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Glenn Ellmers contributor to American Greatness: We are in danger of losing not only the habits and institutions of republican self-government, but our very ability to remember and understand them. It will be as if America never existed.

Scott Morefield contributor to TownHall: We may not know what their intentions are yet, but two things are certain: Democrats don’t give two craps about the ‘rule of law,’ and they intend to remain in power at all costs. That means defeating whoever the GOP nominates for 2024, be it Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, or anyone else, by any means necessary. And the FBI, as a Regime apparatchik, is doubtless fully on board to play ball.


Roger Kimball is editor and publisher of The New Criterion and contributor to American Greatness: Let’s look around at American institutions, the media, say, or the educational establishment, or Congress, or big business, or the churches, the entertainment industry, or the profession of law. I’d say that “corrupt,” “malevolent,” “partisan,” and “acting in bad faith” sums them up pretty well.

Paul Sperry investigative journalist, former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily, Hoover Institution media fellow tweeted: Sources say Hillary Clinton operatives have been secretly working with Archives officials and the Justice Department for several months and are behind the push for the investigation of Trump as “revenge” for Clinton being investigated for mishandling classified materials in her Emailgate scandal. “The Clinton machine has been agitating for this since January,” said one source familiar with the matter.

Paul Sperry investigative journalist, former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily, Hoover Institution media fellow tweeted: DEVELOPING: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and other Democratic leaders are planning to launch their own investigations and hold hearings on Mar-a-Lago, and in the meantime, they are asking DNI Haines to brief them about what “national security secrets” the intelligence community may have recovered from Trump, which will no doubt trigger another round of anti-Trump leaks to the media from Schiff’s office, this time ahead of the November midterms


Paul Sperry investigative journalist, former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily, Hoover Institution media fellow tweeted: NEW: Biden administration and MSM trying to criminalize the fact President Trump stored presidential records at his home so sensitive he had to build a SCIF — which, btw, already included a lock on the door (Biden DOJ simply demanded a bigger one). But President Clinton and Secretary Hillary also had a SCIF built in the basement of their home in Chappaqua where they also received and stored classified information — and nobody raised an eyebrow.

Sundance founder of The Last Refuge: . . . the search warrant was not specific, was not detailed, was not drawn out to avoid targeting ancillary items unrelated to the DOJ mission at heart.  The warrant itself was structured to seize every scintilla of documentary evidence, seen, created, or produced during President Trump’s term in office.  Literally every shred of paper.

Sundance founder of The Last Refuge: If the content of the documents was so urgent, so vital to national security, so critical to safeguard “nuclear weapon information” from potential exposure…. Then why did the warrant have a 14-day window to execute?  That narrative is a hoax, a cover story intended to justify the DOJ and FBI throwing a bag over the documentary evidence that shows the same DOJ and FBI wrongdoing.


John Smith is the pen name of a former US intelligence officer: Clinton has displayed a pattern of flaunting security protocols (as I noted in AT back in 2016).  When visiting Moscow for her famed Russian reset, a staffer (it’s always a staffer) left a classified document in a Moscow hotel room.

Glenn Beck: “Remember the [allegations about] bank servers, [Trump] was pinging a bank? Untrue. Carter Page is a Russian spy? Untrue. Donald Trump is a Russian spy? … Untrue. Collusion with Russia? Untrue. Ukraine, the perfect phone call? Not true. Not true. Wasn’t a perfect phone call. Was not impeachable. The pee tape dossier? None of that was true. Here’s why they can’t have [Trump] as president of the United States. They can’t have him as president of the United States because we are headed towards a completely new, all redesigned, non-capitalist, nonconstitutional Great Reset. They cannot have him be president because he is America first.”

Wayne Allyn Root contributor to Gateway Pundit: The GOP needs to run nonstop TV ads showing IRS agents armed with machine guns and assault rifles breaking down suburban doors, pointing guns at the heads of PTA moms and dads, throwing grandma to the floor. Then end each TV ad with this sentence: “If you like an extra 87,000 IRS agents using deadly force against middle class America and small business owners and PTA moms, vote Democrat.”

Evan Stambaugh reporter for AlphaNews.org: A Minneapolis teachers union contract stipulates that white teachers will be laid off or reassigned before “educators of color” in the event Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) needs to reduce staff.

Jodi Enda contributor to CNN: Because Cheney had the gall to take on Donald Trump and his insurrectionists, the former president has taken on Cheney by promoting her primary challenger. On Tuesday, if the polls are to be believed, Cheney will lose. But shed no tears for Liz Cheney. Her star has never shone more brightly. Cheney is the breakout star of this summer’s blockbuster TV series: the hearings of the House committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol. As the vice chair and one of only two Republicans with the mettle to serve on the committee, Cheney has been granted the lead in hearings . . .

VP Kamala Harris’ latest word salad: “Equity as a concept says recognize that everyone has the same capacity, but in order for them to have equal opportunity to reach that capacity, well, we must pay attention to this issue of equity.”

Lloyd Billingsley author and contributor to American Greatness: Fauci, 81, wields executive-level power without ever facing the voters. Joe Biden jokes that Fauci is the real president but the Delaware Democrat is understating the matter. Dr. Anthony Fauci is the closest America has ever come to one-man, lifetime rule. He now wants embattled Americans to accept him as their lord and savior. Whitecoat supremacy is the true pox now afflicting the nation. For a constitutional republic it could prove fatal.


Solomon: New twist in FBI raid: Trump had ‘standing order’ to declassify documents taken to residence

Donald Trump’s office told Just the News on Friday that the classified materials the FBI seized from his Mar-a-Lago estate were declassified under a “standing order” while he was president that allowed him to take sensitive materials to the White House residence at night to keep working. The official statement is likely to become the focus of the president’s legal defense as the FBI and Biden Justice Department investigate whether he stole records covered under the Presidential Records Act or mishandled classified materials under the Espionage Act, allegations included in a search warrant released by a federal court in Florida on Friday. The president’s defense is rooted in the legal principal that the president and vice president are the ultimate declassifying authority of the U.S. government and through executive orders most recently issued in 2003 by George W. Bush and Barack Obama in 2009 that specifically exempt the president and vice president from having to follow the stringent declassification procedures every other federal agency and official must follow.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/all-things-trump/breaking-trump-describes-process-how-he-declassified-documents

Hoft: FBI Made a Big Mistake: Trump Rallies Happening Across the Country Following Unprecedented Raid on President Trump’s Home — Bedminster, Long Island, Phoenix, Mar-a-Lago, St. Louis (VIDEO)

Watch the videos: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/fbi-made-big-mistake-trump-rally-happening-across-country-following-unprecedented-raid-president-trumps-mar-lago-video/


VDH: Why Merrick Garland Is Losing the People

Let’s put Garland’s decision to approve the raid on Mar-a-Lago in the context of the past seven years. The Justice Department and FBI in 2016 interfered in a presidential election in two major ways: They exonerated Hillary Clinton’s clearly illegal use of a private server and her destruction of subpoenaed data. The FBI hired Clinton operative Christopher Steele as an informant and gave its “Crossfire Hurricane” imprimatur to the entire Russian collusion hoax, feeding a 2016 left-wing mantra that Trump was a Russian “asset.” In 2015, we learned that candidate Hillary Clinton, as Barack Obama’s secretary of state, had emailed classified government materials using her own private server, likely as a way of skirting Freedom of Information Act requirements. In the thick of the 2016 campaign a year later, FBI Director James Comey reported that Clinton had, in fact, broken the law. Yet he assumed a role of federal attorney that was not his own, deciding Clinton’s wrongdoing should not lead to an indictment. In that improper role, Comey, not U.S. attorneys, declined to hold Clinton accountable. We learned later that Attorney General Loretta Lynch had met secretly on an airport tarmac (“a brief, casual, social meeting”) with Bill Clinton. Somewhere within this tangle of lies (both said they met only to talk about their grandchildren, not about whether the Justice Department would charge Hillary Clinton), we learned: 1) Lynch abdicated her role and simply let Comey play the role of investigator and prosecutor, and 2) Hillary Clinton had “bleached” thousands of emails, some of them under federal subpoena, and destroyed her communication devices and records—all federal felonies. Trump won the election in 2016, but he never controlled the federal government.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2022/08/14/why-merrick-garland-is-losing-the-people/

Sundance: Using Familiar Leaks, the New York Times Frames the Case Against President Trump 4.0

State Dept use CNN.  CIA/IC use Washington Post. DOJ/FBI use New York Times/Politico. These are the constants in an ever evolving, ever changing, yet always consistent narrative engineering roadmap. The New York Times frames the newest version of the ‘case against Trump.’  This is technically update 4.0, from the original 2015/2016 targeting effort.  Version 2.0 was Robert Mueller. Version 3.0 was the impeachment revision built upon 1.0 and 2.0. In the latest update, 4.0 carries the same intent but a modified and expanded design. New York Times – […] Last year, officials with the National Archives discovered that Mr. Trump had taken a slew of documents and other government material with him when he left the White House at the end of his tumultuous term in January 2021. That material was supposed to have been sent to the archives under the terms of the Presidential Records Act. […]To anyone concerned, I would simply say ‘relax‘.  Be angry, but not despondent. The effort is as much intended to wear YOUR psyche down as it is to attack Trump.  Remember the Alinsky strategy: Ridicule, Isolate, Marginalize… This is the essential goal of political lawfare.

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/08/14/using-familiar-leaks-the-new-york-times-frames-the-case-against-president-trump-4-0/

War Room: Horowitz: The Rise Of The Fourth Reich Is Being Seen In The West With Extreme Totalitarianism

Daniel Horowitz, the author of “The Rise of the Fourth Reich,” talks to host Steve Bannon about his new book, which compares the new American despotism with the German variety from the 1930s and ’40s.

“This is the Fourth Reich. This is about they can criminalize your humanity, your medical status, they can criminalize your political views. … You can’t arrest someone for having a view [but] that is what they are doing.”

Watch the 9:52 minute interview: https://warroom.org/2022/08/12/daniel-horowitz-the-rise-of-the-fourth-reich-is-being-seen-in-the-west-with-extreme-totalitarianism/

Sundance: Sunday Talks, Devin Nunes and Kash Patel Discuss the FBI Raid on Trump and DOJ Targeting 4.0

It’s likely the most important interview this Sunday, ergo Fox News -in an effort to support the overall agenda- doesn’t put it on any of their replay media. The scheme against our republic is so tentacled there are no corporate media out of alignment.  The anti-Trump/anti-MAGA effort doesn’t just stem from ideological communists and leftists, the republican apparatus is 100% part of the enterprise.  Don’t fool yourself, we have yet to see the full scope of the enemy. If you think masks dropped in the past 6 years, we are only about 60% of the way there….

Read more/Watch the 13 minute interview: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/08/14/sunday-talks-devin-nunes-and-kash-patel-discuss-the-fbi-raid-on-trump-and-doj-targeting-4-0/

Fitzgerald: The FBI, the State, and the Death of Peoples

Nietzsche made a sharp distinction between peoples and states.  The state is “the coldest of all cold monsters.”  Peoples are what exists prior to states.  For Nietzsche, peoples and states are separate entities: “Somewhere there are still peoples, but not with us … here there are states.” Nietzsche claimed that states are the biggest liars of all liars, and the biggest thieves of all thieves.  Whenever the state opens its mouth to speak, it lies.  And whatever the state has, it has stolen. What made the state the biggest liar was the state’s own claim to be identical with the people.  The state swallows up the people “chewing and re-chewing” them. What made the state the biggest thief was that it stole the identity of the people.  Thus, for Nietzsche, the creation of the state is the death of peoples. Not only does the state swallow up the peoples, but like a giant whale, it swallows up God.  The state is not only the death of peoples; it is the death of God. “Thus, the state roars: ‘On earth there is nothing greater than I: it is I who am the regulating finger of God.'” […]  In sum, what Nietzsche said about the state is actually true of the FBI: on Earth, they are “the regulating finger of God.”

Read more at American Thinker.

Laila: SPERRY: FBI Agents Involved in Trump Raid are Under Criminal Investigation by Durham For Abusing Their Power in Trump-Russia Probe

“Developing: Sources say the FBI agents and officials who were involved in the raid on former President Trump’s home work in the same Counterintelligence Division of the FBI that investigated Trump in the Russiagate hoax and are actively under criminal investigation by Special Counsel John Durham for potentially abusing their power investigating Trump in the Russian fraud and therefore have a potential conflict of interest and should have been RECUSED from participating in this supposed “espionage” investigation at Mar-a-Lago” Sperry said in a social media post on Saturday.

Read more: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/sperry-fbi-agents-involved-trump-raid-criminal-investigation-durham-abusing-power-trump-russia-probe/

Singman: FBI seizes privileged Trump records during raid; DOJ opposes request for independent review: sources

The FBI seized boxes containing records covered by attorney-client privilege and potentially executive privilege during its raid of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, sources familiar with the investigation told Fox News, adding that the Justice Department opposed Trump lawyers’ request for the appointment of an independent, special master to review the records. […]  Attorney-client privilege refers to a legal privilege that keeps communications between an attorney and their client confidential. […]  Sources told Fox News that, due to attorney-client privilege, Trump’s team asked the Justice Department for their position on whether they would support a third party, independent special master to review those records, but sources told Fox News that the DOJ notified Trump’s team that they would oppose that request.

Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fbi-seizes-privileged-trump-records-during-raid-doj-opposes-request-independent-review-sources

Heine: FBI Search Warrant Shows Trump Under Investigation for Espionage Act Violations; Raid Was Not ‘Narrowly Scoped’

FBI agents allegedly seized ten sets of classified information from former President Trump’s home during the unprecedented raid on Monday, including some marked as “top secret,” the search warrant shows. A property receipt accompanying the search warrant shows that “FBI agents collected four sets of top secret documents, three sets of secret documents, and three sets of confidential documents,” The Wall Street Journal reported. The property receipt does not reveal any details about those records. The list also includes a leatherbound box of documents, binders of photos, handwritten notes, the executive grant of clemency for Roger Stone, and information about the President of France. […]  The Federalist’s Sean Davis pointed out on Twitter that Attorney General Merrick Garland falsely claimed in his remarks on Thursday that the FBI search of Trump’s home was “narrowly scope[d].” […]  The Trump/Mar-a-Lago search warrant indicates that Trump is under investigation for the following violations: . . . […]  Anti-Trumpers, including a former CIA director, and a presidential historian, are openly suggesting that the former president be executed.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2022/08/12/fbi-search-warrant-shows-trump-under-investigation-for-espionage-act-violations-raid-was-not-narrowly-scoped/

Sundance: Motive Clear, DOJ Search Warrant Was to Seize Every Single Document During Entirety of President Trump Term in Office, Regardless of Classification

A lot of people are discussing the recently released search warrant authorized by a sketchy judge in Florida.  For the best legal analysis, I would direct people to our friend Techno Fog via substack: SEE HERE – Techno is, and has been, totally dialed in on a granular level throughout the Trump term in office.

I would emphasize one major point and draw attention to something in the background that almost no-one noticed years ago. First, the search warrant was not specific, was not detailed, was not drawn out to avoid targeting ancillary items unrelated to the DOJ mission at heart.  The warrant itself was structured to seize every scintilla of documentary evidence, seen, created, or produced during President Trump’s term in office.  Literally every shred of paper. [WARRANT LINK]

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/08/12/motive-clear-doj-search-warrant-was-to-seize-every-single-document-during-entirety-of-president-trump-term-in-office-regardless-of-classification/


Smith: It’s more than just your emails, Hillary

Rather, Clinton has displayed a pattern of flaunting security protocols (as I noted in AT back in 2016).  When visiting Moscow for her famed Russian reset, a staffer (it’s always a staffer) left a classified document in a Moscow hotel room. Rather, Clinton has displayed a pattern of flaunting security protocols (as I noted in AT back in 2016).  When visiting Moscow for her famed Russian reset, a staffer (it’s always a staffer) left a classified document in a Moscow hotel room. Russian TV reports . . .[…] This also brings up two key questions: 1) Why was a sitting Secretary of State staying in a Russian hotel instead of the US embassy?  And, if absolutely necessary to stay in a hotel off-compound, any classified material should have been brought to the embassy for safekeeping overnight.  How about an accounting of what was in the document?  Nuclear weapons secrets maybe? Hillary has no room to make light of Trump’s situation with silly slogans on baseball caps and T-shirts.

Read more at American Thinker.


Billingsley: Former Police Officer Gets 7 Years in Prison in Jan. 6 Case

Robertson, 49, was charged with interfering with police officers and “entering a restricted area with a dangerous weapon, a large wooden stick.” The seven-year sentence, handed down last Thursday, matches the longest prison term among the Jan. 6 cases to date. Its severity was not entirely the result of events on that day. “You were not some bystander who just got swept up in the crowd,” said  Obama judge Christopher Cooper. “It really seems as though you think of partisan politics as war and that you continue to believe these conspiracy theories.”  As CBS reported, Robertson “clung to baseless conspiracy theories that the 2020 election was stolen from then-president Donald Trump.” […]  The worst attack on the U.S. Capitol took place on November 7, 1983, when a far-left female-led domestic terrorist group bombed the building. As historian William Rosenau noted in Tonight We Bombed the U.S. Capitol, the bombers were straight out of the Weather Underground and other leftist groups. […]  On January 6, 2021, the only death by gunfire was unarmed U.S. Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, 35, shot down by Capitol Police officer Michel Byrd. The Department of Justice declined to pursue charges against Byrd and “closed the investigation into this matter.” By contrast, Thomas Robertson gets seven years for carrying a wooden stick, for making certain statements, and for believing in “conspiracy theories.” For the January 6 political prisoners, it’s no justice and no peace.

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/08/former-police-officer-gets-7-years-prison-jan-6-lloyd-billingsley/

Revolver.news: Release the Tape: Revolver Has Definitive Proof FBI Is Hiding Critical Footage of Jan 6 “Pipe Bomber”

An exclusive analysis by Revolver News can prove that the FBI is in possession of, but has refused to release, security camera footage of the January 6 pipe bomber planting the pipe bomb at the DNC building at 7:52 p.m. on January 5th. This extraordinary revelation should be the immediate subject of Congressional inquiry as to why the FBI has stonewalled release of the footage. An executive summary of the missing footage has been condensed in this video below: . . .

Read more/Watch the video: https://www.revolver.news/2022/08/release-the-tape-revolver-has-definitive-proof-fbi-is-hiding-critical-footage-of-jan-6-pipe-bomber/


Schow: Ohio Supreme Court Rules Oberlin College Doesn’t Have To Pay Bakery It’s Nearly Bankrupted While Appealing $36 Million Verdict

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Oberlin College doesn’t have to pay the $36 million it was ordered to pay Gibson’s Bakery for defamation, at least while the college continues to appeal the earlier verdict. The ruling could mean the end of Gibson’s Bakery, a family-owned bakery that has operated in Oberlin, Ohio, since 1885. Oberlin was found to have defamed the bakery when the school supported and encouraged students falsely claiming the bakery was racist because the owner stopped some non-white students from shoplifting.

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/ohio-supreme-court-rules-oberlin-college-doesnt-have-to-pay-bakery-its-nearly-bankrupted-while-appealing-36-million-verdict


War Room: Episode 2072: The End Of Cheney In Wyoming

Watch Bannon’s excellent interview with Harriet Hageman, Liz Cheney’s challenger. Wyoming’s primary is tomorrow, August 16, 2022.

Watch the 8 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v1frwa5-episode-2072-the-end-of-cheney-in-wyoming.html

Husebo: 5 Times Liz Cheney Voted with Democrats in 2021-2022 Term

The five times Cheney abandoned Republicans are: 1: Gun Control  Cheney voted for the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (S. 2938), which “is a package of different gun control proposals stitched together with school safety and mental health provisions,” the Heritage Foundation stated. Cheney voted on the 80 page bill just 72 hours after the legislative text was revealed. “Expecting members to understand the impacts of an 80-page bill in just 72 hours is irresponsible, not to mention the fact that it prevents the American people from weighing in on the package and having their voices heard.” 2. . . .

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/08/13/5-times-liz-cheney-voted-democrats-2021-2022-term/

Young: Liz Cheney’s Net Worth Has Grown 600% During Time in Congress

Republican Congresswoman from Wyoming and January 6 Select Committee Vice Chair Liz Cheney has become exponentially richer while serving in Congress compared to when she started in 2017. According to Brietbart, Cheney’s net worth has exploded by 600 percent while serving in office, as she started with an estimated worth of $7 million and her current net worth estimation has her clocking in upwards of $44 million. Using comparative data from the Center for Responsive Politics and Personal Financial Disclosure documents, Breitbarttracked her increase in worth year-by-year.

Read more: https://humanevents.com/2022/08/12/liz-cheneys-net-worth-has-grown-600-during-time-in-congress/

Cashill: Have the Cheneys Forgotten the Deep State Hit on Scooter Libby?

“I have been ashamed to hear members of my party attacking the integrity of the FBI agents involved with the recent Mar-a-Lago search,” the perversely self-righteous Liz Cheney tweeted on Thursday. “These are sickening comments that put the lives of patriotic public servants at risk.” Rep. Cheney seems to have forgotten one significant event in her family’s political life: the same weaponized deep state that okayed the raid on Mar-a-Lago convicted her father’s chief-of-staff Lewis “Scooter” Libby on charges that were as manufactured as those leveled against President Trump. If Liz has forgotten, former vice president Dick Cheney surely remembers.

Read more: https://spectator.org/have-the-cheneys-forgotten-the-deep-state-hit-on-scooter-libby/


Nurses Who Left the Health Care System to Focus on Early Treatment Describe ‘Brutal’ COVID-19 Treatment Protocols

Nurses who witnessed “brutal” hospital COVID-19 treatment protocols kill patients paint a bleak picture of what is taking place in state and federally funded health care systems. “They’re horrific, and they’re all in lockstep,” Staci Kay, a nurse practitioner with the North Carolina Physicians for Freedom who left the hospital system to start her own early treatment private practice, told The Epoch Times. “They will not consider protocols outside of what’s given to them by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the NIH (National Institute of Health). And nobody is asking why.” Fueled by cognitive dissonance amid an array of red flags, Kay said hospital staff is ignoring blatantly problematic treatments that performed poorly in clinical trials, such as remdesivir, and protocols such as keeping the patient isolated, just to adhere to the federal canon.

“I’ve seen people die with their family watching via iPad on Facetime,” Kay said. “It was brutal.” […]  “I saw things on the inpatient side, too, that I suspected were vaccine injuries that went unacknowledged by our physicians,” Kay said. “I saw brain bleeds, seizures out of nowhere, cancer that just spread like wildfire, ischemic strokes, and I saw one person die horrifically from myocarditis.”

Read more: https://www.theepochtimes.com/mind-blowing-cognitive-dissonance-nurses-who-left-the-health-care-system-to-focus-on-early-treatment-describe-brutal-covid-19-treatment-protocols_4661799.html?utm_source=Ccpv&utm_campaign=2022-08-15&utm_medium=email&est=nx7DMnXGWhW8AvN8j%2Bjs5pcSm6np%2BG9yCShDV9q0fcgfGJzgddhEHXpRoeh1PkwOLuZPLUFElNV6

Fox News: Physician: CDC encouraged discrimination against unvaccinated people

Stanford medical school Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on the updated CDC COVID-19 guidelines.

Watch the 4:28 minute interview: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6310906954112#sp=show-clips

Tucker: A Deeper Dive Into the CDC Reversal

It would have been fascinating to be a fly on the wall in the brainstorming sessions that led to this little treatise. The wording was chosen very carefully, not to say anything false outright, much less admit any errors of the past, but to imply that it was only possible to say these things now. “As SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, continues to circulate globally, high levels of vaccine- and infection-induced immunity and the availability of effective treatments and prevention tools have substantially reduced the risk for medically significant COVID-19 illness (severe acute illness and post–COVID-19 conditions) and associated hospitalization and death. These circumstances now allow public health efforts to minimize the individual and societal health impacts of COVID-19 by focusing on sustainable measures to further reduce medically significant illness as well as to minimize strain on the health care system, while reducing barriers to social, educational, and economic activity.“ In English: everyone can pretty much go back to normal. Focus on illness that is medically significant. Stop worrying about positive cases because nothing is going to stop them. Think about the bigger picture of overall social health. End the compulsion. Thank you. It’s only two and a half years late.  What about mass testing? […]  What about the magic of track and trace? […] What about the unvaccinated who were so demonized throughout the last year?

Read more: https://brownstone.org/articles/a-deeper-dive-into-the-cdc-reversal/

Hoft: CDC Quietly Removes Statement that Says “mRNA and the Spike Protein Do Not Last Long in the Body” from Their Website

On July 15, the CDC quietly modified its website, removing the section that suggested mRNA and spike protein do not last in human bodies. Under this topic, it stated that “our cells break down mRNA from these vaccines and get rid of it within a few days after vaccination.” “Scientists estimate that the spike protein, like other proteins our bodies create, may stay in the body up to a few weeks,” it continued. The CDC’s decision to hide this information about mRNA and spike proteins from the public is still an open question.

Read more: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/cdc-quietly-removes-statement-says-mrna-spike-protein-not-last-long-body-website/


(Covid vaccine related?) Hoft: Family and Doctors are Baffled by the Sudden and Unexplained Death of a 16-Year-Old Stamford High School Football Player

Djemayley Vernet, a former football player at Stamford High School in Connecticut, died last Saturday at the age of 16 after a sudden illness. […] Doctors and his family were baffled by his sudden death, as he apparently had no health issues, according to News12. “My heart is breaking as I announce that my brother, our brother Djemayley has passed away on Saturday,” Ashley Glaudin, Djemayley’s sister wrote on Facebook, “Djemayley was a kind, funny, and intelligent young man.” […]  “People have had seizures but in his case the doctors could not find a reason for what was going on. They had no answers for the abrupt illness that overtook his body. […]  In the last three weeks, The Gateway Pundit reported some of the eight US students that have died suddenly and unexpectedly. Braden Fahey, 12, Football – Braden Fahey, a middle schooler and young football player, had to be rushed to Stanford hospital on Friday evening at 7:25 after experiencing a medical emergency during a football practice.

Read more: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/family-doctors-baffled-sudden-unexplained-death-16-year-old-stamford-high-school-football-player/

(Covid vaccine related?) Hoft: 18-Year-Old Kentucky High School Athlete Dies Unexpectedly Due to Cardiac Arrest After Helping Flash Flood Victims

Mrs. Crawford had no idea what led to Mick’s untimely demise. “We do not know the reason and have no explanation for what happened,” she said.

Read more: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/18-year-old-kentucky-high-school-athlete-dies-unexpectedly-due-cardiac-arrest-helping-flash-flood-victims/

(Covid vaccine related?) Taylor: 43-Year-Old Medical Doctor, Author and Editor Dies Suddenly After Seizure

Bret S. Stetka is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Medicine in Charlottesville, Virginia, and received his BS in biology from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. He has worked as a writer and editor at Medscape since 2007. Stetka also contributed to Scientific  American and NPR. He was the author of the 2021 book, A History of the Human Brain. […]  Stretka’s last post on Twitter was July 21 and featured a photo of his young daughter reacting to getting a COVID vaccine shot. […]  “Last week, my husband @BretStetka died suddenly after a seizure at home. He was 43; we’d been married 17 years. Our daughter just turned 1.

Read more: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/43-year-old-medical-doctor-author-editor-dies-suddenly-seizure/


Revolver.news: General Milley’s Anti-Trump “Resignation Letter Stunt” Blew Up in His Face

The FBI’s Monday afternoon raid on Mar-a-Lago may be the most shameful story for the Regime to emerge this past Monday, but surprisingly, it wasn’t the most embarrassing. That honor goes, instead, to the New Yorker’s lengthy report on the clash between President Trump and the generals who so treacherously “served” him during his administration. The article, entitled “Inside the War Between Trump and His Generals”, is extracted from an upcoming book, “The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021,” authored by reporters Peter Baker of the New York Times and Susan Glasser of the New Yorker. The book describes sustained efforts by America’s military leaders to frustrate, ignore, undermine, and, if necessary, defy President Trump in favor of their preferred military-political agenda. We all know about the rot and failure within the United States military. America’s soldiers are too fat. They crash their planes too much. They lose wars to goatherds with AK-47s. When it comes to the generals, they are woke, parasitic, and incompetent. Revolver has said much about the pathetic generals who command America’s armed forces, and the humiliating contrast they create with the great leaders of America’s past. But only on Monday did it become clear how dumb they really are.

Read more: https://www.revolver.news/2022/08/general-mark-milley-anti-trump-resignation-stunt-blew-up-in-his-face/


Toameh: Iran’s Proxy War Against Israel Caused by Biden’s Weakness

The recent war between Israel and the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) organization in the Gaza Strip should be seen, according to several Arab political analysts and authors, in the context of Tehran’s mullahs’ attempts to force the Biden administration to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. By unleashing Islamic Jihad against Israel, the mullahs are apparently trying to tell the Biden Administration, “You see what we are capable of doing? We have a number of militias and armed groups that could attack Israel and Arab countries. Hurry up and give us (Iran) everything we want before it is too late. Remove the Revolutionary Guard from the list of foreign terrorists. Give us billions of dollars or else we will continue to attack America’s Arab and Israeli friends. Hurry up and sign a new nuclear deal with us or else we will be angry at the US and we will continue to attack Israel and kill Jews.”

They see the three-day fighting between Israel and PIJ as part of the mullahs’ ongoing efforts to increase their influence in the Middle East by arming and funding Islamist terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Read more: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/18798/iran-proxy-war-israel


Sundance: Neil Oliver, Think the Unthinkable and Accept That is the Better Reference Point

We are the battered spouses in an abusive relationship with government. Nothing we can do is going to appease the abuser, it is the inherent state of their disposition.

Read more/Watch the 9:49 minute monologue: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/08/13/neil-oliver-think-the-unthinkable-and-accept-that-is-the-better-reference-point/

Fox News: Levin on Mar-a-Lago raid: The ruling class has gone ‘rogue’

Life, Liberty & Levin’ host Mark Levin issued a stark warning to viewers following the FBI raid on former President Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago on his show over the weekend. We are in a battle between liberty and tyranny.

Watch the 14 minute monologue: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6310886572112#sp=show-clips

Bliss: 158 House Members Proxy Voted for $700 Billion ‘Inflation Reduction’ Act

House members have been allowed to vote by proxy, which means that one member of the House can cast a vote on behalf of an absent member. This type of voting started in 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. But, instead of the proxy voting capability in the House ending as the coronavirus pandemic has improved around the country, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has extended it multiple times, citing the “public health emergency.” […]  Breitbart News reported on Friday before the final votes that the Clerk of the House had 190 members’ proxy letters submitted at the time, while the night before there were 175 letters submitted. These numbers  changed throughout the night and day as members filed new proxy letters or filed to terminate their previous ones. […]  The 158 members who voted by proxy per the Clerk’s website were: . . . […] . . . Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), using the $700 billion “Inflation Reduction” Act as an example on Thursday, told Breitbart News that it is “absurd” that “lazy” Democrats and Republicans are going to use the “bullshit” proxy voting rule on the “garbage” Inflation Reduction Act — which does not help inflation — instead of following the Constitution and showing up to vote in person.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/08/13/158-house-members-proxy-voted-for-700-billion-inflation-reduction-act/

Hoft: IRS Annual Report Shows Training of Heavily Armed Agents Raiding Suburban Homes (PHOTOS)

IRS Criminal Investigation special agents can be seen in the 2021 annual report of the Internal Revenue Service conducting a variety of deadly force exercises.  The agents are trained to shoot and kill you over your government taxes. The training exercises include building entry, the use of weapons, defensive tactics, and others. The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the IRS is looking for new agents — including armed and fit federal tax agents who are “willing to use deadly force” according to the job posting. The duties also include “willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants, and other dangerous assignments.” The job is open to US citizens, nationals or those who owe allegiance to the US. […]  IRS:CI SPECIAL AGENTS are among the most highly trained financial investigators in the world. They begin their training at the National Criminal Investigation Training Academy (NCITA). NCITA is located at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Brunswick, Georgia.

Read more/See the photos: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/irs-annual-report-shows-training-heavily-armed-agents-raiding-suburban-homes-photos/

Lott, Jr.: How the FBI Undercounts Armed Citizen Responders to Mass Killers, and Media Play Along

The shooting that killed three people and injured another at a Greenwood, Indiana, mall on July 17 drew broad national attention because of how it ended – when 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken, carrying a licensed handgun, fatally shot the attacker. […]  Evidence compiled by the organization I run, the Crime Prevention Research Center, and others suggest that the FBI undercounts by an order of more than three the number of instances in which armed citizens have thwarted such attacks, saving untold numbers of lives. Although those many news stories about the Greenwood shooting also suggested that the defensive use of guns might endanger others, there is no evidence that these acts have harmed innocent victims. “So much of our public understanding of this issue is malformed by this single agency,” notes Theo Wold, former acting assistant attorney general in the U.S. Department of Justice. “When the Bureau gets it so systematically – and persistently – wrong, the cascading effect is incredibly deleterious. The FBI exerts considerable influence over state and local law enforcement and policymakers at all levels of government.”

Read more at Real Clear Investigations.

Sundance: House Democrats Refuse to Support Second Part of Manchin-Schumer Deal for Increased Energy Development and Permitting

Looks like we are going to find out exactly what Joe Manchin’s leverage was over Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. On July 31, According to Manchin the deal between himself, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden includes his support for the current green energy spending, in exchange for two new items in future legislation: 1) Streamlined energy permitting/regulation; and 2) Increased development of Oil, Coal, Gas.  Both of these pieces of legislation have to be handled in a separate Senate bill. According to Manchin, his agreement to the current spending bill was contingent upon a promise that: . .

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/08/14/house-democrats-refuse-to-support-second-part-of-manchin-schumer-deal-for-increased-energy-development-and-permitting/

Piper: White House pressured Twitter to ban journalist months before it caved, messages suggest

The White House was pressuring Twitter to permanently suspend former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson for alleged COVID-19 misinformation months before the social media platform caved to the pressure, according to internal Twitter chat messages he obtained, Berenson said Friday. Screenshots of Slack discussions he posted recount an April 22, 2021 meeting with White House officials, including COVID senior adviser Andy Slavitt. “[T]hey had one really tough question about why Alex Berenson hasn’t been kicked off the platform,” and “mercifully we had answers” to other questions that were “pointed but fair,” an unnamed employee told another.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/government/white-house/twitter-resisted-white-house-pressure-ban-journalist-months-it-caved

RNC Research tweet: What is Kamala Harris talking about?

Watch the 51 second video: https://twitter.com/RNCResearch/status/1558477267696816131?cxt=HHwWhsC4uau06aArAAAA

RNC RESEARCH tweet: CNN: “What, specifically, will [the Bidenflation Scam] do to lower costs for Americans right now?” Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm: “If you install an electric vehicle charging station in your home, you can also get a tax credit!”

Watch the 1:07 minute video: https://twitter.com/RNCResearch/status/1558811340394872834?cxt=HHwWhICygfepgaIrAAAA


Hoft: OH NO NANCY! Pelosi Secretly Met Taiwan Chip Manufacturer – Pelosi’s Son Is 2nd Largest Stakeholder in China Related Company – But “Absolutely” No Business Was Discussed

Something doesn’t smell right with Pelosi’s trip to Asia and now some Taiwanese want to know what went on with Pelosi and her son in Taiwan and whether any business was taking place. Oh No!  Corrupt Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, took along with her on a recent trip to Asia.  Pelosi secretly met with a Taiwan mega chip maker Paul Jr. has the second largest stake in a related Chinese company.  Pelosi claimed her son didn’t participate in business dealings on the trip . . . […] This meeting was not on her official itinerary.

Read more/Watch the 20second clip: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/oh-no-nancy-pelosi-secretly-met-taiwan-chip-manufacturer-pelosis-son-2nd-largest-stakeholder-china-related-company-absolutely-no-business-discussed/


Hoft: Just Doing Her Job… Female FBI Agent Slept with Target Barry Croft in Hotel, in Same Bed, During Training Weekend Paid for by FBI and Smoked Pot with Him in FBI-Hatched Whitmer Kidnapping Hoax

The FBI used at least 12 informants in the Michigan Whitmer kidnapping case. There were 6 defendants and 12 FBI informants identified as the case progressed. […]  It was another complete setup by Chris Wray’s FBI to frame and ruin innocent men. The case, which we now know was comprised of virtually all FBI agents and informants, took another devastating hit in August. […]  One female FBI agent admitted today during testimony that she slept in the same hotel room, and the same bed, during a training weekend with FBI target Barry Croft. And… she smoked pot with him. The female FBI agent told the court, “Sometimes informants have to play along.” The FBI is a completely respectable group.

Read more: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/just-job-female-fbi-agent-slept-target-barry-croft-hotel-bed-training-weekend-paid-fbi-smoked-pot-fbi-hatched-whitmer-kidnapping-hoax/


Tillman: August 1945: ‘An Eventful Month in World History’

In a 1945 summary, a U.S. Army Air Forces unit on Okinawa described August as “an eventful month in world history.”  That understatement holds up 77 years later. Events had accelerated in the spring and summer of 1945.  Germany surrendered on May 8 but Russia already was shipping massive amounts of men and materiel eastward.  Moscow and Tokyo had a non-aggression treaty that Soviet premier Joseph Stalin cancelled on August 9.  That night a massive Russian assault into Japanese-held Manchuria opened the Far East end game, briefly overlapping impending Japan’s surrender to the Allies.

American forces began deploying from Europe and the continental United States, anticipating the two-phase Operation Downfall invasion of Japan’s home islands.  The first assault, on the southern island of Kyushu, was slated for November.  The second, on the main island of Honshu, was due in March 1946.

Meanwhile, the atomic age had dawned with a 20-kiloton flash in the New Mexico desert on July 16.

Read more at American Thinker.


Pandolfo: Famed author Salman Rushdie attacked in New York, stabbed in neck as he was set to deliver lecture

Witnesses saw a man storm the stage at the Chautauqua Institution and assault Rushdie as he was being introduced, the Associated Press reported. The 75-year-old author was reportedly stabbed several times and fell to the floor. The assailant was restrained and taken into custody.

Bystanders rushed to the author’s aide and held up his legs, presumably to send more blood to his chest, the AP reported. […]  Rushdie’s novel, “The Satanic Verses,” is highly controversial among Muslims, as some consider it to be blasphemous. In 1988, Iranian Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa calling for the death of Rushdie and his publishers. Iran has offered a bounty of over $3 million to anyone who kills Rushdie.

Read more: https://www.theblaze.com/news/famed-author-salman-rushdie-attacked-in-new-york-stabbed-in-neck-as-he-was-set-to-deliver-lecture

(H/T DG) Weiss: We Ignored Salman Rushdie’s Warning

Words are not violence. Violence is violence. We live in a culture in which many of the most celebrated people occupying the highest perches believe that words are violence. In this, they have much in common with Iranian Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who issued the first fatwa against Salman Rushdie in 1989, and with Hadi Matar, the 24-year-old who, yesterday, appears to have fulfilled his command when he stabbed the author in the neck on a stage in Western New York. The first group believes they are motivated by inclusion and tolerance—that it’s possible to create something even better than liberalism, a utopian society where no one is ever offended. The second we all recognize as religious fanatics. But it is the indulgence and cowardice of the words are violencecrowd that has empowered the second and allowed us to reach this moment, when a fanatic rushes the stage of a literary conference with a knife and plunges it into one of the bravest writers alive.

Read more: https://www.commonsense.news/p/we-ignored-salman-rushdies-warning 

Stambaugh: Minneapolis teachers union contract calls for layoffs of white teachers first

A Minneapolis teachers union contract stipulates that white teachers will be laid off or reassigned before “educators of color” in the event Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) needs to reduce staff. After the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) and MPS struck a deal on March 25 to end a 14-day teacher strike, the two sides drew up and ratified a new collective bargaining agreement complete with various proposals.

Read more: https://alphanews.org/minneapolis-teachers-union-contract-calls-for-layoffs-of-white-teachers-first/

Prestigiacomo: Brittney Griner National Anthem Comments Resurface Online

Russia-imprisoned WNBA star Brittney Griner said in 2020 that the national anthem should not be played before WNBA games and vowed to protest if it was played. Griner was sentenced this month to nine years in a Russian prison for possession of cannabis oil. Her comments about the anthem resurfaced online after sentencing. “I honestly feel we should not play the National Anthem during our season,” Griner told AZ Central in 2020. “I think we should take that much of a stand.” […]  In a viral tweet, political commentator Tomi Lahren mocked Griner, “On the bright side, B Griner won’t have to endure our National Anthem for 9 whole years! What a win for her!”

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/brittney-griner-national-anthem-comments-resurface-online

Sundance: Arizona Police Taze Desperate Parents Outside Elementary School During Lockdown

This is exactly what many people predicted would happen after the Uvalde school shooting in Texas, and the horrific police response. With the Uvalde police response fresh on their minds, parents showed up in El Mirage, Arizona after the elementary school was locked down.  Apparently, an armed man tried to gain entry to the school.  The police were following their lockdown protocols and would not let the arriving parents into the building. Scuffles with law enforcement began breaking out as desperate parents wanted to protect and save their kids.  Subsequently, police opened fire on the parents with tasers then began arresting them. This is what happens when parents do not trust law enforcement.

Reads more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/08/13/arizona-police-taze-desperate-parents-outside-elementary-school-during-lockdown/

Rigolizzxo: Arizona Bucks Biden Admin, Begins Filling In Huge Border Wall Gap On Its Own

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) signed an Executive Order Friday afternoon authorizing the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs to begin emergency construction to fill in a 1,000-foot-long gap in the border wall in the Yuma sector. The spur-of-the-moment order was abruptly announced after construction had already begun, and the governor’s office said construction would be concluded over the weekend. The order comes just days after the Biden administration lifted the “Remain in Mexico” policy earlier this week. […]  To construct the barrier, the state purchased 60 8,800 pound, 9×40 foot shipping containers. The containers will be linked together, then welded shut and topped with concertina razor wire. The barrier will be about 22 feet high, shorter than the 30-foot panels of border wall installed by the Trump administration. The project is expected to cost about $6 million, which will be taken from the $335 million “Arizona Border Security Fund.”

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/arizona-bucks-biden-admin-begins-filling-in-huge-border-wall-gap-on-its-own


Are you fed up? Are you worried that America in rapidly sliding into a neo-Marxist state by the radical left in control of Washington with historically narrow majorities in the U.S. House and Senate and an Executive controlled by unnamed far leftists in place of a clinically incompetent President Biden? They are desperate to keep power and complete their radical progressive agenda that will change America and our liberty forever.

Americans just witnessed the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 without one Republican vote in the U.S. Senate and House (just as Obamacare was passed in 2010). The IRS  will be hiring 87,000 new agents, many armed, to terrorize American taxpayers.

Americans witnessed the FBI raid at the Trump Mar-A-Lago home and property of President Trump, truly a first in all of American history. We know what that is about. 

It is undeniable that the Democrat Party and the administrative state (the executive branches of the DOJ, FBI, IRS, et al) are clear and present dangers to our Republic and our liberty as they increasingly veer further away from the rule of law and the Constitution. What is the solution? At this critical juncture, there is only one action we can all take.

The only viable and timely solution at this critical point is to vote – yes, vote correctly and smartly to retake the U.S. House and Senate on November 8th and to prepare the way to retake the White House in two years. Vote and help everyone you know to vote. Please click the TAKE ACTION link below – we must vote correctly and in great numbers to be sure our votes are counted to diminish the potential for the left to rig and steal the midterms and the 2024 elections as they are clearly intending to do after their success in 2020.



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