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Daniel Greenfield contributor to FrontPage Magazine : . . .vaccine passports could create a system of medicalized segregation meant to enforce the identity politics goals of the Left. What we are experiencing now may very well become an annual rite of medical social justice.

Michael Moore Democrat film producer didn’t agree with Texas opening for business: Texas – we hear you. You didn’t want to be part of our electrical grid. And now you’ve removed your mask mandate & are allowing large crowds to gather. We hear you! COVID is a hoax! So u don’t need our precious vaccine. We’ll send it to ppl who are saving lives by wearing masks.


Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) response to Michael Moore is on target: Ok. No gasoline for you. (That includes jet fuel.) And what do you think film is made of?

Brad Littlejohn contributor to The American Conservative: . . . the light has not died. Neither faith nor freedom have yet perished from the earth, fire and brimstone have not yet rained down in judgment, and to all appearances, God is still patiently working his purposes out through the mundane instruments of men and women who eat, drink, and get married, raise children and write songs, build institutions and watch them die, pass laws and protest them. This is hardly an invitation to relativism or apathy; a good study of history reminds us of how much goodness can perish through cowardice or inaction. But the more we study history, the more we are apt to find the battles we fight are not so new as we might imagine, and that every “last stand” turns out to have many sequels.

Peter Van Buren Contributor to The American Conservative: Bruce Springsteen sternly instructs us in his new infomercial to “find the middle” in politics. But the Founders made clear the fact that vigorous debate was critical to their vision of democracy.



Sundance: Mike Pence Discovers the Need for Election Integrity, Jumps into MAGA Ship Before it leaves DeceptiCon Dock
In an article written by Mike Pence and published today, the former Vice-President has suddenly found a need to focus on election integrity. After the timeframe has passed for his actions to bear any significant sunlight upon the 2020 election, Pence now expresses some concerns. Writing with the Daily Signal the executive earworm now says he doesn’t like the idea that Nancy Pelosi and the Fascist party are attempting to make election manipulation a permanent feature of the U.S. voting system. Mike Pence – After an election marked by significant voting irregularities and numerous instances of officials setting aside state election law, I share . . .
Read more at The Conservative Treehouse.

Nitzberg: Wyoming state legislator Chuck Gray to challenge Rep. Liz Cheney in Republican primary
“It is abundantly clear to those of us who actually live in Wyoming that Liz Cheney views her positions as nothing more than a stepping stone, and we’re just supposed to go along with it. Well, not anymore. Wyoming agrees with President Trump … it is time to get rid of Liz Cheney,” Gray said in a statement. “My proven record of leadership for the people of Wyoming is the polar opposite of hers, and it is why I am proud to announce my intent to seek the Republican Party’s nomination to serve the citizens of Wyoming in the United States House of Representatives.”
Read more at Just the News.


Toameh: Arabs Warn Biden: We Do Not Want Another Obama
The Biden administration, some Arab writers have said, “has adopted a policy of “antagonizing allies while appeasing enemies.” [Syrian journalist Abduljalil] Alsaeid said he believed that former Obama administration officials, who are now part of the Biden administration, are intentionally trying to damage US-Saudi relations.
Read more at Gatestone Institute.


Greenfield: Biden’s Attempt to Bomb Bluff Iran Collapses
I was never a big fan of reruns. And who wanted reruns of Obama’s foreign policy? It’s convenient for Iran which caught the show the first time around and knows exactly how the plot works. Biden tried a backdoor cash pass to Iran through South Korea. And Iran responded by turning down proposed negotiations and using its terrorist proxies to go on the attack. Biden’s team tried to bluff Iran with a weak air strike, Iran got out the human shields, and the whole thing predictably imploded in a humiliating mess.
Read more FrontPage Magazine.


Bleau: 20 Attorneys General Deem H.R. 1 Unconstitutional: It Sets ‘Alarming Mandates’
Twenty attorneys general signed a letter addressed to House and Senate leaders pleading against H.R. 1, which the Democrat-led House passed on party lines late Wednesday evening, deeming it unconstitutional as it sets what they described as “alarming mandates,” leading to the federalization of state elections.
The House passed H.R. 1, of the “For the People Act of 2021,” Wednesday night, earning praise from Democrats across the board. Hours prior to its passage, 20 attorneys general, led by Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita (R), sent a letter addressed to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). H.R. 1 “betrays several Constitutional deficiencies and alarming mandates that, if passed, would federalize state elections and impose burdensome costs and regulations on state and local officials,” they wrote, detailing the Elections Clause of Article I of the Constitution and the Electors Clause of Article II, which gives states the primary role in conducting federal elections for House and Senate, and an even bigger role in presidential elections. “The Act would invert that constitutional structure, commandeer state resources, confuse and muddle elections procedures, and erode faith in our elections and systems of governance,” the attorneys general wrote, asking lawmakers to consider the measure’s many “vulnerabilities.”
Read more at Breitbart.


Saavedra: Senator Sounds Alarm On Far-Left Biden DOJ Nominee Who Supports Defunding Police: ‘She Must Be Stopped’
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) warned in a statement on Thursday evening that Vanita Gupta, an attorney who President Joe Biden has nominated for the No. 3 job at the Department of Justice, would make America less safe due to her far-left policy views on policing. “Vanita Gupta, President Biden’s nominee for Associate Attorney General, would make America less safe. She must be stopped,” Cotton wrote on Twitter. “More than 83k Americans died from drug overdoses last year, but Gupta wants to ‘decriminalize’ possession of ALL drugs, even fentanyl. Opioids are already ravaging our communities—we shouldn’t give fentanyl, heroin, or cocaine dealers get-out-of-jail-free cards.” “As recently as last summer, Vanita Gupta called to defund the police,” . . .
Read more at Daily Wire.

Binder: Migrant Youth Pipeline to U.S. Surges Nearly 600 Percent Since Trump
Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs), as Breitbart News has extensively reported, apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border have increased tremendously over the last month, where now federal shelters are estimated to be at 93 percent capacity. The UAC program takes migrant youth and places them into HHS custody until they are released to a sponsor in the U.S.
Read more at Breitbart.


Bokhari: YouTube Blacklists Donald Trump’s CPAC Speech, Suspends RSBN Channel
The video nearly accumulated 4 million views before being censored by the Google-owned platform. […] “RSBN has been suspended from YouTube for two weeks because of the Trump #CPAC2021 speech, which violated their guidelines on election misinformation. The video was approaching 4 million views. They have also removed it from their platform.” RSBN said that it could have avoided a two-week suspension had it added “countervailing viewspoints” to President Trump’s claims about election irregularities. In other words, it was only permissible to upload Trump’s speech if RSBN also criticized it.
Read more at Breitbart.

Davidson: Corporate Media, Capitol Police Rumors Of Another Capitol Attack Again Prove To Be A Dud
Prophecies of another attack on the Capitol on March 4, reportedly spread by QAnon, went unfulfilled Thursday, leaving the federal grounds devoid of any action and people other than members of the National Guard. The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued a joint memo just one day before the allegedly potential attack, reportedly warning that “domestic extremists” were ramping up to “take control of the U.S. Capitol and remove democratic lawmakers on or about the 4th of March.” Capitol Police also signaled the threat of a breach, while federal agents conducted investigations into “whether there was an increase in the number of hotel rooms being rented in Washington, as well as monitoring flights to the area, car rental reservations and any buses being chartered to bring groups into the capital.” Some law enforcement officials including Timothy Blodgett, the acting House sergeant-at-arms, said there was “no indication that groups will travel to Washington D.C. to protest or commit acts of violence,” but some including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi alleged these reports as gospel truth, even canceling Thursday’s session, a fact she downplayed later.
Read more at The Federalist.


Payne: ‘We are flying blind’: Fauci was warned in March 2020 of potential false positives in COVID-19 tests
White House coronavirus adviser and longtime federal infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci was warned as early as March of 2020 that tests widely used to diagnose COVID-19 could suffer from high levels of false positive results, a problem that was confirmed by the World Health Organization earlier this year. The warning was given in a Mar. 22, 2020 email to Fauci from Sin Hang Lee, the director of the Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory in Milford, Conn. The message was part of a large batch of emails and other records recently obtained by Judicial Watch and the Daily Caller News Foundation.
In Lee’s message, he warns Fauci and several other doctors: “It has been widely reported in the social media that the RT-qPCR test kits used to detect SARS- CoV-2 RNA in human specimens are generating many false positive results and are not sensitive enough to detect some real positive cases, especially during convalescence.” “Without a reliable laboratory diagnostic test, we are flying blind,” he wrote. Lee in the message summarizes a proposal contained in an “attached letter” that was not included in the email batch. The summary itself, however, was redacted from the released email.
Reached for comment, Lee provided Just the News with a copy of the original email. In the redacted portion, the scientist proposes . . . […] Lee told Just the News that he “never received an acknowledgement from Dr. Fauci” about the letter.
Read more at Just the News.

Joondeph, M.D.: Why is Cuomo Being Thrown Under the COVID-Con Bus?
Nolte postulated that throwing Cuomo under the bus, removing and burying him as the latest Harvey Weinstein, would at least protect four other Democrat governors who did exactly what Cuomo did, while leaving the nursing home genocide bit on the cutting room floor. I believe it is far beyond that. Exposing the nursing home death march could reveal much behind the entire COVID-con. A virus from China, a country Trump beat like a drum on trade deals, appears when Trump’s economy is breaking records. The medical experts tell Trump to shut it all down, the economy, schools, restaurants, small businesses, and life in general, or else millions of Americans will die. Fifteen days to flatten the curve turns into months, and if Dr Fauci gets his way, years, crippling the US economy. Overly sensitive PCR tests falsely inflated the case counts and classifying any person dying with a positive COVID test as a “COVID death” beat the fear drum. With an election coming up, the Constitution got put in a closet over drummed-up COVID panic in favor of mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, delayed vote counting, all to drag the weakest presidential candidate in recent history over the finish line by allowing enough votes to be “found” in a few key cities necessary for Electoral College victory. A preplanned Capitol protest was blamed on Trump, leading to a second impeachment, and a mad rush to certify the Electoral College votes. So many coincidences in a world where they just don’t happen. How much of this did Cuomo know or participate in? Did any past or present elected Democrats pressure him to send weaponized patients into nursing homes to inflate the death counts, creating more fear and panic, justifying the above actions to purloin the election?
The nursing homes are the tip of the iceberg. Investigating . . .
Read more at American Thinker.


McCarthy: An allegory for what America is enduring under the Biden administration
C. J. Box does it again; Dark Sky is a nearly perfect analogy for what America is enduring under the Biden administration For those of you unfamiliar with the novels of C. J. Box, now would be a good time to discover and enjoy them. From his first book Savage Run, to the most recent, Dark Sky (#21), there is much to glean from the tales of Joe Pickett, Box’s fictional game warden hero based in Saddlestring, Wyoming. Similar to but different from Craig Johnson’s Longmire series, also set in Wyoming, Joe Pickett is something of a cross between a sweetly naïve but ever-courageous and competent John Wayne and Ozzie Nelson of Ozzie and Harriet fame. He’s Davy Crockett and Sam Houston. He’s a well and truly good man who always does the right thing in the most difficult of situations. He’s a rare breed, the kind of man the social justice warriors of today mock and condemn for all the stupid reasons they invent to repudiate all the people with whom they disagree, especially those with values written in stone; values are so obsolescent. In Dark Sky, Joe Pickett is ordered by Wyoming’s new and corrupt governor to essentially wine and dine, Wyoming style, a Silicon Valley billionaire who calls himself Steve-2 (Steve Jobs was Steve-1). How do you wine and dine such a man? By doing whatever he wants and pays for, in this case . . . […] The book is an almost perfect analogy for what Biden/Pelosi/Schumer and their partners in crimes against America are doing to this nation vs. Trump and the infuriatingly few Republican member of Congress who are willing to do the Joe Pickett thing – stand up and punch back, no matter the cost to themselves.
Read more at American Thinker.


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