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Daniel Greenfield contributor to Frontpage Magazine: Communist China isn’t afraid of Pelosi and it certainly isn’t afraid of Biden. The Communist dictatorship is testing our nation’s leaders to see if it has any reason to fear America.

J.B. Shurk contributor to American Thinker: It is not normal for a national government to intentionally cause economic destruction, racial conflict, and social misery.  It is not normal for political leaders to care more about Ukraine’s borders than our own Southern border.  It is not normal for a U.S. president to hand our emergency petroleum stockpiles over to an adversarial China.  It is not normal for the federal government to let hostile foreign powers gobble up American farmland and critical industry infrastructure.  It is not normal for the United States to hand its sovereignty to the bureaucrats of unelected international institutions and the champagne socialists of the World Economic Forum and its fraternity of globalist social clubs.  It is not normal for the White House and Congress to work together to cripple domestic energy resources, strangle food production, and unleash waves of poverty-inducing inflation.  It is not normal for the U.S. military to replace its best and strongest warriors with “woke” pretenders who couldn’t withstand a strong breeze but do cower in tears from the “violence” of words.

Kevin McCullough contributor to Frontpage Magazine: It’s in perfect keeping with their world view. Political movements that root their basis for existence in fifty years of sixty million dead babies are definitively inclined to not value the innocence and existence of children as sacred.

Emina Melonic contributor to American Greatness: As a writer, I can’t help but continue to write about the importance of the soul. Vonnegut is right: people like Gates (and his kind) seek to stop people from “becoming.” The desire is not to let the soul grow but instead to kill it. Such people are no different from totalitarians of the past, such as Communists and National Socialists. The impetus and the message are the same: the power brokers are gods and people are beasts.

Chad Felix Greene contributor to The Federalist: As gay men spread the virus within their population at startling rates, the chances of it escaping into the mundane world through close contact in stores, crowded streets, or buses increases. We shut down the world for a virus that had no traceable transmission, it was entirely random. It really isn’t too much to ask for gay men to stop engaging in orgies and public sex events for their “mental health,” their “self-esteem,” and to continue “having fun.” This time around, truly selfish behavior is endangering the rest of us, and we shouldn’t be shamed for speaking out against it.


Turley: Is “Inconceivable” Provable? The Justice Department Needs More Than a Vizzini Charge to Prosecute Trump

This week, CNN received a 282-page letter from former President Trump. The “Notice of Intent” to sue includes dozens of past transcripts and online stories of unrelentingly anti-Trump coverage on the network. However, there is one line that stood out; it stated that Trump “subjectively believes that the results of the 2020 presidential election turned on fraudulent voting activity in several key states.” The line does not make a case for civil defamation — but it could offer a criminal defense if Attorney General Merrick Garland charges Trump as part of an ongoing grand jury investigation. As a defamation lawsuit, the length of the exhibits does little to make up for the limited case law supporting Trump’s claim. Trump faces a difficult constitutional standard applied to public officials and public figures. Under that “actual malice standard,” he must show that CNN had actual knowledge of the falsity of a statement or showed reckless disregard of whether it was true or false. Trump has long objected to that standard and called for it to be changed to allow greater liability for the media. Ironically, liberals such as Harvard professor Cass Sunstein also have called for the broader use of defamation to combat “fake news.” However, courts have not accepted such invitations. The standard is designed to make defamation actions more difficult, to give the free press “breathing space” to carry out its key function in our system. CNN’s reporting in some stories that Trump lied about election fraud was clearly protected opinion. In other reports, it was based on the views of experts or sources. In either case, a defamation case cannot be maintained on the “I believed it to be true” claim. The question is whether CNN knew it to be false or didn’t care if it was false or true. That claim, however, could have greater success in a criminal prosecution.

Some of us continue to question the basis for criminal charges against Trump on the current evidence.

Read more: https://jonathanturley.org/2022/08/01/is-inconceivable-provable-the-justice-department-needs-more-than-a-vizzini-charge-to-prosecute-trump/


Poulos: Big Tech promises to scourge or salve our human nature.

“The following is an excerpt from Michael Walsh’s forthcoming book, Against the Great Reset: Eighteen Theses Contra the New World Order, which will be published by Bombardier Books and be available October 18, 2022. Walsh has gathered a series of essays from among eighteen of the most eminent thinkers, writers, and journalists—including the American Mind’s own James Poulos, as well as Claremont Senior Fellows Michael Anton and the late Angelo Codevilla—to provide the first major salvo in the intellectual resistance to the sweeping restructuring of the western world by globalist elites.” The history of the Great Reset is a technological one. It is the history of the unfolding development of communication media to supplement, perchance to supplant, the republican form of government, wherein citizens meet face to face in their shared humanity and under God, to govern themselves at human scale. The quest to replace this ancient arrangement with a new world government is itself nothing new. In 1928, the year of the world’s first color television transmission and the first appearance of Mickey Mouse, H. G. Wells published The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution, not a science fiction novel but a manifesto for the establishment of a “world commonwealth” with a “world religion” rooted not in any established Western or Eastern faith but in the “unending growth of knowledge and power.”

Read more: https://americanmind.org/salvo/sacred-culture-or-cyborg-rapture/


Davis: Leaked Documents Show FBI Equating Basic American Terminology With ‘Violent Extremism’

On Tuesday, Project Veritas dropped a bombshell document that shows the FBI making disturbing judgments in identifying “violent extremists.” [WASHINGTON, D.C. – Aug. 2, 2022] Project Veritas released a newly leaked document today provided by an FBI whistleblower, which shows how the Bureau classifies American citizens it deems to be potential “Militia Violent Extremists” [MVEs]. In the document, the FBI cites symbols, images, phrases, events, and individuals that agents should look out for when identifying alleged domestic terrorists. Some of the examples of “red flags” used in the documents are truly shocking. […]  It is extremely alarming to learn the FBI is so casually conflating common, basic American terminology and Americana with violent extremists. It seems they are genuinely setting up Americans for punishment based on the most basic, common expressions of totally average patriotism.

Read more: https://redstate.com/kiradavis/2022/08/02/leaked-documents-show-fbi-equating-basic-american-terminology-with-violent-extremism-n606135

Kane: Oregon to vote on strictest gun control in nation…

Oregon will soon vote on a ballot measure that opponents say could virtually end the legal sale of firearms in the state, making it one of the “strictest gun-control measures ever proposed in the nation,” according to Leonard Williamson, an explanatory committee member who opposes the measure.

 If voters approve Measure 114, the “Changes to Gun Ownership and Purchase Requirements Initiative,” a permit would be required to obtain any firearm, magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds would be outlawed, some commonly used pump shotguns would be banned because they can exceed the 10 round limit, and State Police would be required to maintain a searchable public database of all permit applications.

Read more: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/oregon-to-vote-on-strictest-gun-control-in-nation/


Showalter: The IRS about to go ‘beast mode’?

Just how bad is the Biden administration and Democrat Congress’s grossly misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act” of 2022? The Wall Street Journal has a shocking lead editorial titled “The IRS is About to Go Beast Mode” about the particulars of its $80 billion expansion of the IRS, which is six times the size of the tax agency’s current $12.6 billion budget: The $80 billion is more than six times the current annual IRS budget of $12.6 billion. The money will be ladled out over nine years and comes with few strings attached. The main Democratic command is for the tax agency to bring the hammer down on taxpayers.

The bill earmarks $45.6 billion for “enforcement,” including “litigation,” “criminal investigations,” “investigative technology,” “digital asset monitoring” and a new fleet of tax-collector cars. The result will be far more audits, civil suits and criminal referrals. The main targets will by necessity be the middle- and upper-middle class because that’s where the money is. […]  So instead of improving the tax system by simplifying it, as in “low flat tax,” and kickstarting the economy so that revenues flow in, the Bidenites are going for the Full Lenin — crushing the middle class. Here’s the word from their master, who understood how to obtain power: “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” -Vladimir Ilich Lenin. They’ve got the inflation down pat, now they’re perfecting their game with taxes. Lenin understood this principle very well because he knew how unpopular communism and Marxism were with the lower middle classes.

Read more at American Thinker.


Justice: Inside Liz Cheney’s Coordinated Effort To Prevent Troop Deployment Before Jan. 6

Cheney has blamed Trump for not ordering the National Guard to defend the Capitol complex, even though multiple sources confirm that he authorized their deployment days prior to the Jan. 6 rally at the White House and riot at the Capitol. Security officials in charge of the Capitol declined to call up troops to protect it, government records show. Yet Cheney herself seems to have orchestrated opposition to use of the military to quell election-related unrest, allegedly organizing a Washington Post op-ed on Jan. 3, 2021, signed by every living former defense secretary. “All 10 living former defense secretaries: Involving the military in election disputes would cross into dangerous territory,” the headline read. It went on to threaten any military official who thought any use of the military might be a good idea. “Civilian and military officials who direct or carry out such measures would be accountable, including potentially facing criminal penalties, for the grave consequences of their actions on our republic,” the op-ed warned. The op-ed was allegedly organized by Cheney, whose father was secretary of defense under President George H.W. Bush before serving as President George W. Bush’s vice president. Eric Edelman, a national security adviser to Dick Cheney, told the New Yorker the Wyoming lawmaker “was the one who generated” the piece for the Post.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2022/08/02/inside-liz-cheneys-coordinated-effort-to-prevent-troop-deployment-before-jan-6/

Solomon: Liz Cheney’s J6 attack on Trump undercut by her father’s own actions during 1992 LA riots

Long estranged from the 45th president, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney tried recently to make hay against Donald Trump by suggesting he never ordered National Guard troops to the Capitol during the Jan. 6 riots. But her attack misconstrues Pentagon procedures and is undercut by her own father’s actions as defense secretary during the 1992 Rodney King riots. In modern history, the Defense Department has interpreted its obligations under the Posse Comitatus Act passed in 1878 to mean that National Guard troops can’t be ordered into action for civil unrest in American localities unless they are requested by local authorities, such as a mayor, police chief or governor, according to a historical analysis of the Pentagon’s compliance with the law. The practice is for a president to authorize his defense secretary to deploy troops in times of crisis upon receipt of a request and then let the Pentagon order deployment once that plea for help is made That’s what Trump did in the days before the Jan. 6 riot, and what President George H.W. Bush and then-Defense Secretary Dick Cheney did during the violence that exploded in Los Angeles in the spring of 1992

Read more: https://justthenews.com/accountability/hldliz-cheneys-attack-trump-undercut-her-fathers-own-actions-during-1992-la-riots


Mittlestadt: Biden, Soros spearhead efforts against election integrity ahead of midterms

While federal agencies under the Biden administration are seeking to increase voter registration and turnout, a group linked to left-wing megadonor George Soros is pushing for a constitutional amendment in the battleground state of Michigan that would allow Zuckerbucks to be used in election administration.[…] Meanwhile, with midterm elections approaching in November, a left-leaning organization called Promote the Vote submitted nearly 670,000 voter signatures — more than the roughly 425,000 required — for a new Michigan constitutional amendment to be placed on the ballot in the November election. The amendment would “require state-funded postage for absentee applications and ballots”; “require state-funded absentee-ballot drop boxes”; allow voters to be sent an absentee ballot for every election by requesting it on an absentee ballot application; and “require 9 days of early in-person voting.” It would also prevent enactment of both strict voter ID requirements and a ban on private donations to election officials,

Read more: https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/elections/major-liberal-efforts-against-election-integrity-leading-midterms-biden

Sundance: Excellent News, Senator Tim Scott Endorses Senator Lisa Murkowski

This is excellent news because South Carolina Senator Tim Scott has long been a DeceptiCon hiding out and tricking most of the Tea Party republican base of voters for several years.  Some completely fooled people have even promoted Tim Scott’s name for the presidency. As an attendee to the 2016 Sea Island Summit, Tim Scott pledged his allegiance to his one true god, money.  That is the only allegiance of the American Enterprise Institute. After his initiation he joined the ranks of the manipulative DeceptiCons in the senate led by Mitch McConnell.  This endorsement is simply further evidence: . . .

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/08/03/excellent-news-senator-tim-scott-endorses-senator-lisa-murkowski/


Anthony: CDC’s 4 Step Scheme That Destroyed Medical Credibility

Still think it is inconceivable so many trusted hospitals and medical professionals would inflate COVID hospitalizations and deaths making the pandemic appear worse than it was? Consider this. In February of 2020, the CDC released projections of COVID’s spread largely based on the flawed Imperial College agent-based simulation model. The model predicted up to 1.2 million US deaths lacking action. PCR testing as a tool for mass screening should not be used alone as a base for pandemic decision-making On February 4, 2020 following an urgent CDC request, the FDA issued an emergency use authorization to use the PCR process to identify the COVID-19 virus.  The EUA was issued despite earlier statements by Kary Mullis, the test’s inventor, referencing HIV and the AIDS epidemic that applies to all viruses today… ”[The PCR] doesn’t tell you you are sick; and it doesn’t tell you the thing you ended up with will really hurt you.”

[…]  The pressure to label admissions as COVID cases was enormous. Sure enough, by April 1, 2020, widespread PCR testing confirmed there were over 716,000 hospitalizations and 35,000 deaths caused by COVID-19. […]  A perfect 4-step scheme for fraud  Between testing, admission, ICU, Remdesivir, mechanical ventilator, and death a patient’s Medicare reimbursement could run $75,000 or more, IF COVID-19 related. If there are not enough COVID patients to cover the loan advances, hospitals must find other ways to pay back CMS. A perfect 4-step scheme for fraud. 1. . . 2. . . 3. . .4. . . […]  The government backed hospitals into a financial corner and more COVID patients was the only way out. […] The only way to regain medical trust is to listen to dissident voices, read the censored science, and start telling patients the truth.

Read more: https://canadafreepress.com/article/cdcs-4-step-scheme-that-destroyed-medical-credibility


Malone, MD, MS: Data doesn’t lie: mRNA-vaccines and correlation to all-cause mortality

Dr. Schetters is an exceptional, gifted, and highly respected vaccinologist – let us hope his warnings will not be ignored by his government and world health leaders. […]  Marlies Dekkers:  So what do we now know then about the side effects? So this is the future. Sounds horrible to me. But in the now, what can people be aware of? What kind of complaints that they can have or what kind of that they now listen to this and think ‘what?’, it’s connected perhaps to the vaccine. Dr. Theo Schetters:  Yeah. Well, and that’s the problem with this technology because this mRNA travels through your body because of the formulations that they used. Dr. Robert Malo…:    Which physicians were told was not the case. Marlies Dekkers:  No, it should stay in the arm. Dr. Theo Schetters:  So it potentially affects all organs. And that’s what the medical doctors now see, they see all sorts of symptoms that they do not know what it is. And because the adverse effects are so not just single one adverse effect, but can be anything, they surface very difficult to a statistical level. And that’s why we do analysis on all cause mortality, because say, okay, and if we do not know what is exactly related to vaccination, of course, the coagulation problems, myocarditis, we know that, but there are many more things happening at the moment. And so that’s why we look at all cause mortality, and in the Netherlands now it’s very clear that there is a good correlation between the number of vaccinations that are given to people and the number of people that die within a week after that. So let’s say in this week we gave 10,000 vaccinations. Then in this week, we have something like 125 excess in death in that week (My note – that equals 800 deaths per 100,000 or 1/800 in the 60+ cohort).

Read more: https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/data-doesnt-lie-mrna-vaccines-and

Berenson: The secret is there are no secrets

Anyone paying attention in August 2021 could see the rush to approve mRNA Covid boosters was politically driven and didn’t have much data behind it. Now we have proof from the inside. Emails released last week by the Food and Drug Administration show the agency’s vaccine regulators felt heavy pressure from the White House and senior FDA officials to approve boosters. By itself, that fact is not a huge surprise. The two top vax regulators, Drs. Marion Gruber and Philip Krause, announced their resignations in late August 2021 and within weeks spoke out publicly against widespread booster shots. No, the most frightening revelation in the emails isn’t the political machinations they reveal. It’s how they explode the myth of FDA omniscience, that the agency somehow had knowledge unavailable to the public to help it understand if boosters might work.

Read more: https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/the-secret-is-there-are-no-secrets

Kane: Hyper-Vaccinated Australia sets new record for Covid deaths…

With over 96% of the adult population fully vaccinated and 70+% boosted, Australia has just set a new record for COVID deaths Imagine if the media was interested in covering this instead of promoting “experts” and politicians blaming surges on the “unvaccinated”

Read more: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/hyper-vaccinated-australia-sets-new-record-for-covid-deaths/


Sundance: Joe Biden Announces White House Monkeypox Response Team to Deliver “Health Equity to all Monkeypox Stakeholders”

I was unaware that monkeypox was an issue for the White House. However, today the Biden administration is proud to present a team of government officials tasked for the purpose of handling the whole of government response to the U.S. outbreak of monkeypox.Additionally, I’m not exactly sure what a “stakeholder in monkeypox” is, but this team is in charge of making sure they have “health equity.” “Today, President Biden named FEMA’s Robert Fenton as the White House National Monkeypox Response Coordinator and Dr. Demetre Daskalakis as the White House National Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator. Fenton and Daskalakis will lead the Administration’s strategy and operations to combat the current monkeypox outbreak, including equitably increasing the availability of tests, vaccinations and treatments.

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/08/02/joe-biden-announces-white-house-monkeypox-response-team-to-deliver-health-equity-to-all-monkeypox-stakeholders/


Prager U Video: Fighting Sex Trafficking

America’s children are at risk. A traumatic experience at a young age ignited a mission in Tim Ballard – to protect children from the dangerous world around them. He was trained by the Department of Homeland Security and now runs Operation Underground Railroad, one of the largest anti-trafficking organizations in the world. Tim combats child exploitation head-on, but as a father of nine, he encourages all parents to understand what makes a predator and how to protect their children. Don’t miss it!

Watch the 13:32 minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-105177BzF4

Citizen Free Press: So smug. He’s so proud of himself.

Teacher says he asks students which name and pronouns he can use in front of parents. So a student can be living as trans or non-binary while in school and he won’t inform parents.

Watch the 57 second video: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/so-smug-hes-so-proud-of-himself/

Reese: Democratic Activists Are Dishing Out Millions To Keep CRT, Gender Theory In Schools

An education nonprofit that labels itself as non-partisan is pouring millions of dollars into political groups ahead of school board elections, according to Politico. The Campaign for Our Shared Future, which works for “equitable, anti-racist programs, practices and policies” in K-12 education, is targeting school board elections in red states including Arizona, Florida, Louisiana and Michigan, with a plan to reach at least 15 states, according to Politico. Executive Director Dr. Heather Harding said the group has raised at least $9 million for voting education efforts and plans to raise more. […]  Harding’s work history includes the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Teach For America, who values a “shared commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness.”

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2022/08/02/democratic-activists-are-dishing-out-millions-to-keep-crt-gender-theory-in-schools/

Troutman: Minnesota School District Pours Millions Into ‘Woke’ Math as Student Scores Plummet

Minneapolis Public Schools will spend more than $2 million to incorporate “ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity” into the K-5 math curriculum, according to a June school board presentation reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon. The new curriculum, which will be implemented in the fall, “reflects the lived experiences of our Minneapolis students and develops positive math identity,” a school district executive director said at a June 14 school board meeting, by adding “cultural and linguistically responsive materials.” Less than half of Minneapolis Public School elementary students, 43 percent, are proficient in math, 14 points lower than the Minnesota average.

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/campus/minnesota-school-district-pours-millions-into-woke-math-as-student-scores-plummet/


Kine: How Biden bungled the Pelosi trip

Speaker Nancy Pelosi concluded her whirlwind 19-hour visit to Taiwan Wednesday, leaving behind fevered messaging on both sides of the Taiwan Strait about the significance of her visit. But she’ll return to a muddled mess in Washington, bracketed by warnings from journalists and China experts about the long-term damage that her visit may have inflicted and rare GOP lawmaker applause for thumbing her nose at Beijing. What may linger longest is how the Biden administration’s fumbling of the public narrative for Pelosi’s trip bolstered the Chinese government’s depiction of her journey as an inflammatory escalation in U.S. engagement with Taiwan.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/news/2022/08/03/biden-pelosi-taiwan-trip-beijing-00049625

Greenfield: The Only Dangerous Thing About Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit is Her Boss’s Cowardice

If you believe the Biden administration and its media allies, members of congress visiting Taiwan is a shocking and unprecedented event. Except that Senator Tammy Duckworth visited Taiwan in May. Senator Richard Burr,  Robert Menendez, Lindsey Graham, Ben Sasse and Robert Portman came in April. Along with Rep. Ronny Jackson  Senator Dan Sullivan and Chris Coons flew over last summer. In the fall, Rep. Nancy Mace, Sarah Jacobs, Mark Takano, Elissa Slotkin and Colin Allred saw the sights. Thanks in part to the Taiwan Travel Act, which passed with no opposition and was signed by President Trump in 2018, Taiwan is Grand Central Station for congressional delegations. Pelosi is higher-ranking only in that she’s the outgoing lame duck leader of a vanishing majority. China was not threatened by Pelosi’s visit. It chose to exploit it as an opportunity to intimidate the Biden administration and blackmail its weak enemies. And whatever else happens, it succeeded in exposing once again how worthless Biden’s tough talk about Taiwan is.

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/08/only-dangerous-thing-about-pelosis-taiwan-visit-daniel-greenfield/

Fox News: China made Pelosi trip a ‘test of wills’: Expert

Author and China expert Gordon Chang sounds off on the latest from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s meeting with Taiwan’s president on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

Watch the 3:44 minute interview: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6310350055112#sp=show-clips

Fox News: What is the significance of Pelosi’s Taiwan trip?

Hudson Institute senior fellow Michael Pillsbury joined ‘Fox News @ Night’ to discuss the impact of Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan and what her visit could mean for U.S.-China relations.

Watch the 4:50 minute interview: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6310348669112#sp=show-clips

Ezrati: China’s Hidden Debt Crisis

hina’s ongoing debt crisis has experienced yet another twist of fortune. Some Chinese, fearful that their savings are in jeopardy, have protested so actively in front of banks that the Peoples’ Liberation Army has intervened. Others who had bought apartments before now-troubled developers could construct them—what the Chinese refer to as presales—have threatened to withhold payments on their mortgages. These latest aspects of China’s financial troubles have captured the media’s immediate attention, but they change nothing substantive in China’s underlying problem. Significant debt overhang points up fundamental, even systemic flaws in the Chinese Communist Party’s approach to economic organization. China’s rolling debt crisis broke in 2021, when the huge property developer, Evergrande, announced that it could no longer support some $300 billion in liabilities. Evergrande, and other developers who have since made similar if less grand announcements, have left bond holders and lending banks—both private and state owned—with assets that are now worthless, causing some to try to lock down deposits, and bringing on protests from anxious savers. Would-be homeowners who paid for and floated mortgages for apartments that do not exist have been left holding the bag. In a pattern common to financial crises everywhere, these mortgagees and lenders may now fail on other obligations, imposing losses on others who had nothing to do with the initial failure.

Read more: https://americanmind.org/salvo/chinas-hidden-debt-crisis/


Earle: Sinema demands CHANGES to $740bn Inflation Reduction Act: Democrat wants more climate funds for her OWN state of Arizona and restructured taxes (after Manchin got gas pipeline for West Virginia)

Sinema has been silent since Manchin announced the deal this week – and the White House has refused to divulge what contact, if any, Biden has had with the Arizona senator, who has infuriated Democratic colleagues and who is up for reelection in 2024. Sinema ‘wants to nix language narrowing the so-called carried interest loophole, which would change the way some investment income is taxed,’ Politico reported. The asks would represent a stunning $19 billion in changes and reflect Sinema’s leverage, but are still dwarfed by the overall size of the package. Sinema has long raised concerns about the tax provision, a priority for Biden that Manchin said was important to his support for a deal after months of negotiations. The provision brings in about $14 billion, with funds going to climate change and other initiatives. Sinema is also seeking about $5 billion in drought resiliency funds, which would benefit her parched state. The report cited sources familiar with her concerns, although her office didn’t comment.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11078521/Sinema-breaks-silence-urges-CHANGES-740billion-Inflation-Reduction-Act.html

Gittleson, Haslett & Winsor: Biden signs executive order in attempt to help low-income women pay for abortions if they have to cross state lines

President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed an executive order that his administration says will help low-income people pay for abortion services if they have to travel out of state to obtain them. The order, according to administration officials, paves the way for Medicaid to cover abortion-related costs for people who have traveled from states where their abortion is banned to states where it is not. But Biden and other officials on Wednesday provided few details about how the change would work — or a timeline for it to be implemented. [NOTE: Another unconstitutional executive order.]

Read more: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/biden-sign-executive-order-paving-medicaid-pay-state/story?id=87860932

Brown: Biden Admin Issues First ‘Worldwide Caution’ for Americans Abroad Since 2019

President Biden’s Department of State has issued a new warning to U.S. citizens abroad — and not just those in dangerous countries such as Afghanistan, Ukraine, or China amid escalating chaos there. No, it’s a “worldwide caution” warning Americans of threats to U.S. citizens and interests abroad as conditions around the globe grows even more dangerous. Replacing a previous Worldwide Caution from January of 2019, this is the first update to the warning since President Biden took office and Antony Blinken took the helm as Secretary of State. Here’s what it says: . . .

Read more: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/spencerbrown/2022/08/03/biden-admin-issues-first-worldwide-caution-for-americans-abroad-since-2019-n2611176


Hunt: Research in pigs shakes up what we know about dying

Researchers at Yale University say they have been able to restore blood circulation and other cellular functions in pigs a full hour after the animals’ deaths, suggesting that cells don’t die as quickly as scientists had assumed. With more research, the cutting-edge technique could someday potentially help preserve human organs for longer, allowing more people to receive transplants. The researchers used a system they developed called OrganEx which enables oxygen to be recirculated throughout a dead pig’s body, preserving cells and some organs after a cardiac arrest. “These cells are functioning hours after they should not be,” said Dr. Nenad Sestan, the Harvey and Kate Cushing Professor of Neuroscience and professor of comparative medicine, genetics and psychiatry at Yale, who led the study.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/03/health/dead-pigs-restore-cellular-function-scn/index.html


Solender: Scoop: Senate eyes changes to gay marriage bill

Senators are working behind the scenes on changes to a House-passed bill codifying marriage equality to get it across the finish line, Axios has learned. Why it matters: The legislation has been mired in uncertainty since landing in the upper chamber, with just a handful of GOP senators openly stating they plan to vote for the bill — short of the 10 needed to break a filibuster. Most Republicans have withheld how they plan to vote, and frustrations over Democrats’ steaming ahead on a major reconciliation package now threaten to boil over into other bipartisan legislation. Even Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who appeared to voice support for the bill last month, suggested in an interview with Axios that he’s not a firm “yes” vote: “I’ve never said I would support it. I said I didn’t see a reason to oppose it.”

Read more: https://www.axios.com/2022/08/02/gay-marriage-senate-republicans

Ross: Pet Project: BLM Activist Shaun King Used Donor Funds To Buy $40k Thoroughbred Show Dog

Grassroots Law PAC, which the progressive grifter founded to elect soft-on-crime local officials, paid roughly $40,000 since December to the California-based Potrero Performance Dogs, according to campaign finance disclosures. The payments are labeled for “contractor services,” making their purpose difficult to discern. But days after a $30,650 payment in February, King welcomed a “new member of the King family”: an award-winning mastiff bred by Potrero named Marz. King, who has been hounded for years by allegations of fraud, has not been accused of any wrongdoing in relation to Grassroots Law. But the payments for a dog raises questions about whether the former Bernie Sanders surrogate is using PAC contributions the way donors intended.

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/democrats/pet-project-blm-activist-shaun-king-used-donor-funds-to-buy-40k-thoroughbred-show-dog/

Children’s Health Defense: Young Woman Injured by Gardasil HPV Vaccine Sues Merck: ‘I Don’t Want This Pain for Other Kids’

Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief legal counsel of Children’s Health Defense, filed their 26th lawsuit against Merck, alleging the drugmaker fraudulently concealed the risks of its Gardasil human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, depriving parents and children of their right to informed consent. Baum Hedlund and Kennedy filed the complaint (case no. 22STCV24209) July 27 in California Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles, on behalf of Victoria Trevisan, a Los Angeles area woman, who developed postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and a myriad of other debilitating injuries after receiving the vaccine. Victoria Trevisan was 13 years old when she received the Gardasil HPV vaccine. Prior to then, Trevisan was a straight-A student-athlete who participated in ice skating and competitive club soccer. She had dreams of one day earning a soccer scholarship to play in college while studying forensics. On the day she received her third Gardasil shot, Trevisan fainted and hit her head on the window in the examination room at her doctor’s office. Over the next few months, she made multiple trips to doctors’ offices to treat a growing list of symptoms, including anxiety, body pains, brain fog, cognitive impairment, depression, frequent headaches, hives, insomnia and lightheadedness. […]  Doctors diagnosed Trevisan with the following health issues: . . . […]  Trevisan’s case is the 26th lawsuit that Baum Hedlund and Kennedy have filed against Merck for allegedly knowingly concealing the adverse events associated with its Gardasil vaccine. Some others include: . . .

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Kern: EU: Last-Ditch Effort to Salvage Iran Nuclear Deal

  • The European Union has presented Iran with a new draft text that aims to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. The document, which has not been made public, presumably offers additional concessions to coax Tehran into rejoining the agreement.
  • In May 2022, for instance, Iran reached a new dangerous and destabilizing threshold: its stockpile of uranium enriched to 60% reached 42 kilograms, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
  • In June, Iran removed 27 surveillance cameras from its nuclear facilities. The move came after the IAEA censured Iran for not answering questions about uranium traces found at three undeclared sites.
  • The EU’s continued appeasement of Iran also comes amid a violent crackdown against civil society in the country. Human rights groups have blasted the EU for its unwillingness to hold the Iranian government to account.

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The $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 being pushed through the U.S. Senate to be passed by reconciliation (50 votes plus the Vice President) before the upcoming August recess is a threat to America’s economy and the well-being of all Americans. The article above makes clear that Senator Kyrsten Sinema is the one Democrat vote that America is looking at. She alone can stop this legislation. Please contact her at her office locations in Washington, D.C. and in Arizona by phone and letter. Click the red TAKE ACTION link below for Senator Sinema’s contact information.

Although Senator Mark Kelly is a do-as -Chuck Schumer- tells-you-to-do partisan shill, contacting him may be helpful given his significant vulnerability in the November general election. His contact information is also found at the TAKE ACTION link below. We suggest that copying him on your letter to Senator Sinema may possibly have some impact on his voting behavior. Calling his office is also important – the staffs do score the relative positions of constituents and this too may influence the voting behavior.


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