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Samuel Huntington the late Harvard political scientist: A world without U.S. primacy will be a world with more violence and disorder and less democracy and economic growth than a world where the United States continues to have more influence than any other country in shaping global affairs. The sustained international primacy of the United States is central to the welfare and security of Americans and to the future of freedom, democracy, open economies, and international order in the world.

Dru Kristenev contributor to Canada Free Press: According to Romans 13:2, “whoever resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation,” if persons in seats of authority are resisting the “ordinance of God” that is carefully inscribed in the Constitution, well, it’s evident what they are incurring.

Miranda Devine NY Post journalist:  Progressive criminal-justice reforms are not about equal justice. When it comes to Trump supporters, such as Kyle Rittenhouse or the Jan. 6 defendants still in pretrial detention in a DC jail, progressives are viciously punitive. They are weaponizing the criminal-justice system to terrorize their ideological opponents and create mayhem. This is a revolution, and we will all be its victims unless we wake up.

Daniel Greenfield contributor to Frontpage Magazine: . . . black racists always get a pass by a media that’s happy to enable their racism. While white racism is denounced as disgraceful, black racism is embraced as revolutionary.


VDH: Losing Confidence in the Pillars of Our Civilization
Conservatives now have lost their former traditional confidence in the administration of justice, in the intelligence and investigatory agencies, in the nation’s military leadership, in the media, and the criminal justice system.  No one yet knows what the effect will be of half the country losing faith in the very pillars of American civilization.
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Owens: Countering China’s Grand Strategy
It has been clear for some time that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) seeks to displace the United States not only as a regional but also as a global hegemonic power. Indeed, we are now in the midst of a new “cold war,” not unlike its predecessor that pitted the United States against the Soviet Union. In the service of its goals, Beijing has pursued a coherent grand strategy. Although China seems to be effectively executing its grand strategy, its success is not foreordained. But countering it must be the strategic priority of the United States. […]  Properly understood, grand strategy integrates all the instruments of national power—military, economic, political, technological, and psychological—in a concerted effort to achieve the goal of a state in the international system.
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Lifson: Signs of resistance among China’s power elite to Xi’s power grab
When Xi Jinping changed the rules of China’s Communist Party to allow him to serve as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party for life, instead of being limited to 2 5-year terms, it was easy to conclude that he had all the power and that he could operate unopposed, with no need to bother with the opinions of others. Dictators often appear to be able to operate with no constraints on their exercise of power. But power in China derives from control of the Chinese Communist Party. And the CCP is a complex organization’ it’s mission requires it to be complex because it controls nearly all significant elements of China’s society, a nation of 1.4 billion people spread out over a large territory.  There are varying interests and attitudes among the people who occupy the power structure of the CCP, inevitably. Factionalism is a permanent feature of large organizations in China, with often semi-covert alliances plotting to enhance their group’s power or to influence decisions in their favor. Even (or especially) when calls for unity make them publicly appear to agree with and support whoever is in charge of the party. That’s why anomalies about the recent Plenary Session of Communist Party – an annual affair in which the leadership gets together to discuss policy – may be signs of trouble ahead for Xi’s ability to hold onto power.
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Pleasance: Chinese state media gloats over JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s groveling apology for saying investment bank will outlast the communist party
Chinese state media has declared victory in a war of words with JP Morgan’s CEO after he issued two grovelling apologies for joking that his bank would outlast the Communist Party. The Global Times, a mouthpiece for the state, gloated over the apologies – chastising CEO Jamie Dimon for forgetting not to bite the hand that feeds. The paper also warned US companies to ‘educate’ themselves and avoid making ‘ignorant’ remarks as they become reliant on Chinese markets for their success. ‘The Chinese market is closely related to the success of US companies, and the CPC is the backbone of China’s success. Don’t they see the link between the two?,’ the column said. It later added: ‘A Chinese saying goes, after one finishes eating meat in the bowl, they start cursing people who give them the food.  ‘We believe a CEO and billionaire businessman should have understood this. He might have forgotten it for a while and then quickly remembered it again.’
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Toosi: Christian groups furious at Blinken for removing Nigeria from religious violence list.
Christian groups, a U.S. government panel and former senior U.S. diplomats are furious over Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s decision to take Nigeria off a list of countries accused of engaging in or tolerating religious persecution. Blinken’s decision was revealed last week just before he visited Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and one where Muslim-Christian tensions have long flared. State Department officials gave no reason for the move other than saying Blinken, upon the advice of various department sections, decided Nigeria didn’t meet the legal threshold to be named as “country of particular concern” in an annual religious freedom list released by the secretary of State.
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AP & Jewers: China warns US ‘not to play the Taiwan card’ because it is a ‘losing hand’ after bipartisan lawmakers met island’s ‘kick-a**’ president in surprise visit in defiance of Beijing
China has warned the US ‘not to play the Taiwan card’ because it is a ‘losing hand’ after bipartisan lawmakers visited the island and met its ‘kick-a**’ president. In defiance of Beijing, the group of five U.S. lawmakers met with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on Friday morning in a surprise one-day visit intended to reaffirm the United States’ ‘rock solid’ support for the self-governing island. But the Chinese foreign ministry said afterwards Beijing had lodged stern representations with the US over the visit. ‘We advise some people in the United States not to play the Taiwan card, because it’s a bad card, and a losing hand,’ Zhao Lijian, a spokesman at the foreign ministry, said at a regular media briefing.
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Saavedra: Biden Reinstating Trump-Era Remain In Mexico Immigration Policy After Court Forces Admin To Do So
Democrat President Joe Biden will reimplement former President Donald Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), more commonly referred to as the Remain in Mexico policy, as soon as next week after he was ordered by a court to do so. The move will undo one of Biden’s key immigration promises and now alleged asylum-seekers will be forced to wait in Mexico while their claims are evaluated. […]  “In compliance with the court order, we are working to reimplement MPP as promptly as possible,” DHS spokesperson Marsha Espinosa claimed. “We cannot do so until we have the independent agreement from the Government of Mexico to accept those we seek to enroll in MPP. We will communicate to the court, and to the public, the timing of reimplementation when we are prepared to do so.”
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Ross: Comrade Down: Senate Forces Biden to Dump OCC Nominee, Lenin Scholar
Five Senate Democrats told the White House late Wednesday they will not support Lenin scholarship recipient Saule Omarova to serve as Comptroller of the Currency, nuking her chances to serve as the country’s bank regulator. The Democrats—Sens. Jon Tester (D., Mont.), Kyrsten Sinema (D., Ariz.), Mark Kelly (D., Ariz.), Mark Warner (D., Va.), and John Hickenlooper (D., Colo.)—join all Senate Republicans in opposition to Omarova, who came under scrutiny over her proposals to use the banking system to “bankrupt” the oil and gas industry and her education in the Soviet Union. Axios reported Wednesday that the Democrats informed the White House they will not support Biden’s nominee. The failed nomination marks a major setback for progressives, . . .
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Daily Wire News: Ex-Obama Doctor: Biden Didn’t Get Cognitive Test Because Doctors Knew He Would’ve ‘Failed Miserably’
Former White House physician Ronny Jackson, who served in the role under both Presidents Obama and Trump, spoke out about President Joe Biden’s health report that was released last week, specifically the apparent lack of a cognitive examination. […]  “Honestly, there were six pages of stuff that most people just don’t care about,” Jackson said. “I mean, you know, Dr. O’Connor spent six pages addressing like an occasional cough and some stiffness and things like that when the elephant in the room was the president’s cognitive ability.
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Zeisloft: The Fed’s Favorite Inflation Measure Hits Three-Decade High
According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Personal Consumption Expenditures Price Index — which the central bank uses to inform monetary policy decisions — hit a year-over-year rate of 4.1% in October.
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Greenfield: After Lying About Existence of Inflation, Bidenites Turn to Socialist Conspiracy Theories to Explain It
Fallout from socialism experiments usually run in three stages. 1. It doesn’t exist 2. It’s really the fault of capitalism 3. This is the new normal and it’s a good thing. Initially the media tried to deny the existence of inflation or insisted that it was a temporary phenomenon. […]  So it’s time to pivot to phases 2 and 3. Some truly daring socialists are already pivoting to Stage 3 and arguing that inflation is a good thing because people being able to buy the things they need is bad for the planet. But the “mainstream” socialist take is to . . .
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Daily Wire News: DeSantis Slams Biden For Removing Marxist Terrorists From Terror List: ‘Will Embolden Terrorist Groups’
A statement from DeSantis’ office called the move a “reckless decision to remove the radically communist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) from the United States list of foreign terrorist organizations,” adding that the group “perpetuated countless murders, bombings, assassinations, kidnapping and attacks under the guise of ‘redistributing wealth.’” DeSantis said: . . . […]  “As if taking off the Houthis in Yemen from the list of terrorist organizations wasn’t bad enough already,” retired U.S. diplomat Alberto Miguel Fernandez said. “The Biden Administration now rewarding the narco-leftist FARC in Colombia.”
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Berrien: Supply Chain Be Damned: Biden Will Require Canadian Truck Drivers Get Vaccinated To Cross Border
Despite the fact that the supply chain across the United States continues to hurt American consumers, starting on January 22, the Biden administration will require nonresident truck drivers, as well as government and emergency response officials, to be fully vaccinated in order to cross the U.S. border. […] “It is entirely unclear how the industry and supply chain can compensate for thousands of drivers abruptly exiting the system overnight,” Laskowski noted. “Make no mistake, if this mandate moves forward as planned, it would bring significant consequences for the cross-border economy, which will be felt by the Canadian and American public.”
Read more at The Daily Wire.

Farrell: The Supply Chain and Border Security
U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says that national supply chain problems are caused by a lack of affordable childcare. While major U.S. ports such as Los Angeles and Baltimore have ships in the harbor waiting to offload cargo, a trucking shortage is delaying offloads and hauling. “Some of those issues,” Buttigieg stated, “may have to do with the availability of truckers, a thousand miles inland. There are a lot of things contributing to this. One of them is childcare, of course, which is why the president’s Build Back Better vision is going to be good for the labor market.” Over at MSNBC, host Tiffany Cross offered a different analysis of the trucking/supply chain problem. “This is an industry populated by a lot of white men over the age of 55,” she stated. “This group of people overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Some people have talked about aggressive truck drivers cutting them off or not being helpful.” The trucking shortages in the United States are real. Buttigieg and Cross are entitled to their opinions, of course, but their analyses seem off the mark. There is another threat to the trucking industry, the supply chain and our national security. It is NOT reported in the mainstream media: Foreign truckers — cleared for expedited commercial crossings between Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. — include at least half a dozen drivers who had deep connections to terrorism and drug-smuggling operations.
Read more at The Gatestone Institute.

Chasmar: Biden strikes far different tone after Arbery verdict than Rittenhouse
“Nothing can bring Mr. Arbery back to his family and to his community, but the verdict ensures that those who committed this horrible crime will be punished,” Biden said in a statement Wednesday. “While the guilty verdicts reflect our justice system doing its job, that alone is not enough. Instead, we must recommit ourselves to building a future of unity and shared strength, where no one fears violence because of the color of their skin.” […]  After Rittenhouse’s acquittal last week, Biden struck a somber tone, saying he was “angry” and “concerned” about the verdict.
Read more at Fox News.

Datoc: Biden nominates Shalanda Young to head Office of Management and Budget
Young, who currently serves as the acting OMB director, would be the first black woman to hold that post if confirmed by the Senate. The president also nominated Nani Coloretti to serve as OMB’s deputy director. […]  Prior to moving to OMB, Young served as the staff director for the House Appropriations Committee and worked with Republicans and Democrats to enact roughly $3 trillion in pandemic aid. Coloretti is a veteran of the Obama administration, . . .
Read more at Washington Examiner.


Devine: Liberal media ignores Waukesha Christmas parade horror
There’s a reason that President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have not prejudged the violent, racist, BLM-supporting career criminal charged with murder for driving his SUV deliberately into a Christmas parade in the mostly white Wisconsin town of Waukesha on Sunday, killing six innocents, including an 8-year-old boy, and injuring 62 others. There’s a reason the media are incurious about the hate-filled, anti-white social-media posts of suspect Darrell Brooks. Waukesha is of no interest to these people, not just because the story does not serve their political purposes, as the Kyle Rittenhouse case did when they wanted to paint Donald Trump as a white supremacist. No, they are burying the Waukesha story because it threatens the very core of the progressive revolution convulsing the country: criminal-justice “reform.”
Read more at New York Post.

Berrien: Media Calls Waukesha Fatal Car-Ramming A ‘Crash.’ They Called 2017 Charlottesville Car-Ramming An ‘Attack.’
Media strategist Gabriella Hoffman commented, “Media outlets reducing vehicular mass killings to crashes is blatant news coverage malpractice.
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Wulfsohn: Waukesha parade attack: Washington Post pummeled for tweet saying massacre was ’caused by an SUV’
Darrell Brooks was charged with intentional homicide after driving his SUV through a crowded street commemorating the holiday season, resulting in the deaths of six people ages 8 to 81 and injuring dozens more. However, a tweet from the Post seemed to place the responsibility on Brooks’ vehicle than the career criminal himself.
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Downey Jr.: Ax-Wielding Antifa Member Attacks GOP Senator’s Office, Dems Give Him Money, FBI Returns Ax
Far-left miscreant Thomas Alexander Starks, 31, of Lisbon, North Dakota, pleaded guilty to destruction of government property last April. Starks brought an ax to Sen. John Hoeven’s office in Fargo on December 21, 2020, and smashed  an intercom and glass door. The attack was captured on video.
Federal guidelines suggested Starks should spend 10–16 months in the hoosegow, but because he is a protected member of Antifa, he was sentenced to mere probation and ordered to pay $2,784 in restitution. Keep in mind that there are people still in solitary confinement for taking non-violent selfies in the Capitol on January 6.
Read more at PJ Media.

González-Gallarza: BLM: America’s Homegrown Marxism
A new book exposes the ideological wellsprings of the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution, by Mike Gonzalez (Encounter Books, 2021), 234 pages.A running joke on the climate-skeptic right depicts environmentalists as political watermelons—green on the outside, red on the inside. After the rampant rioting and looting of two summers ago that used George Floyd’s death as a pretext, it’s high time the culprits got their own fruit analogy. Per Mike Gonzalez’s latest book, BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution (2021), the namesake group resembles a fig—black on the outside, red on the inside. For all its outward pretension of caring for the plight of black Americans, the movement’s inner drive has proven to be the overhaul of American society along Marxist lines.
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