musk will shortly take Twitter private and re-establish a free speech platform in America?)

This new DHS office is the Biden Speech Police and represents an existential threat to our First Amendment and our Republic. Please click the adjacent red TAKE ACTION link for the resources to inform your Senators and Representatives about this unconstitutional and tyrannical assault on American Free Speech and our fierce rejection of it.

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