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Barack Obama in 2008 might he have been thinking it would be the IRS: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” 

J.B. Shurk contributor to American Thinker: Nobody could mistake the “Great Reset” as having anything to do with free will.


Ray DiLorenzo contributor to Canada Free Press: There is a revolution going on in America and around the world.  It’s been simmering for decades and now with the heat turned up, it seems to be near the point of a boil-over.  Unlike the proverbial lobster, millions of us have taken notice.  It’s three-pronged – political, social and technological. It is not a populist revolution by any means.

Alexsandar Markovic contributor to American Thinker: When a pet gets a parasitic infection, it exhibits symptoms that prompt you to treat that infection.  There’s discomfort involved all around, but the infection is resolved when the parasites are gone, and your pet’s health improves noticeably.  Well, we’ve got a national parasitic infection.  In fact, we’ve got an entire class of people who satisfy the definition of being a parasite: “someone or something that resembles a biological parasite in living off of, being dependent on, or exploiting another while giving little or nothing in return.”  Those so often know as “The Elite,” “The Ruling Class,” “The Anointed” have, in plain fact, become our very own Parasite Class.

Charlie Kirk Turning Point founder tweeted: After 55 years, January 20th, 2023 will mark the first time since 1967 that no member of the Cheney, Clinton, McCain, or Bush family will hold elected or appointed office in the federal government of the United States of America.


Victor Davis Hanson contributor to American Greatness: The war between blue and red and mass versus elite is really grounded in the reality that those who feel they were the deserved winners of globalization and who are the sole enlightened on matters of social, economic, political, and military policy have no record of recent success, but a long litany of utter failure. They have become furious that the rest of the country sees through these naked emperors.

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch contributor to American Greatness: Remember that sociopaths aren’t motivated by love, but by power, so you want to show them you won’t give them power over you or your life. That includes your political decision making or vote. Can a sociopath change? The unfortunate reality is that at this point, there is no scientific evidence to show that a sociopath can really change. Currently, there is nothing that has been proven effective as a treatment for sociopathy. Democrats will be Democrats.

 Parker contributor to American Thinker: If given a clear choice, the people will pick the pro-freedom right. Anti-liberty leftists are lying to fool people into taking something they would reject if they knew its true nature. They are not only perpetrating these horrendous policies, but outright lying so people support them without knowing what they are. If that isn’t evil, then what is?


Blaise Ebiner contributor to The American Mind: These buildings in which we spend our lives create a panorama of conformity that numbs the soul. If you’re the average middle-class citizen, every morning you likely drop your kids off at a drab-looking public school, and drive to your box-like office where you work from your cubicle. At the end of your day, you drive home through your tightly packed village of conformity and arrive home at your cookie-cutter house that is painted with nearly the same shade of beige as the rest of your neighborhood. You may never consciously think about the things you see, but day after day, they wear on you, lower your expectations, and condition you for conformity instead of individuality.

Sundance founder of The Last Refuge: The Republican and Democrat parties are not affiliated with any construct of the United States government.  They are private entities, private clubs, corporations that can establish any set of rules and regulations for the people within the club/party.   That’s where the origin of the feces begins. The club can accept or deny membership for any person who wants to run for political office.  The RNC and DNC clubs essentially select the politicians.  There is nothing within this process that is even remotely democratic, representative or even visible in the framework of the U.S. constitution. Private corporations known as the RNC and DNC run the professional political apparatus, and from that origination all of the corruption in the body politic -as outlined in the visible UniParty agenda- surfaces.

Dr. Joseph Mercola explains who is behind the Trusted News Initiative: TNI is an organization created for the purpose of global information control. It was founded by the BBC in July 2019, mere months before the COVID pandemic shattered all semblance of free speech rights. Partners in the initiative include global media outlets such as The Washington Post, Reuters, The Associated Press, AFP, the Financial Times and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), and Big Tech partners such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft, just to name a few.

Brendan O’Neill contributor to Spiked: Eco-censorship has always been fundamentally political. Even when greens said they were only going after people who question ‘the science’, really it was an ideological clampdown on heretics who dare to question the hysterical claims and harmful policies of the climate-change lobby. Now, however, it’s clearer than ever that this is political censorship. Robert Malone, MD, MS: We can all be leaders, and now is the time to step up to the task.  We will survive this, and we will overcome these hardships, if we can just keep these three simple words in our hearts. Integrity. Dignity. Community.

Mark Bauerlein contributor to American Greatness: There’s no going back, not for our teacher. Classicism urges us ever to return to the sources, to innovate gradually and infrequently, to judge our creations by the examples of the masters. Progressivism looks forward, always forward. No masters, no timeless inventions, no second thoughts. She will stick with her vision, and if her classes get smaller, well, so be it. True believers do not weigh their truth by popularity.

Casey Chalk contributor to The Imaginative Conservative: Ultimately, the two catecheses—of our Faith and our civilization—should go hand-in-hand. That’s the way it’s always been: the West informed our Faith, and our Faith has indelibly formed the West. If we want both to survive, and perhaps flourish in America, our children will need the intellectual and cultural tools and imagination that a true classical education can provide.

Eygyppius.com: Oligarchic support for nasal spray vaccines proceeds primarily from the beleaguered mind of Bill Gates, who is quietly disappointed in the performance of the mRNA elixirs and now places the better part of his hope in masking. Thus efforts to stir up enthusiasm for snortable SARS-2 countermeasures are worth watching, as a test case for assessing the extent of Gates’s influence.


Devine: The left’s mask slips on brazen Trump bias

Sam Harris deserves our gratitude. With dazzling honesty, the liberal atheist public intellectual from LA has said out loud what we all knew but which his ilk have blurred for the past two years: once you decide Donald Trump is the second coming of Adolf Hitler, then anything is legitimate to stop him — and, yes, everything illegitimate was done to stop him in 2020, and it was “warranted.” Now that the Orange Hitler is lining himself up for a second tilt at the presidency, it’s OK to suspend democracy again to stop him. This mass delusion of the left, that the former guy is “an existential threat to democracy” and a “moral emergency,” as Harris described it on British podcast “Triggernometery” last week, has metastasized under a president afflicted with a bad case of Trump derangement syndrome. It has progressed to the next stage, of stigmatizing and dehumanizing Trump’s supporters, which has echoes in some of the darkest periods of 20th-century history. […]  The propaganda media of the left amplifies and twists this attitude in hateful ways. Watch MSNBC for a day with its increasingly extreme defamations of Trump and his supporters, and you can’t help but recall the radio station in Rwanda which blared out regular denunciations of the minority Tutsi as “cockroaches” in the prelude to the 1994 genocide. History tells us where dehumanization always ends.

Read more: https://nypost.com/2022/08/21/the-lefts-mask-slips-on-brazen-trump-bias/

Widburg: Trump plans to take legal action against the DOJ and FBI

One of the major causes leading up to the American Revolution was the “general warrant.” This was a search warrant that was completely open-ended, allowing the British government official to search anything, anywhere, at any time. When they ratified the Bill of Rights, they explicitly banned general warrants, requiring that all search warrants must be specific. The DOJ and FBI, though, went to Mar-a-Lago with a warrant so broad it allowed them to take anything. Donald Trump has therefore announced that he will be bringing an action against the government alleging his Fourth Amendment rights were violated.

ThoughtCo has a good summary of the general warrants the colonists so despised: . . . […]  The Fourth Amendment, for those who are not conversant with it, is quite explicit about the fact the government may not use general warrants, which are an invitation to unduly invasive searches that are both fishing expeditions and a form of government terrorism against citizens: . . . […]  That could not be more clear: The government cannot just go into people’s homes or places of business at any time it wants, for any reason. Instead, all search warrants must show . . . […]  No wonder, then, that Trump announced on Truth social (which I’ll start reading when it finally has a computer app), that his legal team will file a motion challenging the search and do so based on the Fourth Amendment: . . .

Read more at American Thinker.

(Trump’s Achilles’ Heel) Alex Jones issues “emergency warning” to President Trump…

Watch the 2:13 minute video: https://www.revolver.news/2022/08/alex-jones-issues-emergency-warning-to-president-trump/

Joondeph: Donald the Dynasty Slayer

America was created as a constitutionally limited republic for many reasons, one of which was to be governed by “we the people” rather than the political dynasties so prevalent in Europe, from where most early Americans and patriots emigrated. These political dynasties all have in common wealth, sometimes earned legitimately, but more often through inheritance or through the selective use of their political power for which they were remunerated via obscure pathways. American dynasty names are familiar – Kennedy, Bush, Cheney, McCain, Clinton – just to name a few. These families believe they are entitled to power and wealth simply by virtue of their last names. Political office is their right, regardless of what they do with this power, and they band together in opposition to any challenge to this power. Despite being of different political parties, they are actually far more similar than different. It is like a group of country club kids creating two baseball or basketball teams, one wearing red shirts, the other blue shirts, but at the end of the game, the shirts come off and the kids all have a fine dinner at the club, then return to their mansions along the golf course, often next door to each other. This entitled class is known as the ruling class, the establishment, or the elites. It is like the country club where you can’t enjoy the perks of membership without an invitation from existing members.

Read more at American Thinker.


Schlichter: Wake Up Flaccidcons – It’s Not 2005 Anymore

Oh, Mike Pence, you soft, naive little man. Oh, Tim Scott, you kindly and friendly gentleman. I like you both. I really do. I would love you to be my neighbors. If I ran short of sugar or charcoal, you’d square me away. Not so much bourbon, but whatever. If I asked you to help me move or give me a ride to the airport, you suckers would be all in because you are nice guys. And that’s your problem and the problem of Republicans like you. You are nice guys in a time that calls for ruthless killers who want to destroy our enemies and leave them on their backs, figuratively cockroaching on the floor. We want vengeance and victory. You want hugs. I guess that’s nice. Hugworld would be pleasant, but it’s the hardcore bomb throwers who get us to that stage by pummeling our enemies into submission. You find that unsavory, disconcerting, unseemly. You would prefer a world of comity, collegiality, and unicorns. And that ain’t happening until we warrior cons have broken our enemy – yeah, I used the “E” word – and exacted our payback and thereby ensured that their pain is so great that they will not dare even dream of repeating this nonsense again for a generation for fear of our righteous wrath. Your problem is that you live on forever in a world that no longer exists, if it ever did.

Read more: https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2022/08/22/wake-up-flaccidcons–its-not-2005-anymore-n2612038

Tobin: Mike Pence Is Wrong. DOJ And FBI Rot Spreads Way Deeper Than Garland

When it comes to the way the deep state regime is at war with Republicans, former Vice President Mike Pence’s No. 1 priority is showing that his main concern is to keep playing the “good cop” to the “bad cop” of former President Donald Trump. Speaking in New Hampshire last week, Pence characteristically tried to have it both ways over this unprecedented attack on norms that the incident represented. After vaguely calling for transparency, Pence said: . . . […] Conservatives are justifiably venting outrage over the banana republic-style raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home by FBI agents acting on the orders of Attorney General Merrick Garland. But the soft-spoken Pence thinks the priority is to reassure the administrative state that Republicans won’t be unreasonable in their pushback against attempts to delegitimize opposition to the Biden administration. […]  Pence joining the chorus of leftist pundits carping at conservative critiques of the FBI isn’t a matter of him not kowtowing to Trump. Rather, it is a sign that he can’t be trusted to effectively fight the left and the deep state that is determined to label all those who dissent against the Biden/Garland war on dissenters. This is more proof that he’s someone who, though not lacking in personal virtue, doesn’t know what time it is. Someone who is that clueless about this crisis can’t lead Republicans in a struggle not so much to save Trump as it is to rescue the republic from the leftist war on wrongthink.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2022/08/22/mike-pence-is-wrong-doj-and-fbi-rot-spreads-way-deeper-than-garland/

Davis: Republicans Are Playing Right Into Democrats’ Hand On Gay Marriage

Congressional Republicans are faltering as Democrats attempt to expand legal protections for same-sex unions. Republicans on Capitol Hill are fleeing in terror from the Democrats’ attempts to enshrine gay marriage in federal law. The Orwellian titled “Respect for Marriage Act” disrespects marriage by denying that the family is an institution with its own authority and that marriage and family were neither created nor defined by the government. The government’s disrespect for marriage and family inherently undermines the family and contributes to cultural degradation. The fundamental truths regarding marriage, family, and the role of the government are absent from the current discussion. At best, Congressional Republicans articulate that the bill is a waste of time because the Supreme Court will never overturn the “right” to gay marriage. Thus, they concede the issue of gay marriage and simply argue in favor of judicial law-making over statutory law.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2022/08/22/republicans-are-playing-right-into-democrats-hand-on-gay-marriage/


Johnson: World Economic Forum Pushing For Digital ID Systems Around The World

In a blog published Wednesday, World Economic Forum (WEF) called for “digital ecosystems” around the globe–starting with digital ID. WEF said digital ID would be the first step to building “digital trust.” “Building digital trust into our global digital economy can unleash trillions of dollars of opportunities,” the blog reads. “But if we don’t know for certain who we are interacting with online, we cannot have trust. Digital identity must therefore be the foundational element to our digital economy and here is why.” WEF claims “digital trust” would increase economic growth for all. […]  Last week, NewsBusters reported that Canada is plotting the creation of a digital ID system with WEF.

Read more: https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/free-speech/autumn-johnson/2022/08/20/world-economic-forum-pushing-digital-id-systems-around

Shurk: Has the Great Reset Reminded Us Why Freedom’s Worth the Fight?

Looking around today at this rumbling, raging contest between individual freedom and State-imposed control has me pondering that early childhood memory once again.  Can people imagine the costs of securing freedom without having to endure its attendant struggles?  Or is it necessary, from time to time, for some contingent of humanity to suffer through tyranny just so that it might subsequently fight for personal liberation?  “Freedom isn’t free.”  It’s a great bumper sticker, a message of sublime truth.  Do most people actually understand it, though, if they haven’t become personally acquainted with its painful meaning?  Or must they first lose what they were freely given before learning why liberty is so dear?  The past two years of COVID-1984 madness and Western governments’ increasing obsession with “climate change” fear porn necessitating today’s food and fuel rationing suggest an obvious, if dispiriting, answer. […]  Only when the U.S. government accused half the American population of being “domestic terrorists” for their political beliefs did many finally understand how dangerous the national security surveillance state had become.  Only when it became clear that Big Tech and Big Government were actively working together to censor Americans’ free speech and punish certain points of view did many finally grasp how serious the threats to liberty now are.  Like some weary beast waking up from a deep slumber, the American people have begun stretching, looking around, and rejecting a lot of what they see.  A growing contingent even realize that the freedoms they hold most dear have been under attack for quite some time.

Read more at American Thinker.

Kotkin & Cox: The Unexpected Future

We are entering an unanticipated reality—an era of slow population growth and, increasingly, demographic decline that will shape our future in profound and unpredictable ways. Globally, last year’s total population growth was the smallest in a half-century, and by 2050, some 61 countries are expected to see population declines while the world’s population is due to peak sometime later this century. This kind of long-term global demographic stagnation has not been seen since the Middle Ages. World population has been growing for centuries, but the last century has dwarfed previous rises. About 75 percent of the world’s population growth has occurred in the last hundred years, more than 50 percent since 1970. But now, population growth rates are dropping, especially in more developed nations, according to the United Nations (all subsequent references to UN research in this essay are drawn from these data).

It’s not a matter of if but when global populations will start to decline. […]  The UN predicts that the world will see growth of 2.7 billion over the next 50 years compared to the previous half-century’s 4.1 billion. But all of that growth will be in the less developed world. Between 2022 and 2050, United Nations projections indicate that nearly 55 percent of world population growth will occur in sub-Saharan Africa, where fertility rates are still relatively high. During the following 50 years, that share is projected to grow further as populations plummet elsewhere. […]  An accelerating pattern of demographic decline brilliantly fits an array of change objectives. Massive reductions in population are a “necessity” according to many climate scientists, and green activists generally prioritize a reduced population while embracing economic stagnation or “de-growth,” even in developing countries Environmental groups will therefore often celebrate the notion of being “childfree,” and the young are encouraged to consider foregoing parenthood for the sake of the planet. This seems to be having an effect, as many young people do not see much future on Earth—at least not a pleasant one. Over half of all young people around the world, according to one survey, see the planet as essentially doomed by climate change. People with no faith in the future are unlikely to have children.

Read more: https://quillette.com/2022/08/20/the-unexpected-future/

VDH: The Worst and the Stupidest?

lites have always been ambiguous about the muscular classes who replace their tires, paint their homes, and cook their food. And the masses who tend to them likewise have been ambivalent about those who hire them: appreciative of the work and pay, but also either a bit envious of those with seemingly unlimited resources or turned off by perceived superciliousness arising from their status and affluence. Yet the divide has grown far wider in the 21st century. Globalization fueled the separation in a number of ways. One, outsourcing and offshoring eroded the rust-belt interior, while enriching the two coasts. The former lost good-paying jobs, while the latter found new markets in investment, tech, insurance, law, media, academia, entertainment, sports, and the arts making them billions rather than mere millions.  So, the problem was one of both geography and class.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2022/08/21/the-worst-and-the-stupidest/


Paugh: How Did He Subjugate So Many?
When I was growing up, I could not understand how an entire country was subdued into acceptance of their fate of living under the oppression of a tyrant installed in power by the Communist Party and the Soviet Bolshevik agents, a tyrant who was previously a shoe cobbler in his village of Scornicesti.

This “maverick” man was able to “erase the past and construct a new man and society dependent upon the Communist Party and its organs of terror and intimidation.”  People were kept under the heavy boot of oppression because they were hungry, cold, controlled by abject fear, disarmed, and starved into submission by a huge army of Marxist cadre and well-armed militias and soldiers, composed of brothers, fathers, neighbors, and friends. A few citizens in the more sparsely populated areas in the Carpathian Mountains, hid in the woods and kept their weapons, in opposition to the communists, but they were eventually rounded up and killed. There was no place to hide from the well-paid informants of the Communist Party; often snitches were their own awfully close relatives, distant relatives, and even “best” friends turned informants, not because they believed in such an oppressive ideology, but because they wanted more food, medicine, medical care, and other scarce survival items. […]  The Dear Leader was spoken of in biblical terms, he was the “creator of thought,” the “giver of strength,” and, in a Ministry of Truth Orwellian vein, he was the One who gave meaning and justification to our thoughts and ideas. Without him, a God-like figure, we were worth nothing, we were dust under his shoes. […] Ceausescu was compared by his apparatchiks, poets, teachers, movie makers, writers, reporters, to famous historical figures like Stefan Cel Mare (Stephen the Great), Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler), the bloody thirsty prince from the mid-1400s who disposed of his enemies through strange methods of incarceration, torture, savage beatings, or summary and quite painful executions.

Read more: https://canadafreepress.com/article/how-did-he-subjugate-so-many

Markovic: The Parasites and the Have-Nots

Frederick Taylor’s “scientific management” was all the rage when fascism and totalitarianism was on the rise in the 1920s–30s. It sounded good — people with pertinent knowledge and skills would occupy positions in logically designed organizations in which those qualities would be optimally employed.

In practice, the most common quality of scientifically managed firms was intense dissatisfaction among their workers.  That’s mostly because, in reality, people’s family, political connections, and willingness to “play ball” with the powerful and wealthy overshadowed everything else when it came to filling positions.  That’s why the purest expressions of scientific management — communist countries — failed and continue to fail so spectacularly on all metrics of popular well-being and welfare. America’s founders recognized that human nature predisposed people to abuse power to serve their own interests, and designed checks and balances into our government to make such abuse difficult.  In the 233 years since we ratified the Constitution, those interested in subverting it have made substantial progress. In communist societies, people in power act to preserve their best interest and the interests those closest to them, which screws everybody else and gives rise to a bifurcated society of “haves” and “have-nots.”

Read more at American Thinker.


Feldman: D.C. Lawyer of the Year: Natasha Taylor-Smith

I have been reading with horror Julie Kelley’s day-to-day description of the treatment afforded some 850 people arrested in D.C. for conduct on January 6 and the awful legal representation and judicial treatment they have received.  Many have been held in horrible prison conditions for over a year, denied bail and an opportunity to have their cases heard outside this venue where the jurors will never grant them a fair trial. None of the big law firms in town which puff up their public service donating time — for example, to defend Guantanamo Bay detainees — have to my knowledge volunteered to help these people. So it was a welcome surprise to see one young public defender do her job. The woman is Natasha Taylor-Smith, and for once I am proud of the legal profession in this ginned-up partisan Stalinist prosecution of mostly ordinary citizens most of whom did little more than walk through the open doors of the Capitol and leave. (Six more were just convicted of this — ordinarily a minor trespass with no charges brought — and will now face a potential six months in jail.) Most of the defendants have had to rely on public defenders and most of those caved utterly in defending them. Not Natasha. Here’s her opening statement to the trial court: . . . […]  She then proceeded on cross-examination to destroy the government’s (and the Jan 6 Committee’s) law enforcement witness.

Read more at American Thinker.

Fred T.: Jenna Ellis reveals what MSM won’t report on Jan 6 hearings, Dem effort to ensure lawyers NEVER represent GOP again

Jenna Ellis took the stage with Mike Lindell this weekend at his Moment of Truth summit, and revealed what the MSM isn’t telling people about the January 6 Committee. And she also explains that the media and Democrats are trying to deliberately make representing Republicans on any election issue so radioactive that no member of the GOP will every be able to find a lawyer in the future, regardless of the merits of the case.

Read more/Watch the 4:28 minute video: https://therightscoop.com/jenna-ellis-reveals-what-msm-wont-report-on-jan-6-hearings-dem-effort-to-ensure-lawyers-never-represent-gop-again/


Marshall: Citizens United Sues Biden Administration Over Election-Takeover Documents

Citizens United filed two lawsuits this week against the Department of Interior and Department of State for failing to comply with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) records requests regarding the White House’s attempt to federalize elections. The nonprofit submitted FOIA requests in June, but both agencies failed to respond (federal law requires FOIA requests to be responded to within 20 working days). The requests sought email and text messages from both agencies that mentioned President Biden’s Promoting Access to Voting executive order and the Hatch Act, a law that prohibits executive branch employees from engaging in election activities. “The Biden Administration may have violated the Hatch Act and these records should provide the answer,” Citizens United President David N. Bossie told The Federalist.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2022/08/20/citizens-united-sues-biden-administration-over-election-takeover-documents/


ADI Staff Reporter: Katie Hobbs Taking Heat For Dodging Debate With Kari Lake

The Arizona Democratic Party nominee for Governor, Katie Hobbs, is ignoring increasing pressure to face off with Republican Party nominee Kari Lake in a debate. Both supporters and detractors are questioning Hobbs’ decision to skip out on the Citizens Clean Elections debate, which has traditionally provided Arizona voters with an opportunity to compare the candidates’ performance under fire on the same stage and at the same time. From supporters like Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts, to opponents like the Republican Governor’s Association, Hobbs’ is facing criticism for her decision to deny Arizonans an election cycle tradition.

Read more/Watch the 1: 02 minute Lake video: : https://arizonadailyindependent.com/2022/08/21/katie-hobbs-taking-heat-for-dodging-debate-with-kari-lake/

Coyner: The GOP Is Doing Its Best To Lose The November Election

They’re complaining about Biden’s spending, bemoaning government overreach, and sanctioning Putin. Those issues aren’t going to return the GOP to power, but Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and Ronna McDaniel seem sanguine. Their lives don’t change if the GOP doesn’t take back Congress. They’ll still rule their little fiefdoms, still be invited to Georgetown cocktail parties to be feted by lobbyists and, of course, they’ll still be on Sunday morning shows to feign outrage for the latest Democrat policy. For these grifters, the only difference between winning and losing in November is having to work for the American people…something they’re loathe to do. But for the average American, the difference between winning and losing in November is literally life and death, lawlessness, or civil society. […]  If the GOP really wanted to win in November, we’d see a new ad every single day showcasing the violence going on in our streets along with pictures of some thug who’s just assaulted a random senior as a George Soros-funded district attorney just released him without bail. We’d see videos of illegals storming the border. At the end of every single ad would be a simple tagline: “If you want more of this, please vote for my Democrat opponent…. If you want someone who’s going to do something about crime and the quality of American life, vote for me.”

Read more at American Thinker.

Kanekoa’s Newsletter: Obama And Hillary Recruit Poll Workers For 2022 Election

With the election 83 days away — here is how YOU can stop the theft of our elections, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with President Trump, and become a poll worker in your local election TODAY! Former President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took to social media yesterday to recruit poll workers for the 2022 U.S. midterm election. Both Democrats shared links to Power The Polls, a poll worker training organization “launched in June 2020 by a coalition of businesses and nonprofits” which recruited “over 700,000 prospective poll workers” during the 2020 election. […]  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are correct — signing up as a poll worker is one of the most effective ways you can get involved in serving our nation and improving our election system. How Do You Become A Poll Worker?

[…]  First, find out if you are eligible based on the laws and statutes in your state. Use the State Compendium of Election Worker Laws and Statutes to find out: https://www.eac.gov/sites/default/files/eac_assets/1/28/Compendium.2016.pdf Simply scroll through the document until you get to your state’s page.

As you read through your state’s page, you’ll want to: . . .

Read more: https://kanekoa.substack.com/p/obama-and-hillary-recruit-poll-workers


O’Neill: The green threat to the First Amendment

It’s never a good sign when a government launches a policy and instantly decrees that criticism of that policy is not allowed. It’s happening in the US right now. This week President Biden signed a bill which, among other things, will pump billions of dollars into the renewable-energy sector. And woe betide the American citizen who queries the bill. Pity the American voter who wonders out loud if it might not be the best idea in the world for an advanced economy like America’s to become increasingly reliant on whimsical wind and solar power. For the Biden administration has already said that ‘seeding doubt’ about renewables is unacceptable, and might even need to be silenced. It’s called the Inflation Reduction Act. It will do many things, including shake up elements of America’s tax system and lower the cost of prescription drugs. It is also, in the words of Forbes, ‘the most comprehensive US initiative to mitigate climate change yet’. It promises to plough $369 billion into energy security and climate-change reduction programmes over the next decade. Renewables will get a massive boost. The White House predicts that, thanks to this act, the US will have 950million solar panels and 120,000 wind turbines by 2030. And it is apparently every American’s duty to nod uncritically along with this revolution in renewables, because any expression of ‘doubt’ about it could be bad for ‘public health’. That chilling decree came from Gina McCarthy, the White House’s national climate adviser.

Read more: https://www.spiked-online.com/2022/08/18/the-green-threat-to-the-first-amendment/

Matthews: Hochul’s Compelled Speech Bill is Just the Beginning

Governor Kathy Hochul signed a bill last year that will compel certain speech be used when addressing or referring to LGBTQ or trans people. It is not constitutional and will be overturned. Legislation S.5325/A.6193 is very strange because it mandates that utility companies “allow customers to use what preferred name and pronoun they want.” I was not aware that utility companies ever forbade customers their silly pronouns and preferred names, but apparently Kathy believes this has been the case. That is just a red herring. Here is the disturbing part. She clearly thinks that failing to use the right pronouns is a problem. Where is she really going with this tyrannical diktat and her other ones that forbid, mandate, require and otherwise annoy people? Hochul states: . . .[…]  There’s a difference between prohibited speech and compelled speech. There is no law prohibiting offensive speech. No one is prohibited from insulting someone else and no one is prohibited from being obnoxious.  We do have the First Amendment. However, it is one thing to say something offensive but it’s a different animal entirely to have a law that compels a certain word, phrase, or title on pain of exorbitant fees or possible jail time for non-payment. That’s what Hochul’s bill does and that is the stuff of China, Iran, Russia and Venezuela, not America. Not yet.

Read more at American Thinker.

Weaver: New York Bans ‘Gendered Language’ In New ‘Salespeople’ Law

New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed a bill Thursday that will ban the word “salesman” and other instances of “gendered language” in certain New York statutes. Senate Bill 536 replaces instances of the word “salesman” with the word “salespeople” and replaces instances of the pronouns “his” or “her” with “their” in New York legislation. “This legislation amends Real Property Tax Law Article 12-a to change the word salesman to salesperson,” the bill reads. “Further this legislation removes gendered language from the Article by removing references to ‘his or her’ in favor of ‘their,’ changes ‘himself’ to ‘themselves,’ as well as appropriate changes to variations of these words.”

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2022/08/20/new-york-kathy-hochul-bans-gendered-language-salespeople/

Laad: The new epidemic of self-silencing plagues America

A new study by the Populace organization revealed the obvious: that Americans are “self-silencing” — people saying what they think others want to hear rather than what they truly feel. People often reshape their privately held views to conform to what they think their group believes, despite that assessment frequently being inaccurate. This causes the illusion of consensus. The following are two of the most significant revelations from the study: . . . […]  Freedom of expression emanates from freedom of thought. If people are censoring themselves, democratic values are being compromised. The time to rise up against this sinister totalitarian cult is now, by being the change you want to see and expressing yourself freely.

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Durden: ATF Shows Up At People’s Homes To Confiscate Rare Breed FRT-15 Triggers

According to the report, it is unknown how the ATF acquired the customers’ information – though the owners in question acquired their triggers via Gun Broker or the Rare Breed Triggers website. […]  “It is possible the ATF received the customers’ information from credit card processors or shipping companies,” AmmoLand said, adding the federal agency had received customer information from Authorize.net and Stamps.com to track people who’ve bought 80% lowers from gun parts kits manufacturer Polymer80. A person named “Paul Britton Finch” is allegedly one of those gun owners who got a knock on the door from ATF agents.

Read more: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/atf-shows-peoples-doors-confiscate-rare-breed-frt-15-triggers

Citizen Free Press: What to do if ATF comes knocking on your door…

Reports of ATF collecting Rare Breed Triggers.

Watch the 7:48 minute video: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/what-to-do-if-atf-knocks-on-your-door/


Reyner: Judge Blocks Florida’s ‘Stop WOKE Act’

A federal judge on Thursday blocked a new state law backed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that restricts how educators teach race-related concepts in public schools or as it applies to workplace training, reports The Hill. Tallahassee U.S. District Judge Mark Walker said in a 44-page ruling that HB 7 bill, also known as the Stop the Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees, violates the First Amendment and is impermissibly vague. Walker also refused to issue a stay that would keep the law in effect during any appeal by the state. “Florida’s legislators may well find plaintiffs’ speech repugnant. But under our constitutional scheme, the remedy for repugnant speech is more speech, not enforced silence,” Walker wrote in his ruling. “If Florida truly believes we live in a post-racial society, then let it make its case. But it cannot win the argument by muzzling its opponents.”

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Cleveland: With Georgia DA’s Get-Trump Grand Jury On Hold, Lindsey Graham And The First Amendment Are Still In The Crosshairs

Sunday morning, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily froze efforts by the Fulton County district attorney’s office to haul South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham to Georgia for questioning before a grand jury. However, a complete halt to the abuse of the grand jury process by the Democrat Fulton County prosecutor is needed to protect important First Amendment interests. How It Happened In July, news broke that the Democrat prosecutor for Fulton County, Georgia, Fani Willis, had subpoenaed to testify before her “special purpose grand jury” a slew of lawyers representing Donald Trump, as well as high-level Republicans at both the state and national levels, including Graham. Upon learning of the subpoena, Graham immediately filed a motion to quash, arguing that the Speech or Debate Clause of the Constitution, sovereign immunity, and the “high-ranking official” doctrine prevented the county district attorney from questioning him before a Georgia grand jury. Last week, federal Judge Leigh Martin May, a Barack Obama appointee, denied Graham’s motion to quash, concluding neither sovereign immunity nor the “high-ranking official” doctrine protected Graham, and that it was too early to tell whether the DA’s questioning of the South Carolina senator would run afoul of the Speech or Debate Clause. The Speech or Debate Clause of the Constitution provides that . . . […]  A Closer Look at the Grand Jury Three significant facts—above and beyond the Speech or Debate Clause—should compel the federal courts to scrutinize the Fulton County prosecutor’s “special counsel grand jury” more closely and to provide a check on the Democrat DA.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2022/08/22/with-georgia-das-get-trump-grand-jury-on-hold-lindsey-graham-and-the-first-amendment-are-still-in-the-crosshairs/


Miller: In memory of those who ‘died suddenly’ in the United States, August 8-August 15

Comedian Teddy Ray; TV actress Denise Dowse; John Engen, 5-term major of Missoula, MT; poet John Longenbach; three student football players; three Amazon workers; and all too many more

Read more: https://markcrispinmiller.substack.com/p/in-memory-of-those-who-died-suddenly-4f6

Citizen Free Press: Teenager dies from ‘heart attack’ while playing frisbee…

“Owen was playing frisbee with his father when he fell to the ground. CPR was administered immediately, and first responders were on the scene rapidly, but despite best efforts, he could not be resuscitated.”

Read more: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/teenager-dies-from-heart-attack-while-playing-frisbee/

Newberry: Astros star Alvarez back at ballpark after breathing scare

Houston Astros slugger Yordan Alvarez was held out of the lineup for Saturday’s game against the Braves after being taken to a hospital the previous night because of shortness of breath. Manager Dusty Baker said doctors weren’t able to find any cause of the breathing issues. Alvarez was at the ballpark but under a concussion-like protocol where the team was monitoring his every move.

Read more: https://www.chron.com/sports/astros/article/Astros-star-Alvarez-back-at-ballpark-after-17387133.php

(They were vaccinated) Aussie MSM not blacking out reports of blood clots from AstraZeneca and Pfizer COVID vaccines

Have you been seeing reports of deaths and injuries attributed to COVID vaccines in the mainstream media? Yeah, me neither. Somehow, Australian television news is reporting on blood clots that follow the use of AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines in a way that we don’t see here in the U.S.

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Cheung, Tsai & Essig: China flexes military muscles, then targets Taiwan’s citrus fruits

For the last 18 years, Li Meng-han and his family have grown pomelos in a rural town near the southern Taiwanese city of Tainan. Taiwanese pomelos, known for their juiciness and softness, are highly popular on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, especially during the Mid-Autumn Festival, an important holiday in Chinese culture that falls this year on September 10. […]  On August 3, amid rising tensions between Beijing and Washington over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s controversial trip to Taiwan, Chinese Customs officials announced an import ban on all Taiwanese citrus fruits — including pomelos — as well as two types of fish, citing “excessive pesticides” and “Covid-19 prevention” measures. Taiwan has condemned the move as violating international trade norms. The announcement also came as Beijing conducted extensive drills encircling Taiwan in response to Pelosi’s visit — exercises that authorities in Taiwan said simulated a possible attack on the island. […]  Since last year, China has targeted a number of Taiwanese agricultural products as it steps up its military, diplomatic and economic pressure on Taiwan — a self-governing, democratic island of 24 million people just off China’s southeastern coast.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/22/asia/china-military-drills-taiwan-sanctions-citrus-fruits-intl-hnk-dst/index.html


DiLorenzo: The Revolution

We pray this revolution can be put away, settled, once and for all, at the ballot box in an honest election. God help us if we cannot. Barack Obama, the underhanded insurrectionist that he is, called for a loyal army that could go against the civilian population…a Civilian National Security Force.  Did the Democrats just fund it?…87,000 new armed IRS agents?  It doubles the personnel at the IRS to around 180,000.  It’s equal to 12 Army divisions (13 divisions if you include the number of FBI special agents, Biden’s personal army).  It would be larger than the army of Germany, Italy, or even Israel.  Hitler’s Gestapo (secret state police) had only 32,000 at its height.  Additionally, the IRS is infamous for ignoring basic due process rights, harassment without cause, and accidental gun discharges. The Inflation Reduction Act has almost nothing to do with inflation.  It was a marketing ploy, a lie!  If these agents just audited those with incomes over $400,000, they would have plenty of spare time on their hands.  If they decided to audit EVERY single family with that income, each agent would only have 15 cases.  But, we know that will not be the reality. And now the rest of the story: . . .

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Moore: 74% of voters say country is on the wrong track, Biden’s job approval stays low: poll

Representative of the deep dissatisfaction among Americans, 74% say the US is headed in the wrong direction, 58% believe the country’s best days are in the rearview mirror and 61% say they are so steamed they would be willing to march around for a day with a protest sign, the NBC News poll found.  Asked what the signs would say, Democratic voters chose “women’s rights,” “abortion rights,” and “prosecute Trump” — while Republicans said they would tote “impeach Biden,” “protect our freedom” and “protect 2nd Amendment” banners.

Read more: https://nypost.com/2022/08/21/74-of-voters-say-country-is-on-the-wrong-track-bidens-job-approval-stays-low-poll/

Zhong: Judge Permanently Blocks Biden Oil and Gas Leasing Pause in 13 States

A federal judge Thursday issued a permanent injunction against the Biden administration’s pause of new oil and gas leasing in federal lands. The injunction applies to the 13 states that sued the Biden administration over the moratorium in March 2021, including Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia. Terry Doughty, the U.S. district judge for the Western District of Louisiana, ruled that the White House overreached in the ban. […]  Doughty issued a temporary injunction back in June 2022 in this case. The injunction was overthrown by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday.

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Fred T.: WATCH: The IRS teaching potential new agents how to HANDCUFF small business owners for Biden.

[…] Rep. Thomas Massie tweet: In case you thought the IRS needed 87,000 more agents to help you with your tax returns and audit billionaires, watch this: Highlights from the IRS Adrian recruiting project. […]  “Once you steal money from the government, you’re going down,” says one of the recruits in full clip at YouTube. That phrasing says a lot about what they are being told. That’s what they believe already. That it’s the government’s money. The philosophical difference between evading paying a thing owed and stealing something that belongs to someone else is a big deal. The idea that all money is the government’s is an even bigger deal.

Read more/Watch the 1:45 minute training video: https://therightscoop.com/watch-the-irs-teaching-potential-new-agents-how-to-handcuff-small-business-owners-for-biden/

Lucas: 4 Facts About IRS Gun Arsenal

Some of the 87,000 new agents whom Democrats propose to hire at the Internal Revenue Service could come with some extra firepower. On Friday, House Democrats gave final passage to the tax and spending bill they dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act, which, among other things, would double the size of the IRS with 87,000 new agents to beef up enforcement.  […]  Here are four key things to know about the Internal Revenue Service and weapons. 1. IRS Guns and Ammo  The current IRS workforce includes 78,661 full-time employees, so Democrats’ legislation, if passed as written, would more than double the agency’s employees. A 2020 report from OpenTheBooks, titled “The Militarization of the U.S. Executive Agencies,” shows that the IRS Criminal Investigation division has a stockpile of 4,600 guns. The firearms include 3,282 pistols, 621 shotguns, 539 rifles, 15 fully automatic firearms, and four revolvers, the report says. The Government Accountability Office, a federal watchdog agency, reported in 2018 that the IRS had 3.1 million rounds of ammunition for pistols and revolvers. The tax agency had 1.4 million rounds of ammunition for rifles, the GAO report said, along with 367,750 shotgun rounds and 56,000 rounds for automatic weapons. 2. . . .

Read more: https://www.dailysignal.com/2022/08/12/with-87000-new-agents-on-way-4-facts-about-irs-gun-arsenal/


Gordon: Moment disabled man, 66, is beaten to death with metal pole in Seattle ‘by serial criminal who judge freed on felony charges eight days earlier, after asking killer not to commit any more crimes’

Fulk was arrested as he attempted to walk away from the scene of the crime. It’s unclear if he knew his victim before the attack, and what his motive was.  But he might not have been out on the streets at all were it not for the actions of Pierce County Superior Court Judge Philip Thornton. Thornton had come across Pierce days earlier, and decided to release him without bail on felony harassment charges after he allegedly threatened to kill a local city worker. Thornton released Fulk on his own recognizance, and asked him not to commit any more crime.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11131207/Moment-disabled-man-66-beaten-death-Seattle-serial-criminal-judge-freed.html

O’Donnell: Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor Appointed A Violent Felon To The State Juvenile Justice Commission

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat running for re-election in a key swing state, picked a convicted felon who also faces open armed robbery and gun possession charges to serve on his Juvenile Justice Commission before reversing course and dropping him once the media started asking questions about the appointment. In late July, Evers selected Aundray Evans, 24, to serve as a “youth member” of the governor’s Juvenile Justice Commission even though he was charged in 2019 with armed robbery, theft of movable property, possession of cocaine, resisting or obstructing an officer and, in a separate case, being a felon in possession of a firearm. […]  “This is outrageous,” said Tim Michels, the Republican gubernatorial nominee who will face Evers in November’s election. “It’s just the latest outrageous example of his soft-on-crime mindset. Communities in Wisconsin will never become safer with Tony Evers as governor.”

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2022/08/19/wisconsins-democrat-governor-appointed-a-violent-felon-to-the-state-juvenile-justice-commission/


D’Abrosca: Exposé: The Quiet Epidemic of ‘Judicial Child Trafficking’ in America

here is a quiet, and largely unreported, epidemic unfolding in the American family court system. More and more parents, mostly mothers, are experiencing firsthand the cottage industry that is “parental alienation therapy.” Those who have experienced it describe an utter, almost incomprehensible hell.

Richard A. Gardner, M.D., a child psychiatrist, was the creator and main proponent of a theory called Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). He promulgated the idea in the late 1980s and early 1990s. His “research” was criticized as largely anecdotal, and indeed was mostly based on his testimonies as an “expert witness” in child abuse trials. The theory of parental alienation is now almost totally discredited by academics. It has never been recognized by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), or any other academic association. It has never passed the scrutiny of peer review. Further, Gardner was sympathetic towards child sex abusers, saying “there’s a little bit of pedophilia in all of us,” claiming that children sometimes seduce adults and excusing pedophilia by saying it was normal in many cultures. He died by suicide in 2003. But lurking in the shadows, there are still practitioners of the “parental alienation therapy,”

[…]  It’s a big business. Tens of millions of dollars have poured into “therapy” programs like Gottlieb’s. Russell says that at its core, parental alienation is simply about denying child abuse. She says the courts are steeped in what she calls the “junk science” of alienation. “Whenever evidence of abuse is brought or raised in the context of a divorce or child custody matters, it’s got to be a lie or a fabrication, and instead of investigating these crimes against children, the court focuses on demonizing the parent who’s trying to protect their children,” she said.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2022/08/19/expose-the-quiet-epidemic-of-judicial-child-trafficking-in-america/

Lepore: Notoriously woke Virginia school district kept pedophile school counselor on staff a year AFTER bosses were told he’d been arrested for soliciting child prostitute

A Virginia school district that has made headlines for woke policies and clashes over teaching critical race theory waited a year to fire a counselor after they found out he’d been arrested for soliciting an underage prostitute.  Darren Lamar Thornton, 50, remained employed by Glasgow Middle School in Lincolnia, Virginia, even after he’d been convicted of a sex crime and a year after they’d been notified of his arrest, according to WUSA9.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11131079/Woke-Virginia-school-district-kept-pedophile-counselor-year-notified-arrest.html


Fred T.: WATCH: Minneapolis teachers union leaders give most OBNOXIOUS, self-important, snotty interview EVER

HOW DARE YOU QUESTION US? That’s the attitude of the two leaders of a teachers union in Minneapolis, and pretty much every other teachers union leader I’ve ever seen on TV. The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers got a contract with the public school system that they are “extremely proud of” they told ABC, which requires schools to fire white teachers before any others, regardless of seniority or other factors. […]  The attitude on these two women is beyond words. This is the same attitude they have for parents. Pure, haughty, snotty contempt. I mean it’s seriously unbelievable.

Read more/ Watch the 6:40 minute report: https://therightscoop.com/watch-minneapolis-teachers-union-leaders-give-most-obnoxious-self-important-snotty-interview-ever/

Revolver.news: Republican Lawmakers Can Easily End the Anti-White Crisis Unfolding at University of Tennessee, So Why Won’t They?

A viral tweet on Tuesday afternoon brought some online attention to the latest unfolding woke atrocity at an American university, this time the University of Tennessee. John Sailer twitter thread: NEW: The University of Tennessee has required every school and administrative unit to produce a “Diversity Action Plan,” effectively mandating the creation of hundreds of DEI policies at every level of the university. We have acquired those plans. A few notable features. The plans ensure a wide-scale curriculum overhaul throughout the university. In the College of Social Work, this means integrating “anti-racism and social justice content into the curricula,” including through a new “social justice minor.”  [Note: John Sailer is a Fellow at the National Association of Scholars]

Read more: https://www.revolver.news/2022/08/hello-republicans-wake-up-an-anti-white-crisis-is-unfolding-at-university-of-tennessee/

Roberts: Joan of Arc was not ‘nonbinary’

We have seen some nonsense in our time, but the recent fad for declaring historical figures to be ‘nonbinary’ might very well be the daftest of the lot. The latest instance comes from Shakespeare’s Globe, whose upcoming production of I, Joan, a new play by Charlie Josephine, ‘reimagines’ the great Joan of Arc as an ‘enby’, or a nonbinary person. In an essay accompanying the play, academic Dr Kit Heyam – who self-describes as a ‘trans awareness trainer and heritage practitioner’ (nice work if you can get it) – writes that the widely accepted story of the Maid of Orléans, of a woman leading an army dressed in men’s clothes, denies the ‘historical existence of trans experience’. Heyam goes on to suggest that Queen Elizabeth I could have been nonbinary, too. Apparently, wearing armour may have had a ‘profound impact on their [sic] sense of self’. To which one is tempted to reply that it may well have chafed like buggery.

Throwing silly 21st-century fads back into history to justify them in the present is the height of fatuousness.

Read more: https://www.spiked-online.com/2022/08/17/joan-of-arc-was-not-nonbinary/


Lendrum: Google Employees’ Union Demands Search Engine Suppress Pro-Life Results

On Monday, the union representing employees of Google’s parent company submitted a petition demanding that the Google search engine – the world’s #1 most visited website – systematically suppress any results for pro-life pregnancy centers. According to the Washington Free Beacon, the petition was sent by the Alphabet Workers Union to Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet Inc., the company which owns Google, YouTube, and several other key Big Tech platforms. The petition, which was signed by over 650 employees, demands that the Google search engine delete “results for fake abortion providers,” arguing that pro-life results constitute “misleading information.” The employees also claimed, with no evidence, that users who search for abortion-related topics could see their Internet history used against them by states that have outlawed or heavily restricted abortion. As such, they demanded that Google implement stricter privacy measures for “health-related activity,” including “reproductive justice, gender-affirming care, and abortion access information.” This information, the union petition says, “must never be saved, handed over to law enforcement, or treated as a crime.”

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2022/08/19/google-employees-union-demands-search-engine-suppress-pro-life-results/

Rutz: New York Times creates ‘right-wing media’ beat to see what’s driving political decisions of ‘many Americans’

The Times’ political editor David Halbfinger announced last week that longtime BuzzFeed News investigative reporter Ken Bensinger would “pioneer a new beat covering right-wing media as part of the democracy team on the Politics desk.” Halbfinger declared Bensinger’s new assignment, which starts Monday, was filled with “people who reject mainstream narratives and question the institutions that hold up our democracy. Understanding the way information is developed, circulated and absorbed on the right is vital at this precarious moment, and requires a healthy measure of patience, empathy and understanding along with investigative chops, skepticism and toughness.” […]  The spokesman didn’t respond specifically to the question of whether a position to narrowly cover progressive or left-wing media existed or was being created at the newspaper. The Times has a number of reporters on its media team that cover the large, ideologically diverse industry, but none appear to focus squarely on the left.

Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/media/new-york-times-crates-right-wing-media-beat-see-whats-driving-political-decisions-many-americans


John Zmirak: Watch This Movie With Your Teens

Mr. Jones  is a movie I bought, and put off watching. I knew it would be sobering, and I’d already heard the story: The Soviet government under Stalin pillaged Ukraine, stealing the private farms of productive peasants and forcing them into miserable, termite colony-modeled collective farms. Then the Party seized all the grain they’d raised in that immensely productive region, and sold it to fund Stalin’s project of building massive factories.  […] This is the kind of story young people in their formative years need to see. They ought to develop the proper skepticism toward establishment media, and the requisite hatred and contempt for communism. They must learn to see that virtue is beautiful, even when it ends in suffering, while sin is cheap and repugnant, even when wicked people seem to prosper. There is no more important lesson any young person could learn. […] I highly recommend this movie for anyone 12 and over, and especially for parents to watch with their young people. They need to know the kind of world they’re facing, and to see noble examples of courage and heroic witness.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2022/08/21/watch-this-movie-with-your-teens/


Crime Watch MN: Former Mayo researcher in US on H-1B visa pleads guilty to terrorism charge

A Pakistani doctor formerly employed by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester as a research coordinator has pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, namely ISIS. Muhammad Masood, 30, a licensed medical doctor in Pakistan, was formerly employed at the clinic in Rochester, Minn., under an H-1B Visa. Charges say between January 2020 and March 2020, Masood made several statements to others pledging his allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (“ISIS”) and its leader, and expressing his desire to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS.

Masood also expressed his desire to conduct “lone wolf” terrorist attacks in the United States.

Read more: https://alphanews.org/former-mayo-researcher-in-us-on-h-1b-visa-pleads-guilty-to-terrorism-charge/

 Kirsch: Should you get any vaccines? The data shows the more you vax, the sicker you are.

When I interviewed Andrew Wakefield, he told me that you are roughly 10X more likely to be sick if you are vaccinated with the normal schedule vs. the unvaccinated. Here is a link to the paper co-authored by my good friend James Lyons-Weiler which shows this very clearly: Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination by James Lyons-Weiler and Paul Thomas. Here’s a key figure from the paper showing the more vaccinations you accept, the greater your chance of seeing the doctor (relative incidence of office visits). The trends were true for other causes as well (See Fig 4 and 5). […]  I encourage you to read the papers in each section and decide for yourself. Why is autism affecting 1 in 30 children, it used be 1 in 2500 pre-1970. As for me, I’m with Wakefield.

Read more: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/should-you-get-any-vaccines-the-data?utm_source=%2Fprofile%2F40661664-steve-kirsch&utm_medium=reader2

Dunleavy: NIH ends subaward to Wuhan lab after continued stonewalling

The National Institutes of Health announced it was finally cutting off a subaward to the Wuhan Institute of Virology after it continued to refuse to hand over key information about the coronavirus research it conducted with U.S. tax dollars. NIH Deputy Director Michael Lauer made the revelation in a letter Friday to House Oversight Committee Republicans, in which he said the Wuhan lab had refused to turn over lab notebooks and electronic files connected to its research funded through an NIH subaward given to it by the U.S.-based EcoHealth Alliance. But Lauer indicated the NIH may continue funding EcoHealth’s controversial bat coronavirus research despite the group’s documented noncompliance issues, its close links to the Wuhan virology institute, and its history of funneling hundreds of thousands of U.S. tax dollars to the Chinese lab.

Read more: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/healthcare/nih-ends-subaward-wuhan-lab-stonewalling

Ebiner: Monuments to Futility

A civilization’s most enduring creations are a reflection of the beliefs, aspirations, and desires of those societies and their leaders. The Roman emperors built triumphal arches to commemorate their victories and symbolize the might of their empire. Medieval Europeans constructed massive and ornate cathedrals, demonstrating their devotion to their faith. In similar manner, what we build today demonstrates our beliefs and desires, what we remember, and what we look forward to. Bland, Soulless Conformity Most buildings we visit daily are built simply for their utility and functionality, nothing else. Our modern architecture takes no care to convey beauty, grandeur, or even to distinguish one place from another. […]  If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the things you look at affect what happens inside your soul. If practically everything you see is built only for utility, then you are subconsciously being trained to expect and desire only those things that satisfy physical needs. If nobody takes the time and effort to build things that inspire the soul, then the message is that the soul does not matter. You are constantly, though subtly, being taught that only the physical world matters, and nothing transcendent or eternal—truth, beauty, morality, love, etc.—is really that important.

Read more: https://americanmind.org/salvo/monuments-to-futility/


Murray: Canada is ground zero for Nuremberg 3.0

Under the leadership of Justin Trudeau and his cabinet of Klaus Schwab pupils, Canadian “health” officials appear to be euthanizing slightly disabled, but otherwise healthy adults. As detailed in a recent report by The Washington Post, 61-year-old Alan Nichols was put to death by medical “professionals” after he was hospitalized for fears he may be “suicidal.” Nichols’ family cried foul, arguing the application for assisted suicide lacked any serious justification, as the sole reason on the request was “hearing loss.” According to the WaPo report: . . . […]  Devalue the lives of disabled people. Where have we seen this before?

Read more at American Thinker.

Chudov: Human Embryos WITHOUT HEADS to be Grown in Mechanical Wombs

Apparently, a team of Israeli entrepreneurs is planning to grow human embryos in artificial wombs. After they grow, organs could be harvested from such infants. To avoid ethical dilemmas, human embryos will be grown without heads. No kidding. The article does not explain how growing human embryos without heads would “avoid ethical dilemmas”, leaving the reader needing to figure it out on their own. […]  The idea of this startup is to . . . […]  Would you pay to grow a headless copy of yourself to harvest organs? Do you think there are no ethical problems?

Read more: https://igorchudov.substack.com/p/human-embryos-without-heads-to-be

DOLLIMORE , Stewart & Brown: Moment Putin’s closest aide Alexander Dugin holds head in his hands amid aftermath of Moscow car bomb that killed his daughter: Ukraine war mastermind is spotted at scene after Darya Dugin, 35, was ‘assassinated in attack meant for her father’

Vladimir Putin’s closest supporters have demanded vengeance on Ukraine over the ‘assassination’ of Dugina, daughter of the Russian leader’s spiritual guru, who died in his stead. A distressing video from Baza media shows the bereft father – known as Putin’s ‘Rasputin’ – at the scene of the explosion.

The car is seen as a fireball as emergency services sirens wail. Reports said she died on the spot. But her father – seen as the brains behind Putin’s interference in Ukraine from 2014 – was intended to be in the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado which was hit, but the former professor apparently switched cars at the last minute. The explosion took place as Ms Dugina was returning from a cultural festival she had attended with her father.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11131413/Alexander-Dugin-holds-head-hands-amid-aftermath-Moscow-car-bomb-killed-daughter.html


Are you fed up? Are you worried that America in rapidly sliding into a neo-Marxist state by the radical left in control of Washington with historically narrow majorities in the U.S. House and Senate and an Executive controlled by unnamed far leftists in place of a clinically incompetent President Biden? They are desperate to keep power and complete their radical progressive agenda that will change America and our liberty forever.

Americans just witnessed the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 without one Republican vote in the U.S. Senate and House (just as Obamacare was passed in 2010). The IRS  will be hiring 87,000 new agents, many armed, to terrorize American taxpayers.

Americans witnessed the FBI raid at the Trump Mar-A-Lago home and property of President Trump, truly a first in all of American history. We know what that is about. 

It is undeniable that the Democrat Party and the administrative state (the executive branches of the DOJ, FBI, IRS, et al) are clear and present dangers to our Republic and our liberty as they increasingly veer further away from the rule of law and the Constitution. What is the solution? At this critical juncture, there is only one action we can all take.

The only viable and timely solution at this critical point is to vote – yes, vote correctly and smartly to retake the U.S. House and Senate on November 8th and to prepare the way to retake the White House in two years. Vote and help everyone you know to vote. Please click the TAKE ACTION link below – we must vote correctly and in great numbers to be sure our votes are counted to diminish the potential for the left to rig and steal the midterms and the 2024 elections as they are clearly intending to do after their success in 2020.



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