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Thomas Harrington contributor to Brownstone Institute: The elites’ ability to flood our consciousness with fragmentary and undigested information has increased exponentially. And they are well aware of, and quite satisfied by, the sense of disorientation this information overload causes in the majority of citizens. Why? Because they know that a disoriented or overwhelmed person is much more likely to grasp at simplistic “solutions” when they are directed this way.

Daniel Greenfield contributor to Frontpage Magazine exposes the real Russiagate collaborators: Russian Facebook ads had nothing to do with the 2016 election, but they helped promote the hate groups behind the “mostly peaceful” race riots that changed the political trajectory of 2020.

Adam Andrzejewski, Open the Books’ CEO and founder: “After grabbing legal power, bureaucrats are amassing firepower. It’s time to scale back the federal arsenal. Just who are the federal agencies preparing to battle?”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL): “I’m not against stockpiling ammunition, but you shouldn’t have to be a D.C. accountant to do it; you ought to be a mechanic in Pensacola. The Biden administration wants to “disarm Americans, open the border, empty the prisons,” and “still collect your taxes” with $725,000 worth of ammunition to do it.”

Glenn Beck: “When you have a president saying he is going to issue an emergency order and declare a national emergency on climate, of all things, you’re about to lose your republic.”


Sundance: Arizona Enters Day Three Still Counting Ballots

According to election officials in Maricopa County, Arizona, they will provide further updates on their ballot counting efforts on Thursday after 7pm.  The election was Tuesday.   Apparently, in Arizona it takes several days to count election ballots or something, and we are not supposed to think this is odd. [LINK] As of the latest update from Arizona in the Republican primary for Governor: Kari Lake has 303,860 votes (46.25%), and Karrin Taylor-Robson has 291,843 votes (44.42%). [LINK] Kari Lake is leading by 12,017 votes. […]  There are 16,968 more ballots reported from Maricopa County than votes cast for governor as reported by the Secretary of State. Did 16,968 voters in Maricopa County cast ballots without voting for governor? It all seems odd.

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/08/04/arizona-enters-day-three-still-counting-ballots/

Pearce: Thiel-Backed Blake Masters Wins Arizona GOP Primary For U.S. Senate

Blake Masters, with the backing of former President Donald Trump and Silicon Valley magnate Peter Thiel, won the Republican nomination to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday. Masters trailed behind Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and businessman Jim Lamon for much of the race. Masters, formerly COO of Thiel Capital and president of The Thiel Foundation, surged in the race after Trump endorsed him June 2. The race was called with Masters winning nearly 40% of the vote after an estimated four-fifths of the ballots had been counted. At the time, he held a roughly ten-point lead over his next closest competitor. Masters will take on Democratic Senator Mark Kelly, a former astronaut, for his seat in November.

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/thiel-backed-blake-masters-wins-arizona-gop-primary-for-u-s-senate

AP: Republican Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers LOSES state Senate bid after refusing Trump’s pleas to overturn the election and promising to never back ex-President again

Bowers faced an uphill battle in the eastern Phoenix suburb of Mesa, especially after the state Republican Party censured him following his June testimony before the panel investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on Congress and Trump endorsed Farnsworth.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11071707/Trump-critic-Arizona-House-Speaker-Rusty-Bowers-loses-state-Senate-bid.html

Breaking: Tudor Dixon wins… Gretchen Whitmer-killer… Trump-endorsed… slays Gretch in rip-roaring speech…

Dixon’s victory speech was quite excellent. Her assault on Whitmer was impetuous. Dixon absolutely annihilated Whitmer over the lockdowns which hurt children, destroyed businesses and jobs, and forced the elderly — like Dixon’s grandmother — to die alone in nursing homes.

Read more/Watch the 17 minute takedown: https://www.revolver.news/2022/08/breaking-tudor-dixon-wins-gretchen-whitmer-killer-trump-endorsed-slays-gretch-in-rip-roaring-speech/

Boom: MAGA John Gibbs beats Impeach Trump RINO Peter Meijer…

It’s official, folks. Trump-endorsed MAGA John Gibbs has taken down the Impeach Trump freshman Peter Meijer of the Meijer food dynasty.

Read more/Watch Gibbs clips: https://www.revolver.news/2022/08/michigan-3-john-gibbs-wins/

Brown: Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt Crushes Competition in GOP Senate Primary

The Show Me State’s Republican voters selected incumbent Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt as their candidate for U.S. Senate in November’s midterms, denying ex-Governor Eric Greitens the political comeback he attempted this cycle.

Read more: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/spencerbrown/2022/08/02/missouri-gop-senate-primary-n2611166

Anderson: Anti-Israel Dems Can’t Stop Blaming Their Primary Losses on the Jews

For the second time in a year, anti-Israel Democrats found themselves on the losing end of a bitter primary battle and rushed to blame the Jews. On Tuesday night, pro-Israel Rep. Haley Stevens cruised to a 20-point win over fellow Michigan Democratic representative Andy Levin, who has championed legislation to restrict military aid to the Jewish state, argued that anti-Semitism is not an issue on the left, and aligned himself with his party’s most radical, anti-Semitic members. As a result, pro-Israel group AIPAC spent to boost Stevens and oppose Levin through one of its newly formed political action committees, the United Democracy Project—prompting Levin’s far-left allies to blame the so-called Israel lobby following the congressman’s defeat. “Squad” acolyte and twice-failed congressional candidate Nina Turner, for example, quickly said, “AIPAC bought another seat.”

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/democrats/anti-israel-dems-cant-stop-blaming-their-primary-losses-on-the-jews/


Dreher: Davos Man, Master Of The Poors

What globalists did to Sri Lanka, they are doing to us all, in many ways. […]  I think I’m even more focused on decline-and-fall than usual because I’m sitting here in Central Europe reading the media and hearing people talking about how frightened they are of what’s coming in the autumn and winter, should Russian gas supplies be cut off. Very few people in this part of the world support the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but nobody asked them if they were prepared to sacrifice their economies to tweak Putin’s nose. In Germany, business leaders and others are talking about the possibility of German industry collapsing from lack of gas to power its factories. This is not an empty threat. The German economy is the engine that powers Europe. If Germany falls into depression, so will the rest of Europe — and that means political unrest, perhaps even violence. If you see what’s happening in the Netherlands right now, with angry farmers fighting back violently against the state’s plan to take away their land, you see what is possible for all of Europe in the near future. Then what will NATO do?

Read more: https://thepricklypear.org/davos-man-master-of-the-poors/


Citizen Free Press: Josh Hawley on Senate floor

Josh Hawley votes NO to expand NATO to include Sweden and Finland. Hawley was the only Senator to vote against inclusion of Sweden and Finland.

Watch the 1;02 minute video: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/josh-hawley-on-senate-floor/


McHugh: The Second Amendment: Why America Has It And Why It Is So Important

With the passage in the House this past week of the so called “Assault Weapons Ban” bill we are seeing those who lust for unlimited power over the vast majority of American citizens take one more critical step toward achieving that end. We keep hearing that the Senate will not go along and also pass this bill and, hopefully, that will be the case. However, do we know that for sure that we can count on the Senate or are we being intentionally misled in order to reduce our resistance to its passage? There is no question but that America, today, is at a crossroads and is under very serious attack by those who seek unlimited power. As such, defending the Second Amendment has taken on an enormous importance for all of us who cherish freedom. Recently we have been seeing articles in our more conservative media supporting the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, too many of these articles tend to be defensive in nature and often written in response to the claims of those promoting “gun control” for supposed reasons of safety. “Gun Control” is not now nor has it ever has been about safety. “Gun Control” is now and always has been about “Control”, the control of the American people by those in government. If we are to retain our freedom in America we must retain the Second Amendment and do everything that can be done legally to combat and defeat those who wish to take it away.

Read more: https://canadafreepress.com/article/the-second-amendment-why-america-has-it-and-why-it-is-so-important


The Center Square Staff: Rep. Matt Gaetz introduces bill to ban IRS from acquiring ammunition

The Disarm the IRS act would ban the agency responsible for tax enforcement from purchasing ammunition after the agency already has stockpiled more than 5 million rounds. This year alone, the IRS has purchased $725,000 worth of ammunition, Gaetz said. “I’m not against stockpiling ammunition, but you shouldn’t have to be a D.C. accountant to do it; you ought to be a mechanic in Pensacola,” he told Fox News. The Biden administration wants to “disarm Americans, open the border, empty the prisons,” and “still collect your taxes” with $725,000 worth of ammunition to do it, he said. […]  “Why is Biden trying to weaponize the IRS?” Duncan tweeted. Rep. Gosar tweeted they needed to disarm “this band of highwaymen and stop them from taking our money under the threat of violence.” According to a Government Accountability Office report, in 2018, there were 2,148 law enforcement officers working for the IRS’s Criminal Investigation Division. They were armed with 4,461 weapons, including 15 fully automatic weapons and more than 5 million rounds of ammunition. […]  103 federal agencies outside of the Department of Defense and 76 administrative agencies spent $2.7 billion and $110.6 million, respectively, on guns, ammunition and military-style equipment between fiscal years 2015 and 2019. The report notes that there are more federal officers with arrest and firearm authority with the IRS (200,000) than U.S. Marines (182,000).

Read more: https://justthenews.com/nation/states/center-square/gaetz-introduces-bill-ban-irs-acquiring-ammunition


Dam: DOJ sues Peter Navarro over Trump White House emails

The Department of Justice is suing former White House adviser Peter Navarro for emails from a private account he used while working for former President Trump and for allegedly “wrongfully retaining” those communications, according to court documents. Why it matters: The lawsuit is an unusual move by the DOJ’s Federal Programs Branch — which typically pursues civil matters — targeting alleged sloppy federal records maintenance from the previous administration, per CNN.

Read more: https://www.axios.com/2022/08/04/doj-sues-trump-adviser-peter-navarro-emails


(H/T DG) Wolf: Facing the Beast

The same week that this happened, I also finalized my reporting about the Pfizer vaccines, showing — what I knew for months I would eventually find. The heart of the manufacture and distribution of millions of doses of the MRNA vaccines that are causing such a swath of death and destruction throughout North America and Western Europe, is enmeshed with the plans, methods and manufacturing infrastructure of our existential adversary. The enemy is within our very bodies. Since I first started reading the reports produced by the 3000 medical and scientific experts of the WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers team, based on the 55000 Pfizer documents released under court order, I knew I was seeing not just medicine gone wrong, not just a greedy pharmaceutical company and a regulatory agency that was fully corrupted, but rather, or additionally, I was seeing a massive act of war. [https://campaigns.dailyclout.io/campaign/brand/cc3b3e5a-6536-4738-8ed6-5ee368c67240] When I saw the eighteen months’ worth of sudden deaths, slow deaths, encephalies, strokes, heart attacks, pericarditis, myocarditis, Guillain Barre, Bell’s palsy, MS, blood clots, lung clots, leg clots, blue-green breast milk, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, neonatal seizures, neonatal multi-organ system failure, liver damage, kidney damage, suppressed lactation, suppressed sperm count, disrupted menses, all detailed the Pfizer documents; when I saw the fact that 34,000 plus of the 42000 plus adverse events “cases” itemized in the worldwide rollout of the Pfizer injections, were sustained in the US — with the next largest group being sustained in Western Europe – and that the 56 countries around the world that also had Pfizer injections rolled out, amounted for only a bit over 7000 adverse events total — I knew I was seeing not just medicine gone wrong on a massive scale, but rather that I was seeing an act of war. […]  We were told that Pfizer/BioNTech is a German company. But it is actually a German-Chinese company. Since I first found that Pfizer/BioNTech had an MOU with Fosun Pharmaceuticals, a major CCP-linked pharmaceutical company based in Shanghai, to make the Pfizer/BioNTech MRNA vaccines, I knew that with a bit more digging I would find China at the heart of these acts of war. [Note: Wolf starts writing about Pfizer a third of the way down the page.]

Read more: https://naomiwolf.substack.com/p/facing-the-beast

War Room: Episode 2047: Evidence Shows Proof Of Clotting With Vaccine; Wag The Pelosi

Bannon interviews Dr. Naomi Wolf.

Start the video at the 18:39  minute mark: https://rumble.com/v1eiwrn-episode-2047-evidence-shows-proof-of-clotting-with-vaccine-wag-the-pelosi.html

Chandler, M.D., M.B.A.: Pfizer Used Dangerous Assumptions, Rather than Research, to Guess at Outcomes

At the launch of widespread mass inoculation of the public with Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine, BNT162b2, media, physicians’ spokespeople,  and government officials communicated widely that the injected drug would be retained at the injection site muscle tissue and in local lymph nodes. The components were supposed to be metabolized in a day or so, leaving only induced SARS CoV-2 Spike antigen to evoke a therapeutic immune response. A short pulse of drug effect would be followed, they claimed, by limited production of Spike antigen.  However, newly released internal Pfizer documents show that this is not true. In fact, the injection causes widespread distribution of the material in tissues and this distribution persists for at least two days, and probably much longer. These facts are the exact opposite of what was publicized.

Read more: https://dailyclout.io/pfizer-used-dangerous-assumptions-rather-than-research-to-guess-at-outcomes/



How does a dangerous man like Dr. Rachel Levine wind up in the White House, spewing potentially deadly information to the public about drugs to treat children distressed about their sexed bodies? He was backed by The Victory Institute, which works to get LGBTQ activists into top levels of power in the US.

According to the group’s website. “When LGBTQ presidential appointees are empowered, they can significantly influence the policies and direction of agencies and the executive branch to make positive change for LGBTQ people.” Read: In this instance, push forward gender identity industry policies and laws that harm children and profit the medical-industrial complex by promoting dissociation from one’s sexed body as progressive. Levine is exactly what The Victory Institute is looking for, and during his stint as Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, he has worked to press the administration, and the nation, into accepting the idea that children can change their sex. This despite findings that show unequivocally the dangers both of the drugs used to halt puberty, and the life altering, reproductive ending, effects of surgeries. Levine transitioned later in life, after fathering children, a lengthy marriage, and a long medical career.

Read more: https://humanevents.com/2022/08/02/rachel-levine-is-a-quack-promoted-by-pharma-backed-group-to-normalize-disembodiment/

McCullough: They Want To Harm Your Kids

The cultural Marxists in our nation have a craven desire to mutilate and destroy healthy children. They want to do so through any emotional, sexual, and psychological means at their disposal. They’ve gone mainstream with their strategy, and you may be your child’s last best chance. Two years ago that opening paragraph may have read a bit inflammatory in a nation like America. Don’t misunderstand the child abusers were already on the rampage, but they had not yet been given legitimacy of holding significant positions in a Presidential administration. Having been granted such they have done everything they could to advance their agenda as fast as is humanly possible. […]  Children are pawns to Marxists.  That point has become increasingly clear in the newly created “problem” of “gender identity.”

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/08/they-want-harm-your-kids-kevin-mccullough/

Rooke: ‘Look At All That Money You Just Made!’: Drag Queen Praises Girl Dancing For Cash Tips

Libs of TikTok reposted a video Tuesday showing a little girl dancing on stage while a man dressed in a thong and drag outfit moves around the stage, encouraging the girl to continue performing. The girl can be seen smiling and dancing as two adults were recorded throwing cash at the girl’s feet.

The adult female was recorded fanning the cash onto the girl as she danced, similar to a move used in many strip clubs and music videos. As the music fades away, the man in the thong outfit  . . .

Read more/Watch the 1:03 minute video: https://dailycaller.com/2022/08/03/drag-queen-girl-dancing-cash-tips-libs-tiktok-viral-video/


Pavlich: After Pelosi Departure, China Surrounds Taiwan

Read more: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2022/08/03/after-pelosi-departure-china-surrounds-taiwan-n2611191

Pleasance: China launches its biggest ever live-fire military drill just 12 miles off Taiwan: ‘Beijing “miscalculation” could spark WAR’ with missiles shot OVER the island for the first time ‘in rehearsal for an invasion’

China has launched its biggest ever live-fire military drills around Taiwan as its warships encircled the island with missiles due to be fired over it for the first time, amid warnings a single miscalculation could spiral into all-out war. Beijing opened fire with 11 ballistic missiles around 2pm local time that flew across the Taiwan Strait and landed in waters to the north east and south west of the island, Taipei’s defence ministry said – as video released by Chinese state media showed the weapons being launched. Hypersonic missiles are also due to feature in the drills. The exercises will last until Sunday and are due to include J-20 stealth fighters, long-range bombers, and China’s most up-to-date corvettes and destroyers in what state media says is a rehearsal for an invasion. Beijing’s two aircraft carriers – the Liaoning and Shandong – have also taken up positions nearby. Foreign ministers from the ASEAN group of nations which share the eastern Pacific with China and Taiwan have urged ‘restraint’ today, saying the war games ‘could lead to miscalculation, serious confrontation, open conflicts and unpredictable consequences among major powers.’

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11079181/China-stage-major-drills-Taiwan-Pelosi-visit.html

Davidson: If Nancy Pelosi Cared About Confronting China She’d Do More Than Stage Political Theater

The ebb and flow of the corporate news cycle almost always distorts and distracts rather than informs or enlightens. So it was this week with the coverage of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, which produced the intended effect of eliciting lazy puff pieces lauding her “three-decade career of challenging the Chinese government on human rights and other issues,” as the New York Times’ Carl Hulse dutifully put it. But make no mistake: Pelosi did not go to Taiwan to stand up to China. She went for her own purposes, to shore up a narrative about her legacy as a tough American political leader who has always stood up to autocracies like communist China in defense of democracy. Remember that time she unfurled the banner in Tiananmen Square and the police yelled at her? Of course you do. Hulse and his colleagues have made sure of it. In reality, the Taiwan trip was pure political propaganda, lapped up and regurgitated by a sycophantic press unwilling to admit the obvious fact that Pelosi, like every other establishment figure in Washington, has never been serious about standing up to China.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2022/08/04/if-nancy-pelosi-cared-about-confronting-china-shed-do-more-than-stage-political-theater/


Enloe: Reporters grill top WH official for allowing Taliban to harbor al Qaeda — then Peter Doocy ratchets up the pressure

National Security Council coordinator John Kirby was peppered with questions Tuesday over how the Biden administration will respond to the Taliban violating the Doha Agreement. […]  “You guys gave a whole country to a bunch of people that are on the FBI Most Wanted list. What did you think was going to happen?” Doocy pressed. Kirby responded by saying he takes “issue with the premise that we gave a whole country to terrorist groups.” “The Taliban was harboring the world’s number-one terrorist. How is that not giving a country to a terrorist-sympathizing group, if not giving them permission to have terrorists just sit on a balcony?” Doocy pressed.

Read more: https://www.theblaze.com/news/reporters-grill-john-kirby-taliban-harboring-al-qaeda

Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom: Col Doug Macgregor – Ukraine Russia latest

Col. Douglas Macgregor’s on the US strategy in Ukraine: “There is no strategy”…

Watch the 24 minute interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niZQnX-pw5w


(Imprimis) Spoehr: The Rise of Wokeness in the Military

Complaints by veteran soldiers about younger generations who lack discipline and traditional values are as old as war itself. Grizzled veterans in the Greek phalanx, Roman legions, and Napoleon’s elite corps all believed that the failings of the young would be the ruin of their armies. This is not the chief worry of grizzled American veterans today. The largest threat they see by far to our current military is the weakening of its fabric by radical progressive (or “woke”) policies being imposed, not by a rising generation of slackers, but by the very leaders charged with ensuring their readiness. Wokeness in the military is being imposed by elected and appointed leaders in the White House, Congress, and the Pentagon who have little understanding of the purpose, character, traditions, and requirements of the institution they are trying to change. The push for it didn’t begin in the last two years under the Biden administration—nor will it automatically end if a non-woke administration is elected in 2024. Wokeness in the military has become ingrained. And unless the policies that flow from it are illegal or directly jeopardize readiness, senior military leaders have little alternative but to comply. Woke ideology undermines military readiness in various ways. It undermines cohesiveness by emphasizing differences based on race, ethnicity, and sex. It undermines leadership authority by introducing questions about whether promotion is based on merit or quota requirements. It leads to military personnel serving in specialties and areas for which they are not qualified or ready. And it takes time and resources away from training activities and weapons development that contribute to readiness. Wokeness in the military also affects relations between the military and society at large. It acts as a disincentive for many young Americans in terms of enlistment. And it undermines wholehearted support for the military by a significant portion of the American public at a time when it is needed the most. Let me give some examples of what I mean by wokeness.

Read more: https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/the-rise-of-wokeness-in-the-military/


Bryce: Manchin-Schumer Energy Deal Proves the Power of The Swamp

Never doubt the power of The Swamp.  That’s the apparent lesson to be learned from Senator Joe Manchin’s reversal on the energy-related provisions of the pending reconciliation bill. Last month, Manchin derailed the measure which included some $300 billion in energy-related provisions. Manchin was pilloried by climate activists and by former Obama advisor, John Podesta, who declared that Manchin had “single-handedly doomed humanity.” But last Wednesday, Manchin switched his position and agreed to a deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer which has been dubiously dubbed the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.” The Manchin-Schumer deal shows, yet again, that the Washington Favor Factory never sleeps. The 700-plus-page bill is filled with outrageously expensive subsidies for the solar and wind sectors and lavishes lollipops on nearly every energy-related special interest in Washington. The legislation is so broad and has so much corporate welfare that it has been endorsed by – get this – Exxon Mobil andthe Natural Resources Defense Council.

Read more at Real Clear Energy.

Gortler: If Paxlovid Causes More Covid, Why Has The White House Spent Billions On It?

Is there some sort of unholy union between the FDA, Pfizer, and the Biden White House? Shortly after President Joe Biden touted his recovery from Covid last week, he once again tested positive for the virus, in a rebound case that is often associated with the drug Paxlovid, which Biden was taking.

Countless Americans who have taken Pfizer’s Paxlovid following a Covid infection have experienced what everyone is calling “rebound Covid.” Rebound Covid is a recurrence of the virus that occurs in a person who has already recovered from Covid, many times shortly after completing Paxlovid.  What does it mean? Clinical scientists are offering all kinds of different theories, but no definitive explanations for the “rebound” Paxlovid phenomenon have been established. It’s a mystery and regardless of what it is, it can’t be good.  Why Make High-Risk Patients Sick Twice? Rebound Covid post-Paxlovid raises a critical public health and drug safety concern. According to the NIH, only high-risk populations are supposed to get Paxlovid, but taking Paxlovid sometimes opens those same high-risk patients to a rebound infection with Covid. In some cases, the rebound Covid symptoms are worse, placing the same high-risk patients in more severe danger.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2022/08/03/if-paxlovid-causes-more-covid-why-has-the-white-house-spent-billions-on-it/


Greenfield: Russian Spies Were Behind Black Nationalist Protest Groups

After years of Russiagate conspiracy theories about how the Russians had somehow rigged the 2016 presidential election using Facebook ads, the Senate Intelligence report awkwardly revealed that the Russian operation had focused most of its attention on black nationalists. The Senate report revealed that “most of the videos” put out by the Russian IRA troll factory on YouTube “pertained to police brutality and the activist efforts of the Black Lives Matter organization” and found that “no single group of Americans was targeted… more than African-Americans” around “race and related issues”. But that was an understatement. The Russians had created their own Black Lives Matter groups, activists and protests. It is still not fully clear where the dividing lines between black nationalists and Russian agents lie. And the media has consistently buried these revelations about the real Russian role in our politics to focus on the discredited smears targeting President Trump and his political allies. And yet the true Russian agents were the black nationalists championed by the Left. […]  A real Russia investigation would finally expose the longstanding ties between the American Left and our international adversaries, including their longtime backers in Moscow.

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/08/russian-spies-were-behind-black-nationalists-daniel-greenfield/


McCue: Real-Life Married Couple Displays Beauty Of Parenting In New Film ‘Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters’

For a father, nothing is more daunting than the uncharted territory of raising a daughter — let alone three. With faith and family at the center, Pure Flix’s first original movie, “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters,” explores the ups and downs fathers face when raising their little girls. Adapted from Dr. Meg Meeker’s bestselling book, “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” explores the dynamics of the Parstons, a traditional suburban family in which the father, Steve, navigates raising his three daughters all in different stages of life. Alongside his wife, Connie, Steve grapples with his youngest daughter outgrowing childhood, the dramatics of raising an angsty teen, and letting go of his eldest, whose life plans stray drastically from his idea for her future. […]  In a world where notable on-screen patriarchs are drug king-pins or mob bosses, “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” is a breath of fresh air and will stream exclusively on Pure Flix, a streaming service that specializes in faith-filled and family-friendly content. The movie doesn’t aim to degrade a man’s strength, but rather exemplifies how it can be misconstrued in raising a family sometimes and how it ultimately serves as the strong backbone for a family.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2022/07/26/real-life-married-couple-displays-beauty-of-parenting-in-new-film-strong-fathers-strong-daughters/


Troutman: Meet the Ex-Antifa Activist and Dem Politician Launching a Pro-America Ad Campaign

After turning away from left-wing politics, a former Antifa activist and Democratic politician are launching a new campaign to challenge what they see as pervasive anti-Americanism among the country’s youth. Gabriel Nadales, an Antifa protester turned conservative activist, and Barrington Martin II, a former Democratic congressional candidate, launched a half-million-dollar ad buy last week through their new group Our America, aimed at empowering young people across the United States to “celebrate a pride in, connection to, and a responsibility for our community and country.” The organization, whose advisory team includes conservative commentator Deroy Murdock, will also spend $2 million to produce online content that promotes what they say are America’s unifying values: patriotism, freedom of expression, respect, dignity, and equal opportunity. […]  Nadales, who came to the United States from Mexico as a child, said his public school education encouraged him to believe that America hates immigrants like himself. Nadales said he was recruited by the left-wing movement Antifa, known for its violent rioting and looting in cities such as Portland during the Trump administration, before he graduated high school.

After he became disillusioned with the group’s political extremism, however, he said he realized the far-left movement is a symptom of the division plaguing America. “They’re incredibly dangerous, and they represent what is wrong with America today . . .

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/latest-news/meet-the-ex-antifa-rioter-and-dem-politician-launching-a-pro-america-ad-campaign/

VDH: Why We Lost Trust in the Expert Class

Elite experts and degreed professionals massaged and warped their knowledge to serve ideological masters rather than the truth.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2022/08/03/why-we-lost-trust-in-the-expert-class/

Widburg: The alleged wannabe Kavanaugh assassin wasn’t just an ordinary guy

Like so many young people today, Nicholas Roske met at the intersection of leftism and a very specific type of mental illness.  […] Roske identifies himself as an “MtF” named Sophie—that is, a Male to Female transgender. Pathetically, he seeks a female “cuddle” friend because, despite being a “female,” he’s unable to create sexual friendships with men. Also, quite unsurprisingly, he says he’s “420 friendly,” which means he’s a pot user. Pot, of course, is increasingly associated with psychotic criminality of the type you’d see in a man who thinks he’s a woman and who announces that “I am shooting for 3” Supreme Court justices to “remove” from the Supreme Court. There is something very wrong with too many of our young people. They are raised in a world without moral anchors because traditional values, which are fixed have been replaced with virtue signaling and wokeness, which are constantly moving targets.

Read more at American Thinker.


The $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 being pushed through the U.S. Senate to be passed by reconciliation (50 votes plus the Vice President) before the upcoming August recess is a threat to America’s economy and the well-being of all Americans. The article above makes clear that Senator Kyrsten Sinema is the one Democrat vote that America is looking at. She alone can stop this legislation. Please contact her at her office locations in Washington, D.C. and in Arizona by phone and letter. Click the red TAKE ACTION link below for Senator Sinema’s contact information.

Although Senator Mark Kelly is a do-as -Chuck Schumer- tells-you-to-do partisan shill, contacting him may be helpful given his significant vulnerability in the November general election. His contact information is also found at the TAKE ACTION link below. We suggest that copying him on your letter to Senator Sinema may possibly have some impact on his voting behavior. Calling his office is also important – the staffs do score the relative positions of constituents and this too may influence the voting behavior.


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